JS Show 1275

72:34 minutes (41.53 MB)

Happy Friday, Memorial Weekend Kick Off! Jack has more traffic complaining. News casters are getting fired. Horse Porn. Alina finally makes the KTLA morning news and we catch the replay during the show. Stench gives Alina some marketing tips. Sprinkles Ice Cream. Can your body be so sexy that it does not matter what your face looks like?

JS Show 1274

61:04 minutes (34.94 MB)

WHOOT WHOOT! The Old Guys Jack and Stench Hate the crazy shenanigans that all these fruit cake drivers are pulling. Zuckerberg and his simple wedding ring. Day 2 of sick family fun for Stretch. A famous viral ghost video de-bunked.

JS Show 1273

64:26 minutes (36.87 MB)

Santa Monica Mountain Lion. Celebs that need to Shut the F Up! Pod Peeps give us info. Crazy old News Exec. and more

JS Show 1272

64:11 minutes (36.73 MB)

Crazy Conspiracy theory...Yes or No! Jack has a new boss, Stench watches WAY too much TV. A new Apple story and the computer is fixed and can play audio files now, which means the drunk dial line is back.

JS Show 1271

61:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday- California Love it or Leave It? LA Sports weekend palooza. Disney Dorks get the shaft from the mouse. Star Wars dorks will never get the pay off.

JS Show 1270

54:29 minutes (31.18 MB)

Its a Glitch shortened Friday Show..Everybody Drink!

JS Show 1269

65:17 minutes (37.36 MB)

Better Post this thing before I forget, There is a Laker game on!

JS Show 1268

62:16 minutes (35.63 MB)

We don't remember 3 hours ago, let alone what we did on this show earlier today! But I Think we talked about a bunch of crap.

JS Show 1267

63:55 minutes (36.58 MB)

Surprising causes of Depression and the real surprise is that being Jack and or stench is not on the list. Alina cuts good hair and does not have three ways with her clients. Jim Wayne will fight a chick. and much much more

JS Show 1266

61:11 minutes (35.01 MB)

Hot Throbbin Monday! Let the hell begin. Tortured by a See You Next Tuesday!