JS Show 2617

53:36 minutes (30.68 MB)

Happy Humper. The President has a bigger button than you. Hang around sick people get sick.

JS Show 2616

1:02:46 minutes (35.92 MB)

Happy New Year. Jack and Stench are back for 2018 with the Celebrity Death List..

Last Show of 2017 Reload

58:22 minutes (33.4 MB)

This time the end should not cut off

JS Show 2615

53:44 minutes (30.75 MB)

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Last Pod of 2017!! Jack may get killed by a Drug Lord Soon. Seeing things differently than your co workers. Papa Johns Who Knew? Brains

JS Show 2614

1:06:10 minutes (37.87 MB)

Happy Thursday- WTH is with this wind? But at least its kind of cold finally. Back to work. More input on Star Wars. The thing that sucks about being Eric Roberts.

JS Show 2613

24:23 minutes (13.96 MB)

Happy HUmper. Problems with very common names. Problem with anything based in Sacramento. No More Volleyball Dad/Soccer Mom. No More Porn Virus.

JS Show 2612

1:00:11 minutes (34.44 MB)

Stench gets Stenched. Why do so many people hate New Star Wars. No starting new job yet. PORN VIRUS IS TAKING OVER THE POD!

JS Show 2611

1:00:06 minutes (34.39 MB)

Happy Monday -Christmas week.

JS Show 2610

49:30 minutes (28.33 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench back to wrap up the week.

JS Show 2609 S

28:36 minutes (16.37 MB)

Happy Thursday Solo Stench. Milli Who? Singing Stench relives some real life stuff