JS Show 2555

58:09 minutes (33.28 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack has kids. Stench is in the middle of SC Ucla Womens V Ball. Kids don't know Tony the Tiger.

JS Show 2554 Stench

30:52 minutes (17.67 MB)

Happy Humper, Don't Trust Dog Walkers, Beast Mode Shorty, Stench Hates Old and Fat People, by default Hates himself.

JS Show 2554 Jack

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JS Show 2553

1:00:43 minutes (34.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Does the World end this Saturday?

JS Show 2552

59:54 minutes (34.28 MB)

Happy Monday- Weekend Sports Recap. Sunday Nights Stench is busy for like the past 10 years and everyone seems to know....minus FBG! All Boy High School Party Uggh. Picky pain in the butt kids. Unpicky awesome kids.

JS Show 2551

57:04 minutes (32.66 MB)

Happy Friday. Kim Jung Un is being a dick again.

JS Show 2550

59:32 minutes (34.07 MB)

Happy Thursday. Jack does an old school Office Drinking Party. Passing on the drinking game to a younger generation . Stench's War continues. J&S are the old Dudes at their jobs..

JS Show 2549 Stench

28:41 minutes (16.42 MB)

Happy Humper, Pukers and Smile Talkers. Volleyball Day.

JS Show 2548 Stench

19:18 minutes (11.05 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Still Sick working Late, Winning at War. Remembering 9-11

JS Show 2548 Jack

27:28 minutes (12.58 MB)

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