JS Show 1081

66:15 minutes (53.08 MB)

This is the Fa Fa Friday, Keep on Dancing till the world ends, It's getting hot in in the house with no windows, People be crazy, Breakdown the new Gossip Show, Sleeping hungry kids, Sports people suicide watch, football is back, Who's Heidi Cortez, Is seeing the Bonadouche cheating on Jack and Stench, Breaking up with Alina, Heart felt ending edition of the Jack and Stench radio Hour of Power!
Jack Heine- as The Single Dad with 2 kids and a man purse at Legoland

JS Show 1080

62:13 minutes (56.96 MB)

Jack and Stench trying to work out the kinks of the new recording system and realizing that they are both stupid. However there are people way dumber than them in the News Today. Stench feels a diverticulitus relapse coming on and Jack feels unemployed.

JS Show 1079

46:04 minutes (36.9 MB)

Jack and Stupid are back. New TV shows that the guys can do? News with really stupid people, and Stench prepares to be jobless again after next week.

JJS Show 1078 Tuesday

60:28 minutes (55.36 MB)

Rat Update, jack and Stench kick it Old School. Rejected by Porn! basketballs and small hands remind Jack of Alina. and much much more nonsense.

1077 Monday Pod! Stench is a stupid rat lover!

63:59 minutes (33.06 MB)

Jack and Stench kick off another week of podtastic entertainment.

JS Show 1076

62:51 minutes (57.54 MB)

Its FA FA FRIDAY!! Stench has a Sureal Moment in time. The Guys take aim at Spineless Managers that like to keep fall guys around...and the state of corporate fear in the work place. Is Jacks BMI Study wrong?

JS Show 1075

64:57 minutes (59.47 MB)

Stench has a New Big Booby Crush, Jack goes back to mass transit and everything is fine. Is a law forbidding stupid baby names ok. Are old Asians Mean and nasty?

JS Show 1074

62:30 minutes (57.22 MB)

jack is a Big Ol Racist! Gross people will be the dopwnfall of mass transit. Stench loves his new job and is in the countdown to losing it in 2 and a half weeks.

JS Show 1073

62:07 minutes (56.87 MB)

The Fat Man is sick, Coach Jack is still Dog Watching and Coaching kids Basketball. Stench's wife thinks really skinny guys are sexy. Psychic Stench nails another one.

JS Show 1072

60:59 minutes (55.83 MB)

Carmegedon is a bust, but did make for a pretty Awesome weekend. Dog attacks shark video. Bikes beat Jet in cross LA trip. What ever happened to membership levels on the pod? Stench has a new Temporary Job that is beyond Awesome!!!!