JS Show 1140

63:24 minutes (58.05 MB)

Its Pre K P.E. today for Jack. We explain more why destination weddings are not cool, but mostly why 3rd World sucks and you should never go to one of those places.

JS Show 1139

74:33 minutes (68.25 MB)

After Halloween recap. Stench has a job. Tons of Sext and Voicemails.

JS Show 1138 Halloween Edition

60:56 minutes (55.78 MB)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Alina and her Ooompa Loompa's join the guys for the Halloween Spectacular and Stench is back on line for that Podcast!!!

1137 J and S Podcast

62:52 minutes (28.78 MB)

Should be the last day of internetless Stench! Getting ready for Halloween. What if he won't marry you? Some more Jack hating.

Have a great Halloween Weekend!!! Pod at you again on actual Halloween!

1136 J and S Podcast

61:24 minutes (28.11 MB)

Not only is Stench still internetless, but Jack has a technical issue too... But we got it done! Things should be back to normal Monday!
Jack stalks the President, Stench's dog rebel against him and when to marry according to J and S.

1135 J and S Podcast

62:47 minutes (31.28 MB)

Another day without internet/home phone for Stench, Obama is in Burbank, Fundraiser Fun and much, much more!

1134 J and S Podcast

63:37 minutes (31 MB)

Show #1134. Stench is on the phone again today. We read your sexts (from the 916-MR-BACON line), talk about pets and give you a radio update.

1133 J and S Podcast

65:56 minutes (31.51 MB)

It's a technical problem Monday! Everybody drink!

Js Show 1132 Part 2

52:59 minutes (48.51 MB)

Part 2 of the Friday Super Show!

JS Show 1132 Part1

40:23 minutes (36.98 MB)

Friday EXTENDO SHOW! Part 1 of a 2 parter.