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912 Thursday Nov. 18th

62:44 minutes (57.44 MB)

The Boys arent Happy! Jack has blisters on his feet for the jogathon, Stretch just kind of hates everything. Angry Sexts and another dose of Sanford and Son for that ass.

913 FA FA FRIDAY Nov. 19th

66:31 minutes (60.91 MB)

On Friday we watch a little Charlie Brown and are glad the weekend is here, Next Week SHORT WEEK!

JS SHOW 1070

61:06 minutes (55.95 MB)

The Thursday spectacular..

JS Show 1080

62:13 minutes (56.96 MB)

Jack and Stench trying to work out the kinks of the new recording system and realizing that they are both stupid. However there are people way dumber than them in the News Today. Stench feels a diverticulitus relapse coming on and Jack feels unemployed.

JS Show 1081

66:15 minutes (53.08 MB)

This is the Fa Fa Friday, Keep on Dancing till the world ends, It's getting hot in in the house with no windows, People be crazy, Breakdown the new Gossip Show, Sleeping hungry kids, Sports people suicide watch, football is back, Who's Heidi Cortez, Is seeing the Bonadouche cheating on Jack and Stench, Breaking up with Alina, Heart felt ending edition of the Jack and Stench radio Hour of Power!
Jack Heine- as The Single Dad with 2 kids and a man purse at Legoland

JS Show 1082

68:00 minutes (62.27 MB)

Monday Morning, Stench has a bad Dog Day. Jack burns kids out in a bounce house. How about a Bounce Pool Or Bounce Bricks? Stench saw Horrible Bosses and Jack Saw Smurfs. The HOuse Keeper from Hell and more.

JS Show 1083

58:53 minutes (47.17 MB)

all about Britney goes DMX..Dumb bitch gets yanked back to Florida by her P.O. Stench messed up yesterdays numbers and people are annoyed. They forget that Stench is an Idiot who leaves windows open.

JS Show 1086

42:41 minutes (39.08 MB)

WORST SHOW EVER. Stench on the right Jack on the left. Jack has a crappy internet connection and keeps falling off. Sucks so bad we throw in the towel at 42 minutes.. Sorry everybody getting the Stench Studio fixed this weekend..

JS Show 1087

72:39 minutes (66.52 MB)

Monday and the boys are back with some sweet Drunk Dialing, Midget stories, Alina and her drunken foursome Birthday party. Then Stench closes out with his deep refelective letter.

JS Show 1088

65:12 minutes (59.69 MB)

Time Warner Internet Sucks Bigger balls than Wolf Blitzer! BUT ...with some post production you will never know.. Ok you will know a little bit..

JS Show 1089

60:06 minutes (55.02 MB)

Jack and Stretch are back and are both DUMB ASSES! There was twenty minutes extra before this show that you will never hear because Jack unplugged himself and then Stench realized we were not recording. Besides that... Great Show!

JS Show 1090

70:49 minutes (64.83 MB)

Time to get out the tarot cards and see whats in store for Alina and her Big Boobies and each of the guys. Also Stench almost killed his father in law and Jack doesnt ride trains because he is a racist.

JS Show 1091

62:53 minutes (57.58 MB)

Its Fa Fa Friday and Jack just got his Richard Slimmons on! More camp kids thoughts, bad Parents and Janie Lane is Dead.

JS Show 1092

1:07:01 minutes (61.36 MB)

Monday! DMX James Taylor Style, jack has an interview, Stench went to the Fair. WTF is Trans Vaginal Mesh?

Js Show 1093

1:03:39 minutes (58.27 MB)

I phone people getting pissy with Stench. Jacks interview results.

JS Show 1094

1:07:28 minutes (61.77 MB)

Jack and Stretch talk about the dead BH House Husband. People addicted to their spouse. What happens when somebody calls the Mr Bacon line while their dog is killing a rat.

JS Show 1095

1:01:00 minutes (55.85 MB)

Stretch is broke and PISSED! Jack gets nagged by the Ex.

JS Show 1096

1:04:59 minutes (59.49 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!!! We have secretly switched trash trucks today for CHAINSAWS at the Podcast world headquarters. Midgets serving coffee ...Yes or No?

Js Show 1097

1:01:22 minutes (56.19 MB)

MONDAY!! Jack just got back from a boys dance party, Stench finally got paid and caught up on all his bills. VOICEMAIL A PALOOZA!!! Alina got permission to travel out of town and how you can get a humidor too!

JS Show 1099

1:05:40 minutes (60.12 MB)

We are back and summer is over! It's back to school and back to bitching for the boys. On vacation Jack learned how to clean up barf and to piss on himself. Stench learned how to deal with rude snorkelers and save a shelter dog.

JS Show 1100

1:12:36 minutes (66.48 MB)

1100 Shows strong and never stopping!! Mr. Bacon and sext message palooza! The guys also finally realize that they do provide an excellent service to people and potential employers.

JS Show 1101

1:01:56 minutes (56.7 MB)

It's Hot in here and well...At least we are not Alina! Sad Plane Crash, More Sext Messages, Dog Updates, and Shocker Jack got screwed over on the first day of school.

JS Show 1102

76:48 minutes (70.31 MB)

FA FA Friday, Stench had an audition, The Michael Anthony Hall Conspiracy, Whatever happend to Molly Ringwald.

JS Show 1103

72:06 minutes (66.01 MB)

Monday, Jack sings the hits with other Stage Moms. Stench does Orange County, Alina Does celebrities and finally tells the story that she forgot she never told us before.

JS 1104

73:42 minutes (67.48 MB)

What happens when stench says " Hey remember when we stayed there?" and his wife does not recall that trip? Well on this show you will find out! Star Wars geeks continue to attack Jack and Stench.

JS Show 1105

75:48 minutes (69.39 MB)

The Wed. Spectacular with Lobsterfest News, Alina is mad at us and much much more.

JS Show 1106

78:21 minutes (71.73 MB)

Jack and Stench continue to battle dorks. Crazy Animal lady. Porn Bunker for the end of the world and more

JS SHOW 1107

70:13 minutes (64.29 MB)

FA FA Friday- Tripple Double Stuff Oreo's Suck, Dead Midget Porn Star, Guess which Po Mofia Member is a closet Treky. and More

JS Show 1108

79:58 minutes (73.22 MB)

The Longest Show Ever!! In fact this show is so long the disc cuts it off. Alina joins us and talks about being naked, Being very busy with the Emmy's going on, and going to Emmy parties. Psychic Stretch reads the cards on Alina and her chance of a hook up at a party. jack Fights a woman in a playground. Stench decides to test his car insurance. Happy Meals are not too happy anymore...and of course more Sponge Bob theories and Star Wars geeks, PLUS Guess who is also a harry Potter Fan.

JS Show 1109

69:23 minutes (63.52 MB)

It's Tuesday up in here! Jack and Stench continue to remember shit they forgot to talk after vaca. They also continue to clarify the dork roll. There are lines that should not be crossed. jack had another interview and podcasting is ofr people that are not that Good at radio.!!

JS Show 1111

75:30 minutes (69.13 MB)

Stench is bent about a news story involving Pit Bulls and stupid people.

JS Show 1112

76:44 minutes (70.26 MB)

Oh F its FRIDAY!!!!!!!! More Curb painter drama in the stench hood. Voicemail and sext message palooza. Simon Cowell loses big time but Stench likes the new show. Jack is headed off to back to School Night lets hope he has fun!

JS Show 1113

37:14 minutes (34.1 MB)

Happy Monday. Obama is screwing the West Side today. Stench almost lost the new dog. Jack had to explain wedding photos to the kids. How many In N Out Double Doubles could you eat?

JS Show 1113 RELOAD

76:35 minutes (70.11 MB)

JS Show 1114

66:24 minutes (60.79 MB)

The Jack and Stench Reality Road Show starring Alina. The New Dog is still being a douche. Jack and Stench for Charity. Dr. B is in town and Bristol Palin drama. WTF is a LARP!

JS Show 1115

76:14 minutes (69.81 MB)

Stench has no life and has resorted to dressing the small dog up in costumes and taking pictures. Alina is late for work. No Job Depression. Thunder Shirts and more.

JS SHow 1116

77:58 minutes (71.39 MB)

The Thursday Broadcast hour of power

JS Show 1117

66:18 minutes (60.7 MB)

Fat Friday!!!!

JS Show 1118

73:14 minutes (67.05 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack is just another red shirt wearing gat guy at the Happiest Place on Earth. Stench is a Big Mo with a Pink Lunch Box.

JS Show 1119

77:44 minutes (71.17 MB)

Tuesday and it is on and popping with Jack and Stench vs. Disney Dorks. It's like the star Wars battle but worse. Obama Fried Chicken in China. Are you a LARPER if???

JS Show 1120

68:27 minutes (62.67 MB)

Wed. The Disney fighting continues and Alina here with a new STD from an old BF. Stench is a pig in more ways than one and probably ate a spit burger. Jack hates every one and everything.

JS Show 1121

63:28 minutes (58.11 MB)

Stench decides that Jack has had enough of the hate mail lime light and pisses off the ladies. Steve Jobs is dead, what does Kim kardashian think? Jack is a Volunteer PE teacher in the rain. jack and stench are Old and angry. More rascist chils adoption talk. Bonus- Full version of the Beef Log Song.

JS Show 1122

71:42 minutes (65.64 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Jack and StencH are back in all their complaining glory.

JS Show 1123

79:44 minutes (73.01 MB)

Games with the kids. Exceptions for the Disney Rule. Festival Recap, jack bikes in downtown and more.

JS Show 1124

71:49 minutes (65.76 MB)

Tuesday, Pug gets Anal Probe. More Pedophile Pod Peeps. Jack hates everyone. Stench gets a job lead.

JS Show 1125

79:16 minutes (72.58 MB)

Wed. Jack and Stench Hour or so of Power! Occupy everything. freeloaders latching on to the occupy protests. Stench saw his local homeless guy in another city having dinner with his not homeless girlfriend. Are jack and Stench Radio LARPers?

JS Show 1126

70:45 minutes (64.77 MB)

People you did not know were Mormons and finally somebody else mad at the Guys that is not a Star Wars or Disney Fan. Yes its time for Angry Raider fans.

JS Show 1127

72:03 minutes (65.96 MB)

Happy Friday, Crazy Drama in the News. Stupid solicitors.

JS Show 1128

70:39 minutes (64.69 MB)

The jack Happy Hour Recap. Nasty day of auto racing. Reason #251 to keep fresh batteries in your smoke detector. Hispanic Media Coalition is pissed at Clear Channel. Alabama hates latins and so does Stench. Zombies on the train and more.

JS Show 1129

75:51 minutes (69.45 MB)

Tuesday Jack and Stench Hour of Power.

JS Show 1130

77:16 minutes (70.75 MB)

Hump Day! Questions for the Pod Peeps.

JS Show 1131

73:15 minutes (67.06 MB)

Happy Thursday The Grumpy Old Men are back with a late night recording. Including lots of sext messages and Voicemails.

JS Show 1138 Halloween Edition

60:56 minutes (55.78 MB)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Alina and her Ooompa Loompa's join the guys for the Halloween Spectacular and Stench is back on line for that Podcast!!!

JS Show 1139

74:33 minutes (68.25 MB)

After Halloween recap. Stench has a job. Tons of Sext and Voicemails.

JS Show 1140

63:24 minutes (58.05 MB)

Its Pre K P.E. today for Jack. We explain more why destination weddings are not cool, but mostly why 3rd World sucks and you should never go to one of those places.

JS Show 1141

78:59 minutes (72.31 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY. Feeling like the creepy guy around young hot chicks. Parents that get in your business. The fun of divorce. Time change weekend. Is it darker in the winter and much much more.

JS Show 1142

79:31 minutes (72.81 MB)

Monday, jack and Stench weekend Recaps,Stench had a semi terrible sports weekend and Jack had a Semi terrible Ex Wife weekend.

JS SHOW 1143

77:12 minutes (70.69 MB)

TUESDAY SPECTACULAR!! The Boys are back and on a roll still trying to figure out any Technical glitches for the I Tunes

JS Show 1144

62:17 minutes (42.77 MB)

Wed. J&S are back with the sext messages, VM's and and technical glithces galore. We also address the recent pod download problems and have taken a step on our end to remedy the situation.

JS Show 1147

64:59 minutes (44.62 MB)

Monday drama.

JS Show 1152

1:14:13 minutes (42.47 MB)

Late Night Monday. Jack and Stench are joined by Alina to kick off the Short week. Of course Alina brings the talk to STD's and three ways.

JS Show 1155

1:15:20 minutes (43.11 MB)

Happy back to work after a long Thanksgiving weekend. F ing with Jack for the Holidays. Black Friday Nightmares.

JS Show 1160

1:07:33 minutes (38.65 MB)

Its Monday and the guys have lots of Voicemail and Sext messages on the Mr. bacon line.

JS Show 1164

1:14:51 minutes (42.84 MB)

Fa Fa Friday!!! Jack is doing another Friday Night Non Happy Hour Happy Hour Tonight.

JS Show 1165

1:13:03 minutes (41.8 MB)

Monday Drama, Stench and the Crazy Homeless problem in Palisades. Jack Non Happy Hour Recap, Fostering a Dog.. Beware of Lemierre Syndrome.

Js Show 1170

1:19:01 minutes (45.22 MB)

Happy Monday. BONUS SHOW! Plus a Bonus that you will never hear. Stench Christmas party recap. Jacks got kids that are home for 3 weeks! WAR WITH DENNY'S..

JS Show 1175

1:01:11 minutes (35.02 MB)

WE'RE BACK from lighting fires!!!!!! But kind of sucky to be honest.

JS Show 1176

46:30 minutes (26.61 MB)

The Boyz are back with Miss Alina, who had a porn star Pajama Party for Christmas, and Big Celeb News. We go to the cards to find out if Jack will get anal in 2012. The Answer is as creepy as the question. Speaking of anal, have we got an animal video for you!

JS Show 1178

1:02:40 minutes (35.86 MB)

Happy Monday! What the Hell is Squishy Bath?

JS Show 1182

1:07:37 minutes (38.7 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!! Alina joins the show today to tell us a Jamie Update and about a Turd Meteor that hit the Valley! Jack is getting ready for his audition. Alina thinks that we believe crap about celebs and claims to have never dated a reality star. and Sext messages and Voicemails.

JS Show 1184

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Its Wed. already. Is there a serial killer amongst the Pod Family? jack is on whisper mode because he has kids. If a 10 piece gets you a Bj what can you get for a 20?

JS Show 1187

1:06:44 minutes (38.19 MB)

GIANTS are going to the Superbowl! So are the Patriots... Jack is a fake caller in Boston. Pod Peeps do art! Jamie sells her house. 20,000 Sqft. Houses..Yes Or No.

JS Show 1192

1:04:07 minutes (36.69 MB)

MONDAY MONDAY! It's Hot as hell in So Cal... and so are our loins!

JS Show 1194

1:05:14 minutes (37.33 MB)

Happy HUMP Day!! Look out for the New LA Serial Killer. Male Teachers yes or no? Jack has sleeping kids so sounds like he is announcing a golf match. Clearchannel goes 300 million deep on Seacrest while managing to continue to layoff staff nation wide.

JS Show 1197

1:07:46 minutes (38.78 MB)

GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL! Why because they are better than your team that's why! Douche bag friends. REALLY BAD parents. Frat House recap. Jack insults his Moms friends. Is Stench's Dog to Fat to be a purse Dog?

JS Show 1200

1:01:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

1200 SHOWS!!!!!!!! HOLY BALLS! We recap all the haters who have come and gone over the years and how with the support of all of you we are still ROLLING strong! jack prepares for World War 3. bacon Milk Shakes. Gay marriage and much much more

JS Show 1202

1:15:02 minutes (42.94 MB)

Happy Monday, Jacks back. Stench has his life ruined by a dog.Lots of Mr. Bacon messages. Stench has no balls. Chicken Pox after getting vaccinated. Touching some male Stripper Wang. Asians at Popeyes and much much more.

JS Show 1204

1:01:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Day after Valentines Day. More Dog Drama. Stench is high. Obama is back in LA today. Visiting places where people died..Yes or No! Stench Yes but only GREAT AMERICANS. Jack No!

JS Show 1207

1:01:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Presidents Day! Douche bag Parents. When Bike vs Bus goes terribly wrong.

JS Show 1208

1:00:51 minutes (34.82 MB)

jack and Stench phone it in on Presidents Day. Service Dogs that are not really service dogs.. Gas prices suck ass. Talking to strangers. Working on Presidents Day.

JS Show 1209

1:09:50 minutes (39.96 MB)

Happy Wed. More theme songs to get stuck in your head. What is the F Bomb count of Stench on a Good Day? Good News on the Job Front? Who is Better Lee Majors or Burt Reynlods?

JS Show 1211

1:11:57 minutes (41.18 MB)

Its Friday, CVS Sucks Ass. Jack gets rescheduled again, UTI's and Dirty Wang, and TONS O Voicemails and Sext Messages for the FA FA Friday.

JS Show 1213

1:01:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

We are back and still rolling. Yesterday was Oscar Talk and today its some how NASCAR!! Yes neither Jack nor Stench like NASCAR but somehow they both end up watching it.. Kid Fights, Old People fights, Coming soon the Transgender Mentally Challenged Midget Silent Movie written by Jack and Stench that is certain to get an Oscar.

JS Show 1220

62:28 minutes (35.74 MB)

We are still on line, and still old grumpy guys.

JS Show 1221

67:29 minutes (38.62 MB)

The Boys are back and they have a cranky Alina on a clense. Jack is in San Diego and has news on the Job Front. The New HIV drug.

JS Show 1222

60:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy 5 year Pod Anniversary!!!!!

JS Show1223

61:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets a field trip surprise. Stench is recovering. When is Edgy not Edgy.

JS Show 1225

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Happy Thursday! Can money really make you happy? Stench is a hater... does he need therapy? The Craziest Celebrity Gossip Story Ever.

JS Show 1227

54:28 minutes (31.17 MB)

The Smooth Sounds of Jack and Stench for a Monday. Stench Likes 21 Jump Street and the New J Lo and Marc Anthony Show. the Guys are old and did not celebrate St. Patricks day at All. AND AN EPIC SKYPE MELTDOWN TO END THE SHOW!

JS Show 1230

70:00 minutes (40.06 MB)


JS SHOW 1232

66:28 minutes (38.04 MB)

Its the Post Pod wedding Show. Plus It's Day one of the Jack Show at The Mix 106.3 .
People are mean to Prius Drivers, however there is at least one that will get out of the car and beat your ass. The jack and Stench Diet consists of terrible things that will make you toss out a perfectly good donut.

JS Show 1237

61:14 minutes (35.04 MB)

Happy Monday- The Jack and Stench Burbank Brick! Pod Mafia Rules! UPS Loses a lot of stuff.

JS SHOW 1239

48:10 minutes (27.57 MB)

It's a short show and you can blame Suge Knight! Jack has kids for Sprong break and Stench has a LOOOOOOONG DAAAAAY!

JS SHOW 1251

63:20 minutes (36.25 MB)

The Poppyseed Festival recap, Even Goldfish commit suicide. Sometimes weekends are best when your high!

Js Show 1256

61:51 minutes (35.4 MB)

Another depressing Monday with the boys. Games People play,

JS Sjow 1261

60:29 minutes (34.61 MB)

Crazy weekend. Crazy Bitches, Crazy Bike Rides. New Dog . Cancelled Comedy Show,,But a new Comedy Show Idea for a make up.

JS Show 1266

61:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Hot Throbbin Monday! Let the hell begin. Tortured by a See You Next Tuesday!

JS Show 1267

63:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Surprising causes of Depression and the real surprise is that being Jack and or stench is not on the list. Alina cuts good hair and does not have three ways with her clients. Jim Wayne will fight a chick. and much much more

JS Show 1268

62:16 minutes (35.63 MB)

We don't remember 3 hours ago, let alone what we did on this show earlier today! But I Think we talked about a bunch of crap.

JS Show 1269

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Better Post this thing before I forget, There is a Laker game on!

JS Show 1270

54:29 minutes (31.18 MB)

Its a Glitch shortened Friday Show..Everybody Drink!

JS Show 1271

61:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday- California Love it or Leave It? LA Sports weekend palooza. Disney Dorks get the shaft from the mouse. Star Wars dorks will never get the pay off.

JS Show 1272

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

Crazy Conspiracy theory...Yes or No! Jack has a new boss, Stench watches WAY too much TV. A new Apple story and the computer is fixed and can play audio files now, which means the drunk dial line is back.

JS Show 1273

64:26 minutes (36.87 MB)

Santa Monica Mountain Lion. Celebs that need to Shut the F Up! Pod Peeps give us info. Crazy old News Exec. and more

JS Show 1274

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

WHOOT WHOOT! The Old Guys Jack and Stench Hate the crazy shenanigans that all these fruit cake drivers are pulling. Zuckerberg and his simple wedding ring. Day 2 of sick family fun for Stretch. A famous viral ghost video de-bunked.

JS Show 1275

72:34 minutes (41.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Memorial Weekend Kick Off! Jack has more traffic complaining. News casters are getting fired. Horse Porn. Alina finally makes the KTLA morning news and we catch the replay during the show. Stench gives Alina some marketing tips. Sprinkles Ice Cream. Can your body be so sexy that it does not matter what your face looks like?

JS Show 1277

64:00 minutes (36.62 MB)

Happy Hump My Leg Day! lots of sext messages, Radio and Online Revenues. Chinese Dog runs 1100 miles.

JS Show 1278

71:12 minutes (40.74 MB)

Kathy Lee Ultimate Bone Head Move. No Homos in Heaven,. 15 dollar Ice Cream. and did I mention Bitching? Yes its another day on the Pod.

JS Show 1279

64:38 minutes (36.99 MB)

Freaky Friday- Jack and Stench trade places....No wait that is a bad movie that Lindsay Lohan re-made before she was a Coked up Drunky!. Ok J&S don't trade places but they do continue to hate the world. Plus Talking to Lawyers , Big Dog Hates Big Toys, Jack is Baseball bound and much much more...That means I forgot what we talked about a few hours ago when we recorded this show.


26:20 minutes (15.07 MB)

Stench is drunk and angry ponds computer and it cuts off.

JS Show 1280B

2:21 minutes (1.35 MB)

After just a couple minutes drunky pounds the key board again and we are off the air yet again


0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

maybe this is part 3 of the drunky anger fiesta.

JS SHOW 1280 C

0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

this 33 minute clip of the show cuts off after only 5 seconds becaus edrunky has beat the shit out of the machine....

JS Show1281

60:18 minutes (34.51 MB)

Stench is moody and depressed but explains what the Hell Happened to the last half of show 1280... Jack is bitching about traffic. Podster needs some relationship advice. Boom here we go for a Tuesday.

JS Show 1282

66:41 minutes (38.16 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Alina is mad at both of the guys, midget orgy, Venus will block out the sun then go retrograde.. Oh Shiz!

JS Show 1283

63:46 minutes (36.5 MB)

An Angry Brit checks in and tells us about being harassed by another famous Brit and giving Oral advice on TV. WTF is BBG? Obama was back and so was the Traffic. Stench had a Dog Melt Down and a minor burglary at his home.

JS Show 1284

61:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack has a school play and better commute from Lancaster than to Burbank. Stench figures out his next wife..and you wont want believe it! Gay People who can not legally get divorced..its caled Wed-locked. Sympathy fucks girls give to their guys and why we dont like it but we take it.

JS Show 1285

61:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Naughty Dreams. Misery from afar. Sext Messages. Girl Cars.

JS Show 1286

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Breaking myths about Large Schlongs. New Idea to do a fake Hate fueled radio show. Is everybody in on the Colbert Joke..Yes or No? Stench is lazy.

JS Show 1287

63:57 minutes (36.6 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Hump It Hump It Hump It!

JS Show 1288

60:22 minutes (27.64 MB)

Happy Thursday and welcome to a very special Jack and Stretch Show live from the Corral cafe in Burbank...Home of a Ghost. Also we check in with Alina to see if Fancy Pants ever got creepy with her and what does she know about Porn Hair... down there.

JS Show 1289

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Fa Fa Friday.

JS Show 1290

64:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench

JS Show 1291

63:06 minutes (36.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack forgets his address and I forgot what we talked about on today's show.

JS Show 1292

60:57 minutes (34.88 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Miss Alina joins us and has tips on where Big Booby Girls can buy Bikinis. Angry Disney Dork. Tips for the Jim Wayne Salon Website and more.

JS Show1293

62:09 minutes (35.57 MB)

Happy Thursday, Executive Privilege, Jack and Stench are Stupid. More Problems downloading?

JS Show 1294

61:26 minutes (35.16 MB)

Its a 3 way Friday because Alina is back and spitting out Pod Quotes of the day like a Champion. Jack is getting his water park on. Stench has a press release for his new part time job. Alina is probably somewhere on line doing Skype sex. Seeing Grand Ma's Flappy lips in the wind.

JS Show 1295

60:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Monday! Weekend Recaps, Party in the Bu. Jacks old neighbors saw him Naked.

JS Show 1296

69:05 minutes (39.54 MB)

Jack and Stench Do Tuesday!. Meatball is back and the guys wonder where the hell did they take that damn bear that was 100 miles away from here.

JS Show 1317

63:53 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench in Kid B Day weekend extravaganza. Jack in closed highwaypalooza. Hawk attacks. Stupid people with trains. Pay Backs a Bitch.