JS Show 1071

69:31 minutes (63.65 MB)

Its FA FA FA FRIDAY! Get ready for Carmegedon Weekend! Jack and Stretch plan what is likely to be the biggest let down of the year with the Carmegedon Hype. However they could be totally wrong like they were about Hurricane Katrina.

JS SHOW 1070

61:06 minutes (55.95 MB)

The Thursday spectacular..

JS Show 1069

69:21 minutes (63.5 MB)

Mrs. Becker the Pecker wrecker who has one upped Lorena Bobbit, Is it Ok for a Non Fancy Restaurant to ban kids? Was that Swede Chick a Skank? How to Beat panic attacks, White People ruin everything even little Chinese Girls... and more

JS Show 1068

68:24 minutes (62.62 MB)

The guys go late night again and this time Alina joins us live from Vinnie Jones's house. She quickly passes us off to to porn Star Puma Swede and it gets really dirty from there.


54:34 minutes (49.96 MB)

OK THIS BLOWS! First time ever we try the new recording software and it puts Jack on the Left and Stretch on the Right!!!! Which just goes on par for our luck lately..
Happy 4th of July Weekend..

JS Thursday 1061

71:44 minutes (65.68 MB)

Coach Jack is back. Stretch's world takes yet another turn for the worse and the guys may be sucking down the Pod Peeps with them!

JS Wed. 1060

66:20 minutes (60.74 MB)

Alina fills in for Jack and shockingly has some issues with Stretch. we also find out that her Dad was Awesome and that Alina continues to date Gay Guys.
Plus will stretch Go High Road Stretch or Thug Life Stretch. The Internal Battle is killing him.

Tuesday 1059

56:17 minutes (51.53 MB)

Bad times continue for Jack and Stretch. The Tuesday show continues with the post "Stench got screwed by the man" deal. Jack is attending a funeral and the fun that is life continues.

1057 - Friday Pod live from the Tallyrand

62:24 minutes (42.86 MB)

Stench had a meeting in Burbank, so we got together at the Tallyrand and recorded the pod.

1056 Farrell's Mission Viejo Podcast

60:29 minutes (20.77 MB)

We podcast live from Farrell's in Mission Viejo.