JS Show 2733

1:00:45 minutes (34.77 MB)

Happy Thursday J&S up in here up in here! How many places do you go? Target F ing up Burbank. Caruso F ing up Stench's town. Fun things that A Hole Politicians say.

JS Show 2732

29:23 minutes (16.82 MB)

Happy Humper. CTE in Football, Malibu Murder Updates, Old School Country Music Special

JS Show 2731

22:14 minutes (12.73 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Heather Locklear be crazy! Petting wild animals, Bad News for Peru Soccer. Anthony Bourdain final show.

JS Show 2730

56:30 minutes (32.33 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2729

26:01 minutes (14.89 MB)

Fool cuz its Friday. Whats killing Bald Eagles from South of the Border. Loving the team that may not love you back.

JS Show 2727 or 28 Is Just Doesn't matter Anymore

27:02 minutes (15.47 MB)

Solo Stench...about getting kicked in the nuts by life yet again and the wisdom to let it go. A Win for everybody. I See Dead People again! Goodbye to You!

JS 2726

58:20 minutes (33.38 MB)

Happy Tuesday.

JS Show 2725

55:22 minutes (31.69 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2724

29:52 minutes (17.09 MB)

Happy Friday Solo Stench. Jack is MIA. Stench loves the FBI Moron Report. Life or Drugs.... the power of addiction. Sarge guest host!

JS Show 2723

1:02:41 minutes (35.87 MB)

Happy Thursday! J&S are back again, like a bad case of the clap.