1150 Jack and Stench Podcast - That's right 1-1-5-0!

63:15 minutes (43.44 MB)

Cutting ties with the Ex... and her kids! Downloads, they kind of work. We make your day... well, maybe not your day, but someones! Jogging for cash. And other stuff angry old guys talk about.

1149 Jack and Stench Podcast

66:13 minutes (45.47 MB)

It is the hump day podcast spectacular!!!

1148 Jack and Stench Podcast

64:14 minutes (44.11 MB)

Who will be the next President? Oh-12! It's your fault! I don't care if you're sleeping. Can the dog last 12 hours? Art. And other stuff.

JS Show 1147

64:59 minutes (44.62 MB)

Monday drama.

1146 J and S 11/11/11 Podcast!

62:15 minutes (42.74 MB)

Stench thinks Alina is fat, It's 11/11/11, Zsa Zsa lives!, Hey the downloads are working and hot v. cold. Thank you to our vets for serving and protecting our country! Have a great weekend.

1145 J and S Podcast

74:14 minutes (50.98 MB)

Perv Producers, R.I.P. Heavy D, Big Kids, What's Wrong With The TiVo Remote and The Download Issue Should Be Fixed! Tomorrow, Stench Is Fighting With Alina, We Find Out Why?

JS Show 1144

62:17 minutes (42.77 MB)

Wed. J&S are back with the sext messages, VM's and and technical glithces galore. We also address the recent pod download problems and have taken a step on our end to remedy the situation.

JS SHOW 1143

77:12 minutes (70.69 MB)

TUESDAY SPECTACULAR!! The Boys are back and on a roll still trying to figure out any Technical glitches for the I Tunes

JS Show 1142

79:31 minutes (72.81 MB)

Monday, jack and Stench weekend Recaps,Stench had a semi terrible sports weekend and Jack had a Semi terrible Ex Wife weekend.

JS Show 1141

78:59 minutes (72.31 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY. Feeling like the creepy guy around young hot chicks. Parents that get in your business. The fun of divorce. Time change weekend. Is it darker in the winter and much much more.