JS Show 1114

66:24 minutes (60.79 MB)

The Jack and Stench Reality Road Show starring Alina. The New Dog is still being a douche. Jack and Stench for Charity. Dr. B is in town and Bristol Palin drama. WTF is a LARP!

JS Show 1113 RELOAD

76:35 minutes (70.11 MB)

JS Show 1113

37:14 minutes (34.1 MB)

Happy Monday. Obama is screwing the West Side today. Stench almost lost the new dog. Jack had to explain wedding photos to the kids. How many In N Out Double Doubles could you eat?

JS Show 1111

75:30 minutes (69.13 MB)

Stench is bent about a news story involving Pit Bulls and stupid people.

JS Show 1110

75:15 minutes (68.89 MB)

Its Tuesday, Stench had a blast at back to school night. What did you think of the new TV Shows so far? Jack wacthed all of them.

JS Show 1109

69:23 minutes (63.52 MB)

It's Tuesday up in here! Jack and Stench continue to remember shit they forgot to talk after vaca. They also continue to clarify the dork roll. There are lines that should not be crossed. jack had another interview and podcasting is ofr people that are not that Good at radio.!!

JS Show 1108

79:58 minutes (73.22 MB)

The Longest Show Ever!! In fact this show is so long the disc cuts it off. Alina joins us and talks about being naked, Being very busy with the Emmy's going on, and going to Emmy parties. Psychic Stretch reads the cards on Alina and her chance of a hook up at a party. jack Fights a woman in a playground. Stench decides to test his car insurance. Happy Meals are not too happy anymore...and of course more Sponge Bob theories and Star Wars geeks, PLUS Guess who is also a harry Potter Fan.

JS SHOW 1107

70:13 minutes (64.29 MB)

FA FA Friday- Tripple Double Stuff Oreo's Suck, Dead Midget Porn Star, Guess which Po Mofia Member is a closet Treky. and More

JS Show 1106

78:21 minutes (71.73 MB)

Jack and Stench continue to battle dorks. Crazy Animal lady. Porn Bunker for the end of the world and more

JS Show 1105

75:48 minutes (69.39 MB)

The Wed. Spectacular with Lobsterfest News, Alina is mad at us and much much more.