JS Show 2524

1:03:29 minutes (36.33 MB)

Happy Monday. Back to School, Stench is in traffic Hell! Bad Times, Stench works too much.

JS Show 2523

1:05:11 minutes (37.3 MB)

Happy Friday, Molesters on a Plane, Molester of Hazard County, Soccer Mom Sly. Evil Demon C Bomb Ex's, Car Burglar or Not. Updates and More.

JS Show 2522

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Happy Thursday!

JS Show 2521

1:00:58 minutes (34.89 MB)

Happy Humper! Cake Talk. Battle of the Network Hasbeens. Sharknado. etc. etc.

JS Show 2520

1:00:19 minutes (34.52 MB)

Sorry, we were late posting

JS Show 2519

1:01:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench are back. Jack does late night Walmart. People who insist on helping you. The Birthday Weekend Spectacular, Doing Hood Stuff in the hood. Work is dumb. Over priced Cup cakes not so great.

JS Show 2518

1:03:42 minutes (36.45 MB)

Jack and Stench Are back. Jack is back from Palm Springs. Stench is back from the Salt Mine. Carson loses one of five jobs. Our Friend gets a new job. More Mexico Sucks Stories

JS Show 2517 Stench

27:25 minutes (15.69 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench rambles about Depression, failure, the Love hate relationship with career and a ends with a motivational video.

JS Show 2516 Stench

24:57 minutes (14.29 MB)

Happy Humper! Everything still sucks and so does everyone. Stench is going to be powerful like a meter maid.

JS Show 2515 Stench

27:33 minutes (15.77 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Stench goes Anti California. Running in to walls and when to stop. Bad Rumors and the search for stability. When half the fleet goes down.