JS Show 2608 Stench

26:52 minutes (15.38 MB)

Happy Humper. Solo Stench. Yay Alabama and it's not Football this time.

JS Show 2607

1:04:56 minutes (37.16 MB)

Happy Tuesday,,, YAY BEING BROKE! More sexual harassment stuff, When Terrorist suck at their job. Star Wars. Peeing in to the very blue toilet. Those people that you know were sexual harrassers but you never said anything.

JS Show 2606

1:01:22 minutes (35.12 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2605

1:09:15 minutes (39.63 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Jack and Stench back for the Friday !

JS Show 2604 Stench

27:20 minutes (15.64 MB)

Happy Thursday/ Los Angeles is on fire. Something to believe in. Meant to be or not meant to be.

JS Show 2603 Stench

30:31 minutes (17.46 MB)

Happy Humper ! Solo Stench has big news. Why is it so damn smokey around here. Ken Lee Mariah's best song. Why Punk the Police. Finally a female seleb sexual assaulter. Stay Fire Safe!

JS Show 2602

1:07:28 minutes (38.61 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Office Christmas Party. Receptionist/DJ and egos everywhere.

JS Show 2601

1:00:53 minutes (34.85 MB)

Happy Monday Funday.

JS Show 2600

27:34 minutes (15.78 MB)

Solo Stench for the Happy Friday.

JS Show 2599

52:59 minutes (30.32 MB)

Happy Thursday J&S are back and sounding like crap. Matt Lauer is a douche. who will replace him> Stench is an A Hole.