JS Show 1287

63:57 minutes (36.6 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Hump It Hump It Hump It!

JS Show 1286

61:29 minutes (35.18 MB)

Breaking myths about Large Schlongs. New Idea to do a fake Hate fueled radio show. Is everybody in on the Colbert Joke..Yes or No? Stench is lazy.

JS Show 1285

61:02 minutes (34.93 MB)

Naughty Dreams. Misery from afar. Sext Messages. Girl Cars.

JS Show 1284

61:19 minutes (35.09 MB)

Happy Friday! Jack has a school play and better commute from Lancaster than to Burbank. Stench figures out his next wife..and you wont want believe it! Gay People who can not legally get divorced..its caled Wed-locked. Sympathy fucks girls give to their guys and why we dont like it but we take it.

JS Show 1283

63:46 minutes (36.5 MB)

An Angry Brit checks in and tells us about being harassed by another famous Brit and giving Oral advice on TV. WTF is BBG? Obama was back and so was the Traffic. Stench had a Dog Melt Down and a minor burglary at his home.

JS Show 1282

66:41 minutes (38.16 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Alina is mad at both of the guys, midget orgy, Venus will block out the sun then go retrograde.. Oh Shiz!

JS Show1281

60:18 minutes (34.51 MB)

Stench is moody and depressed but explains what the Hell Happened to the last half of show 1280... Jack is bitching about traffic. Podster needs some relationship advice. Boom here we go for a Tuesday.

JS SHOW 1280 C

0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

this 33 minute clip of the show cuts off after only 5 seconds becaus edrunky has beat the shit out of the machine....


0:05 minutes (53.61 KB)

maybe this is part 3 of the drunky anger fiesta.

JS Show 1280B

2:21 minutes (1.35 MB)

After just a couple minutes drunky pounds the key board again and we are off the air yet again