Welcome to the Jack and Stench Show!

10 Year, well, technically over ten years, that's how long we've been sharing our lives with Los Angeles, Denver, Bakersfield, Portland and where ever else the internet allowed you access to radio. Well, in 2007, the idea was for that to end... The radio company we worked for canceled our highly rated Jamie, Jack and Stench Show, but we surprised them!

JS Show 2743

1:02:39 minutes (35.86 MB)

Happy Monday. The Jack Reveal. It's a Movie Watching weekend for Stench. Look its Elon Trump. Uh Oh that's a Big Freakin Ice Berg!

JS Show 2742

54:50 minutes (31.38 MB)

Happy FA FA Friday! People Suck. Quitting a job you like. Celebrity Sighting at the Urgent Care.

JS Show 2741

45:24 minutes (25.98 MB)

Happy Thursday. Angry Stench Smash! Bad Connection Jack. OOPs leaving the kids in the car on a hot day.

JS Show 2740

54:04 minutes (30.94 MB)

Happy Humper! Big Jack News! Jack and Stench are ready to revive the Gaysians acting career.

JS Show 2739

1:00:32 minutes (34.64 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Jack and Stench are back in Black...and stuff

JS Show2738 Stench

20:32 minutes (11.76 MB)

oops late post Monday

JS Show 2736

55:18 minutes (31.65 MB)

Its the Boom Bangin Not Quite the 4th of July Spectacular. Jack is making candy for young girls. Stench may not have been mean to Lebron James after all.

JS Show 2735

1:01:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Happy onday, Welcome LeBron, Happy V Ball Weekend. Religious crazies at the beach. A Holes that Shoot wild African Animals. Stench has secrets and is getting annoyed with people around him.

JS Show 2734

1:01:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

Happy FA FA Friday! Another Shooting. Who's to Blame. V Ball Smack down. Jack is an old man. Bing gets bad news.