Welcome to the Jack and Stench Show!

10 Year, well, technically over ten years, that's how long we've been sharing our lives with Los Angeles, Denver, Bakersfield, Portland and where ever else the internet allowed you access to radio. Well, in 2007, the idea was for that to end... The radio company we worked for canceled our highly rated Jamie, Jack and Stench Show, but we surprised them!

JS Show 2533

57:45 minutes (33.05 MB)


JS Show 2532 Stench

26:17 minutes (15.05 MB)

Happy Thursday, Watch out for the deer. Jack hates Spinners but has to give them away.

JS Show 2531

1:06:26 minutes (38.01 MB)

Happy Humper. Stench looks like a molestor.

JS Show 2530

1:00:03 minutes (34.36 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

JS Show 2529

1:04:03 minutes (36.65 MB)

Happy Monday, Everybody sucks. How do we stop haters and the people who hate them from coming together and hating each other. Being the old guy.

JS Show 2528 Stench

24:56 minutes (14.27 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday!. Solo Stench. Prove Your Bi, Palisades is Hard. Why You should never put your feet on the dashboard.

JS Show 2527 Stench

35:46 minutes (20.47 MB)

Happy Thursday. Jack is off on Weedcation. Stench is recounting his brush with Bruce and possibly very young Kardashians.

JS Show 2526

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Happy Humper. Back in School, Scrubs Talk, Celebrity Death, Orphan Black and Psych.

JS Show 2525 S

18:48 minutes (10.76 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Solo Stench gets kicked in the nuts AGAIN! The two steps forward 72 steps back life continues. Bed Building and depression eating.