audio by year 2012

JS Show 1175

1:01:11 minutes (35.02 MB)

WE'RE BACK from lighting fires!!!!!! But kind of sucky to be honest.

JS Show 1176

46:30 minutes (26.61 MB)

The Boyz are back with Miss Alina, who had a porn star Pajama Party for Christmas, and Big Celeb News. We go to the cards to find out if Jack will get anal in 2012. The Answer is as creepy as the question. Speaking of anal, have we got an animal video for you!

The Real 1176 - Here's the real Thursday Show

1:07:07 minutes (38.4 MB)

Alina joins us for some 2012 Pod Fun

1177 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:01:07 minutes (34.98 MB)

Alina stops by, Stench runs out of gas, Benihana, Congrats Jamie and other podtastic stuff!

JS Show 1178

1:02:40 minutes (35.86 MB)

Happy Monday! What the Hell is Squishy Bath?

1179 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:12:58 minutes (41.76 MB)

We clear up all the confusion around Alina's 3-some situation. Stench is on the air at KDAY. Jamie is on the air at Alice. Nothing like the support of your Mom. Don't be stupid like us. And other podtastic stuff

1180 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:15:23 minutes (43.14 MB)

Stench's dogs gone wild. Cleaning the garage. You guys review Jamie's new show. It takes awhile to get used to. Fat Pat is on my TV! Roll tide. Rock tumbler. Baff! And other stuff.

1181 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:08:44 minutes (39.33 MB)

What is Sunny D? Why people cheat? Kevin's cloud. More Jamie reviews. Hey, that's not why Jack named his kids that! Daddy Casper. And other stuff!

1183 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:06:13 minutes (37.89 MB)

Stench was at the MLK Parade at a doughnut shop. How did the boy do in his MMA Fight? More reasons Jack hates the Westside. Kevin on Jamie's podcasts. OJ. And other great stuff.

JS Show 1184

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Its Wed. already. Is there a serial killer amongst the Pod Family? jack is on whisper mode because he has kids. If a 10 piece gets you a Bj what can you get for a 20?

1185 Jack and Stench Podcast

55:41 minutes (31.87 MB)

Jack live from Starbucks. Stench's Ex was at the fight. Finding a head. Jacks not top 40. and other stuff.

1186 Jack and Stench Podcast

54:26 minutes (31.15 MB)

People dying, pets dying... which upsets people more? Alina has broken up with Stench! Should I listen to you on the radio or the internet? Burger delivery talk. Technical glitch! Stench is even more in love with #therealjlh... But we all know Jack L. Heine is the real JLH!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

JS Show 1187

1:06:44 minutes (38.19 MB)

GIANTS are going to the Superbowl! So are the Patriots... Jack is a fake caller in Boston. Pod Peeps do art! Jamie sells her house. 20,000 Sqft. Houses..Yes Or No.

1188 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:06:15 minutes (37.91 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

1189 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:29 minutes (107.09 MB)

We are being watched. Happy Birthday Jack. Good dog, bad dog. Divorce. And other good stuff.

1190 Jack and Stench Podcast

54:54 minutes (31.41 MB)

Kayden is ill. Jack invented 4-square. Stench had a long day. Hangovers. Bisexuals. being hairy!

1191 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:01:36 minutes (35.25 MB)


JS Show 1192

1:04:07 minutes (36.69 MB)

MONDAY MONDAY! It's Hot as hell in So Cal... and so are our loins!

1193 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:12:09 minutes (41.29 MB)

Alina joins us for the end of this Tuesday Podcast!

JS Show 1194

1:05:14 minutes (37.33 MB)

Happy HUMP Day!! Look out for the New LA Serial Killer. Male Teachers yes or no? Jack has sleeping kids so sounds like he is announcing a golf match. Clearchannel goes 300 million deep on Seacrest while managing to continue to layoff staff nation wide.

1195 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:04:33 minutes (36.94 MB)

What Stench really wants for Valentine's Day. Hands down the pants. On lockdown. Stench's dog is F'n nuts. Guess who's back on drugs. Live from Starbucks. And other stuff!

1196 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:04:42 minutes (37.02 MB)

Freeways, bikes and motorcycles. Ready for the big game. Don't eat that pizza. And other stuff.

JS Show 1197

1:07:46 minutes (38.78 MB)

GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL! Why because they are better than your team that's why! Douche bag friends. REALLY BAD parents. Frat House recap. Jack insults his Moms friends. Is Stench's Dog to Fat to be a purse Dog?

1198 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:00:02 minutes (34.36 MB)

It's Tuesday and people actually sext/messaged us! Football is over. It's a slow news day. Stench's phone is blowin' up! Will Jack find a girlfriend? And other stuff!

1199 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:11:29 minutes (40.91 MB)

Better late than never! Sorry, Jack

JS Show 1200

1:01:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

1200 SHOWS!!!!!!!! HOLY BALLS! We recap all the haters who have come and gone over the years and how with the support of all of you we are still ROLLING strong! jack prepares for World War 3. bacon Milk Shakes. Gay marriage and much much more

1201 Jack And Stench Podcast

1:03:47 minutes (36.5 MB)

1201 boy!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend

JS Show 1202

1:15:02 minutes (42.94 MB)

Happy Monday, Jacks back. Stench has his life ruined by a dog.Lots of Mr. Bacon messages. Stench has no balls. Chicken Pox after getting vaccinated. Touching some male Stripper Wang. Asians at Popeyes and much much more.

1203 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:10:11 minutes (40.16 MB)

It's Valentine's Day... And we do our best to spread the love!

JS Show 1204

1:01:59 minutes (35.47 MB)

Day after Valentines Day. More Dog Drama. Stench is high. Obama is back in LA today. Visiting places where people died..Yes or No! Stench Yes but only GREAT AMERICANS. Jack No!

1205 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:44 minutes (36.47 MB)

Stench's Valentine's Day. Are the meds working? Rain! And other stuff.

1206 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:09:52 minutes (39.98 MB)

Why Chris Brown is a super douche. Stench is an evil dog killer. One of Jamie's Ex's is the devil. Alina needs some help. And other stuff, have a great long weekend.

JS Show 1207

1:01:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Presidents Day! Douche bag Parents. When Bike vs Bus goes terribly wrong.

JS Show 1208

1:00:51 minutes (34.82 MB)

jack and Stench phone it in on Presidents Day. Service Dogs that are not really service dogs.. Gas prices suck ass. Talking to strangers. Working on Presidents Day.

JS Show 1209

1:09:50 minutes (39.96 MB)

Happy Wed. More theme songs to get stuck in your head. What is the F Bomb count of Stench on a Good Day? Good News on the Job Front? Who is Better Lee Majors or Burt Reynlods?

1210 Jack and Stench Podcast

1:03:44 minutes (36.47 MB)

Dogs. Molester teachers. Unions. Stench sleeps the day away. And other stuff.

JS Show 1211

1:11:57 minutes (41.18 MB)

Its Friday, CVS Sucks Ass. Jack gets rescheduled again, UTI's and Dirty Wang, and TONS O Voicemails and Sext Messages for the FA FA Friday.

JS Show 1213

1:01:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

We are back and still rolling. Yesterday was Oscar Talk and today its some how NASCAR!! Yes neither Jack nor Stench like NASCAR but somehow they both end up watching it.. Kid Fights, Old People fights, Coming soon the Transgender Mentally Challenged Midget Silent Movie written by Jack and Stench that is certain to get an Oscar.

1219 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:24 minutes (34.57 MB)

Hope this works!!!

1218 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:39 minutes (34.71 MB)

Better late than never!!!

1217 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:35 minutes (33.52 MB)

The Monday Pod re-posted for your enjoyment

1216 Jack And Stench Podcast

62:16 minutes (35.64 MB)

Another lost pod

1215 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:12 minutes (35.03 MB)

Trying to get all the pods back up!

1214 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

This is the last one we were able to recover!

JS Show 1220

62:28 minutes (35.74 MB)

We are still on line, and still old grumpy guys.

1212 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:42 minutes (35.88 MB)

The last of the missing podcasts... They're all back now!

JS Show 1221

67:29 minutes (38.62 MB)

The Boys are back and they have a cranky Alina on a clense. Jack is in San Diego and has news on the Job Front. The New HIV drug.

JS Show 1222

60:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy 5 year Pod Anniversary!!!!!

JS Show1223

61:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets a field trip surprise. Stench is recovering. When is Edgy not Edgy.

1224 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Wow that's a lot of podcasts. Homeless wifi. I got an idea, how about we don't have to pay those molester teachers. Another celebrity divorce. Hunger Games. And other stuff.

JS Show 1225

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Happy Thursday! Can money really make you happy? Stench is a hater... does he need therapy? The Craziest Celebrity Gossip Story Ever.

1226 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Blind item talk. Hey it's Friday! Baby's flat hand. Look what the Lakers did. That guy can't afford the Dodgers. What happened to Peter Fise. Find Kevin. And other stuff!

JS Show 1227

54:28 minutes (31.17 MB)

The Smooth Sounds of Jack and Stench for a Monday. Stench Likes 21 Jump Street and the New J Lo and Marc Anthony Show. the Guys are old and did not celebrate St. Patricks day at All. AND AN EPIC SKYPE MELTDOWN TO END THE SHOW!

1228 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:25 minutes (35.15 MB)

Skype kinda works today! Your voice mails and sexts from 916-MR-BACON. Denver football. Jack has a job and he wants Stench to be his boss. It's almost wedding time. And other stuff.

1229 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:37 minutes (35.83 MB)

No technical issues on today's pod... Nobody drink!

JS Show 1230

70:00 minutes (40.06 MB)


1231 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:03 minutes (34.37 MB)

Wrapping up the week pod style. What killed Whitney. Call a "celebrity." The wedding is this weekend. Nascar is in town. Is golf boring. Stench went to Shakey's

JS SHOW 1232

66:28 minutes (38.04 MB)

Its the Post Pod wedding Show. Plus It's Day one of the Jack Show at The Mix 106.3 .
People are mean to Prius Drivers, however there is at least one that will get out of the car and beat your ass. The jack and Stench Diet consists of terrible things that will make you toss out a perfectly good donut.

1233 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:43 minutes (35.32 MB)

Jacks first day. KDAY on TMZ. Jack is conservative. Stench almost hit a lady. And other stuff.

1234 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:38 minutes (35.27 MB)

Big toilets! And other stuff!

1235 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Alina is not going to be happy! Buggery!!! More toilet talk. Stench is in Big Bear. And other stuff.

1236 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:22 minutes (35.69 MB)

Alina Buggers us! Stench will pour a cup of S.T.F.U. if he wins the lottery. Fisting!?!? and other fun Friday stuff.

JS Show 1237

61:14 minutes (35.04 MB)

Happy Monday- The Jack and Stench Burbank Brick! Pod Mafia Rules! UPS Loses a lot of stuff.

1238 Jack And Stench Podcast

61:12 minutes (35.02 MB)

Happy Tuesday Pod!

JS SHOW 1239

48:10 minutes (27.57 MB)

It's a short show and you can blame Suge Knight! Jack has kids for Sprong break and Stench has a LOOOOOOONG DAAAAAY!

1240 Jack and Stench Podcast

73:45 minutes (42.2 MB)

I'm making eggs. Stench will not say a word. Blind items. Lucy was on the radio. Business. And other stuff

1241 Jack and Stench Podcast

67:31 minutes (38.64 MB)

Happy Good Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

1242 Jack and Stench Podcast

51:44 minutes (47.37 MB)

We're back... Although the disc cut out so it's a tad short!

1243 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:53 minutes (59.4 MB)

Mysteries. Small town politics. Yep, we knew it was short. Oh Jesus it's a fire. Going for a bike ride. Parking. And other stuff!

1244 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:59 minutes (56.76 MB)

UFO's. Work wackiness. and other stuff!

1245 Jack and Stench Podcast

67:50 minutes (62.1 MB)

Happy Friday Pod!

1246 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:05 minutes (54.09 MB)

Sorry for the late post!

1247 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:33 minutes (57.27 MB)

I can't remember what we talked about?

1248 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:26 minutes (34.58 MB)

Parking. Alina is home. Heidi Montag's new song. And other stuff.

1249 Jack and Stench Podcast

51:18 minutes (29.36 MB)

Stench is drugged up!

1250 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:29 minutes (36.9 MB)

Stench has pills! 4/20 show. Alina is a double fister. Are casting calls racist? Jack is going to the Poppy Festival. Hey it's the weekend. Why does Stench's wife want a big dog? And other stuff.

JS SHOW 1251

63:20 minutes (36.25 MB)

The Poppyseed Festival recap, Even Goldfish commit suicide. Sometimes weekends are best when your high!

1252 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:00 minutes (36.05 MB)

Alina joins us on the Tuesday Pod!

1253 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:54 minutes (35.42 MB)

Will things ever get better?

1254 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:11 minutes (34.44 MB)

We are angry old men!

1255 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:58 minutes (36.04 MB)

It's Friday!

Js Show 1256

61:51 minutes (35.4 MB)

Another depressing Monday with the boys. Games People play,

1257 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:09 minutes (36.14 MB)

Stench is high.

1258 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:45 minutes (37.06 MB)

May Day. Stench is the 99%. Kim got fired. Robert hates us. And other stuff.

1259 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

It's Thursday!!!

1260 Jack and Stench Podcast

66:46 minutes (38.21 MB)

Have a great weekend!

JS Sjow 1261

60:29 minutes (34.61 MB)

Crazy weekend. Crazy Bitches, Crazy Bike Rides. New Dog . Cancelled Comedy Show,,But a new Comedy Show Idea for a make up.

1262 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

R.I.P. Meow. Stench's dog is hungry!

1263 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:31 minutes (35.77 MB)

J & S in the bu? Did johnny whip it out? Shakey's for Mother's Day.

1264 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:09 minutes (34.42 MB)

It's Thursday!

1265 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:41 minutes (35.87 MB)

The police pay Stench a visit... During the pod!

JS Show 1266

61:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Hot Throbbin Monday! Let the hell begin. Tortured by a See You Next Tuesday!

JS Show 1267

63:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Surprising causes of Depression and the real surprise is that being Jack and or stench is not on the list. Alina cuts good hair and does not have three ways with her clients. Jim Wayne will fight a chick. and much much more

JS Show 1268

62:16 minutes (35.63 MB)

We don't remember 3 hours ago, let alone what we did on this show earlier today! But I Think we talked about a bunch of crap.

JS Show 1269

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Better Post this thing before I forget, There is a Laker game on!

JS Show 1270

54:29 minutes (31.18 MB)

Its a Glitch shortened Friday Show..Everybody Drink!

JS Show 1271

61:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday- California Love it or Leave It? LA Sports weekend palooza. Disney Dorks get the shaft from the mouse. Star Wars dorks will never get the pay off.

JS Show 1272

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

Crazy Conspiracy theory...Yes or No! Jack has a new boss, Stench watches WAY too much TV. A new Apple story and the computer is fixed and can play audio files now, which means the drunk dial line is back.

JS Show 1273

64:26 minutes (36.87 MB)

Santa Monica Mountain Lion. Celebs that need to Shut the F Up! Pod Peeps give us info. Crazy old News Exec. and more

JS Show 1274

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

WHOOT WHOOT! The Old Guys Jack and Stench Hate the crazy shenanigans that all these fruit cake drivers are pulling. Zuckerberg and his simple wedding ring. Day 2 of sick family fun for Stretch. A famous viral ghost video de-bunked.

JS Show 1275

72:34 minutes (41.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Memorial Weekend Kick Off! Jack has more traffic complaining. News casters are getting fired. Horse Porn. Alina finally makes the KTLA morning news and we catch the replay during the show. Stench gives Alina some marketing tips. Sprinkles Ice Cream. Can your body be so sexy that it does not matter what your face looks like?

JS Show 1276

63:23 minutes (36.27 MB)

Happy Tuesday, The Boys are back from a perfect weather 3 day weekend.MIB3 review. Visiting graves and where did "thats Bull shit Geraldo " come from.

JS Show 1277

64:00 minutes (36.62 MB)

Happy Hump My Leg Day! lots of sext messages, Radio and Online Revenues. Chinese Dog runs 1100 miles.

JS Show 1278

71:12 minutes (40.74 MB)

Kathy Lee Ultimate Bone Head Move. No Homos in Heaven,. 15 dollar Ice Cream. and did I mention Bitching? Yes its another day on the Pod.

JS Show 1279

64:38 minutes (36.99 MB)

Freaky Friday- Jack and Stench trade places....No wait that is a bad movie that Lindsay Lohan re-made before she was a Coked up Drunky!. Ok J&S don't trade places but they do continue to hate the world. Plus Talking to Lawyers , Big Dog Hates Big Toys, Jack is Baseball bound and much much more...That means I forgot what we talked about a few hours ago when we recorded this show.


26:20 minutes (15.07 MB)

Stench is drunk and angry ponds computer and it cuts off.

JS Show 1280B

2:21 minutes (1.35 MB)

After just a couple minutes drunky pounds the key board again and we are off the air yet again


0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

maybe this is part 3 of the drunky anger fiesta.

JS SHOW 1280 C

0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

this 33 minute clip of the show cuts off after only 5 seconds becaus edrunky has beat the shit out of the machine....

JS Show1281

60:18 minutes (34.51 MB)

Stench is moody and depressed but explains what the Hell Happened to the last half of show 1280... Jack is bitching about traffic. Podster needs some relationship advice. Boom here we go for a Tuesday.

JS Show 1282

66:41 minutes (38.16 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Alina is mad at both of the guys, midget orgy, Venus will block out the sun then go retrograde.. Oh Shiz!

JS Show 1283

63:46 minutes (36.5 MB)

An Angry Brit checks in and tells us about being harassed by another famous Brit and giving Oral advice on TV. WTF is BBG? Obama was back and so was the Traffic. Stench had a Dog Melt Down and a minor burglary at his home.

JS Show 1284

61:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack has a school play and better commute from Lancaster than to Burbank. Stench figures out his next wife..and you wont want believe it! Gay People who can not legally get divorced..its caled Wed-locked. Sympathy fucks girls give to their guys and why we dont like it but we take it.

JS Show 1285

61:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Naughty Dreams. Misery from afar. Sext Messages. Girl Cars.

JS Show 1286

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Breaking myths about Large Schlongs. New Idea to do a fake Hate fueled radio show. Is everybody in on the Colbert Joke..Yes or No? Stench is lazy.

JS Show 1287

63:57 minutes (36.6 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Hump It Hump It Hump It!

JS Show 1288

60:22 minutes (27.64 MB)

Happy Thursday and welcome to a very special Jack and Stretch Show live from the Corral cafe in Burbank...Home of a Ghost. Also we check in with Alina to see if Fancy Pants ever got creepy with her and what does she know about Porn Hair... down there.

JS Show 1289

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Fa Fa Friday.

JS Show 1290

64:55 minutes (37.15 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench

JS Show 1291

63:06 minutes (36.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack forgets his address and I forgot what we talked about on today's show.

JS Show 1292

60:57 minutes (34.88 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Miss Alina joins us and has tips on where Big Booby Girls can buy Bikinis. Angry Disney Dork. Tips for the Jim Wayne Salon Website and more.

JS Show1293

62:09 minutes (35.57 MB)

Happy Thursday, Executive Privilege, Jack and Stench are Stupid. More Problems downloading?

JS Show 1294

61:26 minutes (35.16 MB)

Its a 3 way Friday because Alina is back and spitting out Pod Quotes of the day like a Champion. Jack is getting his water park on. Stench has a press release for his new part time job. Alina is probably somewhere on line doing Skype sex. Seeing Grand Ma's Flappy lips in the wind.

JS Show 1295

60:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Monday! Weekend Recaps, Party in the Bu. Jacks old neighbors saw him Naked.

JS Show 1296

69:05 minutes (39.54 MB)

Jack and Stench Do Tuesday!. Meatball is back and the guys wonder where the hell did they take that damn bear that was 100 miles away from here.

JS Show 1297

66:56 minutes (38.3 MB)

HUMP IT, HUMP IT, HUMP IT! Happy Wed. Jack is not dead in the Giant Car Crash. More Meatball Talk. IS Bruin being not secret about top secret. Stench finds something the city of LA did right.

JS Show 1298

61:14 minutes (35.04 MB)

Happy Thursday 4G, Pod Problems

JS Show 1299

68:34 minutes (39.24 MB)

Happy Friday- Johnny Depps wife was not happy about anything. Another reason to Hate Clooney and more.

JS Show1300

61:47 minutes (35.36 MB)

Happy Monday, in the short week. Trippy Strangers. Jack does baseball. Stench Does X Games.

JS Show 1301

62:12 minutes (35.6 MB)

Happy Pre 4th of July show with live action reporting during yesterdays west LA High Speed Pursuit.

JS Show1302

60:23 minutes (34.56 MB)

Happy Friday, 4th of July recaps. Lots of Voice mail and sext Messages on the Mr. Bacon Line.

JS Show1303

66:18 minutes (37.95 MB)

Happy Crappy Monday! BAD KIDS, More fair Food, More Disney Dorks, more anal!

JS Show 1304

61:44 minutes (35.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Does a laser to your whozits hurt? Ask Alina! The Russians are getting CRAZY BRO. Lucky to be single with kids.

JS Show 1305

55:59 minutes (32.04 MB)

Happy Hump Day, Jack is off to B Ball practice. Kids who play volleyball but are afraid of the ball? Stench loves Stench. Do Doctors hate Obamacare? Crazy Religion stuff.

JS 1306

60:03 minutes (34.36 MB)

The Grumpy Old Dudes are Back. Stench has secrets he is not telling. Alina is mad at somebody besides Jack and Stench.... Well Jack and Stench too. The McDonalds from Hell!!! Jack hates the west Side. More Fisting Fun.

JS 1307

63:12 minutes (36.17 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench are ready for the weekend. Stench reveals a bunch of work crap. Women like to fight. Family life sucks. More fisting fun.

JS 1308

67:24 minutes (38.57 MB)

Happy Monday. Duke fight recap. Home Town Buffet yes or no? City Target on the west side. Bings got game.

JS 1309

59:45 minutes (34.19 MB)

Jack and Stench Meet Up with Alina. she is busy teasing a tiny baby with her giant milky goodness. A New Pod game FFF...and no it has nothing to do with Alinas milky Goodness. Jack has an Ice Cream man Melt Down.

JS Show 1310

63:48 minutes (36.51 MB)

Its the Wed. Show that we did on Monday cuz we suck..Stench loses a gig before it even starts. Jack has to go buy ice cream.

JS Show 1312

45:16 minutes (25.91 MB)

THIS IS BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!!! Todays show had a major disc malfunction. The disc will not read the first 20 minutes we recorded.So you get part 2 only.. Sorry Like I said its BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!

JS Show 1313

60:16 minutes (34.48 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Hey a Complete SHOW!!!

JS Show 1314

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Wed. Bowling Girl getting beat by bigger bowling girl. Drama on the set. Crazy Cheer Parents. Stench replays the FFF! and much much more

JS Show 1315

60:21 minutes (34.54 MB)

Happy Thursday, Kids slow you down. New Radio Game Show... TFB the Bung!

JS Show 1316

66:01 minutes (37.78 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Jack and Stench do Friday early...

JS Show 1317

63:53 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench in Kid B Day weekend extravaganza. Jack in closed highwaypalooza. Hawk attacks. Stupid people with trains. Pay Backs a Bitch.

Js Show 1318

60:04 minutes (34.38 MB)

happy tuesday....

JS Show 1319

60:45 minutes (34.77 MB)

Happy Hump Day. J&S

JS Show 1320

62:15 minutes (35.63 MB)

Haooy Thursday, NO F***in idea what happens on todays show!

JS Show 1321

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

A Non Happy Friday. Jack is pissed and in a funk about being broke. Also we are the only place more tape delayed with Olympic results than NBC.

JsShow 1322

66:39 minutes (38.14 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench back and less depressing. Alina B Day Recap.

JS Show 1323

65:29 minutes (37.48 MB)

Happy Tuesday, More on the Alina party. Stench has ants in the pants at the Tv Show and I forget the rest......

1324 Jack and Stench Podcast

58:37 minutes (29.51 MB)

Stench is live from behind the Orange Curtain!

Js Show 1325

50:58 minutes (29.16 MB)

Back in the home studio. Why did Jack sound like crazy Jim. Tons of Sext and Voicemails. Hey the earthquake lesbian is getting old. Shit balls some people are having download problems again.

1326 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:08 minutes (29.5 MB)

Stench is building a new set. Jack sounds stoned. Boob sweat and poop on the leash. Hey the repairmen found my dildo!

JS Show 1327

60:53 minutes (34.84 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench cover the closing ceremonies of the OLympics. Are we old because we watched so much Olympc coverage this year.

JS Show 1328

61:35 minutes (35.24 MB)

Happy Tuesday..Fist Jeans, and the creative ad campaign that goes with it.

1329 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:13 minutes (31.09 MB)

Almost vacation time. Stench is hot... and moldy. Wedding photography. Politics and other crap!

JS Show 1330

60:07 minutes (34.4 MB)

Happy Thursday .. Count Down to Vaca. Stench is stressing balls.

1331 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:02 minutes (30.88 MB)

Lick a horse. Kobe's wife. tat on the taint. We're scammers! And other stuff!!! We'll talk to you in a little over a week!

1332 Just Jack Half- Jack and Stench Podcast

32:42 minutes (14.97 MB)

Here's a half hour of Just Jack greatness to get you through our vacation! You Rule!

1333 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:13 minutes (31.16 MB)

We're back! Stench is burnt. There is someone new on the T.V. show. Missing the toilet. Fat Vince Neil. And other stuff!

JS Show 1334

61:53 minutes (35.42 MB)

Holy Crap its. Wed. Repub Convention. Jack rates Jack as an employee. Possible Pod OC Remotes?

JS Show 1335

60:26 minutes (34.58 MB)

Happy Thursday... The Marine won't fight the boy anymore..In and Out Jack. Crazy Busy Stench, Riding out an Earthquake with cameras rolling... and much more

JS Show 1136

61:39 minutes (35.29 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY. Jack gets rained on. Nurse gets beat up because she deserves it?

JS Show 1337

61:09 minutes (34.99 MB)

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday! Jack and stench RULE! The Pod Peeps check in. Drunken CO-workers.

JS Show 1338

60:14 minutes (34.47 MB)

Happy Wed. The Boys are back and old and grumpy as ever.

1339 Jack and Stench Podcast

57:56 minutes (29.86 MB)

Happy Thursday! Stench is in the O.C. and Jack is in his cave pretending to be Crazy Jim!

1340 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:33 minutes (30.47 MB)

Happy Friday!

JS Show 1341

60:10 minutes (34.44 MB)

Happy Monday

1342 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:49 minutes (30.49 MB)

Stench reads the cards. Mystery Stench. Prince Harry is a goner. And other Stuff!

1343 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:44 minutes (30.8 MB)

iPhone day. 9/11. Stench's cord has been yanked. What is that alarm? Alina is not going to be happy. Pumpkin helmet.

1344 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:41 minutes (27.33 MB)

Car Chases. The Middle East. Radio sucks. Jack is a plugger-inner who should be fired! Other stuff!

1345 Jack and Stench Podcast

59:38 minutes (30.29 MB)

Trouble in the Middle East. Jeff is retarded. Search "rape" on your kids computer. Halloween candy. And other Friday stuff!

1346 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:23 minutes (30.83 MB)

Monday! Stench was in a bad mood all weekend. Jeff is a retard.

JS Show 1347

63:11 minutes (36.16 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Stench has his Computer back again and now he REALLY HATES Apple! Jack has kids and drama this week. Sad Dog Story and much much more.

JS Show 1348

60:02 minutes (34.36 MB)


JS Show 1349

61:00 minutes (34.91 MB)

Ms.Alina and the twins join the guys with a Fashion week update and the mystery as to why she is not currently dating. Jack is off work Today and we got a real good VM question.

JS Show 1350

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

Happy FA FA FA Friday.

JS Show 1351

64:02 minutes (36.64 MB)

Happy Monday. Shuttle Talk. Stench is a douche. Green Day Clear Channel Melt Down.

JS Show 1352

63:56 minutes (36.58 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Miserable C U Next Tuesdays, Does Alina really love us? Dead People in Palisades. Jack can't play Halloween Dress Up anymore. Getting raped in the pooper is only fun sometimes.

JS Show 1353

59:43 minutes (34.17 MB)

Happy Yom Kippur ish. Alina is blowing mud. Jack is Blowing Dudes.

JS Show 1354

61:17 minutes (35.07 MB)

Happy Thursday- Stench is a tranny. Pam Anderson and other Old Hookers. Alina explains the food poisoning.

Js Show 1355

63:22 minutes (36.26 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack wants to get eaten my Meatball the Bear. The Spy is losing his house, Stench has an appearance in the OC this weekend.

JS Show 1356

63:08 minutes (36.13 MB)

Just another Bummer Monday. Jack drops Bad News Bombs. Stench does Anniversary Recap.

Js Show 1357

62:46 minutes (35.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday, jack and stench not worthy of manual labor. It is Breast cancer Awareness month. Stupid people lock them selves out of the house.

JS Show 1358

60:36 minutes (34.68 MB)

Happy Hump It Day! Get over the Hump by humping something. Jack gets Jacked in traffic. Stench is sick and the Pod Peeps got Voicemails.Hoe much cock has Alina got so far in Cocktober

JS Show 1359

61:00 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Thursday- Post Presidential Debate. Jack and Stench Show

1360 Jack and Stench Podcast

60:26 minutes (25.96 MB)

Stench's modem is broke. Gas is too expensive. Debate recap. Other Stuff.

Js Show 1361

69:30 minutes (39.77 MB)

Monday, Jack still broke with kids. Stench is in Urgent care and United Healthcare SUCKS! Club sports cost a lot. The Mc'D's Disney Answer. Fat People Rage! Those C*** Sucker Packers. Who is winning the Football picks between Jack, Stench and Stench's daughter.

JS Show 1362

60:35 minutes (34.67 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench still sick. Jack is not getting bullied but the Fat Newscaster has everybody fired up and is now going to be on Ellen.

JS Show 1363

54:16 minutes (31.05 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack's Mic sucks more than Time Warner and United Health Care Combined. Stench Chokes on Massive Penis. Seacrest Chokes to death on male pubic hair and much much more.

Js Show 1364

61:58 minutes (35.46 MB)

Happy Thursday. The Cards tell us about Alina getting an STD from 3 Swords. Jack is a Defiant Shuttle Wacther. Stench wears make up and goes to a 4th Grade Volleyball Games. Sandusky Got less time than Bernie Madoff.

1365 Jack and Stench Podcast

63:29 minutes (35.66 MB)

It's Friday and Stench has no people!

JS Show 1366

47:31 minutes (27.2 MB)

WORST SHOW EVER. Jack and Stench cut this Monday Abortion short after massive troubles with Connection, Jacks Microphone, and over all suckiness bang this Monday Pod with no Lube!

JS Show 1367

60:18 minutes (34.5 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack changed Microphones and all is well in Pod Land. Girls who hate people in general just like Jack and Stench. The disgusting sad story of Amanda Todd. Snoop Dog Sells whats left of his dignity. Hey Look there is the Space Shuttle.

JS Show 1368

57:41 minutes (33.01 MB)

Happy Hump Day- Stench is going to have a cough attack. Live Debate coverage. Bitches and Assholes in the Child Support Game.

1369 Jack and Stench Podcast

29:17 minutes (26.82 MB)

No Stench today, so you get to hear Jack's crappy radio show (At least the breaks from the first 2 hours of it)... I promise all will return to normal tomorrow!

JS Show 1370

62:15 minutes (35.62 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Jamie is getting Shit on by the some people. Handle is talking Smack and could face a Stench Beat Down. Jack is about to Jump. Booze and Drugs gets Job Security. Stench Loves Boobies but not the aids so much.

JS Show 1371

68:35 minutes (39.25 MB)

Happy Monday- Bing plays soccer with Big Kids. Stench sleeps all weekend. Save a Baby Elephant. Girl Volleyball.

1372 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:57 minutes (27.06 MB)

Stench live from the O.C... Which means Jack sounds like crazy Jim! Have a great Tuesday!

JS Show 1373

70:49 minutes (40.53 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack and Stench Go Long. Pod Peeps Check in. Stench has black lung. Aussie Divorce Rules. Random Gay Guy in Lancaster.

JS Show 1374

62:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Thursday. Obama Fly Over. Talking to the Pod Peeps.Getting the Shaft.

JS SHOW 1375

60:39 minutes (34.71 MB)


JS Show 1376

61:08 minutes (34.99 MB)

Happy Monday. Man Boy is Champ. Stench hates meter maids...again! Bing Soccer Update. Halloween Party Update. A Katie Perry- Madagascar weekend.

1377 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:04 minutes (32.38 MB)

Hurricane Sandy. Stench's war on Handle. Hey my ex tried to talk to me.

1378 Jack And Stench Podcast

60:28 minutes (31.96 MB)

Happy Halloween!!!!!

JS Show 1379

62:05 minutes (35.53 MB)

Happy Friday- Halloween Recaps. Stench Meltdown. Pumpkin Boobies!!!! Pod Peeps check in.

JS Show 1380

62:26 minutes (35.73 MB)

Happy Election Eve! Jack still thinks no adults should go to Disneyland. Stench visits the Homeland. Alina joins us to tell us more lies and to tell you how if Obama wins she will blow you. Employment Update.

JS Show 1381

60:08 minutes (34.42 MB)

Jack and Stench Wall to Wall Election coverage.

JS Show 1382

60:52 minutes (34.83 MB)

Wall To wall elction Coverage. Stench hates voters that dont speak English. Jack Loves them. The Cards said that Obama would lose election... Or Possibly Destroy our country.

JS Show 1383

61:13 minutes (35.03 MB)

OOoops I got pink eye and didnt post the pod. !,000 years of darkness. God will strike us down,, and other fun things people are saying. and much more

JS Show 1384

63:52 minutes (36.55 MB)

Happy FRIDAY!!!! Stench is a racsist. jack is angry at work and its just another day.

JS Show 1385

62:44 minutes (35.9 MB)

Happy Veterans Day..Stench has worst week ever. Crying babies.

JS Show 1386 Part 1

22:54 minutes (13.11 MB)

Happy Tuesday... Part 1.

JS Show 1386 Part 2

38:51 minutes (22.23 MB)

Glitch Everybody Drink..Part 2 Tuesday

JS Show 1387

60:04 minutes (34.37 MB)

Happy Wed. Jack and Stench have a Good day but manage to get depressed by the end of the show.

JS Show 1388

60:47 minutes (34.78 MB)

Happy Thursday- Jack got Parent teacher Day Stench has an interview. Crazy General Groupies and Cancer Scammers.

Js Show 1389

61:24 minutes (35.14 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY!!! Stench may be the oops man, Jack is selling Fords. Cut while shaving with the new strict dress code.

JS Show 1190

60:44 minutes (34.76 MB)

Happy Hump day Monday! jack and Stench are back and maybe Twinkies will be too. Jack hates fake cars. Stench Hates everything and Alina is a terrible tramp.

Js Show 1391

63:18 minutes (36.22 MB)

Happy Tuesday/Thursday.. Stench has orientation. Yes all atheist have to suck it for the few crazy ones just like republicans. America Haters and Commies.

Js Show 1392

60:48 minutes (34.79 MB)

Its Kind Of Friday.... Thanksgiving Edition of the Jack and Stench Show.

JS Show 1393

60:25 minutes (34.58 MB)

Happy Monday. The Boys are back and not as depressing as usual. Stench starts work. The Pod Peeps Speak up and more.

JS 1394 Jack

29:02 minutes (13.29 MB)

The Boyz are split up today because Stench is working like a day laborer. This is the Jack Portion

JS 1394 Stench

21:53 minutes (12.53 MB)

And here is the Stench Part of the show

JS 1395 Jack

51:29 minutes (23.57 MB)

It is Tuesday and the guys still are on Separate schedules. This is Jack 1395

JS Show 1395 Stench

28:08 minutes (16.1 MB)

Here is the Stench half of the show for Tuesday

JS Show 1396

61:45 minutes (35.34 MB)

Jack and Stench are back together like the Skipper and Gilligan. Happy Thirsday.

JS Show 1397

61:23 minutes (35.12 MB)

Happy FRIDAY!!! Jack and Stench are back. Its raining. Stench is in for a rough day. Jack continues Christmas Hell.

JS Show 1398

60:13 minutes (34.46 MB)

Very sad start to the week and Holidays.

Js Show 1399

60:04 minutes (34.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Crazy Suicide in Culver City. Making tragedy all about you. jack has a 20 day. Stench Celebrity run in.

JS Show 1400 JACK

29:18 minutes (13.42 MB)

Stench is on Split Shift and Jack is solo for the first part of Show 1400.

JS Show 1400 Stench and Alina

34:48 minutes (19.92 MB)

Stench and Alina close out show 1400 with Topless Tuesday Night. We find out some about Alina's New Dude. Stench doesn't like it. Flash back to the creepiest man ever. Alian has info on the Pod Site sucking balls.

JS Show 1401 Jack

31:06 minutes (14.24 MB)

jack and Stench go solo and here is Jack

JS Show 1401 Stench

30:18 minutes (17.34 MB)

Here is the Stench side. With More death talk. Accepting someones gayness is always easier when it's not your family, just ask Jessica Simpson. The total break down of the cheese incident. Sext Messages and V.M's

JS 1402

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Happy Friday. The Boys are back and Clearchannel is back to firing people. Sadly one of the people was our dear sweet Monica.

JS Show 1403

60:19 minutes (34.52 MB)

Happy Monday.. Jack and Stench start the week off together.

JS Show 1404 Jack

30:10 minutes (13.81 MB)

Tuesday and Stench and Jack are solo.. Here is the Jack show

JS Show 1404 Stench & Alina

34:11 minutes (19.57 MB)

Jack is in bed and Stench plays radio with Alina. Stench has warm junk. Alina was a late bloomer. Ghetto Bird looking in Alina's window. Stench Celebrity run in.

JS 1405 Jack

30:08 minutes (13.8 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Jack is solo and here it is.

JS Show 1405 Stench

30:23 minutes (17.39 MB)

Stench is solo. Blind Item Talk. Do you know who this is? jack is mad at Stench. Stench has burning Balls and much more.

JS Show 1406 Jack

31:46 minutes (14.55 MB)

Happy Thursday Here is the Jack Solo Show.

JS Show 1406 Stench

30:55 minutes (17.7 MB)

Happy Thursday, Pod Peeps Sext messages. Stench breaks down what Guys and Girls really mean when they dump you two weeks before Christmas. Getting engaged for Christmas Yes or No. Stench has CRAZY animal encounter.

JS Show 1407 Jack

49:24 minutes (22.62 MB)

Happy Friday. Here is Jack Solo. Wont be a Stench solo show today. Got too busy...being busy..

JS Show 1408 Stench

33:54 minutes (19.4 MB)

Stench is solo on a Monday because Jack has family stuff. Stench talks about the Friday tragedy, what can we do and how..

JS Show 1409 Jack

31:54 minutes (14.61 MB)

Here is the Jackie Jack show for Tuesday!

JS Show 1409 Stench

33:24 minutes (19.11 MB)

Still fyling Solo Pod Peeps check in. Stench talks about todays celeb encounters and more.

JS Show 1410 Jack

37:50 minutes (22.17 MB)

Happy Hump Day.. Jack is solo..

JS Show 1410 Stench

29:35 minutes (16.93 MB)

Solo Stench, Just like when he has sex.

Js Show 1411 Jack

29:54 minutes (13.69 MB)

Happy Thursday Here is the Jack Show.

JS Show 1411 Stench

32:09 minutes (18.4 MB)

Happy Thursday Bitches.. Stench is a busy mofo. Pod Mafia Voicemail, the gun debate and more.

JS Show 1412 Jack

31:32 minutes (14.44 MB)

Happy Friday, Here is Jack Solo..

Js Show 1412 Stench and Alina

32:18 minutes (18.49 MB)

Happy Friday.. Stench and Alina are back in the late night hour. They are both in their underwear, but somehow it is not sexy time. Fight about Madonna and more

Js Show 1413 Stench Solo Christmas

22:01 minutes (12.6 MB)

Merry Christmas Eve. Stench is solo because he said he was doing a show today.

Jacks Christmas Eve Radio Show

21:52 minutes (15.02 MB)

I thought I'd post today's radio show as kind of a bonus... Although it's not very good, so it's not much of a gift!!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Happy Holidays, Jack

JS Show 1415

70:08 minutes (40.13 MB)

THE BOYS ARE REUNITED LIKE PEACHES AND HERB! Happy Friday before New Years Weekend.
Jack and Stench complain about everything like they have not been away at all.

Jack's New Year Eve Radio Show

26:40 minutes (18.32 MB)

I had to work, so I thought I'd share it with you guys! Pod returns Jan. 7 or 8... I can't remember which date!?!?! Happy New Year!!!