audio by artist jack and stench

Jack and Stench Podcast Announcement

7:24 minutes (8.48 MB)

Jack and Stench announce their new podcast.

An Early Welcome from Jack and Stench

0:58 minutes (904.94 KB)

Jack and Stench give an early welcome to all the new subscribers.

Unsigned #01

14:14 minutes (16.29 MB)

Jack features unsigned bands.

JJS #227

61:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Monday Jack and Stench Post Superbowl No Jamie

Show #452 Monday Jan. 5th 2009

60:44 minutes (34.76 MB)

Jack and Stench return from the Holidays with JW missing in action.

New Year Firings
Polar Bear Club
Stench is gossip free today
Candy Cane Lane
New Years Stunt Jump
Stench's New Years Fight

#532 Monday 4-27-09

51:18 minutes (37.25 MB)

jack and Stench holding down the fort!

Ryan isn't gay
Stench is huge in Canada
Crack Hollywood Characters
Playground madness

#532 Monday Non Clipped version

63:09 minutes (45.85 MB)

jack and stench

J&S Show 545

60:07 minutes (43.26 MB)

Jack and Stench Hold down the fort and talk about the new show
Let's visit Dubai
Strip Clubs
Schneider is cool, Wopat is not
Creepy white guys

JS Show 549 Wednesday

60:27 minutes (41.59 MB)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Jamie Mystery
The Jack and Stench Show voting
TMZ Balloon vs. ufo (
Kimmel goes off on fall shows (

JS Show 550 Thursday

61:33 minutes (42.07 MB)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swine Flu talk
Products that hurt
Rattlesnake adventure

JS Show 551 Friday

65:33 minutes (55.71 MB)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Greek festival goodies
Kardasians moved to Florida
2 balls one shot
Perez Hilton is on the outs

JS Show 552 Monday

60:30 minutes (41.38 MB)

Monday, May 26, 2009

American Idol
Stench got scammed
Pauly Shore

JS Show 553 Wednesday

58:49 minutes (41.07 MB)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making friends with old people
Lady Gaga gossip
Jack doesn't have a cheese grater

JS Show 554 Thursday

62:57 minutes (43.79 MB)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prop 8 upheld
CGI Arnold
Padres game - Did you see Jack?
Apartment Smokers
Sincere Mel

JS Show 555 friday

62:35 minutes (43.97 MB)

Friday, May 29, 2009

World affairs
Mimi beers did the right person
Alena is on

JJS Show 556 Monday

61:31 minutes (42.81 MB)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jack's connection is shaky
Bus boy's stealing things
Octo parents are messed up

JS Show 557 Tuesday

60:02 minutes (43.26 MB)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Bug Season
Facebook controversy
What guys want?
Public X

J&S #558

60:16 minutes (42.68 MB)

jack and Stench in the House. Stench has the great Idea of Titter Tuesdays for the New show but Jack insists on Man Meat Monday.
Eminem and Sasha Baron Cohen (

JS Show 560 Friday

61:08 minutes (43.51 MB)

Friday, June 5, 2009.

Jamie says goodbye to podcast
In love with the bad person
Tina's love problems

JJS Show 561 Monday

63:34 minutes (44.86 MB)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jamie is really saying goodbye

JS Show 562 Tuesday

60:54 minutes (43.62 MB)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stench doesn't work for Stern
Stench is annoyed
You all RULE!!!!
Ryan as a kid

JS Show 563 Wednesday

59:59 minutes (42.21 MB)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shera, Jem, PeeWee's Playhouse
Fetishes (link to bachelorette feet - tanner p)
The Problem with spencer

JS Show 564 Thursday

61:23 minutes (45.1 MB)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Comedian and Radio peeps
Living within your means
The lows of tabloid
Good Looking = Shifty
Raquel Welch

JS Show 565 Friday

60:07 minutes (43.74 MB)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jamie is going on The Buzz Sacramento
Hunting and fishing club in compton

JS Show 567 - Tuesday

62:06 minutes (45 MB)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stench's comedy gig
Call JS on CRN 800-366-2225
Garbage Disposal problems
Casting voting madness

JS Show 568 Wednesday

62:09 minutes (45.64 MB)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jack has fallen off
Jack can't stop saying Stench
Plastic or Paper
Tivoing JS
Metal stealing

JS Show 569 Thursday

64:14 minutes (46.12 MB)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You guys rule! For reals!
Gotcast results

JS Show 570 Friday

60:57 minutes (44.73 MB)

Friday, June 19. 2009

PETA protects the flies
Olive Garden protects Palin
Family Restaurants

JS Show 571 Monday

57:21 minutes (40.84 MB)

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Mandals talk
Heart attack grill
Mr. Tight Pants
Freeman goes creepy
Chatboard messes

JS Show 572 Tuesday

61:56 minutes (44.61 MB)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UFO Show
Stranger bonding
Shredding grandma

JS Show 573 Wednesday

63:16 minutes (44.96 MB)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Howard may be back to reg radio
Alena dreams

JS Show 574 Thursday

69:09 minutes (49.68 MB)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stench's hosting problem
RIP Ed McMahon
The instigator

JS Show 575 Friday

63:05 minutes (44.41 MB)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Iphones and yappy dogs
Hopes for CRN

JS Show 576 Monday

60:59 minutes (43.01 MB)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Defending Jamie
Walmart Steak commercial
No one cares about Heidi and Spencer
Officially divorced

JS Show 577 - tuesday

59:29 minutes (42.86 MB)

RIP Billy Mays
Adult Weekend

JS Show 578 Wednesday

57:21 minutes (42.01 MB)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MJ Weirdness is out
Sexy time with Tomas the love boss
Dropping Jack

JS Show 580 Friday

62:28 minutes (44.54 MB)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Multitasking kids
Recreating Neverland
Jamie listener review
"Eating Bacon, Steak and Hamburger leads to premature death"

JS Show 581 Monday

64:15 minutes (45.53 MB)

Monday, July 6, 2009


JS Show 582 Tuesday

65:43 minutes (47.58 MB)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of july activities
Jamie's email
Madonna tribute to MJ
Steve McNair controversy

JS Show 583 Wednesday

64:51 minutes (47.26 MB)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ memorial, blow by blow

JS Show 584 thursday

60:58 minutes (42.26 MB)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


JS Show 585 Friday

66:45 minutes (49.27 MB)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Guests: Tommy Davidson and Christopher Titus

H1N1 has not gone away.
Acapulco buffet

JS Show 586 Monday

63:32 minutes (45.46 MB)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama butt watching
American Idol raises
Bull Run? Bull Gorge.
Running of the Tools

JS Show 587 Tuesday

60:47 minutes (43.25 MB)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The ladies are fighting back
Jamie and boarderboy are done

JS Show 588 Wednesday

61:58 minutes (43.64 MB)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Doctor prescriptions
Pick up after your dog
Palin Fame
CRN growing pains

JS Show 589

15:15 minutes (11.06 MB)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

JS Show 590 Friday

63:02 minutes (45.57 MB)

Friday, July 17, 2009

J&S #591

58:37 minutes (42.41 MB)

Jack and Stretch for the Monday Grind

JS Show 592 Tuesday - Eternity

61:12 minutes (42.75 MB)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JS Show 593 Wednesday

60:22 minutes (44.41 MB)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JS Show 594 Thursday

60:08 minutes (42.07 MB)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

JS Show 596 Monday

59:47 minutes (42.48 MB)

Monday July 28, 2009

JS Show 597 Tuesday

60:37 minutes (43.5 MB)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

JS Show 598 Wednesday

60:13 minutes (42.53 MB)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

JS show 599 Thursday

61:21 minutes (42.59 MB)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

JS Show 600 Friday

60:29 minutes (42.88 MB)

Friday, July 31, 2009

JS Show 601 Monday

60:46 minutes (42.89 MB)

Monday, August 3, 2009

JS Show 602 Tuesday - At the OC Fair

59:08 minutes (20.31 MB)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

JS Show 603 Wednesday

67:04 minutes (23.03 MB)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

JS Show 604 Thursday

62:26 minutes (57.17 MB)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

JS Show 605 Friday

61:55 minutes (56.69 MB)

Friday, August 7, 2009

JS Show 606 Monday

60:55 minutes (55.77 MB)

Monday, August 10, 2009

JS Show 607 Tuesday

60:40 minutes (55.55 MB)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

JS Show 608 Wednesday

61:19 minutes (56.14 MB)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JS Show 609 Thursday

59:32 minutes (54.51 MB)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

JS Show 610 Friday - PT 1

34:15 minutes (31.36 MB)

Friday, August 14, 2009

JS Show 610 Friday - PT 2

29:13 minutes (26.75 MB)

Friday, August 14, 2009

JS Show 611 Monday

61:05 minutes (55.93 MB)

Monday, August 17, 2009

JS Show 612 Tuesday

62:02 minutes (56.8 MB)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JS Show 613 Wednesday

62:38 minutes (57.35 MB)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JS Show 614 Thursday

51:09 minutes (46.83 MB)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

JS Show 615 Friday

62:49 minutes (57.52 MB)

Friday, August 28, 2009

JS Show 616 Monday

61:08 minutes (55.97 MB)

Monday, August 31, 2009

JS Show 617 Tuesday

62:47 minutes (57.48 MB)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JS Show 618 Wednesday

61:26 minutes (56.24 MB)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JS Show 619 Thursday

61:32 minutes (56.34 MB)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

JS Show 620 Friday

59:12 minutes (54.21 MB)

Friday, September 4, 2009

JS Show 621 Tuesday

62:56 minutes (57.62 MB)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

JS SHow 622 Wednesday

64:47 minutes (59.32 MB)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

JS Show 623 Thursday

67:38 minutes (61.92 MB)

thursday, September 10, 2009

JS Show 624 Friday

58:13 minutes (53.3 MB)

Friday, September 11, 2009

JS Show 625 Monday

59:53 minutes (54.84 MB)

Monday, September 14, 2009

JS Show 626 Tuesday

60:49 minutes (55.68 MB)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JS Show 628 Thursday

59:44 minutes (54.69 MB)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

JS show 629 Friday

59:54 minutes (54.85 MB)

Friday, September 18, 2009

JS Show 630 Monday - Lobsterfest

55:09 minutes (18.94 MB)

Monday, September 21, 2009

JS Show 631 Tuesday - Lobsterfest part 2

47:14 minutes (16.22 MB)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

J&S Wed. 632

61:38 minutes (56.43 MB)

Parents we hate, Unveiling our evil plan for Tomas and much more

JS Show 633 Thursday

67:54 minutes (62.17 MB)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

JS Show 634 - Friday

64:35 minutes (59.12 MB)

Friday, September 25, 2009

JS Show 635 Monday

57:01 minutes (52.2 MB)

Monday, September 28, 2009

JS Show 636 Tuesday

61:45 minutes (56.54 MB)

JS Show 636 Tuesday

JS 638 Thursday

61:33 minutes (56.36 MB)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

JS Show 639 Friday

61:32 minutes (56.34 MB)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Js Show 640 Monday

60:26 minutes (55.33 MB)

Monday, October 5, 2009

JS Show 641 Tuesday

62:58 minutes (57.65 MB)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

JS Show 642 Wednesday

60:35 minutes (55.47 MB)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

JS Show 643 Thursday

60:38 minutes (55.52 MB)

Thursday, October 7, 2009

JS Show 644 Friday

62:28 minutes (57.19 MB)

Friday, October 9, 2009

645 Monday 10-12-09

61:11 minutes (56.01 MB)

Jack and Stretch Monday 10-12-09

JS Show 646 Tuesday

61:11 minutes (56.02 MB)

October 13, 2009

JS Show 647 Wednesday

61:04 minutes (55.91 MB)

October 14, 2009

JS Show 648 Thursday

60:33 minutes (55.44 MB)

October 15, 2009

JS Show 649 Friday

56:04 minutes (51.34 MB)

Friday, October 16, 2009

JS Show 650 Monday

62:01 minutes (56.79 MB)

Monday, October 19, 2009

JS Show 651 Tuesday

61:49 minutes (56.6 MB)

October 20, 2009

JS Show 652 Wednesday - Breakfast at Tallyrand

59:44 minutes (27.35 MB)

October 21, 2009

JS Show 653

63:29 minutes (58.13 MB)

Thursday, October 23, 2009

JS Show 654

61:44 minutes (56.53 MB)

October 23, 2009

JS Show 655 Monday

61:18 minutes (56.12 MB)

Monday, October 26, 2009

JS Show 656 Tuesday

54:37 minutes (50.01 MB)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

JS Show 657 Wednesday

63:01 minutes (57.7 MB)

October 28, 2009

JS Show 658

62:23 minutes (57.12 MB)

October 29, 2009

JS Show 659 Friday

60:36 minutes (55.48 MB)

October 30, 2009

JS Show 660 Monday

63:07 minutes (57.78 MB)

Jack and Stench Post Halloween!

JS Show 661 Tuesday

61:02 minutes (55.88 MB)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

JS Show 662 Wednesday

66:49 minutes (61.18 MB)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

JS Show 663 Thursday

61:53 minutes (56.66 MB)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

JS show 664

58:54 minutes (53.93 MB)

Friday, November 6, 2009

JS Show 665 Monday

61:22 minutes (56.18 MB)

November 9, 2009

JS Show 666 Tuesday

62:33 minutes (57.28 MB)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

JS Show 667 Wednesday

62:13 minutes (56.97 MB)

November 11, 2009

JS Show 668 Thursday

69:18 minutes (63.45 MB)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

JS Show 669 Friday

62:18 minutes (57.04 MB)

Friday, November 13, 2009

JS Show 670

66:32 minutes (60.91 MB)

Monday, November 16, 2009

JS Show 671

70:20 minutes (64.39 MB)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

JS Show 672

61:23 minutes (56.2 MB)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

JS Show 673

63:08 minutes (57.81 MB)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

JS Show 674 Friday

61:44 minutes (56.52 MB)

November 20, 2009

JS Show 675 Monday

72:00 minutes (65.92 MB)

November 23, 2009

679 Tuesday Dec 1st

63:55 minutes (58.52 MB)

WOW Hope Angela Channel gets back soon becasue I screw up every night and Im afraid t fix it and delete everything. Tuesday a listener e-mail Bomb Shell!!!Shocks both Jack and Stretch!

682 F F F FA FA FA Friday 12-4-09

60:51 minutes (55.72 MB)

Ok this is the Friday Show even though I start off saying it's Thursday... I forget what day it is...We have Michael Clark Duncan Audio of him defending Tiger Woods..Plus Updates on my crashed Back Yard.

JS Show 685 Wednesday

62:42 minutes (57.41 MB)

December 9, 2009

JS Show 686 Thursday

66:07 minutes (60.54 MB)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

JS Show 687

62:22 minutes (57.1 MB)

Friday, December 11, 2009

JS Show 688

58:01 minutes (53.13 MB)

Monday, December 14, 2009

JS Show 689

69:47 minutes (63.9 MB)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JS Show 690

73:12 minutes (67.02 MB)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JS Show 691

65:44 minutes (60.18 MB)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

JS Show 692

61:52 minutes (56.65 MB)

Friday, December 18, 2009

JS Show 693 Monday

60:38 minutes (55.51 MB)

Monday, January 4 2010

JS Show 694 Tuesday

63:55 minutes (58.52 MB)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JS Show 695 Wednesday

61:15 minutes (56.07 MB)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

JS Show 696 Thursday

66:20 minutes (60.74 MB)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

JS Show 697

65:47 minutes (60.22 MB)

Friday, January 8, 2010

JS Show 698 Monday

63:50 minutes (58.44 MB)

January 11, 2010

JS Show 699 Tuesday

59:16 minutes (54.26 MB)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

JS Show 700 Wednesday

56:53 minutes (52.08 MB)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

JS Show 701 Thursday

65:43 minutes (60.16 MB)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

JS Show 702 Friday

58:25 minutes (53.49 MB)

Friday, January 15, 2010

JS Show 703 Monday

61:54 minutes (56.68 MB)

Monday, January 18, 2010

JS Show 704 Tuesday

63:29 minutes (58.12 MB)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

JS Show 705 Wednesday

60:30 minutes (55.4 MB)

January 20, 2010

JS Show 706 Thursday

61:40 minutes (56.46 MB)

Thursday January 21, 2010

JS Show 707 Friday

66:18 minutes (60.7 MB)

Friday, January 22, 2010

JS Show 708 Monday

64:09 minutes (58.74 MB)

January 25, 2010

JS Show 709 Tuesday

63:04 minutes (57.75 MB)

January 26, 2010

JS Show 710 Wednesday

63:33 minutes (58.19 MB)

january 27, 2010

JS Show 711 Thursday

67:56 minutes (62.2 MB)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

JS Show 712 Friday

70:22 minutes (64.43 MB)

Friday, January 29, 2010

JS Show 713 Monday

64:57 minutes (59.46 MB)

February 1, 2010

JS Show 714 Tuesday

68:47 minutes (62.97 MB)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JS Show 716 Thursday

66:16 minutes (60.67 MB)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

JS Show 717 Friday

69:56 minutes (64.02 MB)

Friday, February 5, 2010

JS Show 718 Monday

64:46 minutes (59.29 MB)

February 8, 2010

JS Show 719 Tuesday

62:10 minutes (56.93 MB)

February 9, 2010

JS Show 720 Wednesday

64:00 minutes (58.59 MB)

February 10, 2010

JS Show 721 Thursday

59:36 minutes (54.57 MB)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

JS Show 722

61:42 minutes (56.49 MB)

Friday, February 12, 2010

JS Show 724 Tuesday

61:58 minutes (56.74 MB)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JS Show 725 Wednesday

60:53 minutes (55.75 MB)

February 17, 2010

JS Show 726 Thursday

66:18 minutes (60.7 MB)

February 18, 2010

JS Show 727 Friday

65:25 minutes (59.89 MB)

Friday, February 19, 2010

JS Show 728 Monday

61:07 minutes (55.96 MB)

Monday, February 22, 2010

JS Show 729

60:24 minutes (55.31 MB)

February 23, 2010

JS Show 730

60:42 minutes (55.58 MB)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

JS Show 731

67:35 minutes (61.87 MB)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

JS Show 732 Friday

60:29 minutes (55.38 MB)

Friday, February 26, 2010

JS Show 733 Monday

62:13 minutes (56.97 MB)

Monday, March 1, 2010

JS SHow 734 Tuesday

62:53 minutes (57.58 MB)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

JS Show 735 Wednesday

60:09 minutes (55.07 MB)

March 4, 2010

JS Show 736 Thursday

66:06 minutes (60.53 MB)

March 4, 2010

JS Show 737 Friday

63:49 minutes (58.44 MB)

Friday, March 5, 2010

JS Show 738 Monday

70:08 minutes (64.22 MB)

Monday, March 8, 2010

JS Show 739 Tuesday

66:40 minutes (61.04 MB)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

JS Show 740 Wednesday

72:55 minutes (66.76 MB)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

JS Show 741 Thursday

60:52 minutes (55.73 MB)

March 11, 2010

JS Show 742 Friday - 3 F***ing Years!

60:28 minutes (55.36 MB)

Friday, March 12, 2010

JS Show 743 Monday

63:23 minutes (58.04 MB)

March 15, 2010 - Jacks smack down at Chucky Cheese. An old man who beats up kids at Wal Mart just for fun. Stretch is really gay and can reason why Tranny Boobs are better than sucking a dildo. He also loves the Michael Jackson movie. Jack wipes booty through out the pod and yells at children!

JS Show 744 Tuesday

61:59 minutes (56.76 MB)

March 16, 2010 - Stretch is stuck with no band to get their junk fondled on the Sirius Show. Jack is the Great White Oppressor because he censors the kids in his radio club. Slaters 50/50 Is not a gay bar named after Mario Lopez but a burger joint in the OC with 50% beef and 50% bacon in the patties. Mike from Granada Hills co signs the Counter as a great Burger place. Stretch's wife bailed on Stretch's crock pot chicken dinner.
Webkinz World, living in a bad area and not knowing it. Blaming neighboring towns for the crime. Road Rage!

JS Show 745 Wednesday

61:49 minutes (56.6 MB)

March 17, 2010

JS Show 746 Thursday

62:10 minutes (56.91 MB)

March 18, 2010 Full details on Sandra Bullocks cheating husband. Accidental Texting. Stretch wants to be creepy with Aeisha Tyler tomorrow and Jack wants to start fighting babies professionally. The Shamrock Shake Sham.. Sexting, email and more..

JS Show 747 Friday

60:10 minutes (55.09 MB)

March 19, 2010 - Aisha Tyler joins the guys while a police chase is going on. A perfect Friday!

JS Show 748 Monday

62:24 minutes (57.13 MB)

March 22, 2010 - Health Care Bill passes as we recorded.. Angering Stretch but not as much as the LA Marathon. Jack is a miniature Golf meanie that makes Bing give his ball back at the end! Lots of Sext messages.. What does GFY stand for?

JS Show 749 Tuesday

60:18 minutes (55.22 MB)

March 23, 2010

JS Show 750 Wednesday

61:20 minutes (56.15 MB)

March 24, 2010

JS Show 751 Thursday

67:12 minutes (61.53 MB)

March 25, 2010

JS Show 752 Friday

64:34 minutes (59.12 MB)

March 26, 2010 - Santa Monica School closure. Stupid kids get their teachers fired. Beware of big boobied terrorists. Defenders of marriage should kill cheaters with explosive Body parts. Chopping off your penis because it did you wrong.
Bowling Girl is sometimes Target Girl and sometimes McDonalds Girl.
Sexting from our friends.

JS Show 754 Tuesday

63:27 minutes (58.09 MB)

March 30, 2010 - Tuesday, chocodiles, jacks got one kid waking up the other. Culver City still sucks.

JS Show 755 Wednesday

60:57 minutes (55.8 MB)

March 31, 2010

JS Show 756 Thursday

61:02 minutes (55.89 MB)

April 1, 2010

JS Show 757 Friday

63:46 minutes (58.38 MB)

April 2, 2010

JS Show 758 Monday

63:52 minutes (58.48 MB)

April 5, 2010

JS Show 759 Tuesday Pt. 1

22:14 minutes (20.36 MB)

Jacks hatred of Kate Gosselin, earth quake talk. Stench getting ready to start fight training. Killer Baboons, don't rob Pinks, what restraunt is worth wAiting in line for. Is a hot dog a hot dog. Unhealthy KFC Sandwhich. Jacks apartment sucks, jack has an interview today, corolla news, is jack ready to start dating and does he have a girlfriend? The answer .....

JS Show 759 Tuesday Pt. 2

42:17 minutes (38.71 MB)

Jacks hatred of Kate Gosselin, earth quake talk. Stench getting ready to start fight training. Killer Baboons, don't rob Pinks, what restraunt is worth wAiting in line for. Is a hot dog a hot dog. Unhealthy KFC Sandwhich. Jacks apartment sucks, jack has an interview today, corolla news, is jack ready to start dating and does he have a girlfriend? The answer .....

JS Show 760 Wednesday

73:14 minutes (67.06 MB)

April 7, 2010

JS Show 761 Thursday

61:38 minutes (56.44 MB)

April 8, 2010

JS Show 762 Friday

68:17 minutes (62.52 MB)

April 9, 2010

JS Show 763 Monday

62:05 minutes (56.84 MB)

April 12, 2010

JS Show 764 Tuesday

63:15 minutes (57.91 MB)

April 13, 2010

JS Show 765 Wednesday

61:18 minutes (56.12 MB)

April 14, 2010

JS Show 766 Thursday

59:25 minutes (54.4 MB)

April 15, 2010

JS Show 767 Friday

72:40 minutes (66.53 MB)

April 16, 2010

JS Show 768 Monday

63:30 minutes (58.14 MB)

April 19, 2010

JS show 769 Tuesday

62:33 minutes (57.27 MB)

April 20, 2010

JS Show 770 Wednesday

41:47 minutes (24.63 MB)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JS Show 771 Thursday

73:13 minutes (67.04 MB)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

JS Show 772 Friday

63:44 minutes (58.36 MB)

Friday, April 23, 2010

JS Show 773 Monday

62:36 minutes (57.32 MB)

Monday, April 26, 2010

JS Show 774 Tuesday

61:06 minutes (55.94 MB)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

JS Show 775 Wednesday

60:12 minutes (55.12 MB)

April 28, 2010

JS Show 776 Thursday

62:36 minutes (57.32 MB)

April 28, 2010

JS Show 777 Friday

60:37 minutes (55.49 MB)

Friday, April 30, 2010

JS Show 778 Monday

63:19 minutes (57.98 MB)

May 3, 2010

JS Show 779 Tuesday

63:54 minutes (58.51 MB)

May 4, 2010

JS Show 780 Wednesday

69:10 minutes (63.33 MB)

May 5, 2010

JS Show 781 Thursday

61:53 minutes (34.9 MB)

May 6, 2010

JS Show 782 Friday

67:11 minutes (61.51 MB)

may 7, 2010

JS Show 783 Monday

62:12 minutes (56.95 MB)

May 10, 2010

JS Show 784 Tuesday

61:22 minutes (56.18 MB)

May 11, 2010

JS Show 785 Wednesday

60:11 minutes (55.1 MB)

May 12, 2010

JS Show 786 Thursday

60:28 minutes (35.01 MB)

May 13, 2010

JS Show 787 Friday

62:11 minutes (56.94 MB)

May 14, 2010

JS Show 788 Part 1

17:35 minutes (16.1 MB)

May 17, 2010

JS Show 788 Part 2

50:20 minutes (46.09 MB)

May 17, 2010

JS Show 789 Tuesday

60:21 minutes (55.25 MB)

May 18, 2010

JS Show 790

61:38 minutes (56.43 MB)

May 19, 2010

JS show 791 Thursday

62:50 minutes (57.53 MB)

May 20, 2010

JS Show 794 Tuesday

67:02 minutes (61.37 MB)

May 25, 2010

JS Show 795

60:48 minutes (55.66 MB)

May 26, 2010

JS Show 796 Thursday

69:27 minutes (63.59 MB)

May 27, 2010

JS Show 797 Friday

54:39 minutes (31.53 MB)

Friday, May 28, 2010

JS Show 798 Wednesday

60:15 minutes (55.17 MB)

June 2, 2010 - Site is almost back up to normal.

JS Show 799 Thursday

62:04 minutes (56.82 MB)

June 3, 2010

JS show 800 Friday

66:11 minutes (60.6 MB)

June 4, 2010

#801 Monday

61:31 minutes (56.33 MB)

Jack and Stench, Did the porn guy jump or did the cops give him an accidental push. Stench Celebrates the big 42 over the weekend and Jack screws up a Surprise party for Ethan.

JS Show 802 Tuesday

65:32 minutes (60.01 MB)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

JS Show 803 Wednesday

61:48 minutes (56.59 MB)

June 9, 2010

JS Show 804 Thursday

67:09 minutes (61.48 MB)

June 10, 2010

JS Show 805 Friday

62:45 minutes (57.46 MB)

June 11, 2010

JS Show 806 Monday

62:57 minutes (57.64 MB)

June 14, 2010

JS Show 807 Tuesday

62:34 minutes (57.29 MB)

June 15, 2010

JS Show 808 Wednesday

69:07 minutes (63.28 MB)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

JS Show 809 Thursday

61:16 minutes (56.1 MB)

Thursday, June 16, 2010

JS Show 810 Friday

61:23 minutes (56.19 MB)

Friday, June 18, 2010

JS Show 811 Monday

62:09 minutes (56.91 MB)

June 21, 2010

JS Show 812 Tuesday

63:29 minutes (58.13 MB)

June 22, 2010

JS Show 813 Wednesday

52:17 minutes (47.88 MB)

June 23, 2010

JS Show 814 Thursday

66:50 minutes (38.25 MB)

Podcasting from Farrell's in Santa Clarita.

JS Show 815 Friday

63:42 minutes (58.32 MB)

Friday, June 25, 2010

JS Show 816 Monday

60:55 minutes (55.78 MB)

June 28, 2010

JS Show 817 Tuesday

62:58 minutes (57.65 MB)

June 29, 2010

JS Show 818 Wednesday

62:11 minutes (56.94 MB)

June 30, 2010

JS Show 819 Thursday

61:31 minutes (56.32 MB)

July 1, 2010

JS Show 820 Friday

63:44 minutes (58.36 MB)

July 2, 2010

JS Show 821 Tuesday

60:24 minutes (55.3 MB)

July 6, 2010

JS Show 822 Wednesday

60:18 minutes (55.21 MB)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

JS Show 823 Thursday

70:45 minutes (64.77 MB)

July 8, 2010

JS Show 824 Friday

60:54 minutes (55.76 MB)

July 9, 2010

JS Show 825 Monday

66:36 minutes (60.98 MB)

July 12, 2010

JS Show 826 Tuesday

61:38 minutes (56.43 MB)

July 13, 2010

JS Show 827 Wednesday

67:07 minutes (61.45 MB)

July 14, 2010

JS Show 828 Thursday

60:47 minutes (55.65 MB)

July 15, 2010

JS Show 829 Friday

62:06 minutes (56.87 MB)

Friday, July 16, 2010

JS Show 830 Monday

60:09 minutes (55.08 MB)

Monday, July 19, 2010

JS Show 831 Tuesday

61:38 minutes (56.44 MB)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

JS Show 832 Wednesday

60:55 minutes (55.77 MB)

July 21, 2010

JS Show 833 Thursday

64:18 minutes (58.87 MB)

July 22, 2010

JS Show 834 Friday

60:16 minutes (55.18 MB)

July 23, 2010

JS Show 835 Monday

63:07 minutes (57.79 MB)

July 26, 2010

JS Show 836 Tuesday

65:07 minutes (59.62 MB)

July 27, 2010

JS Show 837 Wednesday

66:26 minutes (60.82 MB)

July 28, 2010

JS Show 839 Friday

64:40 minutes (59.21 MB)

July 30, 2010

JS Show 840 Monday

69:25 minutes (63.56 MB)

August 2, 2010

JS Show 841 - Tuesday

61:39 minutes (56.45 MB)

August 3, 2010

JS Show 842 Wednesday

61:03 minutes (55.9 MB)

August 4, 2010

JS Show 843 Thursday

64:19 minutes (58.88 MB)

August 5, 2010

JS Show 844 Friday

66:02 minutes (60.45 MB)

August 6, 2010

JS Show 845 Monday

62:23 minutes (57.12 MB)

Monday, August 9, 2010

JS Show 846 Tuesday

60:19 minutes (55.22 MB)

August 10, 2010

JS Show 847 Wednesday

63:13 minutes (57.88 MB)

August 11, 2010

JS Show 848 Thursday

66:25 minutes (60.81 MB)

August 12, 2010

JS Show 850

66:32 minutes (60.92 MB)

August 16, 2010

JS Show 851 Tuesday

63:25 minutes (58.06 MB)

August 17, 2010

JS Show 852 Wednesday

63:05 minutes (57.75 MB)

August 18, 2010

JS Show 853 Thursday

63:30 minutes (58.15 MB)

August 19. 2010

JS Show 854 Friday Pt. 1

41:13 minutes (37.75 MB)

August 20, 2010

JS Show 854 Friday Pt. 2

24:40 minutes (22.58 MB)

August 20, 2010

JS Show 855 Monday

68:54 minutes (63.08 MB)

Monday, August 30, 2010

JS Show 856 Tuesday

65:29 minutes (59.96 MB)

August 31, 2010

JS Show 857 Wednesday

66:47 minutes (61.14 MB)

September 1, 2010

JS Show 858 Thursday

69:59 minutes (64.07 MB)

September 2, 2010

JS Show 859 Friday

62:37 minutes (57.34 MB)

September 3, 2010

JS Show 860 Tuesday

63:07 minutes (57.8 MB)

Sepetember 7, 2010

JS Show 861 Wednesday

65:30 minutes (59.97 MB)

September 8, 2010

JS Show 862 Thursday

69:18 minutes (63.44 MB)

September 9, 2010

JS Show 863 Friday

61:37 minutes (56.42 MB)

September 10, 2010

JS Show 864 Monday

60:13 minutes (55.14 MB)

September 13, 2010

JS Show 865 Tuesday

61:12 minutes (56.04 MB)

September 14, 2010

JS Show 866 Wednesday

63:00 minutes (57.69 MB)

September 15, 2010

JS Show 867 Thursday

62:04 minutes (56.84 MB)

September 16, 2010

JS Show 869 Monday

66:21 minutes (60.74 MB)

September 20, 2010

JS Show 870 Tuesday

59:20 minutes (54.33 MB)

Sept. 21, 2010

JS Show 871 Wednesday

61:21 minutes (56.17 MB)

Sept. 22, 2010

JS Show 872 Thursday

67:27 minutes (61.75 MB)

September 23, 2010

JS Show 873 Friday

64:54 minutes (59.42 MB)

September 24, 2010

JS Show 874 Monday

59:44 minutes (54.69 MB)

Sept. 27, 2010

JS Show 875 Tuesday

59:09 minutes (35.05 MB)

September 28, 2010

JS Show 876

63:50 minutes (36.77 MB)

September 29,2010

JS Show 877 Thursday

61:22 minutes (35 MB)

September 30, 2010

JS Show 878 Friday Pt. 1

35:15 minutes (20.3 MB)

October 1, 2010

JS Show 878 Friday Pt. 2

27:21 minutes (15.81 MB)

October 1, 2010

JS Show 880 Tuesday

61:34 minutes (56.38 MB)

October 5, 2010

JS Show 881

60:51 minutes (55.72 MB)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010.

JS Show 882

69:20 minutes (63.48 MB)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

JS Show 883

64:34 minutes (59.11 MB)

Friday, Oct. 8, 2010

JS Show 884

60:12 minutes (55.13 MB)

October 11, 2010

JS Show 885

62:05 minutes (56.84 MB)

Tuesday Oct.12,2010

JS Show 887

62:28 minutes (57.2 MB)

October 14, 2010

JS Show 888

65:52 minutes (60.31 MB)

October 15, 2010

JS Show 889

66:04 minutes (60.49 MB)

Oct. 17, 2010

JS Show 890 Tuesday

69:30 minutes (63.63 MB)

October 19, 2010

JS Show 891 Wednesday

68:01 minutes (62.27 MB)

October 20, 2010

JS Show 892

66:08 minutes (60.56 MB)

October 21 2010

JS Show 893 Friday

63:42 minutes (58.33 MB)

October 22, 2010

JS Show 894

66:27 minutes (60.84 MB)


JS Show 895

66:48 minutes (61.16 MB)

October 26, 2010

JS show 896

71:38 minutes (65.59 MB)

October 27, 2010

JS Show 897

62:41 minutes (57.39 MB)

October 28, 2010

JS Show 898

70:21 minutes (64.41 MB)

October 29, 2010

902 Thursday Nov 4th

68:49 minutes (63.01 MB)

Angry fat Man....What else is new. More discussions about work sucking for everyone. Horoscopes in crazy Uranaus Retrograde talk and more.

JS Show 915 Tuesday

72:55 minutes (66.76 MB)

November 23, 2010

JS Show 916 Wednesday

62:36 minutes (57.32 MB)

November 24, 2010

JS Show 917 Monday

62:31 minutes (57.24 MB)

November 29, 2010

JS Show 918 Tuesday

64:30 minutes (59.05 MB)

November 30, 2010

JS Show 919 Wednesday

61:36 minutes (56.41 MB)

December 1, 2010

JS Show 920 Thursday

65:18 minutes (59.79 MB)

December 2, 2010

JS Show 921 Friday

66:38 minutes (61.01 MB)

December 3, 2010

JS Show 922 Monday

44:38 minutes (40.87 MB)

December 6, 2010

JS Show 923 Tuesday

63:59 minutes (58.58 MB)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

JS Show 924 Wednesday

61:55 minutes (56.69 MB)

December 8, 2010

JS Show 925

60:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

December 9, 2010

JS Show 926

68:17 minutes (62.52 MB)

December 10, 2010

JS Show 927

60:58 minutes (55.81 MB)

Monday Spectacular

JS Show 928 Tuesday

69:08 minutes (63.3 MB)

December 14, 2010

JS Show 929 Wednesday

72:30 minutes (66.38 MB)

December 15, 2010

JS Show 930 Thursday

62:50 minutes (57.53 MB)

December 16, 2010

JS Show 931 Friday

67:02 minutes (61.38 MB)

December 17, 2010

JS Show 932

64:34 minutes (59.12 MB)

December 20, 2010

JS Show 933 Tuesday

65:23 minutes (59.87 MB)

December 21, 2010

JS Show 934

65:01 minutes (59.53 MB)

December 22, 2010

JS Show 935

72:36 minutes (66.47 MB)

December 24, 2010

JS Show 936 Monday

67:29 minutes (61.79 MB)

January 3, 2011

JS Show 937 Tuesday

66:43 minutes (61.08 MB)

January 4, 2010

JS Show 938 Wednesday

64:06 minutes (58.69 MB)

January 5, 2010

JS Show 939 Thursday

62:24 minutes (57.13 MB)

January 6, 2011

JS Show 940 Friday

68:18 minutes (62.54 MB)

January 7, 2011

JS Show 941 Monday

62:43 minutes (57.42 MB)

January 10, 2011

JS show 942

65:22 minutes (59.85 MB)

January 11,2011

JS Show 943 Wednesday

65:00 minutes (59.51 MB)

January 12, 2011

JS Show 944 Thursday

64:34 minutes (59.12 MB)

January 13, 2011

JS Show 945 Friday

61:35 minutes (56.38 MB)

January 14, 2011

JS Show 946 Tuesday

64:29 minutes (59.04 MB)

January 18, 2011

JS Show 947

60:16 minutes (55.18 MB)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

JS Show 948 Thursday

60:33 minutes (55.44 MB)

January 20, 2011

JS Show 949 Friday

54:07 minutes (49.54 MB)

January 21, 2011

JS Show 950 Monday

67:09 minutes (61.48 MB)

january 24, 2011

JS Show 951 Tuesday

64:29 minutes (59.05 MB)

January 25, 2011 - Happy 40th Bday to Jack!

JS Show 952 Wednesday

69:53 minutes (63.98 MB)

January 26, 2011

JS Show 953 Thursday

66:06 minutes (60.53 MB)

January 27, 2011

JS Show 954 Friday

62:06 minutes (56.86 MB)

January 28, 2011

JS Show 955 Monday

75:29 minutes (69.11 MB)

January 31, 2011

JS Show 956 Tuesday

58:31 minutes (53.58 MB)

February 1, 2011

JS Show 957 Wednesday

57:15 minutes (52.42 MB)

February 2, 2011

JS Show 958 Thursday

60:44 minutes (55.61 MB)

February 3, 2011

JS Show 959 Friday

61:44 minutes (56.52 MB)

February 4, 2011

JS Show 960 Monday

64:16 minutes (58.85 MB)

February 7, 2011

JS Show 961 Tuesday

60:28 minutes (55.36 MB)

February 8, 2011

JS Show 962 Wednesday

59:31 minutes (25.15 MB)

February 9, 2011

JS Show 963

66:29 minutes (60.88 MB)

February 10, 2011

JS Show 964

61:25 minutes (56.23 MB)

February 11, 2011

JS Show 965

66:15 minutes (60.66 MB)

Monday, February 14, 2011

JS Show 966

60:45 minutes (55.62 MB)

February 15, 2011

JS Show 967 Wednesday

63:09 minutes (57.82 MB)

February 16, 2011

JS Show 968

62:58 minutes (57.65 MB)

Feb. 17, 2011

JS Show 969 Friday

63:17 minutes (57.95 MB)

February 18, 2011

JS Show 970 Tuesday

61:49 minutes (56.59 MB)

February 22, 2011

JS Show 971 Wednesday

63:25 minutes (58.06 MB)

February 23, 2011

JS Show 972 Thursday

67:46 minutes (62.05 MB)

February 24, 2011

JS Show 973 Friday

73:59 minutes (67.74 MB)

February 25, 2011

JS Show 974 monday

67:53 minutes (62.15 MB)

JS Show 975 Tuesday

1:06:05 minutes (60.51 MB)

March 1, 2011

JS Show 976 Wednesday

1:06:39 minutes (61.02 MB)

March 2, 2011

JS Show 977 Thursday

1:07:01 minutes (61.36 MB)

March 3, 2011

JS Show 978 Friday

67:03 minutes (61.39 MB)

March 4, 2011

JS Show 979 Monday

1:01:45 minutes (56.54 MB)

March 7, 2011

JS Show 980

1:11:40 minutes (65.62 MB)

JS Show 981

1:15:35 minutes (69.2 MB)

JS Show 982 Thursday

1:05:31 minutes (59.98 MB)

March 10, 2011

JS Show 983 Friday

1:06:34 minutes (60.95 MB)

March 11, 2011

JS Show 985 Tuesday

1:09:00 minutes (63.18 MB)

March 15, 2011

JS Show 986 Wednesday

70:57 minutes (64.97 MB)

March 16, 2011

JS Show 987 Thursday

1:09:32 minutes (63.67 MB)

March 17, 2011

JS Show 988

56:50 minutes (52.03 MB)

March 18, 2011

JS show 989

1:10:06 minutes (64.18 MB)

Monday, march 21, 2011

JS Show 990

63:17 minutes (57.94 MB)

Tuesday, march 21, 2011

JS Show 991 Wednesday

1:08:04 minutes (62.32 MB)

March 23, 2011

JS Show 992 Thursday

61:32 minutes (56.35 MB)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

JS Show 993 Friday

62:41 minutes (57.39 MB)

March 25, 2011

JS Show 994 Monday

64:00 minutes (58.6 MB)

March 28, 2011

JS Show 995 Tuesday

61:29 minutes (56.29 MB)

March 29, 2011

JS Show 996 Wednesday

56:05 minutes (51.34 MB)

March 30, 2011

JS Show 997 Thursday

61:10 minutes (56.01 MB)

March 31, 2011

JS Show 998

68:35 minutes (62.8 MB)

April 1, 2011

JS Show 999 Monday

67:16 minutes (61.59 MB)

April 4, 2011

JS Show 1000th Podcast!

61:59 minutes (35.48 MB)

1000th Podcast from Cafe TuTu Tango in OC.

JS Show 1001

57:59 minutes (53.09 MB)

April 6, 2011

JS Show 1002 Thursday

57:59 minutes (53.09 MB)

April 7, 2011

The Real 1002.

56:36 minutes (51.83 MB)

Jack and Stretch Talk sexless realtionships, get some Drunk dialing Voice Mails and mre

JS Show 1003

69:49 minutes (63.92 MB)

April 8, 2011

JS Show 1004

62:17 minutes (57.03 MB)

April 11, 2011

jS Show 1006 Wednesday

63:48 minutes (58.42 MB)

April 13, 2011

JS Show 1007

62:38 minutes (57.35 MB)

April 14, 2011

JS Show 1008

61:39 minutes (32.6 MB)

April 15, 2011

JS Show 1009 Monday

61:20 minutes (56.16 MB)

April 18, 2011

JS Show 1010 Tuesday

62:54 minutes (57.59 MB)

April 19, 2011

JS show 1011 Wednesday

65:43 minutes (60.17 MB)

April 20, 2011

JS Show 1012 Thursday

60:46 minutes (55.63 MB)

April 21, 2011

JS Show 1013 Friday

64:00 minutes (58.6 MB)

April 22, 2011

JS Show 1014 Monday

64:29 minutes (59.03 MB)

April 25, 2011

JS Show 1015 Tuesday

62:29 minutes (57.21 MB)

April 26, 2011

JS Show 1016

61:47 minutes (56.57 MB)

April 27, 2011

JS Show 1017 Thursday

61:40 minutes (56.46 MB)

April 28, 2011

JS Show 1018 Friday

64:24 minutes (58.97 MB)

April 29, 2011

JS Show 1019 Monday

68:54 minutes (63.08 MB)

May 2, 2011

JS Show 1020 Tuesday

72:08 minutes (66.04 MB)

May 3, 2011

JS Show 1021 Wednesday

66:23 minutes (60.78 MB)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

JS Show 1022 Thursday

71:45 minutes (65.69 MB)

May 5, 2011

JS Show 1023 Friday

61:48 minutes (56.58 MB)

May 6, 2011

JS Show 1024 Monday

63:41 minutes (58.31 MB)

May 9, 2011

JS Show 1025 Tuesday

60:30 minutes (41.55 MB)

May 10, 2011 - Just Jack

JS Show 1026 Wednesday

61:46 minutes (42.42 MB)

May 11, 2011 - Just Jack, Again

JS Show 1027

61:12 minutes (42.03 MB)

May 12, 2012

JS Show 1028

60:26 minutes (41.5 MB)

May 12, 2011

JS Show 1029 Monday

62:49 minutes (57.52 MB)

May 16, 2011

JS Show 1030 Tuesday

63:57 minutes (58.55 MB)

May 17, 2011

JS Show 1031 Wednesday

62:06 minutes (56.86 MB)

May 18, 2011

JS Show 1032

63:24 minutes (58.05 MB)

May 18, 2011

JS Show 1033

63:21 minutes (58 MB)

May 20, 2011

JS Show 1034

62:24 minutes (57.14 MB)

May 23, 2011

1035 Tuesday

62:51 minutes (57.54 MB)

Jack has some drama, Stench is still unhappy about the new diet and nothings has changed..!

JS Show 1036 Wednesday

71:59 minutes (65.9 MB)

May 25, 2011

JS Show 1037 Thursday

68:39 minutes (62.85 MB)

May 26, 2011

JS Show 1038 Friday

69:08 minutes (63.3 MB)

May 27, 2011

JS Show 1039

60:41 minutes (55.55 MB)

May 31, 2011

JS Show 1040

61:50 minutes (56.62 MB)

June 1, 2011

JS Show 1041

69:40 minutes (63.79 MB)

June 2, 2012

JS Show 1042

65:40 minutes (60.13 MB)

June 3, 2011

JS Show 1043

70:16 minutes (64.33 MB)

June 6, 2011

JS Show 1044

75:10 minutes (68.82 MB)

June 7, 2011

JS show 1045

66:17 minutes (75.86 MB)

June 8, 2011

JS Show 1046

62:39 minutes (71.69 MB)

June 9, 2011

JS show 1047

65:00 minutes (74.4 MB)

June 10, 2011

JS Show 1048

71:40 minutes (82.03 MB)

June 13, 2011

JS Show 1049 Tuesday

72:04 minutes (65.98 MB)

June 14, 2011

JS Show 1050 Wednesday

69:21 minutes (63.5 MB)

June 15, 2011

JS Show 1051 Thursday

70:50 minutes (64.86 MB)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JS Show 1052

62:35 minutes (57.3 MB)

June 17, 2011

JS Show 1053

67:03 minutes (61.39 MB)

June 20, 2011

JS Show 1054

70:21 minutes (64.42 MB)

June 21, 2011

JS Show 1055

64:21 minutes (58.92 MB)

June 22, 2011

1056 Farrell's Mission Viejo Podcast

60:29 minutes (20.77 MB)

We podcast live from Farrell's in Mission Viejo.

1057 - Friday Pod live from the Tallyrand

62:24 minutes (42.86 MB)

Stench had a meeting in Burbank, so we got together at the Tallyrand and recorded the pod.

JS Show 1058 Monday

62:12 minutes (56.95 MB)

June 27, 2011

JS Show 1063 Tuesday

65:04 minutes (59.58 MB)

July 5, 2011

JS Show 1064 Wednesday

60:57 minutes (55.81 MB)

July 6, 2011

JS Show 1065

71:28 minutes (65.44 MB)

July 7, 2011

JS Show 1066 Friday

70:56 minutes (64.95 MB)

July 8, 2011

JS Show 1067

72:16 minutes (66.16 MB)

July 11, 2011

JS Show 1068

68:24 minutes (62.62 MB)

The guys go late night again and this time Alina joins us live from Vinnie Jones's house. She quickly passes us off to to porn Star Puma Swede and it gets really dirty from there.

JS Show 1071

69:31 minutes (63.65 MB)

Its FA FA FA FRIDAY! Get ready for Carmegedon Weekend! Jack and Stretch plan what is likely to be the biggest let down of the year with the Carmegedon Hype. However they could be totally wrong like they were about Hurricane Katrina.

JS Show 1074

62:30 minutes (57.22 MB)

jack is a Big Ol Racist! Gross people will be the dopwnfall of mass transit. Stench loves his new job and is in the countdown to losing it in 2 and a half weeks.

JS Show 1075

64:57 minutes (59.47 MB)

Stench has a New Big Booby Crush, Jack goes back to mass transit and everything is fine. Is a law forbidding stupid baby names ok. Are old Asians Mean and nasty?

JS Show 1076

62:51 minutes (57.54 MB)

Its FA FA FRIDAY!! Stench has a Sureal Moment in time. The Guys take aim at Spineless Managers that like to keep fall guys around...and the state of corporate fear in the work place. Is Jacks BMI Study wrong?

1077 Monday Pod! Stench is a stupid rat lover!

63:59 minutes (33.06 MB)

Jack and Stench kick off another week of podtastic entertainment.

JS Show 1079

46:04 minutes (36.9 MB)

Jack and Stupid are back. New TV shows that the guys can do? News with really stupid people, and Stench prepares to be jobless again after next week.

JS Show 1080

62:13 minutes (56.96 MB)

Jack and Stench trying to work out the kinks of the new recording system and realizing that they are both stupid. However there are people way dumber than them in the News Today. Stench feels a diverticulitus relapse coming on and Jack feels unemployed.

JS Show 1081

66:15 minutes (53.08 MB)

This is the Fa Fa Friday, Keep on Dancing till the world ends, It's getting hot in in the house with no windows, People be crazy, Breakdown the new Gossip Show, Sleeping hungry kids, Sports people suicide watch, football is back, Who's Heidi Cortez, Is seeing the Bonadouche cheating on Jack and Stench, Breaking up with Alina, Heart felt ending edition of the Jack and Stench radio Hour of Power!
Jack Heine- as The Single Dad with 2 kids and a man purse at Legoland

JS Show 1082

68:00 minutes (62.27 MB)

Monday Morning, Stench has a bad Dog Day. Jack burns kids out in a bounce house. How about a Bounce Pool Or Bounce Bricks? Stench saw Horrible Bosses and Jack Saw Smurfs. The HOuse Keeper from Hell and more.

JS Show 1083

58:53 minutes (47.17 MB)

all about Britney goes DMX..Dumb bitch gets yanked back to Florida by her P.O. Stench messed up yesterdays numbers and people are annoyed. They forget that Stench is an Idiot who leaves windows open.

JS Show 1084

64:46 minutes (51.89 MB)

The Boys welcome back Big Booby Alina while Bing tells us something shocking he learned from I Carly.

JS Show 1085

71:00 minutes (48.75 MB)

Happy Birthday Alina, Jack has an audition today. Kids will roll you under the bus.

JS Show 1086

42:41 minutes (39.08 MB)

WORST SHOW EVER. Stench on the right Jack on the left. Jack has a crappy internet connection and keeps falling off. Sucks so bad we throw in the towel at 42 minutes.. Sorry everybody getting the Stench Studio fixed this weekend..

JS Show 1087

72:39 minutes (66.52 MB)

Monday and the boys are back with some sweet Drunk Dialing, Midget stories, Alina and her drunken foursome Birthday party. Then Stench closes out with his deep refelective letter.

JS Show 1088

65:12 minutes (59.69 MB)

Time Warner Internet Sucks Bigger balls than Wolf Blitzer! BUT ...with some post production you will never know.. Ok you will know a little bit..

JS Show 1091

62:53 minutes (57.58 MB)

Its Fa Fa Friday and Jack just got his Richard Slimmons on! More camp kids thoughts, bad Parents and Janie Lane is Dead.

JS Show 1092

1:07:01 minutes (61.36 MB)

Monday! DMX James Taylor Style, jack has an interview, Stench went to the Fair. WTF is Trans Vaginal Mesh?

Js Show 1093

1:03:39 minutes (58.27 MB)

I phone people getting pissy with Stench. Jacks interview results.

JS Show 1095

1:01:00 minutes (55.85 MB)

Stretch is broke and PISSED! Jack gets nagged by the Ex.

JS Show 1096

1:04:59 minutes (59.49 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!!! We have secretly switched trash trucks today for CHAINSAWS at the Podcast world headquarters. Midgets serving coffee ...Yes or No?

Js Show 1097

1:01:22 minutes (56.19 MB)

MONDAY!! Jack just got back from a boys dance party, Stench finally got paid and caught up on all his bills. VOICEMAIL A PALOOZA!!! Alina got permission to travel out of town and how you can get a humidor too!

JS Show 1098

1:04:37 minutes (59.16 MB)

The last show before vaca, Shocker Spoiler alert. stench gets screwed over by his wife. Alina checks in from Florida. Richard Bransons Island burns down and more.

JS Show 1099

1:05:40 minutes (60.12 MB)

We are back and summer is over! It's back to school and back to bitching for the boys. On vacation Jack learned how to clean up barf and to piss on himself. Stench learned how to deal with rude snorkelers and save a shelter dog.

JS Show 1101

1:01:56 minutes (56.7 MB)

It's Hot in here and well...At least we are not Alina! Sad Plane Crash, More Sext Messages, Dog Updates, and Shocker Jack got screwed over on the first day of school.

JS Show 1102

76:48 minutes (70.31 MB)

FA FA Friday, Stench had an audition, The Michael Anthony Hall Conspiracy, Whatever happend to Molly Ringwald.

JS Show 1103

72:06 minutes (66.01 MB)

Monday, Jack sings the hits with other Stage Moms. Stench does Orange County, Alina Does celebrities and finally tells the story that she forgot she never told us before.

JS SHOW 1107

70:13 minutes (64.29 MB)

FA FA Friday- Tripple Double Stuff Oreo's Suck, Dead Midget Porn Star, Guess which Po Mofia Member is a closet Treky. and More

JS Show 1108

79:58 minutes (73.22 MB)

The Longest Show Ever!! In fact this show is so long the disc cuts it off. Alina joins us and talks about being naked, Being very busy with the Emmy's going on, and going to Emmy parties. Psychic Stretch reads the cards on Alina and her chance of a hook up at a party. jack Fights a woman in a playground. Stench decides to test his car insurance. Happy Meals are not too happy anymore...and of course more Sponge Bob theories and Star Wars geeks, PLUS Guess who is also a harry Potter Fan.

JS Show 1109

69:23 minutes (63.52 MB)

It's Tuesday up in here! Jack and Stench continue to remember shit they forgot to talk after vaca. They also continue to clarify the dork roll. There are lines that should not be crossed. jack had another interview and podcasting is ofr people that are not that Good at radio.!!

JS Show 1111

75:30 minutes (69.13 MB)

Stench is bent about a news story involving Pit Bulls and stupid people.

JS SHow 1116

77:58 minutes (71.39 MB)

The Thursday Broadcast hour of power

JS Show 1117

66:18 minutes (60.7 MB)

Fat Friday!!!!

JS Show 1120

68:27 minutes (62.67 MB)

Wed. The Disney fighting continues and Alina here with a new STD from an old BF. Stench is a pig in more ways than one and probably ate a spit burger. Jack hates every one and everything.

JS Show 1121

63:28 minutes (58.11 MB)

Stench decides that Jack has had enough of the hate mail lime light and pisses off the ladies. Steve Jobs is dead, what does Kim kardashian think? Jack is a Volunteer PE teacher in the rain. jack and stench are Old and angry. More rascist chils adoption talk. Bonus- Full version of the Beef Log Song.

JS Show 1122

71:42 minutes (65.64 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Jack and StencH are back in all their complaining glory.

JS Show 1123

79:44 minutes (73.01 MB)

Games with the kids. Exceptions for the Disney Rule. Festival Recap, jack bikes in downtown and more.

JS Show 1124

71:49 minutes (65.76 MB)

Tuesday, Pug gets Anal Probe. More Pedophile Pod Peeps. Jack hates everyone. Stench gets a job lead.

JS Show 1125

79:16 minutes (72.58 MB)

Wed. Jack and Stench Hour or so of Power! Occupy everything. freeloaders latching on to the occupy protests. Stench saw his local homeless guy in another city having dinner with his not homeless girlfriend. Are jack and Stench Radio LARPers?

JS Show 1127

72:03 minutes (65.96 MB)

Happy Friday, Crazy Drama in the News. Stupid solicitors.

JS Show 1128

70:39 minutes (64.69 MB)

The jack Happy Hour Recap. Nasty day of auto racing. Reason #251 to keep fresh batteries in your smoke detector. Hispanic Media Coalition is pissed at Clear Channel. Alabama hates latins and so does Stench. Zombies on the train and more.

JS Show 1129

75:51 minutes (69.45 MB)

Tuesday Jack and Stench Hour of Power.

JS Show 1130

77:16 minutes (70.75 MB)

Hump Day! Questions for the Pod Peeps.

JS Show 1131

73:15 minutes (67.06 MB)

Happy Thursday The Grumpy Old Men are back with a late night recording. Including lots of sext messages and Voicemails.

JS Show 1132 Part1

40:23 minutes (36.98 MB)

Friday EXTENDO SHOW! Part 1 of a 2 parter.

Js Show 1132 Part 2

52:59 minutes (48.51 MB)

Part 2 of the Friday Super Show!

1133 J and S Podcast

65:56 minutes (31.51 MB)

It's a technical problem Monday! Everybody drink!

1134 J and S Podcast

63:37 minutes (31 MB)

Show #1134. Stench is on the phone again today. We read your sexts (from the 916-MR-BACON line), talk about pets and give you a radio update.

1135 J and S Podcast

62:47 minutes (31.28 MB)

Another day without internet/home phone for Stench, Obama is in Burbank, Fundraiser Fun and much, much more!

1136 J and S Podcast

61:24 minutes (28.11 MB)

Not only is Stench still internetless, but Jack has a technical issue too... But we got it done! Things should be back to normal Monday!
Jack stalks the President, Stench's dog rebel against him and when to marry according to J and S.

1137 J and S Podcast

62:52 minutes (28.78 MB)

Should be the last day of internetless Stench! Getting ready for Halloween. What if he won't marry you? Some more Jack hating.

Have a great Halloween Weekend!!! Pod at you again on actual Halloween!

JS Show 1138 Halloween Edition

60:56 minutes (55.78 MB)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Alina and her Ooompa Loompa's join the guys for the Halloween Spectacular and Stench is back on line for that Podcast!!!

JS Show 1139

74:33 minutes (68.25 MB)

After Halloween recap. Stench has a job. Tons of Sext and Voicemails.

JS Show 1140

63:24 minutes (58.05 MB)

Its Pre K P.E. today for Jack. We explain more why destination weddings are not cool, but mostly why 3rd World sucks and you should never go to one of those places.

JS Show 1141

78:59 minutes (72.31 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY. Feeling like the creepy guy around young hot chicks. Parents that get in your business. The fun of divorce. Time change weekend. Is it darker in the winter and much much more.

JS Show 1142

79:31 minutes (72.81 MB)

Monday, jack and Stench weekend Recaps,Stench had a semi terrible sports weekend and Jack had a Semi terrible Ex Wife weekend.

JS SHOW 1143

77:12 minutes (70.69 MB)

TUESDAY SPECTACULAR!! The Boys are back and on a roll still trying to figure out any Technical glitches for the I Tunes

JS Show 1144

62:17 minutes (42.77 MB)

Wed. J&S are back with the sext messages, VM's and and technical glithces galore. We also address the recent pod download problems and have taken a step on our end to remedy the situation.

1145 J and S Podcast

74:14 minutes (50.98 MB)

Perv Producers, R.I.P. Heavy D, Big Kids, What's Wrong With The TiVo Remote and The Download Issue Should Be Fixed! Tomorrow, Stench Is Fighting With Alina, We Find Out Why?

1146 J and S 11/11/11 Podcast!

62:15 minutes (42.74 MB)

Stench thinks Alina is fat, It's 11/11/11, Zsa Zsa lives!, Hey the downloads are working and hot v. cold. Thank you to our vets for serving and protecting our country! Have a great weekend.

JS Show 1147

64:59 minutes (44.62 MB)

Monday drama.

1148 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:14 minutes (44.11 MB)

Who will be the next President? Oh-12! It's your fault! I don't care if you're sleeping. Can the dog last 12 hours? Art. And other stuff.

1149 Jack and Stench Podcast

66:13 minutes (45.47 MB)

It is the hump day podcast spectacular!!!

1150 Jack and Stench Podcast - That's right 1-1-5-0!

63:15 minutes (43.44 MB)

Cutting ties with the Ex... and her kids! Downloads, they kind of work. We make your day... well, maybe not your day, but someones! Jogging for cash. And other stuff angry old guys talk about.

1151 Jack and Stench Podcast - Fa, Fa, Fa, Friday!

1:12:46 minutes (41.64 MB)

Lawyers, Church, Protests, Smaller Files and What About Jamie? Have a great weekend!

JS Show 1152

1:14:13 minutes (42.47 MB)

Late Night Monday. Jack and Stench are joined by Alina to kick off the Short week. Of course Alina brings the talk to STD's and three ways.

1153 Jack And Stench Podcast in 3D!

1:16:25 minutes (43.73 MB)

Black Friday Info, Being Old, Ghost Rape, Tattoo's and Other Stuff.

1154 The Jack And Stench Podcast - The Guylight Saga: Part 1154

1:05:02 minutes (37.22 MB)

It's Thanksgiving! Trash men. Who wants to date Jenny McCarthy? It's Bruce Willis. Time off = rocks! And other stuff! Have a great/safe Thanksgiving!!!

JS Show 1155

1:15:20 minutes (43.11 MB)

Happy back to work after a long Thanksgiving weekend. F ing with Jack for the Holidays. Black Friday Nightmares.

1156 - Jack and Stench Podcast

1:13:24 minutes (42.01 MB)

Happy Tuesday! More Pod-Tactular fun.

1157 Jack and Stench Podcast now with more nuts!

1:13:17 minutes (41.94 MB)

Conrad Murray gets the max. John Beard and Christopher Nance. It's OK to pepper spray someone for a X-Box. Lottery winners. Other stuff!

1158 Jack and Stench Podcast - Baked Fresh Daily

1:03:10 minutes (36.14 MB)

A Big Wind Is Coming. Un-Occupied. Drink Away The Illness. Old, Old, Old. And other stuff.

1159 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:28 minutes (36.32 MB)

Wind! Jack Live From Starbucks. Gossip and other goodies! Have a great Friday!!!

JS Show 1160

1:07:33 minutes (38.65 MB)

Its Monday and the guys have lots of Voicemail and Sext messages on the Mr. bacon line.

1161 Jack and Stench Podcast

49:49 minutes (28.51 MB)

Car crash. New dog. I'm attracted to boys. A little shorter than normal. More hating on the drunk dial/Mr. Bacon line. ( 916-MR-BACON if you want to call!)

1162 Jack and Stench Podcast

79:16 minutes (45.36 MB)

Is Anybody up? Condom subscription. Tomo. Smart Phones. Puppy, it's cold outside. Super overtime. Buffalo, NY. And other stuff!

1163 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:18:08 minutes (44.71 MB)

Where to buy pipes. Dirty Big Lots. Where can I get a drawing booklet? Pills. What are you doing Friday night (Which has now been switched to Saturday.) Stomach bruise. Words With Friends. And other stuff.

JS Show 1164

1:14:51 minutes (42.84 MB)

Fa Fa Friday!!! Jack is doing another Friday Night Non Happy Hour Happy Hour Tonight.

JS Show 1165

1:13:03 minutes (41.8 MB)

Monday Drama, Stench and the Crazy Homeless problem in Palisades. Jack Non Happy Hour Recap, Fostering a Dog.. Beware of Lemierre Syndrome.

1166 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:16:19 minutes (43.68 MB)

Real drunk dials. Epic wang. rain. Stench and his 3 dogs. AM on FM. Leap Pad? Lindsey carries 10k cash! And other stuff.

1167 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:06:19 minutes (37.95 MB)

Purple Epic Wang. Dog Fight. Fear Factor Is Back and full 'o' douches! Who Is The Hottest Woman of All Time? School Christmas Show! Stench is Sick. And Other Stuff.

1168 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:51 minutes (36.54 MB)

Stench is really sick. Changes at church. Del Taco rules. Ditching a dog? Boob weight and Alina. And other stuff! 10 days til Christmas.

1169 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:15:14 minutes (43.05 MB)

6 minute blast from the past. Stench is still sick, but feeling a little better. Freeway drama. iPad. What ladies hate about men. Christmas parties. And other stuff! 9 Days til Christmas!

Js Show 1170

1:19:01 minutes (45.22 MB)

Happy Monday. BONUS SHOW! Plus a Bonus that you will never hear. Stench Christmas party recap. Jacks got kids that are home for 3 weeks! WAR WITH DENNY'S..

1172 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:16:26 minutes (43.74 MB)

When kids puke in public. Going to the mall late at night before Christmas. How old do you have to be to start falling for stupid scams? We know we're old, but self check-out really does suck! And other stuff!

1173 Jack and Stench Podcast

57:34 minutes (32.95 MB)

Second to last pod of the year!

1174 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:19:58 minutes (45.76 MB)

The final show of 2011! Will Alina marry in 2012? Will the world end? Who will die? All is answered in this end of the year pod. Have a safe, fun holiday season and a Happy New Year!!! We will return in 2012.

JS Show 1175

1:01:11 minutes (35.02 MB)

WE'RE BACK from lighting fires!!!!!! But kind of sucky to be honest.

JS Show 1176

46:30 minutes (26.61 MB)

The Boyz are back with Miss Alina, who had a porn star Pajama Party for Christmas, and Big Celeb News. We go to the cards to find out if Jack will get anal in 2012. The Answer is as creepy as the question. Speaking of anal, have we got an animal video for you!

The Real 1176 - Here's the real Thursday Show

1:07:07 minutes (38.4 MB)

Alina joins us for some 2012 Pod Fun

1177 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:01:07 minutes (34.98 MB)

Alina stops by, Stench runs out of gas, Benihana, Congrats Jamie and other podtastic stuff!

JS Show 1178

1:02:40 minutes (35.86 MB)

Happy Monday! What the Hell is Squishy Bath?

1179 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:12:58 minutes (41.76 MB)

We clear up all the confusion around Alina's 3-some situation. Stench is on the air at KDAY. Jamie is on the air at Alice. Nothing like the support of your Mom. Don't be stupid like us. And other podtastic stuff

1180 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:15:23 minutes (43.14 MB)

Stench's dogs gone wild. Cleaning the garage. You guys review Jamie's new show. It takes awhile to get used to. Fat Pat is on my TV! Roll tide. Rock tumbler. Baff! And other stuff.

1181 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:08:44 minutes (39.33 MB)

What is Sunny D? Why people cheat? Kevin's cloud. More Jamie reviews. Hey, that's not why Jack named his kids that! Daddy Casper. And other stuff!

JS Show 1182

1:07:37 minutes (38.7 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!! Alina joins the show today to tell us a Jamie Update and about a Turd Meteor that hit the Valley! Jack is getting ready for his audition. Alina thinks that we believe crap about celebs and claims to have never dated a reality star. and Sext messages and Voicemails.

1183 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:06:13 minutes (37.89 MB)

Stench was at the MLK Parade at a doughnut shop. How did the boy do in his MMA Fight? More reasons Jack hates the Westside. Kevin on Jamie's podcasts. OJ. And other great stuff.

JS Show 1184

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Its Wed. already. Is there a serial killer amongst the Pod Family? jack is on whisper mode because he has kids. If a 10 piece gets you a Bj what can you get for a 20?

1185 Jack and Stench Podcast

55:41 minutes (31.87 MB)

Jack live from Starbucks. Stench's Ex was at the fight. Finding a head. Jacks not top 40. and other stuff.

1186 Jack and Stench Podcast

54:26 minutes (31.15 MB)

People dying, pets dying... which upsets people more? Alina has broken up with Stench! Should I listen to you on the radio or the internet? Burger delivery talk. Technical glitch! Stench is even more in love with #therealjlh... But we all know Jack L. Heine is the real JLH!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

JS Show 1187

1:06:44 minutes (38.19 MB)

GIANTS are going to the Superbowl! So are the Patriots... Jack is a fake caller in Boston. Pod Peeps do art! Jamie sells her house. 20,000 Sqft. Houses..Yes Or No.

1188 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:06:15 minutes (37.91 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

1189 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:29 minutes (107.09 MB)

We are being watched. Happy Birthday Jack. Good dog, bad dog. Divorce. And other good stuff.

1190 Jack and Stench Podcast

54:54 minutes (31.41 MB)

Kayden is ill. Jack invented 4-square. Stench had a long day. Hangovers. Bisexuals. being hairy!

1191 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:01:36 minutes (35.25 MB)


JS Show 1192

1:04:07 minutes (36.69 MB)

MONDAY MONDAY! It's Hot as hell in So Cal... and so are our loins!

1193 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:12:09 minutes (41.29 MB)

Alina joins us for the end of this Tuesday Podcast!

JS Show 1194

1:05:14 minutes (37.33 MB)

Happy HUMP Day!! Look out for the New LA Serial Killer. Male Teachers yes or no? Jack has sleeping kids so sounds like he is announcing a golf match. Clearchannel goes 300 million deep on Seacrest while managing to continue to layoff staff nation wide.

1195 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:04:33 minutes (36.94 MB)

What Stench really wants for Valentine's Day. Hands down the pants. On lockdown. Stench's dog is F'n nuts. Guess who's back on drugs. Live from Starbucks. And other stuff!

1196 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:04:42 minutes (37.02 MB)

Freeways, bikes and motorcycles. Ready for the big game. Don't eat that pizza. And other stuff.

JS Show 1197

1:07:46 minutes (38.78 MB)

GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL! Why because they are better than your team that's why! Douche bag friends. REALLY BAD parents. Frat House recap. Jack insults his Moms friends. Is Stench's Dog to Fat to be a purse Dog?

1198 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:00:02 minutes (34.36 MB)

It's Tuesday and people actually sext/messaged us! Football is over. It's a slow news day. Stench's phone is blowin' up! Will Jack find a girlfriend? And other stuff!

1199 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:11:29 minutes (40.91 MB)

Better late than never! Sorry, Jack

JS Show 1200

1:01:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

1200 SHOWS!!!!!!!! HOLY BALLS! We recap all the haters who have come and gone over the years and how with the support of all of you we are still ROLLING strong! jack prepares for World War 3. bacon Milk Shakes. Gay marriage and much much more

1201 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:03:47 minutes (36.5 MB)

1201 boy!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend

JS Show 1202

1:15:02 minutes (42.94 MB)

Happy Monday, Jacks back. Stench has his life ruined by a dog.Lots of Mr. Bacon messages. Stench has no balls. Chicken Pox after getting vaccinated. Touching some male Stripper Wang. Asians at Popeyes and much much more.

1203 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:10:11 minutes (40.16 MB)

It's Valentine's Day... And we do our best to spread the love!

JS Show 1204

1:01:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Day after Valentines Day. More Dog Drama. Stench is high. Obama is back in LA today. Visiting places where people died..Yes or No! Stench Yes but only GREAT AMERICANS. Jack No!

1205 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:44 minutes (36.47 MB)

Stench's Valentine's Day. Are the meds working? Rain! And other stuff.

1206 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:09:52 minutes (39.98 MB)

Why Chris Brown is a super douche. Stench is an evil dog killer. One of Jamie's Ex's is the devil. Alina needs some help. And other stuff, have a great long weekend.

JS Show 1207

1:01:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Presidents Day! Douche bag Parents. When Bike vs Bus goes terribly wrong.

JS Show 1208

1:00:51 minutes (34.82 MB)

jack and Stench phone it in on Presidents Day. Service Dogs that are not really service dogs.. Gas prices suck ass. Talking to strangers. Working on Presidents Day.

JS Show 1209

1:09:50 minutes (39.96 MB)

Happy Wed. More theme songs to get stuck in your head. What is the F Bomb count of Stench on a Good Day? Good News on the Job Front? Who is Better Lee Majors or Burt Reynlods?

1210 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:44 minutes (36.47 MB)

Dogs. Molester teachers. Unions. Stench sleeps the day away. And other stuff.

JS Show 1211

1:11:57 minutes (41.18 MB)

Its Friday, CVS Sucks Ass. Jack gets rescheduled again, UTI's and Dirty Wang, and TONS O Voicemails and Sext Messages for the FA FA Friday.

JS Show 1213

1:01:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

We are back and still rolling. Yesterday was Oscar Talk and today its some how NASCAR!! Yes neither Jack nor Stench like NASCAR but somehow they both end up watching it.. Kid Fights, Old People fights, Coming soon the Transgender Mentally Challenged Midget Silent Movie written by Jack and Stench that is certain to get an Oscar.

1219 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:24 minutes (34.57 MB)

Hope this works!!!

1218 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:39 minutes (34.71 MB)

Better late than never!!!

1217 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:35 minutes (33.52 MB)

The Monday Pod re-posted for your enjoyment

1216 Jack And Stench Podcast

62:16 minutes (35.64 MB)

Another lost pod

1215 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:12 minutes (35.03 MB)

Trying to get all the pods back up!

1214 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

This is the last one we were able to recover!

1212 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:42 minutes (35.88 MB)

The last of the missing podcasts... They're all back now!

JS Show 1221

67:29 minutes (38.62 MB)

The Boys are back and they have a cranky Alina on a clense. Jack is in San Diego and has news on the Job Front. The New HIV drug.

JS Show 1222

60:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy 5 year Pod Anniversary!!!!!

JS Show1223

61:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets a field trip surprise. Stench is recovering. When is Edgy not Edgy.

1224 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Wow that's a lot of podcasts. Homeless wifi. I got an idea, how about we don't have to pay those molester teachers. Another celebrity divorce. Hunger Games. And other stuff.

JS Show 1225

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Happy Thursday! Can money really make you happy? Stench is a hater... does he need therapy? The Craziest Celebrity Gossip Story Ever.

1226 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Blind item talk. Hey it's Friday! Baby's flat hand. Look what the Lakers did. That guy can't afford the Dodgers. What happened to Peter Fise. Find Kevin. And other stuff!

JS Show 1227

54:28 minutes (31.17 MB)

The Smooth Sounds of Jack and Stench for a Monday. Stench Likes 21 Jump Street and the New J Lo and Marc Anthony Show. the Guys are old and did not celebrate St. Patricks day at All. AND AN EPIC SKYPE MELTDOWN TO END THE SHOW!

1228 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:25 minutes (35.15 MB)

Skype kinda works today! Your voice mails and sexts from 916-MR-BACON. Denver football. Jack has a job and he wants Stench to be his boss. It's almost wedding time. And other stuff.

1229 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:37 minutes (35.83 MB)

No technical issues on today's pod... Nobody drink!

JS Show 1230

70:00 minutes (40.06 MB)


1231 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:03 minutes (34.37 MB)

Wrapping up the week pod style. What killed Whitney. Call a "celebrity." The wedding is this weekend. Nascar is in town. Is golf boring. Stench went to Shakey's

1233 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:43 minutes (35.32 MB)

Jacks first day. KDAY on TMZ. Jack is conservative. Stench almost hit a lady. And other stuff.

1234 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:38 minutes (35.27 MB)

Big toilets! And other stuff!

1235 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Alina is not going to be happy! Buggery!!! More toilet talk. Stench is in Big Bear. And other stuff.

1236 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:22 minutes (35.69 MB)

Alina Buggers us! Stench will pour a cup of S.T.F.U. if he wins the lottery. Fisting!?!? and other fun Friday stuff.

JS Show 1237

61:14 minutes (35.04 MB)

Happy Monday- The Jack and Stench Burbank Brick! Pod Mafia Rules! UPS Loses a lot of stuff.

1238 Jack And Stench Podcast

61:12 minutes (35.02 MB)

Happy Tuesday Pod!

JS SHOW 1239

48:10 minutes (27.57 MB)

It's a short show and you can blame Suge Knight! Jack has kids for Sprong break and Stench has a LOOOOOOONG DAAAAAY!

1240 Jack and Stench Podcast

73:45 minutes (42.2 MB)

I'm making eggs. Stench will not say a word. Blind items. Lucy was on the radio. Business. And other stuff

1241 Jack and Stench Podcast

67:31 minutes (38.64 MB)

Happy Good Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

1242 Jack and Stench Podcast

51:44 minutes (47.37 MB)

We're back... Although the disc cut out so it's a tad short!

1243 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:53 minutes (59.4 MB)

Mysteries. Small town politics. Yep, we knew it was short. Oh Jesus it's a fire. Going for a bike ride. Parking. And other stuff!

1246 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:05 minutes (54.09 MB)

Sorry for the late post!

1247 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:33 minutes (57.27 MB)

I can't remember what we talked about?

1248 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:26 minutes (34.58 MB)

Parking. Alina is home. Heidi Montag's new song. And other stuff.

1249 Jack and Stench Podcast

51:18 minutes (29.36 MB)

Stench is drugged up!

1252 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:00 minutes (36.05 MB)

Alina joins us on the Tuesday Pod!

1253 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:54 minutes (35.42 MB)

Will things ever get better?

1254 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:11 minutes (34.44 MB)

We are angry old men!

1255 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:58 minutes (36.04 MB)

It's Friday!

Js Show 1256

61:51 minutes (35.4 MB)

Another depressing Monday with the boys. Games People play,


26:20 minutes (15.07 MB)

Stench is drunk and angry ponds computer and it cuts off.

JS Show 1280B

2:21 minutes (1.35 MB)

After just a couple minutes drunky pounds the key board again and we are off the air yet again


0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

maybe this is part 3 of the drunky anger fiesta.

JS SHOW 1280 C

0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

this 33 minute clip of the show cuts off after only 5 seconds becaus edrunky has beat the shit out of the machine....

JS Show 1297

66:56 minutes (38.3 MB)

HUMP IT, HUMP IT, HUMP IT! Happy Wed. Jack is not dead in the Giant Car Crash. More Meatball Talk. IS Bruin being not secret about top secret. Stench finds something the city of LA did right.

JS Show 1298

61:14 minutes (35.04 MB)

Happy Thursday 4G, Pod Problems

JS Show 1299

68:34 minutes (39.24 MB)

Happy Friday- Johnny Depps wife was not happy about anything. Another reason to Hate Clooney and more.

JS Show1300

61:47 minutes (35.36 MB)

Happy Monday, in the short week. Trippy Strangers. Jack does baseball. Stench Does X Games.

JS Show 1301

62:12 minutes (35.6 MB)

Happy Pre 4th of July show with live action reporting during yesterdays west LA High Speed Pursuit.

JS Show1302

60:23 minutes (34.56 MB)

Happy Friday, 4th of July recaps. Lots of Voice mail and sext Messages on the Mr. Bacon Line.

JS Show1303

66:18 minutes (37.95 MB)

Happy Crappy Monday! BAD KIDS, More fair Food, More Disney Dorks, more anal!

JS Show 1304

61:44 minutes (35.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Does a laser to your whozits hurt? Ask Alina! The Russians are getting CRAZY BRO. Lucky to be single with kids.

JS Show 1305

55:59 minutes (32.04 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack is off to B Ball practice. Kids who play volleyball but are afraid of the ball? Stench loves Stench. Do Doctors hate Obamacare? Crazy Religion stuff.

JS 1306

60:03 minutes (34.36 MB)

The Grumpy Old Dudes are Back. Stench has secrets he is not telling. Alina is mad at somebody besides Jack and Stench.... Well Jack and Stench too. The McDonalds from Hell!!! Jack hates the west Side. More Fisting Fun.

JS 1307

63:12 minutes (36.17 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench are ready for the weekend. Stench reveals a bunch of work crap. Women like to fight. Family life sucks. More fisting fun.

JS 1308

67:24 minutes (38.57 MB)

Happy Monday. Duke fight recap. Home Town Buffet yes or no? City Target on the west side. Bings got game.

JS 1309

59:45 minutes (34.19 MB)

Jack and Stench Meet Up with Alina. she is busy teasing a tiny baby with her giant milky goodness. A New Pod game FFF...and no it has nothing to do with Alinas milky Goodness. Jack has an Ice Cream man Melt Down.

JS Show 1310

63:48 minutes (36.51 MB)

Its the Wed. Show that we did on Monday cuz we suck..Stench loses a gig before it even starts. Jack has to go buy ice cream.

JS Show 1311 Part 2

62:42 minutes (35.88 MB)

Happy Friday this part 2....

Js Show 1311 Part 1

32:04 minutes (18.35 MB)

A quirky cut short by the tow truck . Also more on what has been going on last couple days

JS Show 1312

45:16 minutes (25.91 MB)

THIS IS BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!!! Todays show had a major disc malfunction. The disc will not read the first 20 minutes we recorded.So you get part 2 only.. Sorry Like I said its BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!

JS Show 1313

60:16 minutes (34.48 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Hey a Complete SHOW!!!

JS Show 1314

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Wed. Bowling Girl getting beat by bigger bowling girl. Drama on the set. Crazy Cheer Parents. Stench replays the FFF! and much much more

JS Show 1315

60:21 minutes (34.54 MB)

Happy Thursday, Kids slow you down. New Radio Game Show... TFB the Bung!

JS Show 1316

66:01 minutes (37.78 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Jack and Stench do Friday early...

JS Show 1317

63:53 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench in Kid B Day weekend extravaganza. Jack in closed highwaypalooza. Hawk attacks. Stupid people with trains. Pay Backs a Bitch.

Js Show 1318

60:04 minutes (34.38 MB)

happy tuesday....

JS Show 1319

60:45 minutes (34.77 MB)

Happy Hump Day. J&S

JS Show 1320

62:15 minutes (35.63 MB)

Haooy Thursday, NO F***in idea what happens on todays show!

JS Show 1321

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

A Non Happy Friday. Jack is pissed and in a funk about being broke. Also we are the only place more tape delayed with Olympic results than NBC.

JsShow 1322

66:39 minutes (38.14 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench back and less depressing. Alina B Day Recap.

JS Show 1323

65:29 minutes (37.48 MB)

Happy Tuesday, More on the Alina party. Stench has ants in the pants at the Tv Show and I forget the rest......

1324 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:37 minutes (29.51 MB)

Stench is live from behind the Orange Curtain!

Js Show 1325

50:58 minutes (29.16 MB)

Back in the home studio. Why did Jack sound like crazy Jim. Tons of Sext and Voicemails. Hey the earthquake lesbian is getting old. Shit balls some people are having download problems again.

1326 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:08 minutes (29.5 MB)

Stench is building a new set. Jack sounds stoned. Boob sweat and poop on the leash. Hey the repairmen found my dildo!

JS Show 1327

60:53 minutes (34.84 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench cover the closing ceremonies of the OLympics. Are we old because we watched so much Olympc coverage this year.

JS Show 1328

61:35 minutes (35.24 MB)

Happy Tuesday..Fist Jeans, and the creative ad campaign that goes with it.

1329 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:13 minutes (31.09 MB)

Almost vacation time. Stench is hot... and moldy. Wedding photography. Politics and other crap!

JS Show 1330

60:07 minutes (34.4 MB)

Happy Thursday .. Count Down to Vaca. Stench is stressing balls.

1331 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:02 minutes (30.88 MB)

Lick a horse. Kobe's wife. tat on the taint. We're scammers! And other stuff!!! We'll talk to you in a little over a week!

1332 Just Jack Half- Jack and Stench Podcast

32:42 minutes (14.97 MB)

Here's a half hour of Just Jack greatness to get you through our vacation! You Rule!

1333 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:13 minutes (31.16 MB)

We're back! Stench is burnt. There is someone new on the T.V. show. Missing the toilet. Fat Vince Neil. And other stuff!

JS Show 1334

61:53 minutes (35.42 MB)

Holy Crap its. Wed. Repub Convention. Jack rates Jack as an employee. Possible Pod OC Remotes?

JS083912 by Jack and Stench

61:53 minutes (35.42 MB)

JS Show 1335

60:26 minutes (34.58 MB)

Happy Thursday... The Marine won't fight the boy anymore..In and Out Jack. Crazy Busy Stench, Riding out an Earthquake with cameras rolling... and much more

JS Show 1136

61:39 minutes (35.29 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY. Jack gets rained on. Nurse gets beat up because she deserves it?

JS Show 1337

61:09 minutes (34.99 MB)

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday! Jack and stench RULE! The Pod Peeps check in. Drunken CO-workers.

JS Show 1338

60:14 minutes (34.47 MB)

Happy Wed. The Boys are back and old and grumpy as ever.

1339 Jack and Stench Podcast

57:56 minutes (29.86 MB)

Happy Thursday! Stench is in the O.C. and Jack is in his cave pretending to be Crazy Jim!

1340 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:33 minutes (30.47 MB)

Happy Friday!

JS Show 1341

60:10 minutes (34.44 MB)

Happy Monday

1342 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:49 minutes (30.49 MB)

Stench reads the cards. Mystery Stench. Prince Harry is a goner. And other Stuff!

1343 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:44 minutes (30.8 MB)

iPhone day. 9/11. Stench's cord has been yanked. What is that alarm? Alina is not going to be happy. Pumpkin helmet.

1345 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:38 minutes (30.29 MB)

Trouble in the Middle East. Jeff is retarded. Search "rape" on your kids computer. Halloween candy. And other Friday stuff!

1346 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:23 minutes (30.83 MB)

Monday! Stench was in a bad mood all weekend. Jeff is a retard.

JS Show 1347

63:11 minutes (36.16 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Stench has his Computer back again and now he REALLY HATES Apple! Jack has kids and drama this week. Sad Dog Story and much much more.

JS Show 1348

60:02 minutes (34.36 MB)


JS Show 1349

61:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

Ms.Alina and the twins join the guys with a Fashion week update and the mystery as to why she is not currently dating. Jack is off work Today and we got a real good VM question.

JS Show 1350

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

Happy FA FA FA Friday.

JS Show 1351

64:02 minutes (36.64 MB)

Happy Monday. Shuttle Talk. Stench is a douche. Green Day Clear Channel Melt Down.

JS Show 1352

63:56 minutes (36.58 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Miserable C U Next Tuesdays, Does Alina really love us? Dead People in Palisades. Jack can't play Halloween Dress Up anymore. Getting raped in the pooper is only fun sometimes.

JS Show 1353

59:43 minutes (34.17 MB)

Happy Yom Kippur ish. Alina is blowing mud. Jack is Blowing Dudes.

JS Show 1354

61:17 minutes (35.07 MB)

Happy Thursday- Stench is a tranny. Pam Anderson and other Old Hookers. Alina explains the food poisoning.

Js Show 1355

63:22 minutes (36.26 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack wants to get eaten my Meatball the Bear. The Spy is losing his house, Stench has an appearance in the OC this weekend.

JS Show 1356

63:08 minutes (36.13 MB)

Just another Bummer Monday. Jack drops Bad News Bombs. Stench does Anniversary Recap.

Js Show 1357

62:46 minutes (35.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday, jack and stench not worthy of manual labor. It is Breast cancer Awareness month. Stupid people lock them selves out of the house.

JS Show 1358

60:36 minutes (34.68 MB)

Happy Hump It Day! Get over the Hump by humping something. Jack gets Jacked in traffic. Stench is sick and the Pod Peeps got Voicemails.Hoe much cock has Alina got so far in Cocktober

JS Show 1359

61:00 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Thursday- Post Presidential Debate. Jack and Stench Show

1360 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:26 minutes (25.96 MB)

Stench's modem is broke. Gas is too expensive. Debate recap. Other Stuff.

Js Show 1361

69:30 minutes (39.77 MB)

Monday, Jack still broke with kids. Stench is in Urgent care and United Healthcare SUCKS! Club sports cost a lot. The Mc'D's Disney Answer. Fat People Rage! Those C*** Sucker Packers. Who is winning the Football picks between Jack, Stench and Stench's daughter.

JS Show 1362

60:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench still sick. Jack is not getting bullied but the Fat Newscaster has everybody fired up and is now going to be on Ellen.

JS Show 1363

54:16 minutes (31.05 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack's Mic sucks more than Time Warner and United Health Care Combined. Stench Chokes on Massive Penis. Seacrest Chokes to death on male pubic hair and much much more.

Js Show 1364

61:58 minutes (35.46 MB)

Happy Thursday. The Cards tell us about Alina getting an STD from 3 Swords. Jack is a Defiant Shuttle Wacther. Stench wears make up and goes to a 4th Grade Volleyball Games. Sandusky Got less time than Bernie Madoff.

1365 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:29 minutes (35.66 MB)

It's Friday and Stench has no people!

JS Show 1366

47:31 minutes (27.2 MB)

WORST SHOW EVER. Jack and Stench cut this Monday Abortion short after massive troubles with Connection, Jacks Microphone, and over all suckiness bang this Monday Pod with no Lube!

JS Show 1367

60:18 minutes (34.5 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack changed Microphones and all is well in Pod Land. Girls who hate people in general just like Jack and Stench. The disgusting sad story of Amanda Todd. Snoop Dog Sells whats left of his dignity. Hey Look there is the Space Shuttle.

JS Show 1368

57:41 minutes (33.01 MB)

Happy Hump Day- Stench is going to have a cough attack. Live Debate coverage. Bitches and Assholes in the Child Support Game.

1369 Jack and Stench Podcast

29:17 minutes (26.82 MB)

No Stench today, so you get to hear Jack's crappy radio show (At least the breaks from the first 2 hours of it)... I promise all will return to normal tomorrow!

JS Show 1370

62:15 minutes (35.62 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Jamie is getting Shit on by the some people. Handle is talking Smack and could face a Stench Beat Down. Jack is about to Jump. Booze and Drugs gets Job Security. Stench Loves Boobies but not the aids so much.

JS Show 1371

68:35 minutes (39.25 MB)

Happy Monday- Bing plays soccer with Big Kids. Stench sleeps all weekend. Save a Baby Elephant. Girl Volleyball.

1372 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:57 minutes (27.06 MB)

Stench live from the O.C... Which means Jack sounds like crazy Jim! Have a great Tuesday!

JS Show 1373

70:49 minutes (40.53 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack and Stench Go Long. Pod Peeps Check in. Stench has black lung. Aussie Divorce Rules. Random Gay Guy in Lancaster.

JS Show 1374

62:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Thursday. Obama Fly Over. Talking to the Pod Peeps.Getting the Shaft.

JS SHOW 1375

60:39 minutes (34.71 MB)


JS Show 1376

61:08 minutes (34.99 MB)

Happy Monday. Man Boy is Champ. Stench hates meter maids...again! Bing Soccer Update. Halloween Party Update. A Katie Perry- Madagascar weekend.

1377 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:04 minutes (32.38 MB)

Hurricane Sandy. Stench's war on Handle. Hey my ex tried to talk to me.

1378 Jack And Stench Podcast

60:28 minutes (31.96 MB)

Happy Halloween!!!!!

JS Show 1379

62:05 minutes (35.53 MB)

Happy Friday- Halloween Recaps. Stench Meltdown. Pumpkin Boobies!!!! Pod Peeps check in.

JS Show 1380

62:26 minutes (35.73 MB)

Happy Election Eve! Jack still thinks no adults should go to Disneyland. Stench visits the Homeland. Alina joins us to tell us more lies and to tell you how if Obama wins she will blow you. Employment Update.

JS Show 1381

60:08 minutes (34.42 MB)

Jack and Stench Wall to Wall Election coverage.

JS Show 1382

60:52 minutes (34.83 MB)

Wall To wall elction Coverage. Stench hates voters that dont speak English. Jack Loves them. The Cards said that Obama would lose election... Or Possibly Destroy our country.

JS Show 1383

61:13 minutes (35.03 MB)

OOoops I got pink eye and didnt post the pod. !,000 years of darkness. God will strike us down,, and other fun things people are saying. and much more

JS Show 1384

63:52 minutes (36.55 MB)

Happy FRIDAY!!!! Stench is a racsist. jack is angry at work and its just another day.

JS Show 1385

62:44 minutes (35.9 MB)

Happy Veterans Day..Stench has worst week ever. Crying babies.

JS Show 1386 Part 1

22:54 minutes (13.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday... Part 1.

JS Show 1386 Part 2

38:51 minutes (22.23 MB)

Glitch Everybody Drink..Part 2 Tuesday

JS Show 1387

60:04 minutes (34.37 MB)

Happy Wed. Jack and Stench have a Good day but manage to get depressed by the end of the show.

JS Show 1388

60:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Happy Thursday- Jack got Parent teacher Day Stench has an interview. Crazy General Groupies and Cancer Scammers.

Js Show 1389

61:24 minutes (35.14 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!!! Stench may be the oops man, Jack is selling Fords. Cut while shaving with the new strict dress code.

JS Show 1190

60:44 minutes (34.76 MB)

Happy Hump day Monday! jack and Stench are back and maybe Twinkies will be too. Jack hates fake cars. Stench Hates everything and Alina is a terrible tramp.

Js Show 1391

63:18 minutes (36.22 MB)

Happy Tuesday/Thursday.. Stench has orientation. Yes all atheist have to suck it for the few crazy ones just like republicans. America Haters and Commies.

Js Show 1392

60:48 minutes (34.79 MB)

Its Kind Of Friday.... Thanksgiving Edition of the Jack and Stench Show.

JS Show 1393

60:25 minutes (34.58 MB)

Happy Monday. The Boys are back and not as depressing as usual. Stench starts work. The Pod Peeps Speak up and more.

JS 1395 Jack

51:29 minutes (23.57 MB)

It is Tuesday and the guys still are on Separate schedules. This is Jack 1395

JS Show 1395 Stench

28:08 minutes (16.1 MB)

Here is the Stench half of the show for Tuesday

JS Show 1396

61:45 minutes (35.34 MB)

Jack and Stench are back together like the Skipper and Gilligan. Happy Thirsday.

JS Show 1397

61:23 minutes (35.12 MB)

Happy FRIDAY!!! Jack and Stench are back. Its raining. Stench is in for a rough day. Jack continues Christmas Hell.

JS Show 1398

60:13 minutes (34.46 MB)

Very sad start to the week and Holidays.

Js Show 1399

60:04 minutes (34.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Crazy Suicide in Culver City. Making tragedy all about you. jack has a 20 day. Stench Celebrity run in.

JS Show 1400 JACK

29:18 minutes (13.42 MB)

Stench is on Split Shift and Jack is solo for the first part of Show 1400.

JS Show 1400 Stench and Alina

34:48 minutes (19.92 MB)

Stench and Alina close out show 1400 with Topless Tuesday Night. We find out some about Alina's New Dude. Stench doesn't like it. Flash back to the creepiest man ever. Alian has info on the Pod Site sucking balls.

JS Show 1401 Jack

31:06 minutes (14.24 MB)

jack and Stench go solo and here is Jack

JS Show 1401 Stench

30:18 minutes (17.34 MB)

Here is the Stench side. With More death talk. Accepting someones gayness is always easier when it's not your family, just ask Jessica Simpson. The total break down of the cheese incident. Sext Messages and V.M's

JS 1402

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Happy Friday. The Boys are back and Clearchannel is back to firing people. Sadly one of the people was our dear sweet Monica.

JS Show 1403

60:19 minutes (34.52 MB)

Happy Monday.. Jack and Stench start the week off together.

JS Show 1404 Jack

30:10 minutes (13.81 MB)

Tuesday and Stench and Jack are solo.. Here is the Jack show

JS Show 1404 Stench & Alina

34:11 minutes (19.57 MB)

Jack is in bed and Stench plays radio with Alina. Stench has warm junk. Alina was a late bloomer. Ghetto Bird looking in Alina's window. Stench Celebrity run in.

JS 1405 Jack

30:08 minutes (13.8 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack is solo and here it is.

JS Show 1405 Stench

30:23 minutes (17.39 MB)

Stench is solo. Blind Item Talk. Do you know who this is? jack is mad at Stench. Stench has burning Balls and much more.

JS Show 1406 Jack

31:46 minutes (14.55 MB)

Happy Thursday Here is the Jack Solo Show.

JS Show 1406 Stench

30:55 minutes (17.7 MB)

Happy Thursday, Pod Peeps Sext messages. Stench breaks down what Guys and Girls really mean when they dump you two weeks before Christmas. Getting engaged for Christmas Yes or No. Stench has CRAZY animal encounter.

JS Show 1407 Jack

49:24 minutes (22.62 MB)

Happy Friday. Here is Jack Solo. Wont be a Stench solo show today. Got too busy...being busy..

JS Show 1408 Stench

33:54 minutes (19.4 MB)

Stench is solo on a Monday because Jack has family stuff. Stench talks about the Friday tragedy, what can we do and how..

JS Show 1409 Jack

31:54 minutes (14.61 MB)

Here is the Jackie Jack show for Tuesday!

JS Show 1409 Stench

33:24 minutes (19.11 MB)

Still fyling Solo Pod Peeps check in. Stench talks about todays celeb encounters and more.

JS Show 1410 Jack

37:50 minutes (22.17 MB)

Happy Hump Day.. Jack is solo..

JS Show 1410 Stench

29:35 minutes (16.93 MB)

Solo Stench, Just like when he has sex.

Js Show 1411 Jack

29:54 minutes (13.69 MB)

Happy Thursday Here is the Jack Show.

JS Show 1411 Stench

32:09 minutes (18.4 MB)

Happy Thursday Bitches.. Stench is a busy mofo. Pod Mafia Voicemail, the gun debate and more.

JS Show 1412 Jack

31:32 minutes (14.44 MB)

Happy Friday, Here is Jack Solo..

Js Show 1412 Stench and Alina

32:18 minutes (18.49 MB)

Happy Friday.. Stench and Alina are back in the late night hour. They are both in their underwear, but somehow it is not sexy time. Fight about Madonna and more

Js Show 1413 Stench Solo Christmas

22:01 minutes (12.6 MB)

Merry Christmas Eve. Stench is solo because he said he was doing a show today.

Jacks Christmas Eve Radio Show

21:52 minutes (15.02 MB)

I thought I'd post today's radio show as kind of a bonus... Although it's not very good, so it's not much of a gift!!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Happy Holidays, Jack

JS Show 1415

70:08 minutes (40.13 MB)

THE BOYS ARE REUNITED LIKE PEACHES AND HERB! Happy Friday before New Years Weekend.
Jack and Stench complain about everything like they have not been away at all.

Jack's New Year Eve Radio Show

26:40 minutes (18.32 MB)

I had to work, so I thought I'd share it with you guys! Pod returns Jan. 7 or 8... I can't remember which date!?!?! Happy New Year!!!

Js Show 1417

67:33 minutes (38.66 MB)

Happy New Year ! Jack and Stench are back with the New Years Recaps.

JS Show 1418

63:26 minutes (36.3 MB)

Happy Tuesday, back in the groove. Rant about child support grabbing C U Next Tuesdays. Wrant about AT&T.

JS Show 1420

61:17 minutes (35.07 MB)

Word Up. It's Thursday. Stench is a handyman, Women are getting hotter and hotter these days. Stench Loves Yoga Pants. Jack is Ice Road Trucker in to the High Desert.

Js Show 1421

62:16 minutes (35.63 MB)

Happy Friday, Jack and Stench survive the coldest storm of the 10 days of it.

JS Show 1422

64:06 minutes (36.69 MB)

Happy Monday, Its a weekend Recap. Award Shows still suck and so does Bob's Burgers.

JS Show 1423 take 2

65:57 minutes (37.74 MB)

Lets try this file instead

JS Show 1424

64:57 minutes (37.17 MB)


Js Show 1425

62:24 minutes (35.71 MB)

Happy is a show on time!!!

JS Show 1426

60:10 minutes (34.43 MB)


JS Show 1427

59:41 minutes (34.16 MB)

Happy Montuesday..

JS Show 1428

60:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show 1429

57:56 minutes (33.15 MB)

Happy Thursday...

Js Show 1430

62:14 minutes (35.61 MB)

Happy Friday..Jack and Stench Dry Humping you ears for over 5 years!

JS Show 1431

61:58 minutes (35.46 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench. Old School So Cal Amusement parks

JS Show 1432

61:44 minutes (35.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 1433

66:36 minutes (38.12 MB)

Hump Day

JS Show 1434

58:09 minutes (33.28 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench has run in with crazy Homeless guy in Burbank.

JS Show 1435

61:44 minutes (35.33 MB)


JS Show 1436

56:22 minutes (32.26 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack and Stench watch the end of the Super Bowl. Stench is still sick. Jack agrees with one of Stench's conspiracy theories. A Special C U Next Tuesday appearance and more.

Js Show 1437

57:21 minutes (32.82 MB)

Tuesday Time....Jack hopes to die early. Stench needs a ride or die bitch, and so do we all.

JS Show 1438

56:03 minutes (32.07 MB)

Happy Humper.Hump.

JS Show 1439

64:26 minutes (36.87 MB)

Thursday J&S.. Trannies that look like Kenny Rodgers. Girls in Yoga Pants and more.

JS Show 1440

66:03 minutes (37.8 MB)

Happy FA FA FRiday.. Jack and Stench do live coverage of a Police Chase. Do wall to wall coverage of the Manhunt. Why is Bill Handel on TMZ? Getting a GF. Or a Twink or a Blink or Link...

JS Show 1441

60:40 minutes (34.72 MB)

Happy Monday. The Manhunt continues and they are still looking for Chris Droner too. Grammy's suck. Jack is living La Vida Loca today. Stench played Fat People Dodgeball.

JS Show 1442

61:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy FAT TUESDAY! The Pope Quits, Stench has a flip out curse filled anti woman rant. Jack is live from the Starbucks next to Popeyes.

JS Show 1443

60:27 minutes (34.6 MB)

Happy Hump Day Ash Wed. Jack hates everyone and missed his head on collision this morning.

JS Show 1444

60:30 minutes (34.62 MB)

Happy Valentines Day!

JS Show 1445

60:44 minutes (34.76 MB)

Happy Friday.....

JS Show 1447

63:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Hump Day, Jack is still hoping for the head on. Stench is finally not sick. Shooting the dog before you shoot yourself. Who's dog is it anyway? Code talk around the kids.

JS Show 1448

44:56 minutes (25.71 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are on a Food rant and Time Warner who sucks Massive balls, cuts the show off! M***** F******!

JS Show 1449

70:43 minutes (40.47 MB)

Happy Friday.. Jack and Stench Welcome the Shoe, Craig Shoemaker.

JS Show 1450

70:30 minutes (40.34 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench Oscar Coverage. Seth McFarlane yes or no? Drunk Dial line goes Old School. Stench goes to another Podcast.

Js Show 1451

62:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Happy Tuesday. More on the Oscars, Jack celebrates fun remotes.

JS Show 1452

59:49 minutes (34.24 MB)

Boom Its Wed. already.

JS Show 1453

60:51 minutes (34.82 MB)

Thursday Show with Ms. Alina

JS Show 1454

69:33 minutes (39.81 MB)

The boys are back to bring you down on a Friday.

JS SHow 1455

65:18 minutes (37.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Weekend Recaps. Jack is walking tall, only with a baseball bat.

Js Show 1456

61:50 minutes (35.39 MB)

Tuesday- Being Old and Cute,Having the crapper touch.

JS Show 1457

65:43 minutes (37.61 MB)

Happy Hump Day- Speaking of Hump, what will the cards say about getting?

JS Show 1458

59:41 minutes (34.16 MB)

THURSDAY- Jack and Stench talk Drones.

JS Show 1459

65:47 minutes (37.65 MB)


JS Show 1460

62:07 minutes (35.55 MB)

Jack ain't gonna drive in no snow. Who knew picking up dog poop could be deadly? Time change, Good or Bad? Stench is now switching to BBL girls.

Js Show 1461

65:20 minutes (37.39 MB)

Tuesday, Stench is still going Black, even though Jack found him a cub. Are Strippers or fake boobs sexy and oh yea you have been wang chunged!

JS Show 1462

64:03 minutes (36.65 MB)

Jack and Stench turn 6 years old... Well Yesterday, but it was really today when we tracked this. Happy Jack and Stench for the Hump Day Ho Down.

JS Show 1463

64:14 minutes (36.76 MB)

New Pope, Heated Debate and much more for the Friday Show.

JS Show 1464

66:07 minutes (37.83 MB)


Js Show 1465

62:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Monday! Stench hates the LA Marathon, Jack hates the B.S. Stench goes to the Dr. and Jack and both of them are annoyed at some weekend things.

JS Show 1466

61:57 minutes (35.45 MB)

Tuesday Pod Time!

JS Show 1467

57:29 minutes (32.9 MB)

Happy HUMP HUMP HUMP DAY! Yoga Pants Emergency, Jack got Poo Poo Mic.

Js Show 1468

69:04 minutes (39.52 MB)

Happy Thursday, Wanting to get fired. Super stress to get a really bad job.

Js Show 1469

62:04 minutes (35.52 MB)

Happy Friday.. Seems like a short

Js Show 1470

63:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Happy Monday, Weekend Recaps

JS Show 1471

63:26 minutes (36.3 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Even crappy things are hard to get.

JS Show 1472

65:04 minutes (37.23 MB)

Happy Hump Day. The Guys talk about the confusion of the High Courts Gay Marriage. Sad part about School Security.

Js Show 1473

56:17 minutes (32.21 MB)

Happy Thursday. Jack and Stench Got Big News for Next weekend.

1474 Jack and Stench podcast

59:24 minutes (34 MB)

Happy Good Friday!

Rotten Eggs - Kind Of An Easter Treat

23:02 minutes (15.82 MB)

I thought since we're not doing a show on Easter I'd give you a little audio from my crappy radio show! Enjoy! Normal pod will return Tuesday!!! Have a Happy/Safe Easter!

JS Show 1475

63:06 minutes (36.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back. Stench gets the New job update on the phone during the show. Also gives details.Arrest made in the Northridge Kidnapping case. Broken leg discussion and more.

JS Show 1476

66:38 minutes (38.13 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench go Old School Toys and Candy and get ready for The Burbank Parade.

JS Show 1477

57:44 minutes (33.04 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench starts work. Both Jack and Stench have a terrible theory. Proves they are going to hell. New cause of Gayness. Crazy people suck.

JS Show 1478

51:40 minutes (29.56 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench get ready for the Burbank Parade.

Js Show 1479

60:32 minutes (34.65 MB)

HAPPY MONDAY. Parade Recap

JS Show 1480 Pt 1 Jack

30:20 minutes (13.89 MB)

Jack and Stench are flying solo today.. Here is Jack.

JS Show 1480 Pt 2 Stench

30:16 minutes (41.58 MB)


JS Show 1481

63:36 minutes (36.4 MB)

Hump Day and the Humpers are back. Alina has a new Gay Man.Old guys talk about windy and who destroyed radio.

JS Show 1482 Pt1 Jack

31:10 minutes (14.27 MB)

jack going Solo for a Thursday, like Lone Wolf McKay.

Js Show 1482 Pt2 Stench

30:17 minutes (41.6 MB)

Happy Thursday from Stench, KDAY goes Boom! Whats the best Beave Hair Style? The Simpsons Drama, Damn kids grow up fast, Meeting a person with the same name as you and More

Js Show 1483 Pt1 Jack Attack.

31:56 minutes (14.62 MB)

Happy Friday, here is Jack Solo, like Broke Back Mountain but only one cowboy.

Js Show 1483 Pt 2

32:21 minutes (18.51 MB)

Stench is here with Alina for a late night Show. We get updates on New Jobs, Celebs, Bf's and BFF's.

JS Show 1484

61:33 minutes (35.22 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back. Is Jack getting the Axe? Is his side kick getting the Axe? More details on the new Stench Job.

JS Show 1485

59:33 minutes (34.08 MB)

Jack and Stench both back again. Boston Terror Attacks happen during the taping of todays show and we have early coverage. Jack not fired yet. Stench has the day off.

JS Show 1486 Pt1

30:08 minutes (13.8 MB)

The Jack attack. Did Jack get Fired? Did anybody? Well your about to find out.

JS Show 1486 Pt 2

33:42 minutes (19.29 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Dove does an interesting study. Why do guys like to bone for hours, and how do you tell them it's not cool? Stench's latest rat problem is getting worse. Boston Talk and celebrity Stories.

JS Show 1487 Pt1 JACK

34:10 minutes (15.64 MB)

Jack Goes Solo for Thursday Part 1

JS Show 1487 pt2 Stench

30:38 minutes (42.08 MB)

Stench is here to talk about everybody losing there minds..

Js Show 1488

49:22 minutes (28.25 MB)

FA FA FA FA FRIDAY! Jack and Stench are back together for a Friday a show.

Js Show 1489

65:31 minutes (37.49 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench Back together and talking a lot about Boston.

JS Show 1490

67:11 minutes (38.45 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench together today. Pod Peeps Jewelers! Smoking people out. People working serious OT, Pissed off IT Guy , The hottest chick ever. Stupid News Caster and more

JS Show 1491 Pt1 Jack

30:14 minutes (13.84 MB)

Happy Hump Day.. Here is Jack

JS Show 1491 Pt2 Stench

16:46 minutes (23.03 MB)

Stench Sucks today.. I personally would not listen. He phones this shit in today.

JS Show 1492

62:39 minutes (35.85 MB)

It's a Thursday Three Way. Jack, Stench and Alina.

JS Show 1493 Pt 1 Jack

32:44 minutes (14.99 MB)

It's Friday and Jack Don't give a F!!!

JS Show 1493 Pt 2 Stench

31:15 minutes (42.93 MB)

FA FA FRiday. Stench on the warm and fuzzy depressing tip.

JS Show 1494

63:09 minutes (36.14 MB)

Monday with Jack and Stench.

JS Show 1495 Jack Show

28:54 minutes (13.23 MB)

The Jack Show Tuesday.

JS Show 1496 JACK Pt1

26:04 minutes (11.94 MB)

It's the Jack Head Show!

JS Show 1496 Stench Pt 2

31:22 minutes (43.09 MB)

The Stench Head Show!


30:26 minutes (13.94 MB)

Happy Thursday, Sometimes Jack stands in front of the mirror and makes his Belly Button like a small hairy vagina.

Js Sjow 1497 Stench Be Crazy

32:28 minutes (44.59 MB)

Running in to old friends. Owning up to your shit. Feeling like you want. Waiting on the last shoe to drop. Guardian Angels. Tranny type Dude at Popeyes.

JS Show 1498

68:51 minutes (39.4 MB)

Jack and Stench are Reunited like Peaches and Herb, for the FRIDAY SHOT. FA FA FA FRIDAY!

JS Show 1499

68:24 minutes (39.15 MB)

Happy Monday , Jack and Stench back again

JS Show 1500 Pt2

26:37 minutes (36.57 MB)

Late Night Stench

JS Show 1501

65:28 minutes (37.46 MB)

Jack and Stench Together for the Wed. Show

JS Show 1502

59:58 minutes (34.31 MB)

Jack and Stench are back for a Thursday.

JS Show 1503 Jack

31:42 minutes (14.52 MB)

Jack Attck, The Jack Head Show!

Js Show 1503 Pt2 Stench

29:34 minutes (40.62 MB)

Stench hates the President of South Korea and Jack. Plus everyone else. Seeing people you hate. Making another Messenger crap his pants.

Js Show 1504

60:30 minutes (34.62 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench Screws up Mothers Day. Kanye and Kim, TV Shows getting cancelled.

JS Show 1505

54:06 minutes (30.96 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Jack and Stench Together can only mean one thing, Stench's life is sucking more than normal today. Leaving things at hooters

JS Show 1506

62:31 minutes (35.78 MB)


JS Show 1507

66:42 minutes (38.17 MB)

Jack and Stench for the Thursday. Wed. was Late so the Thursday is early. Also a lot of stories from todays headlines and why you should never sleep naked if you live with your parents. The Real JLH is stalking Stretch.

JS Show 1508 Pt 1 JACK SHOW

30:28 minutes (13.95 MB)

Its the weekend kickoff with Jack

JS Show 1508 pt2 Stench O Matic

27:17 minutes (37.48 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench talks about the News and then has a Big Bummer Story.

JS Show 1509

71:39 minutes (41 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench up in ya.

JS Show 1510 Pt 1 Jack Show

31:20 minutes (14.35 MB)

SUCK IT BITCHES, I'm JACK and I dont give a F***!

JS Show 1510 Pt 2 Stench

21:41 minutes (29.77 MB)

Sleepy OT Stench is here. Would Money Destroy you?

JS Show 1511 Jack

29:50 minutes (13.66 MB)

Going to Jack your Mind!

JS Show 1511 Stench

29:58 minutes (41.16 MB)

SPOILER ALERT! Don't listen to the Stench Show First.

JS Show 1512 JACK pt1

29:12 minutes (13.37 MB)

Happy Thursday Jacktacular.

JS Show 1512 STENCH pt2

25:38 minutes (35.2 MB)

CC Pulls a Good one, Stench sees some friends. Stench fights with rude Alina. What is a fistulum? What makes ladies Lady Parts hurt.

JS Show 1513 Pt1 Jack

30:50 minutes (14.12 MB)

Jacked up Friday Show. Jack is Solo in lovemaking and on the Pod.

JS SHOW 1513 Pt 2 Stench and Alina

34:02 minutes (19.48 MB)

It's Big Booby Friday. Alina Smuggles things down her top. How serious is the new Guy. Are Jack and Stench A Holes to Alina.....Or just Jack? Memorial Day Weekend Blastoff. Losing friends at work. Alina hates C Punting. Jack has a Yak Schlong. Sex Cream that ruins your junk.

JS Show 1514

68:55 minutes (39.44 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back together to start the week.

JS Show 1515

60:50 minutes (34.82 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show 1516

55:17 minutes (31.64 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are rolling for almost a complete week together.


30:32 minutes (13.98 MB)

Jacky Jack Jack. The Jack Master of Jackistan.

JS Show 1517 Stench

27:44 minutes (38.08 MB)

Welcome to the Stench Burger. Why didn't anybody tell me about the Chicken Wing Bar. Westside Wendy's

JS Show 1518

63:09 minutes (36.14 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench Weekend Recap.

Js Show 1519

60:43 minutes (34.74 MB)

J&S do Tuesday. Jack Counts down the final days. Stench sees and unfriend while at work. Jack needs to eat a lot of Fish Sticks, and No he is not a Gay Fish.Pod Peeps are friends.

JS Show 1521

43:10 minutes (59.28 MB)

Happy Thursday. Stench goes solo while Jack is Stuck in Venice. Paris Jackson Sad story, Too punch a kid thats teasing yours Yes or No! Stench avoids car crash for now. Kids prayers Cute, sad, and sweet all at the same time.

Js Show 1522 Pt 1 JACK

34:44 minutes (15.9 MB)

Happy Friday, Last Solo Jack Show ever.

JS Show 1522 Pt 2 Stench

20:12 minutes (27.75 MB)

Stench last solo show.

Jack's final radio show

31:49 minutes (21.85 MB)

It's almost 100% about doughnuts!!!!!!!

JS Show 1523

60:50 minutes (83.54 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back and ready to roll. Jack Starts new job, WTF, why be mean to Alina. Stench has V Ball Weekend.NO MORE SEPERATE Shows.

JS Show 1524

60:31 minutes (83.12 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack recaps day 1 on new job. Stench has a crazy camera story. Drunk Dial line in Full affect. Stench is Old and more

JS Show 1525

66:07 minutes (37.83 MB)

Jack and Stench are back kickin it old man style, complete with Old Man Body Hair and more. Stench is a custom order ASSHOLE...or is he. Jack likes drinkin with the Homeless at his new job. Maybe seeing a dead guy.

JS Show 1526 Stench

30:46 minutes (42.26 MB)

Stench is solo, because he had to sleep and could not stay awake for Alina. Then he trashes her and explains why they are no longer friends. He is also back on his meds and has a shocking Bucket List reveal. Stench hates Taylor Swift.

JS Show 1527

64:14 minutes (36.76 MB)

Happy Friday, It's Jack and Stench up in you. Jack hates Teen Mom. Traffic Hell on the West Side.( ended up being a 15 year old kid ran over on Sunset) Jack gets an awesome Kid Surprise.

JS Show 1528

65:37 minutes (37.55 MB)

Jack and Stench Fathers Day Weekend Recaps

Js Show 1529

61:40 minutes (35.29 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Munchkin Land. Stench can't win. Giving up the fight.

Js Show 1530

67:49 minutes (38.81 MB)

Happy Wed. Old guys still complaining.. Not drunk people on the drunk dial line.

JS Show 1531

72:08 minutes (41.28 MB)

A VERY SPECIAL JACK AND STENCH with Wall to Wall coverage of a High Speed Pursuit. Proving once and for all we are better than KCAL 9 at covering these things. Sure we swear often but still, way better coverage.

JS Show 1532

61:38 minutes (35.27 MB)

Happy Frriday First Day of Summer!! Jack and Stench are back with Ms. Alina. Jack has a Porn Career. Hand Bras and more..

Js Show 1533

63:00 minutes (36.05 MB)

Jack and Stench weekend Recap. Stench is old bad Dad at a Pool Bar. Jack does 3D. Technical problems bring New Jack songs at the end of the show.

JS Show 1534

63:21 minutes (36.25 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Check it out.... Here we go again!

JS Show 1535

64:34 minutes (36.95 MB)

Happy Wed. Yack and Estench are back to get you humped for hump day.

Js Show 1536

61:43 minutes (35.32 MB)

Paula deen, Annoying commercials, Reginix and more..

JS Show 1537

64:43 minutes (37.03 MB)

Happy Friday, Yack and Estench got your weekend kick off.

JS Show 1538

61:25 minutes (35.15 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back. Stench gets rolled up on by some Crack Heads. Jack has a kids weekend. J-Lo went to a fake made up country and pissed everybody off. Thank God for El Pato!

JS Show 1539

61:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Jack and Psychic Stench

JS Show 1540

60:40 minutes (34.72 MB)

Happy Friday - Wed. Beeeaaches. Alina is angry that the crads don't lie

JS Show 1541

61:40 minutes (35.29 MB)

Happy Monday. Long weekend Recap.

JS Show 1542

46:15 minutes (21.18 MB)

Happy Tuesday, welcome to a short show because Time Warner Cable suck more cock in hell than Father Damians Dead Mother. Holly gves a Kevin and Holly Update. Jack is afraid to get fired. Assholes that get 500 chances. Stench has a brush with fame at work that makes him dork out. Then the cable goes out.

JS Show 1543 pt1

31:36 minutes (14.47 MB)

SOLO SHOW- Jack goes solo.

JS Show 1543 pt 2

30:45 minutes (42.23 MB)

Stench has some Blind Item Reveals. Is it Offensive that your man checks out other women, even when you are not around? How Should the Pod End

JS Show 1544

69:44 minutes (31.93 MB)

Happy Thursday 7-11,Get your SLURPEE ON! Jack and Stench get back to the latest Pod Beef! UH OHHH Alina is going to be mad. FISTING for Everyone!

JS Show 1545

67:18 minutes (30.81 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!!!!! Everybody is Mad at everybody! Jack's going to the ultimate Burbank experience. Happy Weekend.

JS Show 1546

67:14 minutes (30.78 MB)

Happy Monday. Better Late than Never.

JS Show 1547 Part 1 Jack

28:38 minutes (13.11 MB)

THE KING OF JACKISTAN, Jackie Von Jackenhole.

Js Show 1547 Pt 2 STENCH

29:24 minutes (40.37 MB)

Hello my name is Sol Stenchberg!

JS Show 1548

63:02 minutes (28.86 MB)

HUMP DAY HO Down! J&S are back for the Wed. Show. Jack is Busy, Stench meets LAPD's DICK Cop of the year!

JS Show 1549

63:38 minutes (29.13 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday! Jack has a free concert announcement. Stench has new theories on radio. Casting Calls for the Pod People and more.

JS Show 1550

59:40 minutes (27.32 MB)

Jack and Stench are here to crap on the weekend.

JS Show 1551

67:13 minutes (30.78 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back. Free Food Rules. n

JS SHow 1552

65:48 minutes (30.13 MB)


JS Show 1553

63:34 minutes (29.1 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack and Stench are back with new studies and a very serious Lost Question.

JS Show 1554

67:18 minutes (30.81 MB)

BOOM, It's Thursday. Lost Translation. Stench Fists himself.. TMI!! Jack has a surprise day with Bing. B Day Party Snag and more.

JS Show 1555

65:01 minutes (29.76 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday. Lost haters are hating, while Lost Newbies are feeling it. Stench drives in to a celebrity memorial. Jack has his kids back for the weekend. Stench has little Girl B Day Weekend.

JS Show 1556

63:12 minutes (86.8 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench has little Girl B Day Weekend. Jack and Bing roll solo. Big time death in the radio industry. Where the Hell do you buy a CD in West LA.

JS Show 1557

59:42 minutes (81.99 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets worked by two kids trying to do the Pod. Stench may kill soon. When are you Fat Enough for the Lap Ban.

Js Show 1558

62:50 minutes (86.3 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack and Stench are Stupid, yet smarter than a lot of Really Smart people.

JS Show 1559

66:35 minutes (30.48 MB)

Happy Thursday, Will Podageddon be the end of the Pod?

Js Show 1560

67:53 minutes (31.08 MB)

Happy Friday. Stench hates everybody and has a racist rant Being 27 inches tall. Somebody disagrees with Jack and Stench about the women being Bitchy story from Wed.Pod.

JS Show 1561

61:49 minutes (28.31 MB)

Happy Monday. The End is near and we are all going to die. How psychic are you if you get ran over? Stench makes up a new astrological sign. Jack gets drama in Burbank. The Kids are moving. and more.

JS Show 1562

64:10 minutes (29.38 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack and Stench are back for this short week of party in Colorado for Jack.

JS Show 1563

65:22 minutes (29.92 MB)

HAPPY Wed.- Friday Show!! President Obama in Burbank Recap. Jack has to go party in Boulder. Stench is Angry because he got Obama'd again.

Js Show 1564

49:11 minutes (22.52 MB)

Happy Thursday. Surprise Show! Stench and Alina are here for the Thursday and Alina has BIG NEWS!

JS Show 1565

1:06:35 minutes (30.48 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack has the Colorado Hippie Recap, Also plane drama. Stench has a flip out and after 6 years everything is still the same.

JS Show 1566

1:00:08 minutes (27.53 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Podageddon has not ended the pod and we limp on as Angela Channel works on getting it fixed. Here is the Tuesday Show. Stench hates Huntington Beach. Jack is nursing an ill kid. Angela Channel works on the Pod as we do it. What wold it sound like if she went crazy?

Js Show 1567 Part 1 JACK

28:12 minutes (12.91 MB)

Jack Says Shit, and People Listen. He is the EF Hutton of the 2000's.

JS Show 1567 pt2

33:08 minutes (45.51 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are split up for the day. Jack is Gay, Baseball Furries, Ride the Rocket Tube, Stench is Rude, Does extra security out of no where make you feel safe or worry. Evil Bitches. and more

JS Show 1568 Pt 1 JACK

29:48 minutes (13.65 MB)

Jacks got nuggets of wisdom for your dome, cuz it's Thursday Fool!

JS Show 1568 Pt 2 STENCH

24:27 minutes (33.57 MB)

Stench is up late working over time, with no Pubes. Diet Talk Sign Waivers are screwed.

JS Show 1569

1:01:07 minutes (27.98 MB)

Happy Friday Jack and Stench are back together to close out the week.

JS Show 1570

1:01:58 minutes (28.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back for the short week. Bonadouche Bag Sightings. Hipster Douche.

JS Show 1571

1:03:44 minutes (29.18 MB)

Jack and Stench are Joined by Alina and the twins for the last show before Vaca. Alina talks TV Show and her website and Jack and Stench Go deep on fisting talk! Plus the Most Rude Canadian Ever and Dick Van Dyke will put it in your keester. What do Birkenstocks say about you.

JS Show 1572 pt1 Jack

28:26 minutes (13.02 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY, Solo Jack just like his sex life.

JS Show 1573

1:03:19 minutes (28.99 MB)

Jack and Stench are back only to figure out that EVERYTHING IS STUPID!

JS Show 1574

1:02:25 minutes (28.58 MB)

FAFA FRiday! Jack and Stench are back and Jack may be tipsy! More Ben Affleck talk . Obama talk, Homeless People talk and more.

JS Show1575

1:06:45 minutes (30.56 MB)

OOOOOOOPPPPSSS! Sleepy Boy Forgets!

JS Show 1576

1:04:14 minutes (29.41 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Jack and Stench are back and Stench is still a sleepy Ass. People who like different things than Stench are not normal.

JS Show 1577

1:07:23 minutes (30.85 MB)

Jack and Stench for the Hot Throbbin Thursday.

JS Show 1578 Pt2. Stench

24:47 minutes (17.03 MB)

Jack is off on a Fisting Mission on Mt. O Fistless. Bringing Fisting to the young starving Native Boys. Stench is a tired old cranky man that really wants to hang himself. Also what is your man thinking any time you are alone with him and talking about annoying worry shit. The Shitty Smelling Carl's and a homeless Dude in Burbank.

1578 Pt.1 Jack half of the Friday Pod!

26:38 minutes (12.2 MB)

Sorry, I suck!

JS Show 1579

1:02:52 minutes (28.78 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back, more depressed than ever, with thoughts like " Stuff will never get better So Die or deal with it". Jack and Stench both have problems with people with Vaginas. Why doesn't anyone just want to hook up anymore. Mike confesses his retired Guy soft ways. Stench is side tracked by the Giants SUCKING. Football is the only thrill of the Stench life.

JS Show 1580

1:03:20 minutes (29 MB)

Happy Tuesday! On the early Tip. Jack and Stench trade in the depression of yesterday for the Tuesday Death Show. UCLA Coach has a flip out and more.

JS Show 1581

1:00:48 minutes (27.84 MB)


JS Show 1582

1:00:16 minutes (27.59 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday. Jack and Stench talk about 9-11 on the 9-12 show, and talk smack about all the people that did not talk about 9-11 on their radio shows. Stench may be a crazy Bitch! Jack is working on a road trip. Producing- why it sucks.

JS Show 1583 JACK SHOW

30:32 minutes (13.98 MB)

Its FRIDAY and here is an Ass Full of Jack!

JS Show 1583 pt. 2 Stench

31:40 minutes (21.75 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench wants nothing to do with drama. "Hey didn't you used to be Stench". Why yes, yes I Did. Lots of Celebs cheating or getting cheated on. Brits like shoes. and more.

JS Show 1584

1:01:36 minutes (28.2 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench are back. Weekend Recaps. Doggy CPR yes or no? Wife CPR yes or No? FOOOOOTBALLL!!!! Getting screwed with OT. and more

JS Show 1585 Pt1 JACK

28:10 minutes (12.9 MB)

Jack is back, to stay Nope to Dope and Ugh to Drugs. Solo Pods

JS Show 1585 Pt 2 STENCH

36:54 minutes (25.34 MB)

Stench goes Fruity and Deep. Then admits to drinking girly Coffee. A Very Moving story about a little boy trying to help his sister.

Js Show 1586 JACK SHOW

26:10 minutes (11.98 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY. Jack is alone because he is a two part Back To School Night Dad.

JS Show 1586 Stench and Alina

34:57 minutes (16.01 MB)

Stench Bones Alina Again, which means????? Update on Millionaire Matchmaker and New York Fashion Week. Stench on Top Secret VIP Mission. Three Boobed Midget.

JS Show 1587

1:03:37 minutes (29.12 MB)

Jack and Stench are back together for Hot Throbbing Thursday. Stench has Great Celebrity experiences and still can't talk about it.

JS Show 1589

1:06:33 minutes (30.47 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back and as pumped as ever to start the new week. Also already feeling the joy of the coming Holidays.

JS Show 1590

27:22 minutes (12.53 MB)

Holy Crap we are almost to 1600! Men are gross and creepy. Alina is the Headless Hairdresser. Ice Cream man Flashbacks. Stench may murder Cal Trans Workers or somebody.


1:00:21 minutes (27.63 MB)

Tuesday Show was cut of. here is the full length show

JS Show 1591

31:10 minutes (21.41 MB)

Jack and Stench are SOLO Today. Jack is at a fisting convention. Stench hates everyone, especially Jerry Brown, Bikes, and Liberals. Pumpkin Food O.D., Stench's take on Fall TV far.


29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 1592 Pt 2 ESTENCH

22:15 minutes (15.28 MB)

Happy Thursday. Stench is a sleepy BITCH. Likes the New Tattoo Rule in the US Army. and more randoms..

JS Show 1593

1:02:38 minutes (28.67 MB)

Jack and Stench are Back Together, to close out the week.

JS Show 1594

1:00:40 minutes (27.77 MB)

Happy Monday, Here we go, Stench is fresh from a party. People who hate Jack and or Stench.

JS Show 1595

1:00:32 minutes (27.72 MB)


JS Show 1596

1:03:52 minutes (29.24 MB)

Stench be on a rant. Old White people are dicks. Dick Drivers. Jack can't work out. Being the Kids Sports Parent. Alina is over Jack.

JS Show 1597

1:02:21 minutes (28.55 MB)

HOT THROBBIN THURSDAY! Jack and Stench Go browsing for Hookers and Hook Ups on Craigslist.

JS Show 1598

1:07:39 minutes (30.97 MB)

Happy FA FA Friday! Lots of Sexts, Alina is still mad at Jack. More Hookers, Catfishing for Wang and more..

JS Show 1599

1:03:45 minutes (29.18 MB)

Weekend Recaps. Stench has a master plan and Jack puts the Kabosh on it. Cops with tinted windows. Its Hot as Balls oustide. Being in trouble for being broke.

JS Show 1600

1:00:23 minutes (27.64 MB)

1600!!!!! Yes Clear Channel Can Still Suck our BALLS! This is a whole lot of podcasting. More Hookers,

JS Show 1601

1:00:54 minutes (27.88 MB)


JS Show 1602

1:02:59 minutes (28.84 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbin Thursday. Jack is Tipsy, Stench is sleepy. Flashback Drunk Stories and people you have partied with that were trippy.

Js Show 1603 pt 1 jack

32:12 minutes (14.74 MB)

Happy Friday Jack Show !

JS Show 1604

1:12:52 minutes (33.36 MB)

Happy Monday, Mad at the Spouse, Stench has Workday Meltdown, Pod Peeps Mad and Jack and stench for being Jack and Stench.

JS Show 1605

1:02:36 minutes (28.66 MB)

The Boys are Back for Twitter your Titties Tuesday! Probably not the spectacular they think it could be.

JS Show 1606

1:04:11 minutes (29.39 MB)

HUMP DAY!!! Jack and Stench are still stupid, Julie in OC still likes Jack and Stench but now they feel sorry for her. Saving sweaty boobs one boob at a time.

JS Show 1607 Stench O Rino

30:07 minutes (20.68 MB)

Happy Thursday, When Big Dog Attacks. Chinese People Like Poop Humor Food. Stench is going to unfriend Jack. Why Alina's Boobs are so big and more

1607 Mc PodLT - The Jack Side

31:32 minutes (14.44 MB)

Split pod! This is the crappy jack half!

JS Show 1608

1:01:16 minutes (28.05 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Boom, Jack and Stench are back together to close out the week. Are the guys Old and out of touch? Follow ups from the solo pods. Don't fly with Stench.

JS Show 1609

1:07:51 minutes (31.06 MB)

Jack and Stench on the Monday Tip. Everyone hates Jack and Stench Especially Mrs. Stench. Fun at the Pumpkin Patch for Jack and Not so much for Stench. Stench watches Super Fun Night, Jack hates Thanksgiving. Using the Jacuzzi even though you know it's gross.

JS Show 1610

36:14 minutes (16.59 MB)

Totally Depressed Tuesday Show

JS Show 1610 RELOAD

1:00:10 minutes (27.55 MB)

JS Show 1611

1:01:41 minutes (28.24 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack in Yoga Pants..yes or no. Things you cant un see.

JS Show 1612 Jack Attack

32:38 minutes (14.94 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 1612 Stench

22:20 minutes (15.34 MB)

Happy VERY LATE Wed.

JS Show 1613 Jack Edition

30:38 minutes (14.03 MB)

Jack Friday Show

JS Show 1613 STENCH

23:27 minutes (16.1 MB)


JS Show 1614 Stench

28:32 minutes (19.6 MB)

Happy Monday, Halloween Lighting Tips with Stench. Stench is a prisoner of his life. PLEASE HELP HIM!

JS Show 1615 EsStench

28:46 minutes (19.76 MB)

Happy Tuesday, WTF. Happy Day For Stench. Is Stench softening on Kanye? Rich Kids with access to cash. and more

1615 JS Jack Half

29:06 minutes (13.33 MB)

Another Split pod. Congrats Lucy!!! Congrats Passenger!!! Jack Sucks!!!

JS Show 1616

1:06:57 minutes (30.65 MB)

Jack and Stench are back together. Jack is too old to watch a free concert and Stench is doesn't like nasty rap songs anymore.

JS Show 1617

1:00:38 minutes (27.76 MB)


JS Show 1618

1:04:34 minutes (29.56 MB)

Happy Monday- Its the Most depressing time of the year.

JS Show 1619

1:02:24 minutes (28.57 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back and way less depressing than Monday. Sorry Packer fans, The Cake Debate. WTF with the guy who burned alive at WeHo Halloween party.

JS Show 1620 Jack Half

28:26 minutes (13.02 MB)

Just Jack for 28 fun filled minutes!

1621 JS Podcast Jack Half

31:44 minutes (14.53 MB)

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! Stench still has no internet. Jack was out late. Listen to Family Of The Year. Other stuff!

Part of Stench's 1621 show

14:06 minutes (9.68 MB)

It's not all here, but I thought I'd give you a taste! He still doesn't have internet and the whole thing wouldn't upload at starbucks!

JS Show 1622 Only a Jack Half Today

32:48 minutes (15.02 MB)

Stench is still wifi-less. Happy Birthday Bing! Jack was out and about. other stuff.

JS Show 1623 Jack Half

32:24 minutes (14.84 MB)

Stench is still internetless! Lucy joins Jack on the Monday Pod (Bing is in the background!)

Stench Thursday Repost

34:18 minutes (23.56 MB)

Here is the Show that cut off on Thursday re posted..

JS Show 1622 stench Friday Show

15:55 minutes (10.94 MB)

This is a min show from Friday I could not post.

JS 1624 Jack And Stench Podcast - Just Jack

31:30 minutes (14.42 MB)

You're stuck with me again... Sorry!

JS Show 1624 Stench

25:20 minutes (11.6 MB)

FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JS Show 1625

1:05:54 minutes (30.17 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY! Jack and Stench are back together for a full hour. Time Warner Cable Still Sucks Balls.

JS Show 1626 Stench

31:35 minutes (14.46 MB)

Thursday- Stench Solo Doom and Gloom

1627 JS Podcast Jack Half

30:34 minutes (14 MB)

Lets spend some time together, alone, just chatting.

JS 1627 Stench

22:59 minutes (10.53 MB)

Happy Friday NOT! Stench is here in the most depressing show ever, YAY!

JS Show 1628

1:05:26 minutes (37.45 MB)

J&S Do a Happy Monday! Jack got beat by a 7 year old and Stench had a Big Downey Weekend. Also near death in Culver City and Jack and Stench talkd too much about Halloween.

JS Show 1629

1:01:53 minutes (35.42 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are Back. Time to Go Country. Candy hoarding Kids. Healthcare Nightmare.

JS Show 1630

1:04:56 minutes (37.16 MB)

HUMP DAY HO DOWN. Jack and Stench are joined by Alina and in the middle of a battle with Time Warner Cable. Stench goes Uber Creepy. No No...Yes Or No. Awesome T Day Traditon. Bleaching our skin and sphincters.

JS Show 1631

1:03:17 minutes (36.22 MB)

Jack and Stench , Hot Throbbing Thursday.

JS Show 1632

1:07:04 minutes (38.38 MB)

Jack and Stench FA FA Friday...

JS Show 1633

1:04:21 minutes (36.82 MB)

Jack and Stench Monday CRAZINESS! Stench's house gets Hate Crimed and Police and News Crews are everywhere. Jack has adult night out. Sexual Bucket List Scores and more.

JS Show 1635

1:04:15 minutes (36.76 MB)


JS Show 1636

1:04:20 minutes (36.82 MB)

Happy Monday. The Long weekend is over and here is the recap. Crazy Paul Walker death. Delivery Drones,

JS Show 1638

1:08:51 minutes (39.4 MB)

Happy Hump Day. More fun news. Jack and Stench catch up with Alina.

JS Show 1639 Stench

25:50 minutes (11.83 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is Late and Solo,,, not the kind of late like pregnant.

JS Show 1640

27:02 minutes (12.38 MB)

Happy Friday. Stench is solo and pondering about serious stuff.

JS Show 1641

1:03:03 minutes (36.08 MB)

HAPPY MONDAY! Jack and Stench are here for a Monday.

1642 JS Podcast - Jack Part

31:50 minutes (14.58 MB)

Solo Tuesday Pod! Enjoy the suckiness of the Jack Half!!!

JS Show 1643 Stench

23:57 minutes (10.96 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Solo

JS Show 1644

1:03:47 minutes (36.5 MB)

HUMP DAY!!! Jack and Stench are back. Chicks love Douches! Kids wonder what a Douche is.

JS Show 1645

1:04:15 minutes (36.77 MB)

Happy Thursday Jack and Stench!

JS Show 1646 Stench

22:54 minutes (10.48 MB)

Fa Fa Friday with the Fat Man!

JS Show 1647

44:46 minutes (25.62 MB)

A PARTIAL SHOW FOR MONDAY. At about 45 min. an animated Stench telling a story bangs on his desk top and ends the show. 18 minutes were recorded after that but they were not able to be salvaged!!!!!!!!!! DAMN MONDAYS SUCK!!!!

JS Show 1648

1:03:42 minutes (36.45 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Jack and Stench are back, Drama Island, Seeing Boobs then realizing they are attached to a hot girl. Jack stole Santa's Brownie!

JS Show 1649

1:04:37 minutes (36.97 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY!!! Jack and Stench re hash a bunch of the show that was cut off on the Monday Show. Bogus Coke Bust, Being a Professional Coke Blower UP your bosses ass and more

1650 JS Podcast - Jack Half

30:26 minutes (13.94 MB)

Less than a week to Christmas... And this is the crap Jack gives you!

JS Show 1650 Stench

25:05 minutes (11.49 MB)

Stench is late and doing Tripple time. Spirit or No Spirit? Dick Cop at LAX.

JS Show 1651 Stench

19:08 minutes (8.76 MB)


1651 Jack And Stench Podcast - Jack Part

32:16 minutes (14.78 MB)

It's Friday!

JS Show 1652

1:05:53 minutes (37.7 MB)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Stench hates Rude Chinese People and Old Rich White People. Jack is a late night Shopper.

JS Show 1653

1:04:29 minutes (36.9 MB)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Enjoy those Damn kids while you can. Stench gets to work for the Holidays, Jack is playing Mr Mom while on Vaca.

JS Show 1654 Stench

28:30 minutes (13.05 MB)

It's New Years Eve Eve and the guys are solo... Stench is a Psycho w Psycho dreams but it's Oliver Stones fault.

JS 1654 Jack Half Of The Jack And Stench Podcast

33:16 minutes (15.23 MB)

Just me and the kids... What states have you puked in?

JS Show 1655

1:00:38 minutes (34.69 MB)

Happy New Years Eve. Jack and Stench are here for the final time in 2013, with their Celebrity Death List for 2014. This is year they are sure to get a few hits..

JS Show 1656

1:02:47 minutes (35.93 MB)

Happy 2014! Jack and Stench are back w their New Years Recaps...

JS Show 1657

1:05:48 minutes (37.66 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are here with Ms. Alina the new Mary Kay lady. Worst video ever.

JS Show 1658

1:02:56 minutes (36.02 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY. Jack and Stench Bang out a Hump Day Show. Shocker KFI does something totally racist to try and cover the heat they are getting for being a racist station. Jack says F Holidays. Stench chokes on a pube.

JS Show 1659

1:01:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday.

JS Show 1660

1:10:29 minutes (40.34 MB)

Happy Friday! Stench hates women. People who cant be without a relationship. Lee Baca and Scientology? Homeless people with cash.

JS Show 1661

1:07:15 minutes (38.49 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench Weekend Recap.

JS Show 1662

1:06:15 minutes (37.91 MB)

Happy Tuesday. On the Serious Tip.

JS Show 1663

1:01:33 minutes (35.22 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show1664

1:00:42 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Thursday, Pulling the Plug on your pregnant wife. Hey I decided to be in character for now on. Psychic Stench predicts another quake.

1665 Jack and Stench Podcast... Starring Just Jack!

33:50 minutes (15.49 MB)

Sorry, we are Stenchless today!!!!

JS Show 1666

1:01:46 minutes (35.35 MB)

Its the Show of the Beast1666 !!!! Jack is going to Hell for sure this time.

JS Show 1668

1:04:25 minutes (36.87 MB)

Happy Almost Friday. Stench gets the ass banged out of him by the 405. Sue the Highway Workers, Sue The State, Sue Everybody. Today will be the day that Love Died.

JS Show 1669

1:06:52 minutes (38.27 MB)

We said 69 huhuhuhuhuhuh! Stench does camera sting and gets somebody in trouble. Jack is rascist, Posthumus Visits. Bieber vs Miley. Bad parents. Road rage Jack.

JS Show 1670

1:02:37 minutes (35.83 MB)

Happy Monday. Weekend Recaps. Jack has a B Day, Grammy Watching..After 7 years Clear Channel admits we were right!

JS Show 1671 Stench

22:51 minutes (9.15 MB)

Happy Tuesday,Stench goes solo. Smokes the New $30 cigar while Jack is getting in a Beatles Show half off.

1671 Jack's 5 minutes!??!?

5:18 minutes (2.43 MB)

I recorded a full thirty and something happened in the transfer and all but 5 minutes was lost! Sorry!!!! I tried!

JS Show 1672 Stench

24:59 minutes (10.01 MB)

Happy HUUUUUUUMP DAY. Stench is against relationships with latin people. Also perfectly OK with being messed up in the way that he is.

1672 Jack and Stench Podcast - Jack half... No really

31:30 minutes (14.42 MB)

It actually worked today!!!

JS Show 1673

59:07 minutes (33.83 MB)


JS Show 1674

1:02:06 minutes (35.53 MB)

Happy Friday. Stench gets a sick day. People can't drive in the rain. Jack Finances a See You Next Tuesday!

JS Show 1675

1:01:15 minutes (35.06 MB)

Happy Monday. Super Bowl Sucked! So did the commercials.

1676 Jack Part

26:26 minutes (12.1 MB)

You know you love a just Jack podcast... Especially when I speak very softly!

JS Show 1676 Stench

17:53 minutes (7.17 MB)


JS Show 1677

54:49 minutes (31.37 MB)


JS Show 1678 Stench

21:31 minutes (8.63 MB)

Bieberholic, DMX-Zimmerman Battle of the Douches, Taylor Swift is a Psycho BEEEEAAAATTCH, Criminal Illegals Suck Ass, Clear Channel Sucks Balls, Crazy Work Schedule and MORE!

JS Show 1678 Jack Half

24:16 minutes (11.11 MB)

Romantic cities, the lakers suck and bye bye Leno

Js Show 1679

1:05:46 minutes (37.64 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 1680

1:01:26 minutes (35.16 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack and Stench weekend Recap.

JS Show 1681

1:00:38 minutes (34.7 MB)

Sam Rubin Extravaganza.

JS Show 1683

1:00:38 minutes (34.7 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday

JS Show 1682 RE DO!

1:02:38 minutes (35.84 MB)

Hump Day Ho Down Reload

JS Show 1684

1:05:26 minutes (37.44 MB)

Happy Valentimes Day!

JS Show 1685

1:06:03 minutes (37.8 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 1686 Jack Part

29:08 minutes (13.34 MB)

Solo pod for you... You're welcome! (J/K it sucks!!!)

JS Show 1687 Jack Part

28:52 minutes (13.22 MB)

More Craptastic pod power from Jack

JS Show 1687 Stench

30:19 minutes (17.35 MB)

Welcome Back Alina! Who is really just hiding in the closet at her Mary kaye party. Unwrinkling things that should not be unwrinkled. Stench is attacked......probably by himself and Alina and FBG think he was doing bad things.

JS Show 1688

1:07:32 minutes (38.65 MB)

Jack and Stench are back and there is a Police Chase caught on the Pod.

JS Show 1689

1:01:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench Go Food Talk and You Will Be Hungry. Stench discovers the secret of the scratches.

JS Show 1690

1:07:07 minutes (38.41 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Why are there so many Ass holes in the World? More Food Talk. Another Strange Middle of the Night Demon attack. Or is it aliens this time. We now know how Stench let demons in.

JS Show 1691

1:03:05 minutes (36.1 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show 1692

1:10:36 minutes (40.4 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday. Alina sends Topless Video and Jack does not believe Stench because he is a Stupid Head that Leaves the Window open in the Rain. How Many songs that you love were really written about some one of the same sex. When Technology passes you by. Chest Beards and more.

JS Show 1693 Jack Part

31:36 minutes (14.47 MB)

Lots of jack and crappy audio clips!

JS Show 1693 Stench

25:33 minutes (10.24 MB)

Solo Friday's just like those awkward teenage years. Storm Watch 2014. More problems for Stench. Meeting Pod Peeps.

JS Show 1694

1:01:09 minutes (34.99 MB)

Jack and Stench do the Oscars

1695h\ by Jack and Stenchjs show 1695 jack almost part

11:56 minutes (5.47 MB)

Sorry, didn't quite get a full pod done... I suck

JS Show 1695 Stench

23:37 minutes (9.46 MB)

Stench has a better day, with his dogs, crucifix, and St. Jude Candle

JS Show 1696

1:05:04 minutes (37.23 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are back with a Flashback torture of Robert Lyles,set up by our own Jamie. Jack and Stench don't know crap about the Pod.

JS Show 1697

1:06:06 minutes (37.83 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday, with Alina and her online dating. Who sleeps nude? Old people go to bed early. Jack and Stench also dont watch house of cards.

1698 JS SHow Jack Part

26:22 minutes (12.07 MB)

Happy Friday... You lose a hour this weekend!

JS Show 1698 Stench

20:34 minutes (8.24 MB)

Happy Friday- Guess who bought Biebers House? You will never guess who cheated. Yeezus is not doing so well. dumped by text and more

JS Show 1699

1:06:38 minutes (38.13 MB)

Jack and Stench Do Monday! Weekend Recaps, More Sad News Jack does labor, Stench does Volleyball.

JS Show 1700

1:01:21 minutes (35.1 MB)

Happy Tuesday. ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED SHOWS !!! Thats some crazy Shiz!

JS Show 1701 Jack Part

26:44 minutes (12.24 MB)

Lot's "O" Audio fun with Jack

JS Show 1702

1:02:31 minutes (35.78 MB)

J&S are back together for the Throbbing Thursday Show.

JS Show 1703

1:03:02 minutes (36.08 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! WTF with the Malaysian Jet Liner? Disney Gangs and more

JS Show 1704

1:04:17 minutes (36.79 MB)

Happy St, Patty's Day...

JS Show 1705

1:02:13 minutes (35.6 MB)

Happy Tuesday, St. Patty's Day Hangover.

JS Show 1706

1:03:02 minutes (36.07 MB)

Happy Hump Day. New Theory on Missing Plane. Most disgusting time ever.

JS Show 1707

1:02:06 minutes (35.54 MB)

Boom, It's Thursday. To Google or not to Google. Lets Google......UH OH!!!!!!

JS Show 1708

1:01:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY. Big Boob Spy Gate begins.

JS Show 1709

1:05:20 minutes (37.39 MB)

Happy Monday. More Disney Gangs and weekend fun. Frozen Talk. Obama Administration invades Stench's Church.

JS Show 1710

59:43 minutes (34.17 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench, Arm Chair QB relationships. Silence of the Hams. Hey Look a Fruit Basket!

JS Show 1711

1:01:09 minutes (35 MB)

Happy Hump Day!!!!

JS Show 1712 Jack Part

27:04 minutes (12.39 MB)

Just Jack

JS Show 1712 Stench

30:06 minutes (12.06 MB)

Happy Thursday. There are Bitches amongst us and Stench sets the record straight. The dysfunctional family lives on Bitches! Don't talk about my fat sister!

JS Show 1713 Stench

20:50 minutes (8.35 MB)

Solo Sick Stench for the Friday.

Js Show 1713 Jack

30:48 minutes (14.1 MB)

I'm unsubscribing

js show 1714 jack part

25:44 minutes (11.78 MB)

Bing joins me on todays half pod

JS Show 1714 Stench

23:41 minutes (9.49 MB)

Yay, It's a Volleyball weekend, complete with Po Po Drama.

JS Show 1715

1:06:30 minutes (38.06 MB)

Jack and Stench are finally back for the Tuesday Show with LOTS of TV Spoilers.

JS Show 1716

1:06:10 minutes (37.86 MB)

Happy Hump Day,

JS Show 1717

1:10:20 minutes (40.25 MB)

Happy Thursday, Rock On!

JS Show 1718 Jack Part

31:34 minutes (14.45 MB)

Audio clips and Jack... What more could you ask for!?!?

JS Show 1718 Stench

25:17 minutes (10.13 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Best Stories EVER! Or WORST Stories Ever depends on how you look at things.

JS show 1719

1:03:03 minutes (36.08 MB)

happy monday. another celeb death pool hit

JS Show 1720

1:07:32 minutes (38.64 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Uh Oh, more craziness...

JS Show 1721

1:01:42 minutes (35.31 MB)


JS Show 1722 Jack Part

28:50 minutes (13.2 MB)

Fun audio and other crap with your friend Jack

JS Show 1722 El Stencho

21:21 minutes (8.55 MB)

Stench is an unhappy Bitch.

JS Show 1723

1:01:09 minutes (34.99 MB)

Happy Friday! Grumpy Old Men struggle with technology.

JS Show 1724

1:05:38 minutes (37.56 MB)

Happy Monday, Crazy, Crap tactic, Big Boom, Big Bitch, and More

JS 1725

1:04:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Blood Moon we are all doomed edition.

JS Show 1726

1:14:26 minutes (42.59 MB)

Jack and Stench have a Sissy Drink Off and manage to insult Gay Dudes Along the way. Stench Hates everyone especially neighbors. Stopping the Crazy.

JS Show 1727

1:06:16 minutes (37.92 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbin Thursday! Alina Joins the guys and tells us of her gimp. Jack continues to drink sissy drinks, Hep there is an airplane in my Whozitz! Food Talk and more.

JS Show 1728

1:01:37 minutes (35.26 MB)

Happy Good Friday!

JS Show 1729

1:01:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back with the Weekend Recap and rants.

JS Show 1730

1:04:09 minutes (36.71 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Doom and Gloom,Break Down of the New Star Morning Show and the prediction of whats to come. Stench has a Mystery Knock live on the Pod, this spins to best Ghost Story Ever.

JS Show 1731

1:04:03 minutes (36.66 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY! Jack and Stench do Black Angus and then do the Pod.

JS Show 1732 Jack Half

28:26 minutes (13.02 MB)

Sorry, my fault it's a split pod today. Have a great Thursday!

JS Show 1732 Stench

37:52 minutes (15.17 MB)

Stench has a awkward situation. When Manly Man has a pussy kid. Dr.B has a breathing class you can go to this weekend.

JS Show 1733

1:03:50 minutes (36.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Bad Day for Stench, Jack's got crying kids. Now we know a Filipino Dude and remembering the torture of having a new born.

JS Show 1734

1:02:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Happy Monday,

JS Show 1736

1:03:44 minutes (36.47 MB)

Happy Thursday, WE'RE BACK!!!!

JS Show 1737

1:04:59 minutes (37.19 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 1738

1:04:14 minutes (36.76 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench Get Hurt. Jack sucks it up, Stench smashes the kid with a Spike. Jack Shares time with a Douche, Stench is worthless self employed loser. Happy Cinco De Mayo

JS Show 1739

59:39 minutes (34.13 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Jack and stench are Winners... at Losing!

JS Show 1740 Stench

19:16 minutes (7.72 MB)

Short my Penis!

1740 js show jack half

29:54 minutes (13.69 MB)

pet peeves, cheap gas and other stuff

JS Show 1741

1:03:08 minutes (36.13 MB)

Hot Throbbin Thursday, Why worry?

JS Show 1742 Jackpart

31:06 minutes (14.24 MB)


JS Show 1742 Stench

27:52 minutes (11.17 MB)

Stench brings home the downer vibe to kick off your Mothers Day Weekend, with Sometimes shit never gets better, enjoy your family while you can and much much more.

JS Show 1743

1:04:50 minutes (37.1 MB)

MONDAY- Weekend Recaps. Hot Chick Slams Jack! Stench is a Wango Tango Watcher. Mothers Day Rules!

JS Show 1744

1:06:48 minutes (38.23 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is a fugitive like them Dukes. Jack may die in Philly. Donald Sterling is the gift that keeps on giving. How much is too much man on man action for people. Peephole Danger. Alina's on vacation.

JS Show 1745

27:29 minutes (11.01 MB)

Jack's Philly , getting his Peep Hole Plugged. Stench is home and Mad at Jack because Burbank is SO F***ING HOT! Alina is in the D.R. Our Favorite Nickelodeon KId has Big Black Dildo on the Floor.

JS Show 1746

18:59 minutes (7.61 MB)

FA FA FRiday. F Jack and F Burbank!

JS Show 1747

1:02:29 minutes (35.76 MB)

Jack and Stench are Back for the Monday Show.

JS SHow 1748

1:00:34 minutes (34.66 MB)

We rule... Not really, but whatever

JS Show 1749

1:00:54 minutes (34.85 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY! Jack and Stench need some Very white Twins for a Scientific Study.

JS Show 1750

1:05:18 minutes (37.37 MB)

Its a PEOPLE SUCK Thursday. Stench turns over a new leaf. J&S hate people but lie to people watch.

1751 JS Show Jack Half

28:56 minutes (13.25 MB)

It's a long weekend

Jack and Stench

20:31 minutes (8.22 MB)

Happy Solo Friday!

JS Show 1752

1:03:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack has a kid party, Stench is an indentured servant fro three days. Crazy Shooter Kid, Fattest Guy Ever...Dies of what????? HMMMMMM and more.

JS Show 1753

1:11:16 minutes (40.78 MB)

Happy Hump Day, When losers win. Taco Bell BWah! Guess How many kids had sleep overs in MJ's Bed in a three year period. Sleeping your way to the bottom.

JS Show 1754 Stench and Alina.

40:13 minutes (23.01 MB)

How was Alina's Vaca, Did She burn the twins, and all of the important info we need to know. The C Word conversation. Jack is missing and assumed drunk.

JS Show 1755

1:00:41 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday!!!!! DRunk Jack is back. Kate plus 8 is Back ? WTF?

JS Show 1756

59:28 minutes (34.03 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench do a double show, but you will only hear one. Alina Stiffs us not in a Good Way. Stench hates people in theaters. Westside Earthquake!

JS Show 1757

1:00:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back with a one hour show, Alina joins them and reveals her anger. Olivia Munn yes or no!

JS Show 1758

56:23 minutes (32.27 MB)

Happy Hump Day!

JS Show 1759

1:00:25 minutes (34.57 MB)

Hot Throbbing Everybody Hates us Thursday.

JS Show 1760

1:03:18 minutes (36.23 MB)


JS Show 1761

1:02:29 minutes (35.76 MB)

Happy Monday- Weekend Recaps,

JS Show 1762 Stench

27:20 minutes (10.95 MB)

Happy Solo Love Tuesday!

JS Show 1762 Jack

29:54 minutes (13.69 MB)

Jack Pod

JS Show 1763

56:19 minutes (32.22 MB)

Happy HUMP DAY! Jack gets caught in See You Next Tuesday Drama. Pod Peeps hide food too. Jack has an anniversary. Guess who doesn't like Unions.

JS Show 1764

1:03:26 minutes (36.3 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday. Dolphin Hand Job, Sailing around the world Stench is a Crab Ass and more

JS Show 1765

1:06:10 minutes (37.87 MB)

FA FA Friday!

JS Show 1766

1:01:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

Happy Monday Fathers Day Recap.

JS Show 1767

58:46 minutes (33.63 MB)

Happy Tuesday !

JS Show 1768 JackPart

31:27 minutes (14.4 MB)

Stench is sick, just me today. Have a great day

JS Show 1769

1:05:29 minutes (37.48 MB)

Happy Thursday,

JS Show 1770 JackPart

29:22 minutes (13.45 MB)

Happy Friday!!!!

JS Show 1770 Stench

12:27 minutes (4.99 MB)

Happy Friday. This is Short, Got a LOOONG Day in to an early Start.

JS Show 1771

1:01:16 minutes (35.06 MB)

Happy Monday! Uh OH Stupid Pug Down! See You Next Tuesday Fun!

JS Show 1772

1:04:35 minutes (36.96 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Dumb Pug lives. When Bad Kids attack. More World Cup and Foriegn Flags yes or no.

JS Show 1773

1:11:50 minutes (41.11 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench with a little Alina,,,the pissed off foreignor Soccer Hooligan.

JS Show 1774

59:52 minutes (34.26 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday!!!! Stench has a rantfest. Jack hates handicap people, Alina is an angry Kick Ball Fan.

JS Show 1775 Stench

30:05 minutes (12.05 MB)

Happy Friday- Stench Goes Hooker Shopping.

JS Show 1775 Jackpart

29:52 minutes (13.68 MB)

Friday Split Pod!

JS Show 1776

1:04:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Monday Tuesday! Listener Updates, Stench is a Netherlands fan. 4th of July flashbacks. Clearing up the Fake Radio Bits once and for all.

JS Show 1777

1:03:41 minutes (36.44 MB)

Happy Tuesday..

JJS 1778

1:00:14 minutes (34.47 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack Stench and Dr. Phil are here for the Wed. Show

JS Show 1779

1:07:08 minutes (38.42 MB)

Happy Thursday Friday!
It's the 4th of July Weekend Kick Off.
Horse Ass Yes or No. Is Jay Z a cheater

JS Show 1780

1:05:02 minutes (37.22 MB)

Happy Monday. 4th of July Recap. Stench sees a UFO, Jack is a traitor. NY Newspaper calls Obama the N Word to demonstrate how racist the right is. SHARK ATTACK! O & A Show is now just the O Show..

JS Show 1781

1:08:21 minutes (39.12 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 1782

1:04:39 minutes (37 MB)

Happy Wed. Jack and Stench Show. More Skin on Skin yes or no? Stupid Doctors, UH OH Somebody is going to be mad!

JS Show 1783

1:05:19 minutes (37.38 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench has a new plan to marry off Jack!

JS Show 1784 Stench

25:52 minutes (10.36 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench interviews the Biggest Guest EVER on the History of the Pod and they are very rude! Talking about Big Butts and more.

JS Show 1784 Jackpart

30:41 minutes (14.05 MB)

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!

JS Show 1785

1:09:42 minutes (39.89 MB)

Happy Monday! Jack has Man on Man action in the Hot Tub with a Pod Peep. Stench does Housework.

JS Show 1786

1:02:52 minutes (35.98 MB)

Two For Tuesday- Two Huge Grumpy Douchebags for the price of one!

JS Show 1787

1:00:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Stench is on an anger roll. Love of Cheap Pizza. Congrats Pod Peeps.

JS Show 1788

1:04:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench welcome Alina Back. Stench is a beacon of Positivity. Jack refuses to re marry .

JS Show 1789

59:52 minutes (34.26 MB)

Happy Friday!!!!!!

JS Show 1790

1:08:41 minutes (39.31 MB)

Happy Monday,

JS Show 1791

1:03:34 minutes (36.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Psychic Stench is Back!

JS Show 1792

1:06:00 minutes (37.77 MB)

Happy Missed Connections , Hump Day,

JS Show 1793

1:07:00 minutes (38.34 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday. Poof there goes the neighborhood. Meeting, No Meeting? Jack does the WB. Fisting Love.

JS Show 1794

1:06:16 minutes (37.93 MB)

Happy Friday, Jack and Stench Go late Thanks to Time Warner Cable. Damn kids grow up fast and MORE!

JS Show 1795

1:03:35 minutes (36.38 MB)

Happy Monday! Aloha Jack, Stench has a Big Secret. Jack has a Beeping Good Time on a long car ride. Holy Greased Lightning !

JS Show 1796

33:49 minutes (19.35 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack is in Aloha Land. The Queen of the Pod Alina fills in and she sucks at being British. Stench still testing away for the new job. Alina is on a date with a boy. Stench finds a Hot Lesbian outside Alina's House and more.

JS Show 1797

22:14 minutes (8.91 MB)

Happy Thursday , Stench is Solo like his sex life.

JS Show 1798

32:04 minutes (12.85 MB)

Happy No Jack Monday!

JS Show 1799

25:37 minutes (10.27 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Evil Stench and Mr. Positivity all in one show. the WB is trying to kill me before letting me go. Don't sky dive or go in the ocean.

JS Show 1800

28:26 minutes (11.39 MB)

JS Show 1801

24:54 minutes (9.98 MB)

Solo Stench, has a rant about a money grubbing ho.

JS Show 1802

25:35 minutes (10.25 MB)

Happy Friday, Jacks last vacation Day. Stench is solo, explains the Taco Bed.

1803 JS Show - Jackpart

30:06 minutes (13.78 MB)

Aloha, I'm back and ready to pod

JS Show 1804

59:26 minutes (34.01 MB)

HAPPY TUESDAY! Jack and Stench are Back in The Hizzy! Yep Middle aged White Dudes can still say Hizzy! NostraDumb Ass, sometimes it sucks to be right!

JS Show 1805

1:03:20 minutes (36.24 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Robin Williams Talk. Road Rage PaLooza.

JS Show 1806

1:00:30 minutes (34.62 MB)

Happy Thursday, Countdown is on. Serious depression and mental illness talk. Not wanting to be outdone by St Louis, The LAPD gets some scandal.

JS SHow 1807 - Jackpart

32:18 minutes (14.79 MB)

WTF with trolls, Hey 911 a chicken is crossing the road and ladies are stressed.

JS Show 1807 Stench

20:02 minutes (8.03 MB)

Double Shift Friday, Alina is hurtful, Jack is an Ice Fister, So Long Burbank and the WB.

JS SHow 1808

1:04:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Jack and Stench are back and clueless because they are old.

JS Show 1809

57:42 minutes (33.02 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is already on Vacation. Being a Dick, Being Rude, and exchanging Gift Clothes.

JS Show 1810

1:01:21 minutes (35.11 MB)

Happy Aloha Wed. Stench is off on Vaca and Jack is getting ready to hold down the fort. Talking Toilets, Vaca Stress Balls. Kids that keep annoying each other.

JS Show 1811 - Just Jack

30:49 minutes (14.11 MB)

Pantless Pod

JS Show 1812 - Just Jack

34:27 minutes (15.78 MB)

Slow Speed Dog Chase

JS Show 1813 - Just Jack

31:52 minutes (14.59 MB)

There was a quake

JS Show 1814 - Just Jack

37:48 minutes (17.31 MB)

There's a special treat at the end.

JS Show 1815 - Just Jack and some old friends

1:08:24 minutes (31.32 MB)

Aloha, here's a pod with some more bonus content

JS Show 1816

1:01:43 minutes (84.76 MB)

Stench is back for the Hot Throbbing Thursday with tales of Aloha. Jack defends the Ice Bucket Challenge. Hello Kitty is a what?

JS Show 1817

1:03:14 minutes (86.84 MB)

Happy Labor Day weekend kick off Friday Fiesta! Stench writes a letter to school. Dead Guys that fall apart, Getting Shot by a Tranny, Will we have a bad winter? Only Psychic Stench Knows for sure. Drought Talk and more exciting stuff.

JS Show - Labor Day Bonus

1:12:46 minutes (33.31 MB)

Enjoy and have a safe Labor Day Weekend!!!

JS Show 1818

1:04:27 minutes (36.88 MB)

HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!! Stench is a to republicans what Non terrorist are to muslims. Amy Sugarman, Monica, and Claudine Updates!

JS Show 1819

1:03:27 minutes (36.31 MB)

Happy Thursday.

JS Show 1820

1:03:52 minutes (36.55 MB)

Happy Friday, Joan Rivers is dead and not on the list. Snake Update, Stench is a hated man.

JS Show 1821

1:09:10 minutes (39.58 MB)

Happy Monday Bitches.

JS Show 1822

1:07:28 minutes (38.61 MB)

Happy Tuesday, J&S are back, along with Burning Coasters, Wife Beaters, Bad and Good Football Teams. Douche Bag ESPN Employees,

JS Show 1823

52:48 minutes (30.21 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Frozen Pizza, Back to School Night for Jack. Jack is officially the old Dude at the Supermarket. Bad Bus Company! Hello ...Hello.... Hello... Bueller..Bueller!

JS Show 1824

1:12:20 minutes (28.98 MB)

Happy Thursday, Two part show all in one.

JS Show 1825 - Jackpart

31:04 minutes (14.22 MB)

If you win the lottery you quit your job! Keeping crap from your ex?

JS Show 1825 Stench

20:05 minutes (8.05 MB)

Happy Friday!

JS Show 1826

1:01:51 minutes (35.39 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back up in ya like Dr. Dre! Weekend Recaps. Ungrateful Dog People. Crazy Shark Attack, Wiki Pedia doesnt know Debbie Dootson.

JS Show 1827 - Stench has a family emergency so you get some alone time w/Jack

32:15 minutes (14.77 MB)

Just Jack and his hiccups! Diet Coke flavored lady parts!

JS Show 1828

1:00:33 minutes (34.66 MB)

Happy Humpday!!! Stench is back and he and Jack are melting their balls off!

JS Show 1829

1:01:45 minutes (35.34 MB)

Happy Thursday, Truck Face is Promoted, Clear Channel is No More! Jack and Stench to change the name of the Pod.

JS Show 1830

1:00:46 minutes (34.78 MB)

Happy Friday!

Last Weekend of Summer Bonus Show

1:25:34 minutes (39.17 MB)

Enjoy some old stuff

JS Show 1831

1:00:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench is sick, Jack Rocks Out while FBG is ran off by the weed.

JS Show 1832

1:11:35 minutes (40.96 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack is an Fing A Hole. More Back to School Night. Little Stench is Evil. Dicks that do bad things to dogs. Dogs that do bad things.

JS Show 1833

1:03:14 minutes (36.19 MB)


JS Show 1834 Jackpart

29:03 minutes (13.3 MB)

Are you in the 1%? Sticking your finger in dog butts and other stuff

JS Show 1834 Stench

15:47 minutes (6.33 MB)

Happy Hot Throbbing Thursday Stench is solo sick and having Tech Issues!

js Show 1835 Jackpart

29:31 minutes (13.52 MB)

Check out Stu Larsen,She poked my heart and other crap

JS Show 1835 Stench

28:30 minutes (16.31 MB)

Happy Friday. Stench goes to get acupuncture, Breaks his Computer, and laughs at his wife trying to move furniture and more Stupid pet owners.

JS Show 1836

59:12 minutes (33.87 MB)

Its a Lo Tech Monday!

JS Show 1837 pt. 1

18:14 minutes (10.44 MB)

The Boys are Back and have tech issues plus the fact that they are old people that technology has passed by.

JS Show 1837 pt 2

40:11 minutes (23 MB)

Part 2 of the Hump Day Show.

JS Show 1838

1:01:37 minutes (35.27 MB)

Happy Thursday- Jack and Stench keep it happy with prolapsed colons and ass sucking pools!

JS Show 1839

1:07:19 minutes (38.52 MB)

Jack and Stench plus Alina, Alina is an old lady that cant work I tunes. Little kids that are douches.

JS Show 1840

1:03:02 minutes (36.07 MB)

HAPPY MONDAY. Using death to lie to people. Jack Be Busy! No More Tree. Big News for D-Man Love. Stench is worthless and does nothing. Alina leaves town without telling the boys. Sucky Sports Weekend for Stench.

JS SHow 1841

30:26 minutes (17.42 MB)

Happy tuesday. Solo Stench, Talks Animal Rescue, Hating the Seahawks and taggers. 7th Heaven Dad is a creepy molestor!

JS Show 1842

1:03:51 minutes (36.54 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Jack is back. People Suck! Douche Bag Parking.

JS Show 1843

50:49 minutes (29.08 MB)

Blaming someone else for being a dumb ass. Stench may go to jail and BIG SURPRISE Ending to todays Show!

JS Show 1844

59:21 minutes (33.97 MB)


JS Show 1845 Jack Part

1:11:47 minutes (32.87 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 1845 Stench and Alina

38:18 minutes (21.92 MB)

Today Stench goes with Alina..... She nags him like a wife, and wants to sell and expensive ass watch, while watching sex shows all day. Volleyball weekend and more

JS Show 1846

1:04:39 minutes (37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back, Bing Fixes Cars, Da Man Love doesn't want his show revealed.

JS Show 1847

1:11:40 minutes (41.01 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Another Baby for an a JJS Family member. Bill Gates Story...No Bill Gates Story. Volleyball day for Stench. Giant Sharks and more

JS Show 1848

1:04:02 minutes (36.64 MB)

Happy Thursday, REPLY ALL! Ooops I took your phone! Dead people in Burbank. More bad ways to die for old people.

JS Show 1849

1:00:48 minutes (34.8 MB)

FA FA FRRRRIIIDAYYYYY!!! Jack and Stench introduce their new special interest podcast. Dj Air Bag is back and wears pimp nikes.

JS Show 1850

1:01:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Jack visits a ranch on an island. Stench tells about D Man Loves Show. Douche bag Sports Parents. Getting eaten by a bear after you have a grabber.

JS Show 1851

1:02:08 minutes (35.56 MB)

Happy Tuesday for you.... Saturday for Stench. Jack gets his simple lunch on. Alina getting her Halloween Sluttiness on.

JS Show 1852

1:07:57 minutes (38.89 MB)

Super Heroes Gone Wild.... Again. What do the 405 and The Subway have in common? Stench is lost in Volleyball world.

JS Show 1853

1:02:09 minutes (35.56 MB)

Happy Thursday- Sext Messages and stuff.

JS Show 1854

1:00:30 minutes (34.62 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday.. Jack and Stench wrap up the week. Stench is dying from the rat disease. To search your family history Yes or No?

js show 1855 JACKPART

47:42 minutes (21.84 MB)

Happy Monday pod Peeps

JS Show 1855 Stench

29:08 minutes (16.67 MB)

Happy Monday Friday- Knotts Too Scary Farm! Concert for Boobies, Wildlife in the Bu. Man Night and OOOOH Shiny Object.

JS Show 1856

1:01:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back again. The Missing Colorado Guy. The Crazy Homo Phobe in the airport. Jack gets a bunch of crap. Why Stench can't be nice to the ex of his ex or anyone that has ever pissed him off since he was a little kid. People talking shit about you, that you have never met.

JS Show 1857

27:26 minutes (15.7 MB)

OOOPS Stench records late and posts even later. Jack is attending Fist Fest In Seattle with Danny! LOL!

JS Show 1858

1:00:02 minutes (34.35 MB)

Ha-ppy Thursday! Jack is back from his rendezvous with the Dan. Stench carves Pumpkins, while Jack finds his collapsed. Fun for the whole family. Jack has to buy Manscara, Stench still has ling cancer.

JS Show 1859

1:06:07 minutes (37.84 MB)

Happy Halloween!!!!

JS Show 1860

1:02:14 minutes (35.61 MB)

Happy Monday, Halloween Weekend Recap.

JS Show 1861

1:04:44 minutes (37.04 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Election Day...We Think! Who teh hell is running for Governor anyway? Stench gets free food. When its totally ok to tell lies. Pumpkin Mush! The send food back people!

JS Show 1862

1:07:34 minutes (38.66 MB)

Jack and Stench are joined by Road Raging Alina to talk about crazy drunken stories!! Election Day is over and nobody cares.

JS Show 1863

1:08:05 minutes (38.97 MB)

Happy Thursday! Jack and Stench talk Shakey's pizza and being old school.

JS Show 1864

57:00 minutes (32.62 MB)

Happy Friday- Jack and Stench keep it up beat with some cancer talk.

JS Show 1865

57:19 minutes (32.8 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack has Kid Birthday Palooza and may have injure dhimself in the process. SPOILER ALERT! Stench reviews Interstellar, Jack reviews Big Hero 6! CRAZIEST NIGHT EVER at CASA De Stench!

JS Show 1866

1:00:37 minutes (34.69 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Bitches Be Crazy, Game Shows hate Fat Ugly depressing people and more

JS Show 1867

1:00:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Happy Hump Day!

JS Show 1868

1:12:50 minutes (41.68 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 1869

1:01:21 minutes (35.11 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 1870

1:00:19 minutes (34.52 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 1871

1:02:37 minutes (35.83 MB)

Happy Tuesday, It's Blind Item Revealapalooza!

JS Show 1872

1:08:41 minutes (39.31 MB)


JS Show 1873

1:04:59 minutes (37.19 MB)

Happy Thursday, Kharma is a Bitch, who likes to fist Jack and Stench more than others. The cards don't lie. Cosby Update. Jack is pissed that a woman can call a man fat.

JS Show 1874

1:04:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Jack Ruins the Show. Stench gives two cents on a brushed over topic. Jack continues to ruin show. Another Cosby Accuser.

JS Show 1875

1:10:20 minutes (40.25 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench is pissed at Grocery Stores. Jack does the auto show. Dog on the run. AMA's McD's Secret Menu.

JS Show 1876

1:00:53 minutes (34.84 MB)

On a very serious Jack and Stench, they go live as the Ferguson verdict comes in. The it's not very serious after that.

JS Show 1877

1:03:42 minutes (36.45 MB)

Happy Pre Thanksgiving Humpday! Estench dorks out on Oak Island some more. Turkey Tips with Jack and Stench.

JS Show 1878

1:01:48 minutes (35.37 MB)

Happy Monday. To Tell or not to tell? T Day Recaps.

JS Show 1879

1:00:48 minutes (34.8 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 1880

1:00:53 minutes (34.84 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Jack is a modern day Mr. Rogers. Stench has gray hair. Rain Shuts down Los Angeles. How to ruin the perfect day off.

JS Show 1881 Part One

8:02 minutes (4.6 MB)

Sorry Two parts today

JS Show 1881 Part 2

46:51 minutes (26.81 MB)

Happy Thursday - Here's the second half

JS Show 1882 - Jack Part

1:22:51 minutes (37.93 MB)

Sorry I wasn't around for the Friday pod, but I put together some blasts from the past! Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

JS Show 1882 Stench

30:11 minutes (17.28 MB)

Solo Stench. Douchebags in the Neighborhood. Stench is a bad neighbor. Stench is a Christmas Homo who finally finished making his seashell wreath.

JS Show 1883

1:06:30 minutes (38.06 MB)

Aussie Paul Hosts a Bill Handel Recap on the coming anniversary. More people who don't like neighbors. Good Cop bad Cop. Expensive Christmas Trees and more

JS Show 1884 Jack Part

1:26:44 minutes (39.71 MB)

Sorry I wasn't around today to join Stench... So here you go!

JS Show 1884 Stench /Big Boob edition

33:33 minutes (19.2 MB)

Stench talks to Miss Alina while she eats a whole jar of Cookie Butter.

JS SHow 1885 - Jack Part

1:35:32 minutes (43.74 MB)

Sorry, we'll be back together tomorrow

JS Show 1885 Stench

24:50 minutes (14.21 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Christmas Tree drama.

JS Show 1886

1:07:27 minutes (38.6 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are back!

JS Show 1887

46:51 minutes (26.81 MB)

Happy Friday... Do Over!

JS Show 1888 Stench

36:59 minutes (21.17 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench Recaps weekend Holiday Festivities. Talks about kicking people when they are down. Did Bill Cosby just pull the race card? Or did he mean something else. Disturbing Family News.

JS Show 1891

1:12:15 minutes (41.34 MB)

Happy Thursday, Happy Chanukah. Cookie Butter talk and CAR CHASE!!!! Live action coverage of the car chase that starts by Jacks House, Passes Alina's and ends by Stench's House.

JS Show 1892

1:00:54 minutes (34.85 MB)

Fa La La La La, La La La Friday!

JS Show 1893

1:03:13 minutes (36.18 MB)

Happy Holidays! Jack and Stench wrap up 2014 with there 2015 Celebrity Death List! Stench flips to be a fan of a once hated Lefty.

JS Show 1894

1:03:00 minutes (36.05 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are Back

JS Show 1895

59:33 minutes (34.07 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Alina New Year Update The Cards don't lie about Jack and Alina dating.

JS Show 1896

1:00:10 minutes (34.43 MB)

HUMP DAY!!!!! Jack and Stench go deep on Donuts and Food.

JS Show 1897

1:03:51 minutes (36.54 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday, Pod Gossip, when Non Sexy People show their boobs.

JS Show 1898

1:00:54 minutes (34.85 MB)


JS Show 1899

1:05:47 minutes (37.64 MB)

Happy Monday!

JS Show 1900 Jack Part

1:06:12 minutes (30.31 MB)

Split pod today... This is the crappy Jack part

JS Show 1901

42:58 minutes (24.59 MB)

Strangest Pod Ever. Stench is back but without Jack, Then with Jack then gone early to go to a Drug lecture.

JS Show 1902

1:05:59 minutes (37.76 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 1903 Jack Part

41:28 minutes (18.99 MB)

Happy Friday! Have a great long weekend!!!

JS Show 1904

1:04:21 minutes (36.83 MB)

Happy Tuesday! A long weekend Recap. When its Good to get laid off!

JS Show 1905

1:00:40 minutes (34.72 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are expired and other fun and depressing stories. Stench finds Jack and stench Salvation at a Methodist Church. Jack multi tasks on the Burbank Bike Path. Strike one for Direct TV.

JS Show 1906

1:00:27 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Thursday. Suckiest part about divorce. Looking for work. Internet Trolls !

JS Show 1907

1:02:51 minutes (35.97 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Get your weekend on!

JS Show 1908

1:03:07 minutes (36.12 MB)

Happy Monday- Jacks B Day, Stench has Celeb filled weekend. Titanic vs the Queen Mary.

JS Show 1909

1:10:54 minutes (40.58 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Da Man Love makes his TV Debut. Jack's been drinking.Mr. Fister.Jack hates Donuts.

JS Show 1910

59:11 minutes (33.87 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Stretch's son finally makes his TV debut. Jack is still in a squabble with his kids school. Impersonating your parents or not. Jack follows the worst news stories in the World. We go to the cards to see if Jack has killed DMX and the cards don't lie!

JS Show 1911

1:02:26 minutes (35.73 MB)

Happy Thursday. Jack and Stench are back and talking about fun fetishes. What is the truth behind two girls one cup.

JS Show 1912

1:00:44 minutes (34.76 MB)

Happy Friday Bitches. Fat Pug goes to Acupuncture. Jack goes to Act 1 of Lucy's play. Have we ever mentioned that rich white people suck ass!

JS Show 1913

1:02:04 minutes (35.52 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench go during the Super Bowl! Stench is working and Jack is Hiking during most of the game!

JS Show 1914

1:02:28 minutes (35.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday- The Jack and The Stench. Reunions yes or No, Stench wants Him and Jack to make a Sex Tape with his sex doll.

JS Show 1915

1:03:37 minutes (36.41 MB)

HUMP DAY!!! Pod Peeps knock Duke WAY UP!!! IS Stench a Girl because he has a theme song.

Jack and Stench 1916

1:01:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Thursday Up in Here! Jack is meeting lots of Nice Hookers!

JS Show 1917

59:59 minutes (34.33 MB)

FAFA FRIDAY!!! Still working on some Tinder and Grinder Wang!

JS Show 1918

1:01:38 minutes (35.27 MB)

Happy Monday- Reunion Recap! Bruce Jenner messes up Stench's work day. Roberts Lyles is a Flake!

JS Show 1919

55:01 minutes (31.49 MB)

Drama with the Heine's . Jack gets Fancy. Is Kanye racist?

JS Show 1920

1:02:31 minutes (35.77 MB)

HUMP DAY!!!! Kanye Back Lash.

JS Show 1921

1:06:06 minutes (37.83 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday. Stench does an epic Spoiler Alert on the Americans. Jack is getting Action. De Man Love is leaving town for a new job. Stench is an evil racist.

JS Show 1922

1:03:09 minutes (36.14 MB)

Happy FA FA Friday! Psychic Stench predicts the future and spoiler alert Alina will be pissed when she hears this.

JS Show 1923

1:01:49 minutes (35.38 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is working in the Salt Mines. Jack is getting his Buffet on. Valetines Cluster F weekend!

JS Show 1924

1:02:47 minutes (35.93 MB)

Happy Humpday. Jack and Stench Go Full car Talk. Bully's the Movie and in real life. Are Bullies a result of their parents? Are Dicks a result of their parents. stench has a theory on having more than two kids. Fruitcake GI Joe.

JS Show 1925

1:02:13 minutes (35.61 MB)

Happy Thursday. Getting Drunk for work. Paying for it later. Folk Music Yes or No!

Js Show 1926

1:01:41 minutes (35.3 MB)

Happy Friday,

JS Show 1927

1:09:37 minutes (39.84 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack and stench Oscar Watch.Jack is the Cool Guy. Stench makes himself less pretty. British Guys are all gay.

JS Show 1928

1:00:42 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Who to kill first? Stench gives you tips on hitting a crazy homeless person. Awesome Car Chase

JS Show 1929

1:01:55 minutes (35.44 MB)

HUMP DAY! Good Bye Choo Choo. Stench has a new pod mission. Jack is a Fed Xing Dad. Acupuncture Dog update !

JS Show 1930

1:04:26 minutes (36.88 MB)

Happy Thursday, Pod Peeps Come thru. Stench meets real racist. Bing is getting ready for his acting debut!

JS Show 1931

1:01:22 minutes (35.12 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday!

JS Show 1932

1:04:32 minutes (36.93 MB)

Happy Monday!!!

JS Show 1933

1:00:43 minutes (34.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday, I could write a bunch of stuff we talked about on todays show! But I can't remember anything.

JS Show 1934 Pt1

10:10 minutes (5.82 MB)

Quick Pt 1 before we get a Glitch, Stench talks about his solo movie night.

JS Show 1934 Pt2

52:36 minutes (30.1 MB)

back on Track, Jack and Stench welcome Alina.

JS Show 1935

1:00:27 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is old and stupid. More stupid than normal. Jack only lets adults ride in the front seat.

JS Show 1936

1:06:02 minutes (37.79 MB)

Jack finds a new way to do J&S T Shirts, The Force is with Stench. Gout for a hundred? Dubai is Awesome.

JS Show 1937 - Just Jack Monday

57:42 minutes (26.42 MB)

Sorry, you're stuck with me!!!

JS Show 1938

1:02:40 minutes (35.86 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is back and has given up on life, with his current fashion choices.

JS Show 1939

1:00:12 minutes (34.45 MB)

Happy Hump Day

JS Show 1940

1:04:25 minutes (36.87 MB)

Happy Obama Traffic Thursday! When the hell is Dave going Away! Jack may get half day, Stench may get hosed. Drunk Squirrel , What up at UC Irvine? What year did Mickey Rourke mess up his face?

JS Show 1941

59:47 minutes (34.21 MB)

Jack and Stench are helping look for a serial pooper. Part sicko part hero! After that the show turns in to all poop talk.

JS Show 1942

1:02:07 minutes (35.55 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench has weekend traffic and hates beach goers including Jack.

JS Show 1943

1:01:23 minutes (35.13 MB)

Happy St. Patty's Day!! Poo Talk and the Turd that forced down a 747!

JS Show 1944

1:00:20 minutes (34.53 MB)

HUMP DAY! Jack and Stench are gettting their Hump Day on, when they catch wind of a car chase going on RIGHT NOW! They then stay with it to the conclusion! Also they talk about the Aussie News Reporter's Dick Neck!

JS Show 1945

1:01:38 minutes (35.28 MB)

Happy Thursday, Young people are ignorant to the old mailing letters. Stench has a back ache. Radio People are stupid too.

JS Show 1946

1:03:48 minutes (36.51 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! HUHUHUHUH Jack is getting ready to head to Denver! Kori Feldman is still alive? Empire review.

JS Show 1947

1:00:31 minutes (34.64 MB)

Happy Monday! Stench is bored! Jack does the Cycle thing with Mr Bing. Getting the literal Play by Play of the day after you missed it. Duke is a Dork that goes to Dork Events. Do gay guys like a hairy Ass?

JS Show 1948

1:04:03 minutes (36.65 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Old Men Grumbling

JS Show 1950

1:02:10 minutes (35.58 MB)

Happy Thursday, End of the Podcast Week…Hey its 80 in Denver but will snow when Jack Gets there later today.

JS Show 1951

1:01:32 minutes (35.21 MB)

Happy Friday, Jack is in Denver, So Alina is here. Do Girls like a Hairless Schlong? What was Jack doing yesterday. Special Guest Siri. Avoiding the family. Special Family days that are a special pain in the ass. PCH Nightmare. Alina looking for some man meat at 2 yr old Birthday Party. Shining the Pretty Girls. MOST AWKWARD MOMENT EVER !!!! What to do when Giants Guys may attack. and More

JS Show 1952

1:03:40 minutes (36.43 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack survives 24 hours with Jamie in Denver. Oops no Jacket! Strip Club at Target yes or no? When kids flip out! Bing does Track and Field. Adults who are terrified of spiders and insects. More Child torture stories of Dukes Childhood, and why he may kill his Dad someday. Bad parents that let their kids see adult movies.

JS Show 1953

1:03:00 minutes (36.06 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Stench Loves the Bieber roast. Jack Dodges a Drunken Hung over bullet! Stench has a Vick the Brick Meltdown!

JS Show 1954

55:45 minutes (31.91 MB)

Happy April Fools Day. Stench still needs a Gangsta Bitch! Jack sees morons on the bike path. Jack has to run from Rats. Stench gets a car crunch by a co worker who does the old hit and run. Anal ripping death!

JS Show 1955

59:54 minutes (34.28 MB)

Happy Thursday/ Good Friday/ Day after Easter Show. Jack returns to CSUN, Stench is almost murdered by his wife!

JS Show - Easter Egg

2:00:12 minutes (55.03 MB)

Happy Easter/Passover ... Here's an old treat!

JS Show 1956 - Jack Half

1:18:34 minutes (35.97 MB)

Happy Tuesday!!! Here's some just Jack action.

JS Show 1957

1:03:04 minutes (36.09 MB)

Stench is back. jack is doing Spring Break at Magic Mountain. Stench is going Deep Sea Fishing with a strange little kid. Duke does Night Shift now needs a job. The old cockroach in the shoe! Stupid People.

JS Show 1958

59:54 minutes (34.27 MB)

Happy Thursday! Bing has Big News and Questions! Stench does Fishing with the Children of the Corn. Stench's son confesses about something from over 10 years ago. When Customers attack the funny guy at CVS!

JS Show 1959

1:11:14 minutes (40.77 MB)

Happy Friday, Lucy joins the guys. 12 shows that will be cancelled this year. One surprise on the list. Who to blame for rehab.

JS Show 1960

1:05:04 minutes (37.24 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack goes all spoiler alert on Fast and Furious 7. Stench does V ball weekend and finds a Dorky Good Luck charm. whats up with Gary Spivey and other psychics. Over working the kids.

JS Show 1961

1:06:40 minutes (38.15 MB)

Happy Tuesday- OH NO CAR CHASE!

JS Show 1962

27:00 minutes (15.45 MB)

Solo Stench does Justified Spoilers. Does anybody else hate people from a certain country after having negative interactions with one person from there? Volleyball Central and Stench has the WORST conversation EVER with his daughter!!!!!

JS Show 1963

1:04:32 minutes (36.93 MB)

Jack is back and on a Barry High, but is sad that Barry is old. The Pod peeps like to make Jack and Stench Squirm with more period stories.

JS Show 1964 - Jack Part

1:09:54 minutes (32.01 MB)

Happy Friday... And Happy New Year 2006!!!!

JS Show 1964 Stench

35:33 minutes (20.34 MB)

ALINA is back! More period talk. Late Bloomers. Jack is a weenie. Alina has a good first date. Stench is home alone being an awesome fat slob.

JS Show 1965

1:03:10 minutes (36.15 MB)

Happy Monday, Kid Sports Weekend. Jack Heine don't give a F!

JS Show 1966

1:07:32 minutes (38.64 MB)

Happy Tuesday , Downey is hard. 13 things to make your relationship better. An Offensive yet real 10 signs your son is gay. 10 signs your Dude is Gay.

JS Show 1967 Jack Part

53:32 minutes (24.51 MB)

Happy Earth Day... Recycle & Reuse!!!

JS Show 1967 Stench

30:37 minutes (17.52 MB)

Happy Wed. Stench is solo and talking about being old and awesome foreign prank shows.

JS Show 1968 Jack Part

1:10:58 minutes (32.49 MB)

Happy Thursday!!! Remember 2005... Here's a reminder

JS Show 1969 Jack part

47:48 minutes (21.89 MB)

Happy Friday!!!!!

JS Show 1969 Stench

34:38 minutes (19.82 MB)

Happy Friday, TV Job? Stench goes Deep! Some Days are a win and Some Days are a loss!

js show - 1970 Jack & Bing Part

29:48 minutes (13.65 MB)

Just me and Bing on this Monday Pod! Enjoy.

JS Show 1970 Stench

21:49 minutes (12.49 MB)

Happy Monday- Solo Stench has celebrity encounters. Also works a LOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG Day!

JS Show 1971

1:02:25 minutes (35.72 MB)

Happy Tuesday, The Boys are back and covering the riots. Stench has dead birds, More Bruce Talk.

JS Show 1972 Jack Part

59:25 minutes (40.81 MB)

Happy Wednesday!!!

JS Show 1972 Stench

30:16 minutes (17.32 MB)

Happy Humper, Stench sheds light on the killer birds on his deck. Also Bad Dad 101, laughing at a child who falls down.

JS Show 1973

1:04:01 minutes (36.64 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are back. YAY!! paying for a fight yes or no. To Old to go out.

JS Show 1974

1:00:50 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy Friday- Stench is going to jump off the roof. Hoops Update, NFL Draft, boxing and all kinds of shit we don't normally talk about?

JS Show 1975 - Jack Part

32:02 minutes (22 MB)

Bing and I kick off the podweek

JS Show 1975 Stench

32:09 minutes (18.4 MB)

Happy Monday Stench is with Alina. Dude Update. stench hanging in We Ho

JS Show 1976

1:00:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Jack and Stench are back for the Tuesday Spectacular!

JS Show 1977

1:01:28 minutes (35.17 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Stench has an angry episode. The Show Undateable brings on Scrubs and Lost Talk. Talk of the 2000th Episode. Stench visits the Dr. and gets an update on his life.

JS Show 1978

1:03:35 minutes (36.39 MB)

Happy Thursday, Lost Talk Fall Out!

JS Show 1979

58:29 minutes (33.47 MB)

HAPPY FA FA FRIDAY!! Jack and Stench are back to kick off the Mothers Day Weekend. Storm Watch LA!!

JS Show 1980

1:02:56 minutes (36.02 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack spends a Wild and Kidless Weekend. Stench worked and is depressed.

JS Show 1981

1:02:25 minutes (35.72 MB)

Happy Tuesday,

JS Show 1982

1:00:41 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Wed. Jack is headed to Philly for Fist Fest. Stench Explains why his next Girl will be a tranny. Stench gives Jack the Dating quiz. The WB Carl's Jr. is going Away? Poutine For Everyone!

JS Show 1983

21:16 minutes (12.17 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is Solo, Going over tabloid headlines.

JS Show 1984

35:54 minutes (20.55 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench is Solo. Starts off Ok but gets depressing. Do Kids do the right the thing by you as a parent because they are afraid of pissing you off, or because they want to.

JS Show 1985

59:27 minutes (34.02 MB)

Happy Monday, jack and stench are back. Jack is home from Philly. Stench is back from Volleyball extravaganza.

JS Show 1986

1:07:07 minutes (38.41 MB)

Stench and Jack are back for Hump Day!

JS Show 1987

1:02:26 minutes (35.73 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench still sucking after all these years. Cant remember what day it is.

JS Show 1988 Jack Part

52:54 minutes (36.33 MB)

Re-cap of Letterman's last show, poop party and some old JJS fun

JS Show 1988 - Stench

20:23 minutes (11.67 MB)

Happy Friday- The Dugar Molestor, Stench has an internal interview. Do Innocent Guys get "Lifer" Neck tattoos. Who knew that 3 of the cops charged in the Baltimore Police department were African American.

JS Show 1989 Jack Part

29:34 minutes (20.31 MB)

Lucy, Bing and I talk about our weekend!

JS Show 1989 Stench

32:50 minutes (18.79 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is solo, A Friend with a ghost, Crazy Alina Dream, More Sad talk.

JS Show 1990

1:05:39 minutes (37.57 MB)

Happy Hump Day,

JS Show 1991

29:41 minutes (16.99 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is a Foodaholic. Self Psychoanalysis.

JS Show 1992

57:13 minutes (32.74 MB)

Happy Friday!

JS Show 1993

1:01:38 minutes (35.27 MB)

Happy Monday! Congratulations Darlene and Wendy! Sick Kids, Sushi Shits, Mail Order Food!

JS Show 1994

1:00:56 minutes (34.87 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is Pali Gangster but afraid of a Spider. Tips for dating Transgenders. Jack doesn;t like Bruce's Girl Name. Guess Who Little sweet is.

JS Show 1995

1:00:11 minutes (34.44 MB)

Happy Wed. Stench almost dies. Jack has allergies, Old Time TV talk. Memories of the Dan.

JS Show 1996 Jack Part

35:25 minutes (24.32 MB)

Happy Thursday Pod Peeps

JS Show 1996 Stench

24:28 minutes (14 MB)

Happy Thursday, Birthday Show, Who Knew Albinos were so valuable?

JS Show 1997 Jack Part

51:46 minutes (23.7 MB)

Happy Friday!

JS Show 1997 Stench

28:51 minutes (16.51 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench B Day Recap, When Expensive Toys Go Awry, When rescuing an orphaned animal does NOT go as planned and more.

JS Show 1998

1:01:21 minutes (35.1 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and stench enjoy the first weekend of summer.

JS Show 1999

1:02:04 minutes (35.52 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2000 BICTHES!

1:00:39 minutes (34.71 MB)

Jack and Stench are Back with the 2000th Episode. Starting off exactly like the 1st show with technical glitches and all.

JS Show 2001

1:02:25 minutes (35.72 MB)

Here was go for the Thursday Show!

JS Show 2002

1:01:13 minutes (35.04 MB)

Damn It's Friday Up in Here! New Study on Autism , Jenny McCarthy may be the cause. Old School Radio Rant. Stench's wife still hates him.

JS Show 2003

1:03:22 minutes (36.26 MB)

Happy Monday, Last week of School, This not summer weather sucks ass.

JS Show 2004

1:05:23 minutes (37.42 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Foods worthy of being Cheat Foods. Oops that was not very PC.

JS Show 2005

41:52 minutes (23.96 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Damn We got a bad Time Warner Cable Sucks Donkey Balls connection!

JS Show 2006

1:04:01 minutes (36.64 MB)

Happy Thursday- Connection success. Jamie started Shananigans with Robert Lyles and Jack stayed out but stench Jumped in. The Difference between a Trans Gender and a Transvestite. Leaves us more confused. Jack's going to see the Dodgers. Stench is in Girl Drama Hell.

JS Show 2007 Jack Part

46:35 minutes (21.33 MB)

Happy Father's Day Weekend!!!!

JS Show 2007 Stench

30:41 minutes (17.56 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench talks the suckiest part of being a parent. More Mean Girls Drama.

JS Show 2008

58:40 minutes (33.57 MB)

Fathers Day Recaps, Violent Crime in the Bu! Stench asks the Pod Peeps for advice on handling a situation when a mortal enemy of the show enters his hood! Too Young to Tramp? Pod Marriage!

JS Show 2009

1:03:42 minutes (36.45 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Men getting screwed over by Crazy B's! Crazy Skate boarder thing. Why the Confederate Flags need to go.

JS Show 2010

1:04:46 minutes (37.06 MB)

Happy Humper, SPOILER ALERT on Inside Out. Jack and Stench take a dump on that movie and life in general. Stench is getting ready for his stay at home Mancation with no kids. Bad Workers vs Bad Companies.

JS Show 2011 pt1

30:26 minutes (17.41 MB)

Happy Thursday Stench has a good first Day Solo at home. Stench gets call from Phoenix while doing the show and then has a Glitch and loses Jack and the phone call. making for a two part Pod Today.

JS Show 2011 Pt 2

25:52 minutes (14.81 MB)

Jacks back. Glitch may have been Time Warener cable sucking Balls, or Stenchs Crappy Lap Top.

JS 2012

1:00:34 minutes (34.66 MB)

Happy Friday! Alina is screwing Jack! Stench swears too much. POLICE PURSUIT that Sucks, or is Bing Magic? Volleyball Festival Update! It's almost halloween Time. Private School awesomeness back in the day. Bono is a douche! Dont drink Sizuryp in Burbank.

JS Show 2013 Jack Part

1:03:22 minutes (29.01 MB)

Happy Monday... How about some therapy?

JS Show 2014 Stench

24:45 minutes (14.17 MB)

Stench is back for Tuesday! Volleyball Update. Gas Station Explosion. sick Stench does'nt do pod.

JS Show 2014 Jack Part

1:05:40 minutes (30.06 MB)

Another solo pod and it's all Jack's fault!!!

JS Show 2015

1:00:15 minutes (34.48 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are back together.

JS Show 2016

1:03:20 minutes (36.24 MB)

Happy Thursday/Friday for most people. Jack is getting ready for the 4th, Angry diet Stench is getting back to work.

JS Show 2017

49:57 minutes (28.58 MB)

Happy Friday, Last show of the week 3rd of July spectacular. Stench defends the gays. Jack gets a call and Stench is the peanut gallery. Stench nearly kills himself so the pod is cut short

JS Show 2018

1:01:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Happy Monday July 4th weekend Recaps!

JS Show 2019

1:02:22 minutes (35.69 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

JS Show 2020

57:37 minutes (32.97 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Bad connection time, Has Jared been lookin at Underage 5 Dollar Foot Longs? A Dora the Explora Fisting Remix for Jack! Dragon Fly Swarm.

JS Show 2021

1:03:13 minutes (36.18 MB)

Happy Thursday, Slow day at the rags. Stench does Mid Week movie, while Jack is having a slow week. Crazy Russians and their drones.

JS Show 2022 Jack Part

49:04 minutes (22.47 MB)

Don't Look At Bears!

JS Show 2022 Stench

29:49 minutes (17.06 MB)

Happy Friday! Shit is going Down in Pali! Funny when snobby A Holes Get it! Sarge Rules! Anti Swim in the Ocean Lady. and Who knew Minions cursed more than Stench?

JS Show 2023

1:02:50 minutes (35.95 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back. Stench is going to a community action meeting. 20 signs your about to have a heart attack. Alina is a cougar tramp.

JS Show 2024

1:03:28 minutes (36.32 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Knowing the names of Co Workers. Jack now has Police Man Dash Board Cam. Stench saves a teen from a Police Officer. Climbing the British Mountains! Damn that's a Big Ass Satam

JS Show 2025

1:02:46 minutes (35.92 MB)

Happy Humper!

JS Show 2026

58:42 minutes (33.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Changes in Pali? jack is going to Oak Town...or Not! Stench is to blame for all evil in the world. Espy's live,

JS Show 2027 Jack Part

25:12 minutes (11.54 MB)

R.I.P. DJ AM. Have a great weekend.

JS Show 2027 Stench

32:00 minutes (18.31 MB)

Stench Rolls Solo. Radio Roller Coaster, Bikers in Pali Update, WTF with the Bruce Jenner ESPY Fallout. Funny Money.

JS 2028 Stench

14:51 minutes (8.5 MB)

Stench plays Jacks Game! Here is a JJS Best of from 1-6-06. It's JJS with Ralphie May and Roseanne. LOL!!!!!!

JS Show 2028 Jack Part

1:06:02 minutes (30.23 MB)

Get in the way back machine!

JS Show 2029

1:01:50 minutes (35.39 MB)

Jack and Stench are back! PC Police, Stench's little Gay hater! Jack hates humidity. Other Sour Grapes Radio Guys make J&S feel normal.

JS Show 2030

58:42 minutes (33.6 MB)

Jack and Stench Hump Day Spectacular! J&S always on the front side of trends. Actors who are dicks? Stock piling the Ol Guns and Amo!

JS Show 2031 Jack Part

30:02 minutes (13.75 MB)

Lucy goes potty and Jack was ut late

JS Show 2031 Stench

24:40 minutes (14.12 MB)

stench had a bad day off and surprise he is angry. Two days in Downey. Jack is out at a concert, Gun Guy Story in Palisades got even stranger.

JS Show 2032 Jack Part

35:02 minutes (16.04 MB)

Happy Friday!!!! Have a great weekend!

JS Show 2032 Stench

27:01 minutes (15.46 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench is solo because of a Looong V Ball Day! Some people deserve to be mauled.

JS Show 2033

31:41 minutes (18.13 MB)

Happy Monday , Stench is Solo. Jack is in Vegas and Stench had no Clue! B Day Party Recap. Awesomeness at LAX, Car Drama and a word of car advice!

JS Show 2034

38:18 minutes (21.92 MB)

Jack is on Mancation! Stench is with Lovely Alina, to talk latest dating and hooking up friends on dates. Killing a Seria; Killer, catching the Hollywood Shooter and more.

JS Show 2035

34:10 minutes (19.55 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Alina is back to do two shows in one because Stench cant hit record. Jack is still on Vacation. Alina going to date a Vag. Stench goes to the cards about Alina's upcoming dates.

JS Show 2036

1:00:38 minutes (34.7 MB)

Stench and son. Duke makes his first appearance on the pod in years. A Look inside the life of a Stench Kid. Happy B Day Shorty!

JS Show 2037

28:09 minutes (16.11 MB)

Not Happy Friday Solo Stench Show!

JS SHow 2038 Jack Part

1:08:41 minutes (31.45 MB)

Back from Vegas and not ready to wrap up summer!

JS Show 2039

1:04:31 minutes (36.92 MB)

Jack and Stench are BACK, AGAIN!

JS Show 2040

1:01:01 minutes (34.92 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench do the Hump.

JS Show 2041

23:47 minutes (13.61 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack is in Colorado getting his weaponized weed on. Stench is home procrastinating.

JS Show 2042

31:52 minutes (18.24 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench is Solo but apparently not all the time because he is a cheater. Advice to pod peeps about dealing with Crazy. Who's Your Ride or Die Bitch!

JS Show 2043

1:00:06 minutes (34.4 MB)

Happy Monday- Jack and Stench are back. Jack had a weedtastic trip to Colorado. Bad day at the Office. Pod Peeps are Ride or Die Bitches like us. Old guys dont know technology. Podcast Nerd Fail!

JS Show 2044

58:16 minutes (33.35 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are here. Stench has a Silver lining in the latest crap storm. Back To School Day. Stench has theory on Trumps gaining momentum.

JS Show 2045

1:00:27 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Humper. Stench has a celebrity sighting in the Bu. Jack gets ready to roll solo for a week.

JS Show 2048 Just jack

31:12 minutes (14.29 MB)

... And Bing! Happy Monday to you!

JS Show 2049 Just Jack

30:18 minutes (13.87 MB)

Bad Mic, No Bing and Hey, is that an airplane

JS Show 2050 Just Jack

28:50 minutes (13.2 MB)

Bad sandwich man, vacuum, teenage tattoos and other stuff

JS Show 2051 Just Jack

22:22 minutes (10.24 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2052 Jack part

24:52 minutes (11.39 MB)

Happy Friday!!!

JS Show 2052 Stench

26:33 minutes (15.19 MB)

Stench is back and solo! Then we have the discussion TOO MANY SOLO SHOWS!

JS Show 2053 GLITCH

22:09 minutes (12.68 MB)

Monday and Jack and Stench are back together when a Technical Glotch forces a two part show!

JS Show 2053 Part 2

41:14 minutes (23.6 MB)

The Glitch is Gone and Stench reveals the most amazing and embarrassing old guy thing yet! Not getting raises. Extra work because of slackers.

JS Show 2054

1:01:46 minutes (35.35 MB)

Jack and Stench are back for Tuesday almost glitchless. Jack wears shorts to work. Mandal Monday for Techies. Stench can't wear anything fun to work. Murder in Burbank...where was Jack? Stench is hosting a impromptu girl party because his wife hates him.

JS Show 2055

1:04:40 minutes (37.01 MB)

Happy Humper! Old Guy Needs Sleep.

JS Show 2056

1:05:58 minutes (37.75 MB)

Happy Thursday- Wrongly profiling the latest shooter. WTH is a Mini Man. 1st Day of School. Fried Eggs,

JS Show 2058

1:09:25 minutes (39.73 MB)

Happy Monday, VMA Stuff, Weekend Recaps and more

JS Show 2059

1:02:01 minutes (35.49 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Old School Hip Hop Talk

JS Show 2060 jack Part

27:16 minutes (12.49 MB)

Sorry, split pods and it's all my fault

JS SHOW 2060 Stench and Alina

31:36 minutes (18.09 MB)

Jack is at Fist Fest so Stench is hanging with Alina who encounters a terrible racist. Planning the Ghost Hunt. Alina may murder Stench. Jimmy Super Fly Snuka. Bad Day Care.

JS Show 2061

1:01:28 minutes (35.17 MB)

(Sober) Jack and Stench are back. Back to school night. Crushing the dreams of young co workers. Jack has some idea of how his solo pod went yesterday. V Ball central.

JS Show 2062

1:00:23 minutes (34.56 MB)

Happy Friday, 3 day weekend kickoff. Jack enjoys hobo's peeing in the streets. The new religion with a special baptism. Living through the kids, hyper competitive, or just psycho? Crazy Gay Hater goes to jail and more.

JS Show 2063

1:07:04 minutes (38.38 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back. Malloy is dead. Big Companies have no loyalty. People we hate, Miserable Bitches.

JS Show 2064

59:27 minutes (34.02 MB)

Happy Hump Day Ho Down!

JS Show 2065 Jack Part

28:12 minutes (12.91 MB)

Stench has no power!

JS Show 2066

58:35 minutes (33.52 MB)

Jack and Stench are back now that Stench has electricity. Crazy Stenchy goes Postal, City of LA and it's employees eat Donkey Balls! Jack cant get no Ice Tea. NYPD attack a innocent man, that just so happended to Look EXACTLY like the Dude they were looking for. Drama in Downey and more.

JS Show 2067 Jack Part

27:10 minutes (12.44 MB)

Me and the kids for the Monday Pod.

JS Show 2067 Stench

19:45 minutes (11.31 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench starts off the week bad , because he works major OT.

JS Show 2068

58:55 minutes (33.71 MB)

Stench receives Job News and dreads it. Jack and stench go Picky Bitch Food talk.

JS Show 2069

1:02:30 minutes (35.77 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Titos Tacos...Yes or No? Stench gets crap. Jack has AIDS. Star Wars Nerd Heaven. Carrot Top, Niel Patrick Harris and more.

JS Show 2070

58:53 minutes (33.7 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench discuss Stench's obsession with Alina. Foreign people like Fuzball. Stench has first day disaster.

JS Show 2071 Jack Part

31:30 minutes (14.42 MB)


JS Show 2071 Stench

31:21 minutes (17.94 MB)

Go Broncos! Seeing Peyton Manning as an old Dude! Childhood friends yes or no? Stench realizes why the Podcast must end soon!

JS Show 2072

56:43 minutes (32.46 MB)

Happy Monday, Friend of the Old Show Passes Away. Stench in Urgent Care again. Two Emmy's for Carson, Crappy Football weekend. Bing Forgets his Tsum Tsum. The Ultimate answer to surprised co worker. People at work that don't help out are hated by their co workers. Dick Collectors. Worse than a Star Wars Dork.

JS Show 2073

59:01 minutes (33.77 MB)

Happy Tuesday,

JS Show 2074

56:10 minutes (32.14 MB)

Happy Hump Day!! The Jack and Stench Ambassador. Jack Goes Halloween, Giant Lizard attacks!Jack Goes R2D2. Kardashians are Offensive.

JS Show 2075

1:00:27 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack is getting ready for kidapalooza long commute weekend. Stench is got two days off in a row. Color coordination can be over done. Pope is up in here. Audio dash cam?

JS Show 2076

1:01:20 minutes (35.1 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench cant drive anymore. Jack is being Very Very Quiet...because he's hunting wabbits! HB White Trash Capitol of the World. Midget Fights, Cock Roach Spies? Notice People don't pull over for emergency vehicles anymore? Stench may have a normal life yet. KRTH fired Stench's Friend.

JS Show 2077

1:02:04 minutes (35.52 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack Got the whispers again and had a long kid weekend. Stench is getting fisted on gas prices. Nobody saw the Lunar Eclipse. No More Kiss Cam! Bad Bug Day. Happy Anniversary Stench.

JS Show 2078

57:07 minutes (32.68 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Super Late Show, Power Goes out and it's Stench's fault. When Husband cheats on you and you end up with a billionaire. Never being late.

JS Show 2079

58:41 minutes (33.58 MB)

Happy Hump Day, One Eye Stench is having a bad week and blames the Lunar Eclipse or Mercury or something. Matt Damon Homo Phobe? Stench Reviews straight out of Compton. Burbank, Jack gets some fancy Burger stuff coming to town.

JS SHOW 2080

39:32 minutes (22.62 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench's Eye Aids is affecting the show and makes for a short show tonight. Eye Patch yes or no. Being stubborn about Dr's orders. Last man standing at work.

JS Show 2081 (Stench is on Eye-bola leave)

30:08 minutes (13.8 MB)

Just Jack on the Friday pod as Stench recovers from his eye infection... and his lack of an eye patch!!!!

JS Show 2082

1:04:45 minutes (37.06 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench is a No Eyed Bastard. Jack Does Buffets with Bing. Big Volleyball Weekend. 9021Ho, YAY Dallas Loses. Pink Eye Wedding

JS Show 2083

59:44 minutes (34.19 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Lots of gay talk. 50 and Stench are Homo Phobes. So are the people bashing Perez Hilton. breast cancer awareness month Shocker!

JS Show 2084

1:01:49 minutes (35.38 MB)

HUMP DAY!!! Stench has a drama filled day off. Jack gets the bill for Kids Sports.

JS Show 2085

1:00:13 minutes (34.46 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2087

58:58 minutes (33.75 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench is still the Lunar Eclipse Drama magnet. Especially with African Americans on the West Side of LA. Jack is very very quiet and the Pod Peeps are over it. Only he says "Suck It Bitches"!

JS Show 2091

1:03:50 minutes (36.53 MB)

It's Friday !!! Dodgers Lose! Keeping it real. Stupid people in the news like Master P, Jesse Jackson, Dosgers fans, raider fans, All Boston and Philly Fans. V Ball Playoffs are coming !

JS Show 2092 Jack Part

26:08 minutes (11.97 MB)

Happy Monday Solo Pod

JS Show 2093 Jack Part

26:18 minutes (12.04 MB)

Hey it's Tuesday!

JS Show 2093 Stench

34:32 minutes (19.77 MB)

Stench be Busy!

JS Show 2094 Jack

31:08 minutes (14.26 MB)

AMA Jack Edition

JS Show 2095

1:02:08 minutes (35.56 MB)

Happy Thursday, Finally Jack and Stench Again...Only it's a whisper Show!

JS Show 2096

59:38 minutes (34.13 MB)


JS Show 2097

1:00:56 minutes (34.87 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench does not even know what football teams are undefeated anymore because he watches No Football! Jack is a Stir Crazy Sizzler hater that is stuck home with a sick kid.

JS Show 2098

1:00:53 minutes (34.84 MB)

Jack and Stench are back. Jack is still stir crazy dad. Stench is having a week day B Day Party with his little friends.

JS Show 2099 Jack

28:34 minutes (13.08 MB)

Me and Bing and halloween

JS Show 2099 Stench

27:32 minutes (15.76 MB)

Get Your Solo Stench. one on one with the Fat Man Today. Star Wars is coming. World Series is Long but whats up with the Fat Guy throwing Gang Signs. Gross bacon Foods

JS SHow2101 Stench

25:30 minutes (14.59 MB)

Happy Halloween.

JS Show 2102 Jack

28:32 minutes (13.07 MB)

Happy Post-Halloween

JS Show 2102 Stench

19:37 minutes (11.23 MB)

Happy Halloween Recap!

JS Show 2103

1:03:19 minutes (36.23 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back together.

2104 JS Show Jack Part

27:30 minutes (12.59 MB)

Wednesday solo pod

JS Show 2104 Stench

26:42 minutes (15.28 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Stench is solo with the 25 Days of Christmas line up.

JS Show 2105

1:03:30 minutes (36.34 MB)

Happy Thursday.

JS Show 2106

1:02:38 minutes (35.84 MB)

Happy Friday, Bad Day at work, Jack gets a double B Day Weekend.

JS Show 2107

1:09:50 minutes (39.96 MB)

Happy Monday, Jacks gets the Birthday weekend on. Stench gets a homeless midnight bonfire. Weddings yes or No! Stench now hates Brits. Alina Hates Jack and Stench more than usual now that her Mom heard the Podcast.

JS Show 2108

1:03:01 minutes (36.06 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Stench hates Females.Females hate Stench. No New Christmas Lights. Will Next year be better. Only the cards know. The cards think Jack and Stench are Gay.

JS Show 2109

1:01:37 minutes (35.26 MB)

Happy Veterans Day! Stench Hates stench! Shopping for Christmas Decorations not that easy. Jack is a bad Neighbor! Pimping the Star Wars for a return on $4 billion dollars.

JS Show 2110

49:30 minutes (28.33 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench Continues to dislike Brits but does Fancy Canadians. Jack loves some Aussies. Where is Kim of mark and Kim.

JS Show 2111 Jack Part

25:10 minutes (11.52 MB)

Happy Friday The 13th

JS Show 2111 Stench

32:05 minutes (18.36 MB)

Stench makes peace with at least one Brit. Who is the HIV Positive Celebrity the internet is on fire about? Has Alina slept with him.

JS Show 2114

1:05:07 minutes (37.27 MB)

Jack and Stench are back. More Comon Core Math Problems. Jack is out late, Charlie has the HIV and is eerily similar to the Dan.

JS Show 2115

1:01:10 minutes (35.01 MB)

Happy Thursday! Jack and Stench have lost it. Dead Terrorist and Dead Police Dog. Can a mix race kid choose which race they want to be? Religious crazy people. People are bad for People!

JS Show 2116

1:00:34 minutes (34.66 MB)

Happy Friday!!!

JS Show 2117

1:09:43 minutes (39.9 MB)

Happy Monday, jack and Stench kick off the short week. Jack has a solo weekend. Going solo to a parade. Stench loves the airport.

JS Show 2118

1:01:01 minutes (34.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday/ Thursday. The week is almost over. You don't look like that anymore. We didnt get you any food and other joys of being Stench. Jack is going to have a drinking work day.

JS Show 2119 Stench

29:05 minutes (16.65 MB)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Stench Goes Solo. Things to be Thankful for. Getting light out of the dark and appreciating what you have!

JS Show 2120

1:07:34 minutes (38.66 MB)

Happy Monday, Thanksgiving Recaps. More Palisades Hood Stuff.

JS Show 2121 Jack Part

30:16 minutes (13.86 MB)

Happy Holidays!

JS Show 2121 Stench

24:06 minutes (13.79 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is Solo because his work was a Black Hole today that kept sucking him back in.

JS Show 2122 Jack Part

29:30 minutes (13.51 MB)

Pants Off Pod

JS Show 2123

1:00:48 minutes (34.79 MB)

Happy Thursday Jack and Stench are back and pissy as ever. Kid got hosed.

JS Show 2124

1:01:57 minutes (35.45 MB)

Happy Friday. Pre Show Glitch- In Show Glitch. Packers make a game winner for the ages! Bad Day for machine Guns at work. Being the Company Boy does not always save you.
Stench gets new Christmas Light!

JS Show 2125

59:50 minutes (34.24 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench are back. Basketball is back for Jack. Stench does a Christmas Party.

JS Show 2126

1:01:00 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets his drink on, Stench doesnt pay the bill. Stench buys a tree.

JS Show 2127

1:00:21 minutes (34.54 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show 2128 Stench & Alina

33:41 minutes (19.28 MB)

Boobgantor? Yo Boxing, Tittens and more! Non Happy ending Sports Massage.

JS Show 2128 Jack Part

26:24 minutes (12.09 MB)

Car Chase!!!!

JS Show 2129

1:00:48 minutes (34.8 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench are Back!

JS Show 2130

1:02:07 minutes (35.55 MB)

Happy Last week before Christmas Break Monday! Is getting fired the same as getting laid off. OH Shiz it's raining in LA!

JS Show 2131 Sorry, we posted it late!

1:00:05 minutes (34.39 MB)

Happy Tuesday

Js Show 2132 Jackpod

28:56 minutes (13.25 MB)

Pants Off Pod!

JS Show 2133

57:48 minutes (33.08 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are back. White Elephant parties. Everyone hates Stench. Star Wars Screenings Yes or No! Where are all the shoppers.

JS Show 2134

1:01:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Friday, It's Dork Christmas! Sad Christmas with no toys! Late Night Shopping. Grinchmas.

JS Show 2135

1:00:33 minutes (34.65 MB)

Happy Monday, Short week. Jack has barf, Stench has a Star Wars review!

JS Show 2136

1:00:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Almost Friday for the Jack and Stench Show.

JS Show 2137

1:01:55 minutes (35.43 MB)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Jack and Stench rap up the year.

Merry Christmas - Bing Reads How The Grinch Stole Christmas

10:34 minutes (4.84 MB)

Bing Bonus

JS Show 2138

1:01:55 minutes (35.43 MB)

The Boys are Back. Holiday Recap! The 2016 Death List is here.


58:18 minutes (33.36 MB)

Stench is an idiot and lost the complete Celebrity Death List Show.

JS Show 2139

1:09:47 minutes (39.94 MB)

Storm Watch! Its raining and we are all going to die! H Bomb! Earth Quakes, Snow Chains and more

JS Show 2140

1:03:46 minutes (36.5 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2141 Short Jack Part

15:44 minutes (7.21 MB)


JS Show 2141

17:54 minutes (10.25 MB)


JS Show 2142

1:04:16 minutes (36.78 MB)

FINALLY - The 2016 Celebrity Death List is here! Like For Reals This Time!

JS Show 2143

55:20 minutes (31.67 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Roll Tide Rolls. Bad Day at the Office. What would you do with the Powerball Winnings?

JS Show 2144

59:44 minutes (34.18 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Football returns to LA!

JS Show 2145

1:02:14 minutes (35.62 MB)

Happy Thursday! No Powerball Winning for us so the show goes on.

JS Show 2146

1:00:25 minutes (34.57 MB)

Happy Friday!!!!

JS SHow 2147

1:00:42 minutes (34.74 MB)

Happy Tuesday we are back and sucky as ever!

JS Show 2148

1:02:34 minutes (35.81 MB)

HUMP DAY! More Star people at KRTH. Squidward gets a DUI. Angry Diet fat Man, TV Show Actors who make a lot of money.

JS Show 2149

1:00:40 minutes (34.72 MB)

Happy Thursday- The Copier Man Hates jack, Stench's work hates him . A BS Deathlist. Deathlist addition. Uber Uber, Radio News, More racial rants from Boston.

JS Show 2150

1:01:10 minutes (35 MB)

Happy Friday!!!

JS Show 2151

1:05:12 minutes (37.31 MB)

Happy Monday, Yelling at kids and being crazy sports parents. Probelm with the New X Files.

JS Show 2152

59:12 minutes (33.87 MB)

Happy B Day Jack! A Whole bunch of B Day Nothing Going on.

JS Show 2153

1:02:01 minutes (35.49 MB)

Happy Humper! Fish is Dead! This time for reals. Busy Kids. Athletes and How much they are worth. IS Blake a Douche? Girls Scout Cookies. Healthy Snacks and Expensive Cheese,

JS Show 2154

1:05:12 minutes (37.31 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench Up in Here Up In Here!

JS Show 2155

1:00:33 minutes (34.65 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack gets his Happy Hour On.

JS Show 2156

1:09:29 minutes (39.77 MB)

Happy Monday! Somebody in this House is Stupid. Stench is going to Jump of the Roof. Jack is getting is Trampoline on. Stench launches small children in to orbit on the trampoline. Jack has a Happy Happy Hour.

JS Show 2157

59:16 minutes (33.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday. stench is Anti Asian, Jack is Anti Airbag. We like Canadians. Trump Loses Iowa.

JS Show 2158

1:02:43 minutes (35.89 MB)

Happy Hump Day!

JS Show 2159

1:00:17 minutes (34.5 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday. Jack gets his Pizza Hutt On, Stench goes broke with Sushi.

JS Show 2161

1:01:04 minutes (34.95 MB)

Happy Monday the boyz are back. jack and Stench have kid Sports weekend. Stench is becoming a recruiter Dad. Jack gets bamboozled. Valentines weekend is approaching.

JS Show 2162 Jack Part

29:12 minutes (13.37 MB)

Pants off, it's a solo Jack pod!

JS Show 2162 Stench

24:11 minutes (13.84 MB)

Get Fisted Tuesday, Stench has a marathon work day with delays. Not letting Work dictate your life. Always being a parent. Supporting your dreams without SUPPORTING your dreams. Making the little one happy.

JS Show 2163

1:03:45 minutes (36.48 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are Back and so is DMX ..kind of.

JS Show 2164 Jack Part

19:40 minutes (9.01 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2164 Stench

25:57 minutes (14.85 MB)

Happy Thursday. Solo Stench, WTF is Rhianna saying? Airport Farter, Mad Dog Blake Griffin, Stench cant keep a thought.

JS Show 2165

1:05:13 minutes (37.32 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack and Stench are back like the monthly Flow!

JS Show 2166

1:01:44 minutes (35.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Grammy Recap. Valentines Day Recap.

JS Show 2167 Jack Part

25:46 minutes (11.8 MB)

Sorry, My fault there is a split pod!

JS Show 2167 Stench

26:07 minutes (14.95 MB)

Happy Humper, Jack and Stench are solo. Stench goes to the Dr.

JS Show 2168

1:10:02 minutes (40.08 MB)

Jack goes to Republican Holy Land with Bing. Sad Stench, Kanye West proves he is the biggest tool on earth. Stench still rocking the Foot Pain. Jack Goes Old School Video Gaming.

JS Show 2169

1:01:48 minutes (35.36 MB)

Happy Friday! Trump vs Pope, Is Big Ang Dead? Who is Big Ang? More Apple vs the Feds. Stench has a melt down.

JS Show 2170 Jack Part

30:46 minutes (14.09 MB)

Pants Off Pod

JS Show 2170 Stench

22:50 minutes (13.07 MB)

Happy Monday, Cranky Stench gets the Pod in and sets some people straight. Where's Alina? Two weeks of dieting and still Fat. Cry for Help Face Book Posts. The different ways Guys and Girls deal with bad things. Porch Robber Update. Old Man Stench can't read without his glasses

JS Show 2171

1:01:57 minutes (35.46 MB)

Happy Tuesday. More Hungry Stench. Jack finds one thing he likes on KROQ. Stench is Fat! New ways to spy on your kids.

JS Show 2172

1:02:42 minutes (35.88 MB)

Happy Humper, Jack is an unfriendly fellow Shopper. Stench is a hungry A Hole. X Files Spoiler Alert.......WTF? Putting the crazy back in the bottle.

JS Show 2173

1:00:50 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack does not want to keep up with the Kardashians. Kanye keeps om giving.

JS Show 2174

1:03:07 minutes (36.12 MB)

Happy Friday, Palm Springs Spring Break Party. Gross Out Spoiler Alert!

JS Show 2175

58:40 minutes (33.58 MB)

Happy Monday, Weekend Recaps. Jack goes from Judging to being at a Motel. Snow or No Snow. Stench has sad weekend that has many high points.

JS Show 2176

1:00:54 minutes (34.85 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Radio Death and it's not the Dan although he is a Ghost now. What to do when Red Lights Go Out. Biking.

JS Show 2177 Jack Part

25:24 minutes (11.63 MB)

It's late

JS Show 2178

1:02:11 minutes (35.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are back, with Glitches and Shit! You ever think...What is really going on at work. Mad TV 20 year reunion and J&S not invited.

JS Show 2179

1:00:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Friday. Republicans battle Royale. Trump wants you to know he has a Large Penis. Little Kardashian is tripping balls. Bernie Baby has died. Da Man Love is getting call backs on a Big Show. Apparently New Ghost Busters is Hysterical. Guess Who is Injured?

JS Show 2180

58:18 minutes (33.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Crazy Sports Weekend. Office Survivor and more.

JS Show 2181

1:00:59 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Tuesday, STORM WATCH! More Sports Stories. Why are Paparazzi ignoring famous people and talking to non famous people.

JS Show 2182 Jack Pants Off Pod

29:00 minutes (13.28 MB)

Just Jack

JS Show 2183 Hope you didn't put your pants back on...

26:46 minutes (12.26 MB)

It's another pantless Jack pod! Have a great weekend!

JS Show 2184

1:05:11 minutes (37.3 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench is back and pissed at the Cable Company. Jack gets a McDonalds Surprise. Trump Rally mayhem. Psychic fun.

JS Show 2185

1:04:09 minutes (36.72 MB)

Happy Tipsy Tuesday

JS Show 2186

1:01:40 minutes (35.29 MB)

Happy Hump Day,

JS Show 2187

1:01:21 minutes (35.11 MB)

Happy Thursday.

JS Show 2188

1:01:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Happy Friday, Non Work Related Accidents. New radio Theories. Dr B Blitz. To tweet or not to tweet. Election Updates,

JS Show 2189

1:02:30 minutes (35.76 MB)

Happy Monday, CRAZY WEEKEND!

JS Show 2190

1:01:25 minutes (35.15 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

JS Show 2191

1:02:06 minutes (35.54 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Bad Talks You don't want to have with your kid. Food Talk.

JS Show 2192 Jack

28:16 minutes (12.94 MB)

Pant off it's Spring Time!

JS Show 2193 Jack Part

29:04 minutes (13.31 MB)

Happy Easter

JS Show 2194

1:08:23 minutes (39.14 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Return from Chi Town.

JS Show 2195

1:01:31 minutes (35.21 MB)

Happy Hump Day!

JS Show 2196

59:01 minutes (33.77 MB)

Happy Thursday, Magic Mountain Day is coming.

JS Show 2197

54:32 minutes (31.21 MB)

Happy Big Booby Friday. Alina is here and terrible at getting second dates, Jack and Stench Judge Alina's Musical taste and old lady habits. Sub Titles for English People. Soulless Gingers.

JS Show 2198

1:01:57 minutes (35.45 MB)

Happy Monday. Jacks Revolution Recap. People are Stupid.

JS Show 2199

1:01:13 minutes (35.03 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench needs a bigger house so he can jump off the roof. Jacks gets hassled by a little girl. Stench gets it from a Big One. People are Crazy. Stench reviews Better call Saul and Walking Dead. Sam Ruben Reviews Free Cars.

JS Show 2200

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

HUMP DAY!!!! What kind of party would you throw with $1.3 billion?

JS Show 2201 - Jack Part

29:34 minutes (13.54 MB)

Pants off pod. O.C. visit, we know when, but where?

JS Show 2201 Stench

30:08 minutes (17.24 MB)

Stench brings the Doggy Downer Throbbing Thursday. to laugh or cry at death.

JS Show 2202

1:03:04 minutes (36.09 MB)

Happy Friday. Strange car Chase, last Idol Ever Recap.

Js Show 2203

1:01:47 minutes (35.36 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench has a V Ball Weekend. Jack is a liar who parks where he shouldn't.

JS Show 2204

1:07:28 minutes (38.61 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are back. Bad Idea Radio Panel. Douche bags who get promoted up and up. Subtitles

JS Show 2205 Stench

33:49 minutes (19.36 MB)

Wheres Jack? Coolest Hoverboard Ever! Stench is a Jew? Best Day EVER! Bye Bye Kobe! MJ way Better than Kobe.

JS Show 2206

1:02:00 minutes (35.48 MB)

Happy Thursday, Drunk Jack has been found and he is tired. Pod People RULE! All Kobe All the Time.

JS Show 2207 - Jack Part

26:26 minutes (12.1 MB)

Pants On Pod. Maybe hanging with Jamie!

JS Show 2207 Stench

26:32 minutes (15.19 MB)

Solo Stench smells trouble with Jamie Jack and Alina.

JS Show 2208

56:41 minutes (32.44 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Jamie get jiggy with it. Snow Days and Heat Waves!Stench loses a tree and dines alone on a Saturday Night.

JS Show 2209

59:24 minutes (33.99 MB)

Happy Tuesday- New Ghost Shows, New alien Shows, Why No More Proof. Stench has celebrity road rage.

JS Show 2210

59:52 minutes (34.26 MB)

Happy Humper- Stench drops bombshell on his daughter. Bob Hope talk. Old guys forget what this show is about!

JS Show 2211

1:05:10 minutes (37.29 MB)

Happy Thursday. Mercury is Retrograde or something. Mad TV is back? Strahan or Ripa?
Somebody is pissed at Stench.

JS Show 2212

1:04:35 minutes (36.96 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Prince Prince Prince and a little Chyna! Jack and Stench suck at Life!

JS Show 2213

54:28 minutes (31.17 MB)

Happy Monday, Is Kanye pulling a Kanye or joking on Kanye, Lemonade is for chicks who got cheated on or are Master Marketers. Jack is a California homer, Stench hates every where. Jack wants Stench to steal Bings happy thoughts about Ellen.

JS Show 2214

1:03:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2215

1:02:05 minutes (35.53 MB)

Happy Wed. For Really though. Kelly Ripa B or Not a B, Jack and Stench break it down. Smoker burns down Stench's Hood. Smoking Neighbors. Neighbors Dog Bites. Were the Ohio Murders over weed? Jack tries to get Pod people to go Breaking Bad. Stench seeks help to raise money for Cancer Research. jack goes to the OC for the first time since Episode 1000.

JS Show 2216

1:00:11 minutes (34.44 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2217 Jack Part

28:22 minutes (12.99 MB)

Drinks in the O.C. tomorrow 7p at The Lazy Dog.

JS Show 2217 Stench

22:55 minutes (13.11 MB)

Happy DMX Friday! Solo Stench. NFL Draft, Signing Bonus, Weekend Instructions. Hip Hop stories from the past.

JS Show 2218

1:01:48 minutes (35.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack World Tour Recap, Stench goes family weekend.

JS Show 2219

54:23 minutes (31.12 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Homeless Target, 1st of the month like Thuggish Ruggish Bone! People Suck and More

JS Show 2220

1:00:19 minutes (34.52 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Trump Wins. Dont ride my Bike. Whats a Met gala? Riding the train, It's all funny till somebody is a registered sex offender for the rest of their life. stench needs a bigger house.

JS Show 2221 Jack Part

27:48 minutes (12.73 MB)

Cinco De Mayo! Drop your pants!

JS Show 2221 Stench

30:49 minutes (17.64 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench Goes Solo. Happy Cinco De Mayo! Who does bad things in a Church. Be Nice To Trannies.

JS Show 2222 Stench

24:53 minutes (14.24 MB)

Jack Goes on Work trip, Stench Goes Solo. Stench gets a brand new non working I Phone 4. Police Chase, Smoking Age Limit is raised. Pissed on by a teen, Paralyzed by a physical, Flash back- Mrs Stench almost break her neck. Getting ready for the Pancreatic cancer Walk!

JS Show 2223 Jack Part

34:58 minutes (16.01 MB)

Happy post-Mother's Day

JS Show 2223 Stench

33:59 minutes (19.45 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench is back solo because Mothers Day is a Mother F*****! Pod Peeps Speak! Man Boy gets Royally Screwed!

JS SHow 2224 Jack Part

28:22 minutes (12.99 MB)

Rachel Platten and other stuff

JS Show 2224 Stench

30:21 minutes (17.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Classic Rock Stench! Bad Day Turns Good! You Nailed it...BUT You didn't! When It's Over...It's Over and the Fat Lady is doing Vocal Warm Ups in the next room.

JS Show 2225 Jack part

31:10 minutes (14.27 MB)

You may never wear pants again! ;)

JS Show 2225 Stench

28:27 minutes (16.29 MB)

Happy Humper, El Solo Stench saves your Marriage.

JS Show 2226

59:23 minutes (33.98 MB)

Finally The Jack and The Stench are back!

JS Show 2227

1:01:12 minutes (35.02 MB)

Happy Friday the 13th! What TV Shows are cancelled and which are picked up, and Which ones we have Never Freaking Heard OF! Stench has his parade rained on by a Douche! Parking is expensive.

JS Show 2228 Jack Part

33:32 minutes (15.35 MB)

Me and the kids!!!!

JS Show 2228 Stench

28:46 minutes (16.47 MB)

Happy Monday, Comedy at the stench House, Shorty does Good. VaJack and more.

JS Show 2229 Jack

28:06 minutes (12.87 MB)

Take Uber! Flight Delays!

JS Show 2229 Stench

22:43 minutes (13.01 MB)

Saddest White People Song EVER! When your cars go on strike! Stupid People. Everyone Stop being a Dick!

JS Show 2230

56:59 minutes (32.61 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack and Stench are back again for one night only!

JS Show 2231!

27:15 minutes (15.6 MB)

Solo stench , finally back

JS Show 2232 by Jack and Stench

1:03:17 minutes (36.22 MB)

JS Show 2233

1:02:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Jack and Stench get their Tuesday On! Dodger fans Hate Stench. Bernie, Hillary , and Donald do So Cal. VM hates Mike.

JS Show 2234

1:01:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Happy Hump Face Day! Stench has an F Bomb Meltdown. Jack Spoils the Voice. Old Guys joining the army. Bad baby Sitter. Freaky accidents with kids.

JS Show 2235

1:02:20 minutes (35.67 MB)

Happy Thursday! Trouble in the Bu! Dashboard cam jacked. Police Taxi's More on Fat Shaming at Universal. Trump cant win.

JS Show 2236

1:01:41 minutes (35.3 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Crazy Homeless Guys, Stench. Bad Parents Dead Gorilla.

JS Show 2237

1:01:57 minutes (35.45 MB)

Happy Humper, Did I just see some Dude selling Stolen Goods. Po Po Be Everywhere. The New America's Got talent. Stench has a Bad hair Day. Celebrity Offspring Voo Doo!

JS Show 2238 Jack Part

26:16 minutes (12.03 MB)

Happy Pants Off Thursday!!!

JS Show 2238 Stench

32:47 minutes (18.77 MB)

Its a BBG Palooza. UCLA and School Lock Downs. Drunk People just like old times. Undercover Stench needs to cough up more info. Alina Blows off her family, Stench Wishes he could blow off his.

JS Show 2239

55:57 minutes (32.02 MB)

Jack and Stench are back and it's Friday. To Party or not to Party!

JS Show 2240

1:02:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Monday, B Day Weekend Recap, Jack gets his water park summer kick off on!

JS Show 2241

1:02:09 minutes (35.57 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Bread Talk, Stanford Rapist WTF?

JS Show 2242

53:25 minutes (30.57 MB)

Happy Humper,

JS Show 2243

1:01:06 minutes (34.97 MB)

Happy Thursday. Insane Stanford Rape Stats. People related to Barry Gordy. Richard Simmons Woman or Not, Theories on Political Goings On.

JS Show 2244 Stench

24:58 minutes (14.29 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench keeps it solo like his sex life. Bieber Girl Fight, Orphan Black Update, The New Never Fail Diet brought to you by a Transgendered Brit. Spin Class Bully.

JS Show 2245

1:02:28 minutes (35.75 MB)

JS Show 2246

1:02:34 minutes (35.81 MB)

Tuesday Who Ha How down. Stench tells lies. Jack Likes Tranny bars. WTF- is anyone going to do about this crap.

JS Show 2247

1:03:08 minutes (36.13 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Stench gets his Arcade on, Jack hates Wal Mart. OOOHHHH a Giant Warm Cookie! Dead Midget, More Tragedy in Orlando.

JS Show 2248

1:00:21 minutes (34.54 MB)

Happy Thursday! Police looking for a Serial killer from the 80's. De Man Love has movie out in about 4 weeks.

JS Show 2249 Jack Half

28:14 minutes (12.93 MB)

Happy Almost Father's Day

JS Show 2249 Stench

28:46 minutes (16.47 MB)

Happy Friday, Gun Talk, Another Reason California SUCKS HUGE BALLS! Old Friend gets bad News. OJ Talk.

JS Show 2250

1:09:26 minutes (39.73 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack goes car show weekend. Stench is melting at work. Heat wave!!!! Cleveland Wins. Disney Dorks, Frozen is Man Kryptonite.

JS Show 2251

1:01:21 minutes (35.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Stench is not a fan of Firemen in the BU! Car Defects that kill. Pod Peeps feel the Jack Pain and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember

JS SHow 2252

59:12 minutes (33.88 MB)

Happy Humper, Is there such a thing as Transgender Alien Porn? Fake News from the Huffington Post. Corey Feldman is back again, Michael Jackson Porn Collection and more.

JS Show 2253

53:00 minutes (30.33 MB)

Hot Throbbin Thursday! Stench hates his life. People who are easily offended. Social Media Mental Editing. UH OH GLITCH! Everybody drink. Are we the longest running Pod?

JS Show 2254 Jack Part

30:52 minutes (14.13 MB)

Pants off June

JS Show 2254 Stench

32:00 minutes (18.31 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench has a fun day at the Airport. How to make kids hate you in one easy step. Look away.

JS Show 2255

1:08:38 minutes (39.28 MB)

Happy Monday, Weekend Recap. Jack Goes to painful Musical and has lots of company. Stench goes to get fireworks and weapons. People Drive Crazy! bad V Ball weekend. Killing Babies,

JS Show 2256

56:09 minutes (32.14 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench gets hosed out family time wit the kid. Bing likes rated R movies. Why does Jack wear sweaters during a heat wave. Glitch Everybody drink. The Red Cross is racist. Jack and Stench have the Day Off. Why can't Jack or Stench meet Alina's Mom?

JS Show 2257

1:06:57 minutes (38.32 MB)

Happy Humper! Who the Hell moves to New Orleans? Common Enemy of the world? Are Japan and Autralia Radical Islam Free? Legalized Weed coming in November and Colorado and Washington are in Weed vaca trouble. Nobody goes to the movies in Burbank. Shorty thinks her Uncle is very old.

JS Show 2258

1:01:48 minutes (35.37 MB)

Happy Thursday, Fun Viral Videos, Electronics that stop working after they get smashed. Bad Parents. Of all JJS friends _______ is doing the best. Movies that had real sex.

Js Show 2259

56:48 minutes (32.51 MB)

Happy 4th of July, Boom Banging Spectacular! Autopilot Tesla Kills!

JS Show 2260 - Happy Belated 4th

58:42 minutes (33.59 MB)

We're back

JS Show 2261

1:02:20 minutes (35.67 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is getting burned out and goes dumpster diving again. Meal Penalties, Killing people who kill yes or no. Dicks who sue people. Bears Never Give Up. Dukes Movie is coming very soon.

JS Show 2262

52:48 minutes (30.22 MB)

Happy Friday, Bad News Day, WTF with cops shooting people. Whats up with people shooting people, WTF is up with everything.

JS Show 2263

1:03:33 minutes (36.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack is a Pokemon Hunter, Stench meets new neighbors while watching the santa clarita fire. Everybody continues to lose their mind. When Old Rockers almost die on stage. UFC has huge pay per view then sells the next day. Bench Press Shirts and Fat Guys that lift 1,000 pounds. Stench has an old niece

JS Show 2264

1:04:37 minutes (36.98 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Jack and Stench Ramble On!

JS Show 2265 Stench

36:02 minutes (20.62 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Stench gets the low down on Undrafted Premiere straight from Duke.

JS Show 2265 Jack

30:00 minutes (13.74 MB)


JS Show 2266

1:01:18 minutes (35.08 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2267 Stench

29:23 minutes (16.82 MB)

Happy Friday- Stench talks with Alina about her UK Vaca. Another Crazy Attack in France. Fat Guy on a diet, Don't try it!

JS Show 2267 Jack

14:04 minutes (6.44 MB)

Sorry, it's short

JS Show 2268

1:11:58 minutes (41.19 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench go O.T. Stench has no kids. Setting them up for the let down. Do you have a real Gentleman.

JS Show 2269

1:04:54 minutes (37.14 MB)

Happy Tuesday, All you need to know about Penis Size. Is the baton Rouge Cop Killer a Marine or a former Marine? ICE CREAM!

JS Show 2270

1:06:39 minutes (38.14 MB)

It's Wang Free Wed. Jack and Stench are joined by Norman the Ghost. The Convention continues . Jenny McCarthy vs/ Tara Reid WTF?

Js Show 2271

1:02:30 minutes (35.77 MB)

Hot Throbbing Thursday, Stench is almost killed by a demon car, Remembering Gary Marshall, Best Concerts EVER! Ted Cruz is a douche.

JS Show 2272 Jack Part

18:30 minutes (8.47 MB)

Hot and Boring!

JS Show 2273

55:36 minutes (31.82 MB)

Happy Monday. Goodness gracious Great balls of Fire! Jack does Weird Al. Stench does a wife weekend.

JS Show 2274

59:47 minutes (34.21 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Day 1 of "as the DNC turns".Stench catches Dr. Dre police darma in the BU! Jack watches the fire. Why People be leaving work?

JS Show 2275 Jack Part

25:28 minutes (11.66 MB)

Happy #5

JS Show 2275 Stench by Jack and Stench

28:38 minutes (16.39 MB)

JS Show 2276

1:03:53 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Thursday, M ore people are quitting. Gross Hospital, Things you dont want to see at McD's. Overloading the kids.

JS Show 2277 Stench

31:11 minutes (17.84 MB)

Happy FA FA Friday! Stench sees Cranky People yesterday. Is chelsea Clinton just as bad as the Trump Brats. Sucky Old Parent Stench.

JS Show 2277 Jack

22:54 minutes (10.49 MB)

Midnight pod w/Bing

JS Show 2278

1:07:52 minutes (38.84 MB)

Happy Monday,Jack has Dude Weekend with Bing and Cars. Stench is the help for his daughters two B Day parties Everyones Mind is made up and can't we just vote already.
When being a celebrity can keep you from being shot. More JFK conspiracy.

JS Show 2279

58:31 minutes (33.49 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack Hates Jack, Stench hates the media, Sports Updates. Stunt Boy and more.

JS Show 2280

30:31 minutes (17.46 MB)

Happy Humper, Stench goes solo, with Good News from something that annoyed the hell out of him. Horrible First dates and the Stench perspective. Bad News if your kids get Lice!

JS Show 2281

52:18 minutes (29.93 MB)

Happy Thursday, WTF is Nick Canon wearing and why can I see his dick? Play by Play of Da Man Love on Night Shift. This Kids are getting tall.

JS Show 2282 Jack Part

31:22 minutes (14.36 MB)

Bing and Me talk Olympics and other stuff

JS Show 2282 Stench

24:53 minutes (14.24 MB)

Happy Friday, Singing Hillary, Drowned in Molasses, Hacking your brain and you dont even know? Training like the Rock. NEVER BUY CHEAP TRASH BAGS! Especially when morons in your house compact the crap out of your trash!

JS Show 2283

1:06:18 minutes (37.95 MB)

Welcome to Monday. Olympic Fever. Don't watch the leg break video. Weekend Recaps. Pod Prayers!

JS Show 2284

1:04:02 minutes (36.65 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Laffalympics, Worst Boyfriend Ever, possibly to face justice after years of BS!!!! Please No More Swimming! Semi Finals Shmemi Finals

JS Show 2285

1:02:22 minutes (35.69 MB)

Happy Humper, Jack is going away. Olympic Updates, Trump keeps trolling. High School Stories.

JS Show 2286

31:05 minutes (17.79 MB)

Happy Thursday. DEEEEEP STENCH! When Reflection messes with your reality. The Things that matter the most. 2 reasons why Stench would like another shot at LA Radio.

JS Show 2287

40:26 minutes (23.14 MB)

FA FA FRiday, Stench is back less serious with Alina. Alina breaks the Rules. Alina can't blow up her Giant inflatable Vagina.

JS Show 2288

1:03:20 minutes (36.24 MB)

F It's Late

JS Show 2289

53:05 minutes (30.38 MB)

Not Happy Tuesday. Stench feels the pain of the passing of an old radio friend. Nasty Stories. Missing Time.

JS Show 2290 - Jack Part

31:12 minutes (14.29 MB)

Pants Off People!

JS Show 2291 - Just Jack

31:06 minutes (14.24 MB)

Stench is getting wet somewhere

JS Show 2292 - Just Jack

29:18 minutes (13.42 MB)

What's going on

JS Show 2293 Just Jack

28:18 minutes (12.96 MB)

Closing Ceremonies

JS Show 2294 Just Jack

30:20 minutes (13.89 MB)

No Spice!!!

JS Show 2296 Just Jack

30:44 minutes (14.07 MB)


JS Show 2297 Jack Part

28:16 minutes (12.94 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 2297 Stench

30:16 minutes (17.33 MB)

Happy FRIDAY. Return of the Stench! Why we go to back to school nights. Low Key Vaca. Stench has a funny kid. More girl TV Viewing habits for Stench. Guys you should never fight.

JS Show 2298 Jack Part

30:18 minutes (13.87 MB)

News and stuff

JS Show 2298 Stench

27:29 minutes (15.73 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench goes to a Sunny Wedding. When Good Causes Go Bad. The Stench take on the MTV Awards.

JS Show 2299

1:02:08 minutes (35.55 MB)

J and the S in todays show. Airport Moron. More on Bad Protesting Ideas.

JS Show 2300

1:00:34 minutes (34.66 MB)


JS Show 2301

55:34 minutes (31.8 MB)

Happy Thursday. J&S Sucking Ass Today. Honestly, Skip this pod!

JS Show 2302 Just Jack

26:08 minutes (11.97 MB)

Pants off for Labor Day

JS Show 2302 Stench

24:36 minutes (14.08 MB)

Happy Friday!!! Solo Style

JS Show 2303

1:00:40 minutes (34.71 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Welcome Back Frosty. Why JW is the best. Movies that did not do well. Mel Gibson comeback? Burning Man turning on its own. Why we are not ready for pumpkin anything. Karate Bears

JS Show 2304

1:02:29 minutes (35.75 MB)

Happy Hump Day!

JS Show 2305 Jack Part

32:06 minutes (14.7 MB)

White Manties

JS Show 2305 Stench

18:20 minutes (10.5 MB)

Happy Loopy Thursday, sleepy Stench on the pills.

JS Show 2306

1:03:41 minutes (36.44 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench is still tired. Broncos start strong.

JS Show 2307

59:25 minutes (34 MB)

Happy Monday!

JS Show 2308 Jack Part

32:28 minutes (14.87 MB)


JS Show 2308 Stench

30:16 minutes (17.32 MB)

The Adventures of Stench and the Giant Gangster. What do Libs want if Hillary can't Go? Oh Yea the New LA Rams are as bad as the Old LA Rams.

JS Show 2309

1:03:34 minutes (36.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Dirty Missed Connections. Insurance Sucks, Getting Old Sucks. Jack needs a dino Charger.

JS Show 2310

1:04:33 minutes (36.94 MB)

Happy Thursday. Crabby Old Lady gets robbed. Jury Duty.

JS Show 2311

57:52 minutes (33.11 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Jack gets Jury Duty! Stench gets stress. Lunar Eclipse that None of us can see. Horoscopes. Death Row. Meeting a serial killer?

JS Show 2312

55:07 minutes (31.54 MB)


JS Show 2313

57:31 minutes (32.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday jack and Stench are back and everthing is functional. Hot Chicks at trader Joes. OOOPS somebody accidentally let some terrorists in to America.

JS Show 2314

1:01:53 minutes (35.41 MB)

Happy Humper!!!

JS Show 2315 Stench

31:46 minutes (18.18 MB)

Stench is a Numb Nuts. Who is here with Alina and a Big Booby Song for her.

JS Show 2316

1:00:12 minutes (34.45 MB)

Jack and Stench FA FA FRIDAY! Pumpkin Flavored everything.

JS Show 2317

57:14 minutes (32.75 MB)

Monday Blows and so does the Hot Wind. People Be Dying. Cheap Haircuts. Debate Trolls.

JS Show 2318 - Debates and Ghosts

58:14 minutes (37.06 MB)

Jack's recording, hope it works!!!! :)

JS Show 2319 Kill The Spider!

58:27 minutes (36.97 MB)

Stench battles a spider

JS Show 2320 Jack Part

29:58 minutes (13.72 MB)

Just Jack

JS Show 2321 Creeper peeper

54:52 minutes (34.87 MB)

Happy Friday!!!

JS Show 2322

1:02:31 minutes (35.77 MB)

Happy Monday- Clowns in the Yard. Jack and Bing Weekend. Stench gets new workout machine and has an Anniversary Weekend, now facing FBG B Day.

JS Show 2323

59:39 minutes (34.14 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench get their Tuesday On! Stench does the Wife B Day. Jack and Bing Go on an Adventure.MMMM Porn Fridge.

JS Show 2324

57:53 minutes (33.12 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Jack and Stench get Gross and then turn to Craigslist Hooker Ads!

JS Show 2325

1:01:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Thursday- Jack Got Hacked, Check your Junk Folder.Rich Chick Flippin houses. Crazy Drunk Dukes of hazard Crash. Crazy Stories.

JS Show 2326

58:23 minutes (33.41 MB)

J&S Friday Freak Fest! Butt Plugs Rule! Matt LeBlanc Does Not! Interview? Jack needs another job, Stench Needs another family.

JS Show 2327

59:15 minutes (33.91 MB)

Happy Monday, Weekend recaps, Debate #2 Donald is a bigger Douche than Ever. Crazy Dog Lady, Ear Tweezers and more

JS Show 2328

1:02:48 minutes (35.94 MB)

Happy Tuesday. We recorded this show then I forgot what we talked about!

JS Show 2329

1:00:17 minutes (34.49 MB)

Happy Hump Day and Yom kippur. Alec Baldwin does a a really good Trump.

JS Show 2330 Stench

25:16 minutes (14.46 MB)

Happy Thursday, More Kardashian Shananigans. Evil Lord vader, Dr. Phil and More.

JS Show 2331

1:06:54 minutes (38.28 MB)

FA FA Friday! Drones are Bad, Bears having sex are worse. Batman vs Creepy Clowns. HOLY SHIT The Dodger Game is actually interesting! Car Trouble, More Dead Celebrities. Beef Log Psychic!

JS Show 2332

1:00:26 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Monday, Car Troubles and Kids. What Poll is right. Good Sports Weekend.

JS Show 2333

1:00:08 minutes (34.41 MB)

Will the real Tuesday Show Please stand up, please stand up!

JS Show 2334

1:00:56 minutes (34.87 MB)

Happy Humper. Old People does your Grand Ma. Dodgers Win. Mass Transit Jack. Sick Kid plays sports yes or no. Black Magic Yes or No.

JS Show 2335 Jack Part

30:48 minutes (14.1 MB)

Pants Off Debate

JS Show 2336

1:04:52 minutes (37.12 MB)

Happy Friday, Working Too Much. Dodgers Lose..again!

JS Show 2337

59:52 minutes (34.26 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench Weekend SNAFU! Dead Rabbit. No more Richard Simmons workout

JS Show 2338

51:40 minutes (29.57 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack and Stench are Joined by a pissed off Alina who needs Pod Help.Stench is pissed at the World. Spilling hot peppers on your privates or not. Meeting Alina's Mom. That Dead Dude looked like a middle aged over plastic surgery having middle aged woman.

JS Show 2339 Jack Part

29:12 minutes (13.37 MB)


JS Show 2339 Stench

31:26 minutes (17.99 MB)

Happy Humper! Groped on a plane, Why report small crimes when you can just blast them out on the internet for social justice. High School Interview party. Why is it ok to destroy stuff of people you do not agree with> Elections make Americans suck more than normal.

JS Show 2340 Jack Part

30:08 minutes (13.8 MB)

Almost Halloween

JS Show 2340 Stench

25:59 minutes (14.87 MB)

Hey look that American Idol idiot almost crashed at Grand Pa's Airport. Burned Whozits and nair on your pucker ring.

JS Show 2341 Jack

29:04 minutes (13.31 MB)


JS Show 2341 Stench

29:14 minutes (16.73 MB)

Happy Halloween Weekend.Solo Again. YAY!

JS Show 2342

57:21 minutes (32.82 MB)

Happy Halloween it's J&S both at the same time!

JS Show 2343

1:02:34 minutes (35.81 MB)

Happy Humper. We are back from the Halloween Break.

JS Show 2344 Jack Part

26:52 minutes (12.3 MB)

Pants off pod

JS Show Bonus Old Stuff

1:43:42 minutes (47.47 MB)

Here is some bonus old stuff!!! Enjoy

JS Show 2344 Stench

28:27 minutes (16.28 MB)

Happy Thursday. WOW Sports Day! Congrats Cub Fans. Super Stressful Kids Sports. V Ball Continues. How important are you.

JS Show 2345

1:00:20 minutes (34.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Get your weekend on.WTF Target!

JS Show Weekend Bonus

1:15:32 minutes (34.58 MB)

Enjoy some old crap

JS Show 2346

1:03:37 minutes (36.41 MB)

Happy Monday. Volleyball weekend is over. drunk guys at the Amusement park.. Election Almost over. Friends with the ex. Scummy People steal your stuff.

JS Show 2347

1:05:58 minutes (37.75 MB)

Happy Election Day.Stench's left wing conspiracy. The Right wing messes with the internet connection.

JS Show 2349

1:03:27 minutes (36.31 MB)

Happy Thursday! Happy Stench. Not Happy Jack! Uh Oh Vegas with weed will take the California Party Crown.

JS Show 2350

1:06:43 minutes (38.18 MB)

Happy Veterans Day Friday! Bald Eagle protecting his homie. Hiking with Hillary. Running in to people you know, and you have no idea who the F they are. Arnold visits school. Is it Christmas Light Season Yet? Jacks going to visit the Dan.

JS Show 2352

1:03:46 minutes (36.49 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack is back from his land of Dan tour. Stench is still going to protest and beat up Jack.

JS Show 2353

1:02:15 minutes (35.63 MB)

Happy Humper! Jack and Stench are back. Cheaters watch out for Drones! Stench is caught up in Hitler TV. Everyone is an A Hole! Stand your ground in Burbank. We need a Jermajesty!

JS Show 2354

1:01:10 minutes (35 MB)

Happy Thursday, Moving the Office, Beefing up your Butt! Negative people and how to retrain your brain! Child and Midget Bodybuilders.

JS Show 2355

1:10:25 minutes (40.29 MB)

Boom its Friday! Happy Thoughts while looking for work.

JS Show 2356

1:02:35 minutes (35.81 MB)

Happy Monday on a Short Week. When having dogs is not fun. Jack is once again Mr Burbank. Thanksgiving Songs.

JS Show 2357

58:49 minutes (33.66 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Christmas without a Mankini.

JS Show 2358

59:35 minutes (34.1 MB)

Happy Thanksgiving, Things we are Thankful.

JS Show 2359

1:01:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Happy Monday Surviving Thanksgiving.

JS Show 2360

1:02:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2361

1:04:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Humper! Christmas Light Palooza, Nazi Escape, Jack is All Burbank All the Time!

JS Show 2362 Jack Part

29:14 minutes (13.39 MB)

Happy Holidays

JS Show 2362 Stench

25:47 minutes (14.76 MB)

Having someone SHIT on a positive situation in your life. What not to say to someone you acre about. Obama is taking a page from Trump and saying something stupid. Trump not racist but Stench is. Pranking old people and criminals.

JS Show 2363

1:04:07 minutes (36.69 MB)

Happy Friday! Sucky Drivers, Very in depth look at the Beef Log Song. Jack has kids in the house.

JS Show 2364

1:01:10 minutes (35.01 MB)

Happy Monday. Stupid Stench

JS Show 2365 Stench

30:34 minutes (17.5 MB)

Not Happy Tuesday, Stench is here to depress you all with a terrible depressing Show.

JS Show 2366

1:00:06 minutes (34.39 MB)

Happy Humper! Jack is the Christmas MC. Stench loves the Benztown people. Chocolate Fountain Shower. Companies who fire people at Christmas.

JS Show 2367

1:00:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Thursday Waether! Stench goes sports? Jack is crying on his Scooter.

JS Show 2368 Jack Part

22:14 minutes (10.18 MB)

Pants off time

JS Show 2369 Jack Part

29:26 minutes (13.48 MB)

No nog for me

JS Show 2370 Jack Part

27:26 minutes (12.56 MB)

Bad bulbs

JS Show 2370 Stench

30:12 minutes (17.29 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench is back from Minion Hell.

JS Show 2371 Jack

29:26 minutes (13.48 MB)

Pants Off Time

JS Show 2371 Stench

27:50 minutes (15.93 MB)

Happy Humper, Stench finds Alina while she's getting a Brazilian!

JS Show 2372

58:40 minutes (33.58 MB)

Its Jack and Stench!!!! YAY!!


28:38 minutes (13.11 MB)

Rainy day pod

JS Show 2373 Stench

24:29 minutes (14.01 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 2374

1:02:24 minutes (35.71 MB)

Happy Monday- Christmas Week! California Cold. Living where the weather can kill you. Snapping Trees.

JS Show 2375

1:01:23 minutes (35.13 MB)

Merry Almost Christmas Tuesday. Real Hunger Games. Fun with Russia!

JS Show 2376

1:00:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Happy Humper! Death by Hammer. Richard Marx Bad Ass who is married to who? Sad days when your kids get older.

JS Show 2377

1:03:50 minutes (36.53 MB)

Happy Thursday, Last show of the year for J&S together. Hood Rat Update. A Holes and More

JS Show 2378 Jack Part

31:06 minutes (14.24 MB)

Heine Family Podcast

JS SHOW 2379

1:04:58 minutes (37.18 MB)

Happy New Tear 2017

JS Show 2380

1:03:22 minutes (36.27 MB)

Happy Humper. Pod Peeps Finish off the death list.

JS Show 2381

1:06:13 minutes (37.9 MB)

Happy Thursday, We are Going to the Cards, because the cards see all know all tell all.
Half off Candy! Will Alina Get a Man this year? We take a test to find out and ask the cards. Plus Final Final Submissions to the Death List.

JS Show 2382

1:00:05 minutes (34.39 MB)

First Friday for the New Year. Psychic Stench Wrong? New Taco Bell Stuff only in Irvine. K Fed Lookalike.

JS Show 2383

1:01:06 minutes (34.97 MB)

Happy Monday, Old Guy Weekend. Podchella!

JS Show 2384

1:08:47 minutes (39.36 MB)

Not Happy Tuesday. Bama Loses and the Crads have been wrong about everything so far this year.

JS Show 2385

1:00:41 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Humper. Melt Down Stench.Coolest Old Guy Actor? Old Skool Jimmy in three markets.

JS Show 2386

1:00:36 minutes (34.68 MB)

Happy Thursday! Golden Showers are not very Presidential. Lots of Freakin Rain Water around here.

JS Show 2387 Stench

28:04 minutes (16.06 MB)

Happy Friday. Bitch Face Blues. Being Nice to people you don't like. 2017 not much better than 2016 so far.Fight Back with Stenchy Horowitz.

JS Show 2388

1:03:38 minutes (36.41 MB)

Happy Tuesday jack and Stench are back from MLK Day.Really Gross kid stuff, No More Toys.

JS Show 2389

1:01:53 minutes (35.41 MB)

Happy Humper, LOST TALK, SCRUBS TALK. all brought on by Dr. Cox.sighting.

JS Show 2390

1:06:50 minutes (38.25 MB)

Happy Thursday, Hey " You Like to party?" Home Made Squatty Potty. Small Town vs Big Town.

JS Show 2391 Jack Part

29:28 minutes (13.49 MB)

Welcome President Trump

JS Show 2391 Stench

31:10 minutes (17.84 MB)

Happy Friday, Happy Inauguration Day! Stench goes Flashback Friday!

JS Show 2392

1:08:30 minutes (39.2 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack and Stench are back and soaking wet.More squatty Potty Poop Talk, Craptastic Sports weekend, Superbowl is set. Old Guy Fights,

JS Show 2393

1:00:20 minutes (34.53 MB)

Yay Convoy Tuesday. What up with Tigra and Bunny?

JS Show 2394

1:05:52 minutes (37.69 MB)

Trump is like a spoiled child. The A Team, Radio with the Parents, Stench gets answers on the DMV stuff.

JS Show 2395

59:08 minutes (33.84 MB)

Jack and Stench curse Mary Tyler Moore and the Pod Peeps score one in the death pool.Happy Birthday Jack. Walking in the Sunshine.

JS Show 2396 Stench

27:07 minutes (15.52 MB)

Happy Friday, Who is the Most influential Television Lady of all time? Police time for Stench?

JS Show 2397

1:08:51 minutes (39.4 MB)

Happy Monday. Airport Drama, What Airport Drama.

JS SHOW 2398

1:03:12 minutes (36.17 MB)

happy Tuesday, Stench encounters a psycho at Wendy's. Giddy over others misfortune, Airport Dummies, The Jack and Stench Documentary may have a topic.

JS Show 2399

1:03:49 minutes (36.52 MB)

Happy Humper!

2400 JS Show Jack Half

24:52 minutes (11.39 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2400 Stench

28:36 minutes (16.37 MB)

Ooops Shit, Did the Show for Thursday alone and Forgot to Post It!....DUmb Ass

JS Show 2401

1:13:33 minutes (42.09 MB)

FAT FRIDAY! As in Large and Stupid. Awful News ! Internet Troll gets his, Stench is an internet Troll. Super Sonic Planes or Basement Class. Busting Pervs.

JS Show 2402

1:05:46 minutes (37.64 MB)

Happy Monday! HOLY SUPERBOWL!Even Jack and Bing caught up in Superbowl Stench goes bat shit crazy.

JS Show 2403

1:03:54 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Tuesday!Bored at the Airport and other Stuff I forgot.

JS Show 2404

1:06:39 minutes (38.14 MB)

Happy Really Late Hump Day

JS SHow 2405

1:06:53 minutes (38.27 MB)

Happy Thursday, Neighborhood Watch Stench. Trump is a Tool. It's Tax Season. America's Got talent is in LA. Worst Job EVER!

JS Show 2406

57:36 minutes (32.96 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 2407

1:00:28 minutes (34.61 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2408 Jack Part

29:14 minutes (13.39 MB)

Happy Valentine's Day

JS Show 2409

1:08:41 minutes (39.3 MB)

Happy Humper, Valentines Day Doom? Talking Crows. Jacks Favorite Kid. USPS Blows.

JS Show 2410 Stench

21:05 minutes (12.07 MB)

Unhappy Thursday. Solo Stench gets his fun crapped on. Why The Police are not messing with the homeless people as much as they should be.

JS Show 2411

1:02:03 minutes (35.51 MB)

Happy Friday! Smuggling Horse Balls, Space Wars,Who makes Girl Scout Cookies and why does Jack suck at selling them. Stenchy needs a day or twelve off. Kid Ghosts, Perfect Va-Gene! Trump goes extra Douchey, Day without an immigrant.Spinning Apartments

JS Show 2412

59:00 minutes (33.76 MB)

Wet Weather and crappy long weekend. Real Men walk in the rain. Death in a tunnel. Jack still sucks at selling Cookies. The Dan will be the longest living Partridge. Whats wrong with KROQ.

JS Show 2413

1:00:12 minutes (34.45 MB)

Happy hump Day! Crazy Sports Day in LA! Getting Oil from the North Pole. Stupid People, Bonadouche Sighting.

2414 JS Show Jack Part

27:36 minutes (12.64 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS SHOW 2414 Stench

23:23 minutes (13.38 MB)

Happy Police School Thursday! Solo Stench.

JS Show 2415

59:45 minutes (34.19 MB)

Happy Friday!!!

JS Show 2416

1:01:34 minutes (35.23 MB)

Happy Monday- Oscar Screw Up.The Douche Man, Pod Peeps 2 J&S 0. Jack gets hosed weekend

JS Show 2417

1:04:33 minutes (36.94 MB)

Happy Tuesday- No Not Really

JS Show 2418

59:18 minutes (33.94 MB)

Happy Humper, Jack Slings Rock, Creepers and Hookers on Craigslist.Old Guys wonder what PNP is?

JS Show 2419 Jack Part

29:04 minutes (13.31 MB)

Time change time... almost

JS Show 2419 Stench

14:16 minutes (8.17 MB)

Stench is sick and sounds crappier than normal.

JS Show 2420 Stench

24:28 minutes (14 MB)

happy sick Friday

JS Show 2421 Jack

28:38 minutes (13.11 MB)

Happy Monday!

JS Show 2422

58:10 minutes (33.28 MB)

Tuesday RELOAD!

JS Show 2423 Jack

26:08 minutes (11.97 MB)

Happy Wednesday

JS Show 2423 Stench

29:16 minutes (16.75 MB)

:ate Night Solo Stench

JS Show 2424 Jack Part

28:08 minutes (12.88 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2424

26:02 minutes (14.9 MB)

Happy Thursday Day After Day without a Woman! Stench sees the future and how he will die. four Eyes, New Phone and Police Computers.

JS Show 2425

1:00:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Happy Friday. The return of the J? and where would she go.

JS Show 2426

1:04:43 minutes (37.03 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2427

54:12 minutes (31.01 MB)

Happy Tuesday, End of Fat Pug. The Jack and Bing Show

JS Show 2428

1:00:16 minutes (34.48 MB)

Happy Wed,Fat Pug Not Dead! Yay Doggie Wheelchair!

JS Show 2429 Jack Part

22:10 minutes (10.15 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2429 Stench

28:17 minutes (16.19 MB)

Boom Solo Stench

JS Sow 2430

45:48 minutes (26.21 MB)

Happy ST. Pattys Day Friday..Technical Glitch Show ends abrubtly at just over 45 minutes!!! Every Body Drink Green Beer!

JS Show 2431

1:01:34 minutes (35.23 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2432

53:52 minutes (30.83 MB)

ATTENTION THE SHOW WILL CUT OFF AGAIN AROUND 54 MINUTES! Also Mrs. Stench cant book a flight. Also cant stop screwing up the show. And other fun

JS Show 2433 Stench

35:34 minutes (20.36 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Stench finds Alina and finishes his story from yesterday. and Today The Show does not cut off.

JS Show 2434 Jack

32:18 minutes (14.79 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2434 Stench

20:16 minutes (11.6 MB)

Happy Thursday for everyone but Stench! Angry Fat Pisser!

JS Show 2435 Jack

29:14 minutes (13.39 MB)


JS Show 2435 Stench

28:34 minutes (16.35 MB)

Happy FRiday, Solo Stench. Getting Fat, And Fighting a Diet. Talking to the Dogs.

JS Show 2436

1:09:21 minutes (39.69 MB)

Happy Monday, Weed for kids. Traveling with a pregnant lady. E Mails sext messages and more. WORST SQUATTY POTTY STORY EVER!

JS Show 2437

54:27 minutes (31.16 MB)

A sad day for the Pod Family. Stench goes sight seeing in San Diego. Jack Knows Young Drunk people.

JS Show 2438

1:03:28 minutes (36.32 MB)

Happy Humper. Stench gets Home Repair Day Off. Jack is lucky to be single.Whatever happened to Chelsea Lately? Is the new Chapelle stuff really that Good?

JS Show 2439 Jack

29:44 minutes (13.62 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2440

1:01:15 minutes (35.05 MB)

Happy Friday

JS Show 2441

1:00:09 minutes (34.42 MB)

Happy Monday-

JS Show 2442

1:05:33 minutes (37.51 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Future is here and we will all soon be Cyborgs.

JS Show 2443 Jack

33:38 minutes (15.4 MB)

Happy Wednesday

JS Show 2443 Stench

26:12 minutes (14.99 MB)

Happy Humper! Dio! Solo Stench is grateful for the pod.

JS Show 2444 Jack

31:12 minutes (14.29 MB)


JS Show 2444 Stench

28:16 minutes (16.18 MB)

Happy Thursday, Solo Stench

JS Show 2445

1:03:21 minutes (36.25 MB)

Happy Friday! Pod Peeps 3 J&S 0. When America Attacks. Police School 2. Crazy Kids Sports Parents.

JS Show 2446

1:03:33 minutes (36.37 MB)

Happy Monday, Jack Goes Racing with Bing. Stench's entire family hates him. Vegas Buffets

JS Show 2447

1:04:31 minutes (36.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday- United Airlines will kick your ass. A Hole Kills Ex and a Kid. J&S the one hit wonders. Tupac and Biggie.Group Chats and Texts.

JS Show 2448 Stench

28:11 minutes (16.13 MB)

Happy Humper! Solo Stench, is Hormone Free. and is a 298 pound weakling.

JS Show 2449 Jack

26:34 minutes (12.17 MB)


JS Show 2449 Stench

2:49 minutes (1.61 MB)

Stench loses a kid but stops two bad guys. Guess What Shorty found in her Biscuit. New Job Prospect and the dream of working somewhere for ever. When to realize your job is not really that important in the scheme of things. Stench is the worst Catholic Ever and the Holiest day of the year.

JS Show 2449 Stench Take 2

28:31 minutes (16.32 MB)

MF!!!!! Glitch, everybody drink ..3..2..1..take two!

JS Show 2450

1:00:59 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Tuesday Jack and Stench are back and People are Bad!

JS Show 2451

1:03:40 minutes (36.43 MB)

Happy Humper! Dumb Dumb Dinner. Tracking down the Stench to bitch at him. Jack gets no work and a family day in a good way! FB Killer Caught. Is Alina still hanging with Chelsea? Ghost story from the Tate Murder House.

JS Show 2452 Jack

30:06 minutes (13.78 MB)


JS Show 2452 Stench

17:45 minutes (10.16 MB)

Happy Thursday! Why the Homeless Motorhomes aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

JS Show 2453 Jack

30:34 minutes (14 MB)

Mock Podcast

JS Show 2454

1:01:39 minutes (35.28 MB)

Happy Monday, Running for Real vs running on an elliptical.

JS Show 2455

57:13 minutes (32.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday, working out and the passive aggressive people who don't. No Parking Office buildings. TurDuchen!

JS Show 2456

1:02:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Plastic Badge Graduation. Jack and Stench are Old! United Airlines Kills a Bunny and some Golf Clubs. Corporate Kroger. Teens at Coachella Yes or No?

JS Show 2457 Jack

28:06 minutes (12.87 MB)


JS Show 2457 Stench

18:34 minutes (10.63 MB)

Graduation from Police School. Hanging with the Baka's. Bonding through Trauma?

JS Show 2458 Stench

19:12 minutes (10.99 MB)

Happy Boring Stench Friday

Js Show 2459

1:01:06 minutes (34.96 MB)

Happy Monday, Return of J&S

JS Show 2460

1:03:39 minutes (36.42 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Worst Jobs in America. Seacrest has ANOTHER Job!

JS Show 2461

1:00:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy Thursday. First J&S Thursday Show I a LOng time !!!

JS Show 2462 Jack

18:18 minutes (8.38 MB)

Happy Cinco De Mayo

JS Show 2462 Stench

23:50 minutes (13.65 MB)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Stolen Pod! Is today the best it will ever be? Ghost kid in the woods Some where.

JS Show 2463 Jack (and Bing)

28:22 minutes (12.99 MB)

Bing joins me on the Monday pod

JS Show 2463 Stench

27:23 minutes (15.67 MB)

Happy Monday. Good News for the Pod, Bad News for Pod Troll! Busy Weekend, Reflection and Gratitude! Why Stench is abusing his old beat fat body!

JS Show 2464

1:09:24 minutes (39.71 MB)

J&S are back and doing a little Podcast O.T. More Pod Future updates. Clear Channel is dying and old friends are getting hacked along the way.

JS SHow 2465

1:02:06 minutes (35.54 MB)

Boom it's Hump Day.

JS Show 2466 Jack

25:42 minutes (11.77 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2466 Stench and Alina

32:07 minutes (18.38 MB)

Happy Thursday, Alina is back from fancy vacation. Cliff Jumping with Giant Boobs. Strange French Stalker. drinking booze from a frozen Penis. Guess the fake condition.

JS Show 2467 Jack

27:50 minutes (12.75 MB)

Happy Mother's Day

JS Show 2468

1:02:44 minutes (35.9 MB)

Happy Monday, Mothers Day Recap. Winning! Fidget Spinners.

JS Show 2469 Jack

26:04 minutes (11.94 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2459 Stench

24:46 minutes (14.17 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Random Beef Log, Chips Talk, getting fit while fat and the pain of trying.

JS Show 2460

1:03:47 minutes (36.51 MB)

Happy Humper, Last Jack and Stench Show this week. Never know when the last pod will be. Stench has a cheat day. Selfish People who are also parents. Bermuda Triangle is a bad place to fly.

JS SHow 2461 Stench

26:32 minutes (15.19 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is being chased by Fire. If the Pod ends, this is how psychic Stench sees it. DONT EAT THE NACHOS and other reasons to eat healthy.

JS Show 2462 Stench

21:34 minutes (12.34 MB)

Happy Friday- Solo Stench.

JS Show 2463

53:57 minutes (30.88 MB)

Happy Monday. Philly HOt, Denver Snow, LA Perfect. People are Clueless. This SHOW ENDS ABRUBTLY ON A GLITCH at almost 54 minutes!!!!