JS Show 1321

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

A Non Happy Friday. Jack is pissed and in a funk about being broke. Also we are the only place more tape delayed with Olympic results than NBC.

JS Show 1320

62:15 minutes (35.63 MB)

Haooy Thursday, NO F***in idea what happens on todays show!

JS Show 1319

60:45 minutes (34.77 MB)

Happy Hump Day. J&S

Js Show 1318

60:04 minutes (34.38 MB)

happy tuesday....

JS Show 1317

63:53 minutes (36.56 MB)

Happy Monday, Stench in Kid B Day weekend extravaganza. Jack in closed highwaypalooza. Hawk attacks. Stupid people with trains. Pay Backs a Bitch.

JS Show 1316

66:01 minutes (37.78 MB)

HAPPY FRIDAY! Jack and Stench do Friday early...

JS Show 1315

60:21 minutes (34.54 MB)

Happy Thursday, Kids slow you down. New Radio Game Show... TFB the Bung!

JS Show 1314

61:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Wed. Bowling Girl getting beat by bigger bowling girl. Drama on the set. Crazy Cheer Parents. Stench replays the FFF! and much much more

JS Show 1313

60:16 minutes (34.48 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Hey a Complete SHOW!!!

JS Show 1312

45:16 minutes (25.91 MB)

THIS IS BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!!! Todays show had a major disc malfunction. The disc will not read the first 20 minutes we recorded.So you get part 2 only.. Sorry Like I said its BULL SHIT GERALDO!!!!