audio by artist jack and stretch

#551 Friday Take 2 The Non "GDay" Version

65:33 minutes (45.72 MB)

Ok I hope the glitch is out I reloaded it and it sounds Good so far but I did not listen to the entire show.. Let me know

#579 Thursday 7-2-09

65:02 minutes (48.46 MB)

jack and Stretch
Flu conspiracy theories
Simon Cowell wants more

J&S 589 Whole Show!

60:55 minutes (43.3 MB)

J&S- Reports of Jamie not Happy with us.

JS 627 Wed.

63:22 minutes (58.02 MB)

The Wed Show

637 Hump Day Spectacular

61:18 minutes (56.12 MB)

Stench gets the Mr. Mom shaft again making it impossible to get a job while being the house bitch.

676 Tuesday-

64:18 minutes (58.88 MB)

AHHHH Angela Channel is on vacation and things are going to go bad! Stretch gets an H1N1 show without lying and goes to the beach.

677 Wed. The Turkey Eve Spectacular

67:14 minutes (61.55 MB)

With Awesome Police Pursuit Goodness

678 Monday Dec. 1st

61:38 minutes (56.44 MB)

First day back from the Long Thanksgiving Weekend. Jack's a 4 Day Hermit and Stretch was attacked in his home.

680 Wed. Dec 2nd

58:05 minutes (53.19 MB)

I think I got everything right today!!!! On the Pod we will tell you who are the new FLight attendants, Throw our support once again behind the legalization of weed and recap the cop killer in Washington story

681 Thursday Dec. 3rd

62:48 minutes (57.5 MB)

Tiger Tiger Woods has updates almost hourly and we have some day old ones for you here. Also some major CRN news that we have been talking to our bosses about for weeks.

683 Monday Dec. 7th

68:36 minutes (62.8 MB)

Yea. Angela Channel is back Tomorrow.

684 Tuesday 12-8-09

66:06 minutes (60.52 MB)

The Full Christmas party recap. And GI Jack?

JS Show 715 Wed.

65:57 minutes (60.39 MB)

Stretch can't tell the details of his upcoming job but does finally spill the beans on the reality show that he did not get on. Jack tells about his new project at Lucy's School and what will finally happen when Stretch goes back to work and his wife loses what she thinks is her employee!

723 Monday Presidents Day 2-15-10

67:16 minutes (61.59 MB)

The President's Day Spectacular. Stench finally give details of the new gig and the drama that already awaits him. Jack is also returning to work. During the Pod a Real life emergency happens across the street from Stretch's House.

JS Show Monday 753

61:30 minutes (56.31 MB)

Monday 753 Jack and Stretch roll out a late Sunday Night Podcast while Jack is dealing with picnhing fighting kids and watching Xzibit on Extreme Home makeover. Stench got a ticket while his wife and her friend laughed at him, Avoided the Scorpion sting on Friday and is about to disown the Boy. Jack does a filthy by request sex term and a Pod Memeber quits because Stench is vulgar and complains too much.

793 - Don't Tell US How Lost Ends!

61:58 minutes (56.74 MB)

Stench goes camping and reveals shocking medical news... OK, not really but I wanted this to sound exciting.

JS Show 838 Thursday

67:58 minutes (62.23 MB)

Jack and Stretch with Immigration conversation fall out. New Mel Gibson Audio, New Mel Gibson Mash Up, Brietbart BS and more


54:00 minutes (49.44 MB)

Jack has a bad connection and Stretch may have to kill him. The Pod wraps up a few minutes early because of the connection troubles. Jack is getting crap at work and Stretch HATES the HOMELESS.

879 Monday

65:50 minutes (60.27 MB)

Stretch is back home and dealing with the wife's birthday after being gone last week for their Anniversary. And the sext Messages today have a BIG BOOB theme and none of them are about Alina.

899 Monday Nov. 1st

67:00 minutes (61.35 MB)

The Monday Show, Jacks Got sleepin kids and Stretch went to a World premiere.

900 Tuesday Nov. 2nd

64:34 minutes (59.12 MB)

900 Shows... Damn! Recaps for Halloween and Stretch's 5k. Has the 1 and 1 worked yet for anyone?

901 Wed. Nov. 3rd

69:41 minutes (63.8 MB)

The guys talk election coverage. Announce the return of the Shoe.

903 FA FA FRIDAY Nov. 5th

62:41 minutes (57.39 MB)

A surprise attack on jack's buddy who had the answer to our Pat O'Brien scoop. The return of The Love master-Craig Shoemaker, and the Big Booby Eski-ho.

904 Mon. Nov 8th

74:13 minutes (67.96 MB)

BONUS SHOW 75 minutes long of weekend recap. It was B Day weekend for Lucy and Bing. Stretch hates his life and a test of the one and one!

906 Wed. Nov. 10th

72:08 minutes (66.05 MB)

Vapor trail my Ass! What was that in the sky Monday Afternoon! Both the guys realize they don't have friends at work anymore. Work has began on two Ex Husbands Songs.

907 Thurs. Nov. 11th

74:50 minutes (68.52 MB)

HUGE News for Jack and Stretch. Worse case scenario they get to hang out together and act stupid on Friday. Stretch finally has Hot Water. Previews of the tracks for two of our Country Songs. Stretch needs a Gay Dude to make out with so they call Alina.

908 FA FA FRIDAY Nov.12th

63:09 minutes (57.82 MB)

Tested this bitch and its all here on the player!! J&S getting ready for the game show audition today. New Pod Douche bags here to start trouble. Thank God the week is over. Does your man care what your thinking?????

909 Mon. Nov. 15th

72:32 minutes (66.41 MB)

Results of the TV Show Audition. Weekend Recaps. Jack is the Aquaman of Squirels. Stretch is about disown his family. and Lots of Sxt Messages.

910 Tues Nov. 16th

58:21 minutes (32.6 MB)

Stretch has no Internet because Time Warner eats balls and I posted this bitch on my I phone I hope it works.

911 Wed Nov 17th

62:47 minutes (57.48 MB)

Stretch is back on line! DSB- Deadly Sext Buildup, Holly Hates Jack. Are Men playing dumb or are they just stupid.

912 Thursday Nov. 18th

62:44 minutes (57.44 MB)

The Boys arent Happy! Jack has blisters on his feet for the jogathon, Stretch just kind of hates everything. Angry Sexts and another dose of Sanford and Son for that ass.

913 FA FA FRIDAY Nov. 19th

66:31 minutes (60.91 MB)

On Friday we watch a little Charlie Brown and are glad the weekend is here, Next Week SHORT WEEK!

914 Mon Nov. 22

63:23 minutes (58.03 MB)

Back to work, but its like Wed. already. Stretch has no more child Support, More TSA talk. Michael loves Midgets too.

JS 984 Monday

1:02:36 minutes (57.32 MB)

Jack and Stretch discuss the Craziness going on in Japan. Stretch is so Fat he has to wear special shoes for exercise and a review of two family movies from the weekend. Also getting ready for the 100oth Episode party this weekend.

JS 1005

51:01 minutes (46.72 MB)

The latest in abrubt endings. This show has Stench at a Snobby school Function and more sad stories about Big Dog and how much Little Dog misses him. Then as we wrap up about the 51 minute mark the disc cuts off and we are SCREWED! I Blame Jack even though it was a Bad disc.

Bonus Show- a discovered Disc of the first ever Pod

10:47 minutes (9.88 MB)

This is the real first EVER JS Podcast. In it there was no Jamie, Jack was Still Mariied and Lucy was running around in the background, Stench was Married Unemployed and getting tons of shit for it. WOW after 4 years the only difference is that jack is no longer married. Also the Sound quality was horrible then. This is 10 minutes of the first ever test. Enjoy!

Tuesday 1059

56:17 minutes (51.53 MB)

Bad times continue for Jack and Stretch. The Tuesday show continues with the post "Stench got screwed by the man" deal. Jack is attending a funeral and the fun that is life continues.

JS Wed. 1060

66:20 minutes (60.74 MB)

Alina fills in for Jack and shockingly has some issues with Stretch. we also find out that her Dad was Awesome and that Alina continues to date Gay Guys.
Plus will stretch Go High Road Stretch or Thug Life Stretch. The Internal Battle is killing him.

JS Thursday 1061

71:44 minutes (65.68 MB)

Coach Jack is back. Stretch's world takes yet another turn for the worse and the guys may be sucking down the Pod Peeps with them!


54:34 minutes (49.96 MB)

OK THIS BLOWS! First time ever we try the new recording software and it puts Jack on the Left and Stretch on the Right!!!! Which just goes on par for our luck lately..
Happy 4th of July Weekend..

JS Show 1072

60:59 minutes (55.83 MB)

Carmegedon is a bust, but did make for a pretty Awesome weekend. Dog attacks shark video. Bikes beat Jet in cross LA trip. What ever happened to membership levels on the pod? Stench has a new Temporary Job that is beyond Awesome!!!!

JS Show 1089

60:06 minutes (55.02 MB)

Jack and Stretch are back and are both DUMB ASSES! There was twenty minutes extra before this show that you will never hear because Jack unplugged himself and then Stench realized we were not recording. Besides that... Great Show!

JS Show 1090

70:49 minutes (64.83 MB)

Time to get out the tarot cards and see whats in store for Alina and her Big Boobies and each of the guys. Also Stench almost killed his father in law and Jack doesnt ride trains because he is a racist.

JS Show 1094

1:07:28 minutes (61.77 MB)

Jack and Stretch talk about the dead BH House Husband. People addicted to their spouse. What happens when somebody calls the Mr Bacon line while their dog is killing a rat.

JS Show 1100

1:12:36 minutes (66.48 MB)

1100 Shows strong and never stopping!! Mr. Bacon and sext message palooza! The guys also finally realize that they do provide an excellent service to people and potential employers.

1244 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:59 minutes (56.76 MB)

UFO's. Work wackiness. and other stuff!

1245 Jack and Stench Podcast

67:50 minutes (62.1 MB)

Happy Friday Pod!

1250 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:29 minutes (36.9 MB)

Stench has pills! 4/20 show. Alina is a double fister. Are casting calls racist? Jack is going to the Poppy Festival. Hey it's the weekend. Why does Stench's wife want a big dog? And other stuff.

1257 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:09 minutes (36.14 MB)

Stench is high.

1258 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:45 minutes (37.06 MB)

May Day. Stench is the 99%. Kim got fired. Robert hates us. And other stuff.

1259 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

It's Thursday!!!

1260 Jack and Stench Podcast

66:46 minutes (38.21 MB)

Have a great weekend!

JS Sjow 1261

60:29 minutes (34.61 MB)

Crazy weekend. Crazy Bitches, Crazy Bike Rides. New Dog . Cancelled Comedy Show,,But a new Comedy Show Idea for a make up.

1262 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

R.I.P. Meow. Stench's dog is hungry!

1263 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:31 minutes (35.77 MB)

J & S in the bu? Did johnny whip it out? Shakey's for Mother's Day.

1264 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:09 minutes (34.42 MB)

It's Thursday!

1265 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:41 minutes (35.87 MB)

The police pay Stench a visit... During the pod!

JS Show 1266

61:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Hot Throbbin Monday! Let the hell begin. Tortured by a See You Next Tuesday!

JS Show 1267

63:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Surprising causes of Depression and the real surprise is that being Jack and or stench is not on the list. Alina cuts good hair and does not have three ways with her clients. Jim Wayne will fight a chick. and much much more

JS Show 1268

62:16 minutes (35.63 MB)

We don't remember 3 hours ago, let alone what we did on this show earlier today! But I Think we talked about a bunch of crap.

JS Show 1269

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Better Post this thing before I forget, There is a Laker game on!

JS Show 1270

54:29 minutes (31.18 MB)

Its a Glitch shortened Friday Show..Everybody Drink!

JS Show 1271

61:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday- California Love it or Leave It? LA Sports weekend palooza. Disney Dorks get the shaft from the mouse. Star Wars dorks will never get the pay off.

JS Show 1272

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

Crazy Conspiracy theory...Yes or No! Jack has a new boss, Stench watches WAY too much TV. A new Apple story and the computer is fixed and can play audio files now, which means the drunk dial line is back.

JS Show 1273

64:26 minutes (36.87 MB)

Santa Monica Mountain Lion. Celebs that need to Shut the F Up! Pod Peeps give us info. Crazy old News Exec. and more

JS Show 1274

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

WHOOT WHOOT! The Old Guys Jack and Stench Hate the crazy shenanigans that all these fruit cake drivers are pulling. Zuckerberg and his simple wedding ring. Day 2 of sick family fun for Stretch. A famous viral ghost video de-bunked.

JS Show 1275

72:34 minutes (41.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Memorial Weekend Kick Off! Jack has more traffic complaining. News casters are getting fired. Horse Porn. Alina finally makes the KTLA morning news and we catch the replay during the show. Stench gives Alina some marketing tips. Sprinkles Ice Cream. Can your body be so sexy that it does not matter what your face looks like?

JS Show 1276

63:23 minutes (36.27 MB)

Happy Tuesday, The Boys are back from a perfect weather 3 day weekend.MIB3 review. Visiting graves and where did "thats Bull shit Geraldo " come from.

JS Show 1277

64:00 minutes (36.62 MB)

Happy Hump My Leg Day! lots of sext messages, Radio and Online Revenues. Chinese Dog runs 1100 miles.

JS Show 1278

71:12 minutes (40.74 MB)

Kathy Lee Ultimate Bone Head Move. No Homos in Heaven,. 15 dollar Ice Cream. and did I mention Bitching? Yes its another day on the Pod.

JS Show 1279

64:38 minutes (36.99 MB)

Freaky Friday- Jack and Stench trade places....No wait that is a bad movie that Lindsay Lohan re-made before she was a Coked up Drunky!. Ok J&S don't trade places but they do continue to hate the world. Plus Talking to Lawyers , Big Dog Hates Big Toys, Jack is Baseball bound and much much more...That means I forgot what we talked about a few hours ago when we recorded this show.

JS Show1281

60:18 minutes (34.51 MB)

Stench is moody and depressed but explains what the Hell Happened to the last half of show 1280... Jack is bitching about traffic. Podster needs some relationship advice. Boom here we go for a Tuesday.

JS Show 1282

66:41 minutes (38.16 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Alina is mad at both of the guys, midget orgy, Venus will block out the sun then go retrograde.. Oh Shiz!

JS Show 1283

63:46 minutes (36.5 MB)

An Angry Brit checks in and tells us about being harassed by another famous Brit and giving Oral advice on TV. WTF is BBG? Obama was back and so was the Traffic. Stench had a Dog Melt Down and a minor burglary at his home.

JS Show 1284

61:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack has a school play and better commute from Lancaster than to Burbank. Stench figures out his next wife..and you wont want believe it! Gay People who can not legally get divorced..its caled Wed-locked. Sympathy fucks girls give to their guys and why we dont like it but we take it.

JS Show 1285

61:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Naughty Dreams. Misery from afar. Sext Messages. Girl Cars.

JS Show 1286

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Breaking myths about Large Schlongs. New Idea to do a fake Hate fueled radio show. Is everybody in on the Colbert Joke..Yes or No? Stench is lazy.

JS Show 1287

63:57 minutes (36.6 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Hump It Hump It Hump It!

JS Show 1288

60:22 minutes (27.64 MB)

Happy Thursday and welcome to a very special Jack and Stretch Show live from the Corral cafe in Burbank...Home of a Ghost. Also we check in with Alina to see if Fancy Pants ever got creepy with her and what does she know about Porn Hair... down there.

JS Show 1289

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Fa Fa Friday.

JS Show 1290

64:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench

JS Show 1291

63:06 minutes (36.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack forgets his address and I forgot what we talked about on today's show.

JS Show 1292

60:57 minutes (34.88 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Miss Alina joins us and has tips on where Big Booby Girls can buy Bikinis. Angry Disney Dork. Tips for the Jim Wayne Salon Website and more.

JS Show1293

62:09 minutes (35.57 MB)

Happy Thursday, Executive Privilege, Jack and Stench are Stupid. More Problems downloading?

JS Show 1295

60:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Monday! Weekend Recaps, Party in the Bu. Jacks old neighbors saw him Naked.

JS Show 1296

69:05 minutes (39.54 MB)

Jack and Stench Do Tuesday!. Meatball is back and the guys wonder where the hell did they take that damn bear that was 100 miles away from here.

JS Show 1495 Stench Show

31:46 minutes (43.62 MB)

The Stench Show Rant. Stench Hates Swingers. Stench gets screwed. Stench is a bitter A Hole about the Gay Basketball Player.