1229 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:37 minutes (35.83 MB)

No technical issues on today's pod... Nobody drink!

1228 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:25 minutes (35.15 MB)

Skype kinda works today! Your voice mails and sexts from 916-MR-BACON. Denver football. Jack has a job and he wants Stench to be his boss. It's almost wedding time. And other stuff.

JS Show 1227

54:28 minutes (31.17 MB)

The Smooth Sounds of Jack and Stench for a Monday. Stench Likes 21 Jump Street and the New J Lo and Marc Anthony Show. the Guys are old and did not celebrate St. Patricks day at All. AND AN EPIC SKYPE MELTDOWN TO END THE SHOW!

1226 Jack and Stench Podcast

61:42 minutes (35.31 MB)

Blind item talk. Hey it's Friday! Baby's flat hand. Look what the Lakers did. That guy can't afford the Dodgers. What happened to Peter Fise. Find Kevin. And other stuff!

JS Show 1225

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Happy Thursday! Can money really make you happy? Stench is a hater... does he need therapy? The Craziest Celebrity Gossip Story Ever.

1224 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:27 minutes (35.74 MB)

Wow that's a lot of podcasts. Homeless wifi. I got an idea, how about we don't have to pay those molester teachers. Another celebrity divorce. Hunger Games. And other stuff.

JS Show1223

61:36 minutes (35.25 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Jack gets a field trip surprise. Stench is recovering. When is Edgy not Edgy.

JS Show 1222

60:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy 5 year Pod Anniversary!!!!!

JS Show 1221

67:29 minutes (38.62 MB)

The Boys are back and they have a cranky Alina on a clense. Jack is in San Diego and has news on the Job Front. The New HIV drug.

1212 Jack and Stench Podcast

62:42 minutes (35.88 MB)

The last of the missing podcasts... They're all back now!