How did a fat-hostile man, a good-looking blonde with a razor tongue and a depressed- doormat of a man come together to form the radio team Jamie, Jack and Stench? The way all great things happen... Dumb Luck!

For almost 10 years in various forms they entertained Los Angeles, Denver, Portland and Bakersfield on Adult Alternative Format radio stations, so when the team was let go they weren't about to give up. Taking their combined 50 years radio experience, they started this podcast and have continued digitally where they left off on the dial.

Jamie only lasted about 8 months, but Jack and Stench (Also known as Stretch on Sirius Satellite Radio) have been posting daily updates on life, gossip, news and everything that annoys them for going on three years now.

Michael "Stretch" Roberts has a 20+ year radio career under his belt and 40+ years of humorous rage pouring out of everywhere else. Married, Father of two, with a less than favorable view of his first wife, Stretch will either have you laughing or yelling... But he'll never have you bore.

Jack Heine started in a radio as most do, drinking at the right bar, but since then has both produced and co-hosted major market radio morning shows. The divorced father of two, brings his unique views on love, life and starting over... Along with the occasional sarcastic remark to the daily mix.

Jack and Stretch just celebrated their 10 year anniversary (Longer than any of their marriages have lasted so far!) and look forward to continuing to grow the podcast and take it in new directions. From celebrity guests and live recording sessions in front of an audience, to the on-air ambush of show friends and breaking gossip from the heart of Los Angeles, The Jack and Stretch Podcast is everything morning radio used to be.

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