JS Show 1131

73:15 minutes (67.06 MB)

Happy Thursday The Grumpy Old Men are back with a late night recording. Including lots of sext messages and Voicemails.

JS Show 1130

77:16 minutes (70.75 MB)

Hump Day! Questions for the Pod Peeps.

JS Show 1129

75:51 minutes (69.45 MB)

Tuesday Jack and Stench Hour of Power.

JS Show 1128

70:39 minutes (64.69 MB)

The jack Happy Hour Recap. Nasty day of auto racing. Reason #251 to keep fresh batteries in your smoke detector. Hispanic Media Coalition is pissed at Clear Channel. Alabama hates latins and so does Stench. Zombies on the train and more.

JS Show 1127

72:03 minutes (65.96 MB)

Happy Friday, Crazy Drama in the News. Stupid solicitors.

JS Show 1126

70:45 minutes (64.77 MB)

People you did not know were Mormons and finally somebody else mad at the Guys that is not a Star Wars or Disney Fan. Yes its time for Angry Raider fans.

JS Show 1125

79:16 minutes (72.58 MB)

Wed. Jack and Stench Hour or so of Power! Occupy everything. freeloaders latching on to the occupy protests. Stench saw his local homeless guy in another city having dinner with his not homeless girlfriend. Are jack and Stench Radio LARPers?

JS Show 1124

71:49 minutes (65.76 MB)

Tuesday, Pug gets Anal Probe. More Pedophile Pod Peeps. Jack hates everyone. Stench gets a job lead.

JS Show 1123

79:44 minutes (73.01 MB)

Games with the kids. Exceptions for the Disney Rule. Festival Recap, jack bikes in downtown and more.

JS Show 1122

71:42 minutes (65.64 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Jack and StencH are back in all their complaining glory.