JS Show 2470

1:03:47 minutes (36.51 MB)

Happy Humper, Last Jack and Stench Show this week. Never know when the last pod will be. Stench has a cheat day. Selfish People who are also parents. Bermuda Triangle is a bad place to fly.

JS Show 2469 Stench

24:46 minutes (14.17 MB)

Happy Tuesday- Random Beef Log, Chips Talk, getting fit while fat and the pain of trying.

JS Show 2469 Jack

26:04 minutes (11.94 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2468

1:02:44 minutes (35.9 MB)

Happy Monday, Mothers Day Recap. Winning! Fidget Spinners.

JS Show 2467 Jack

27:50 minutes (12.75 MB)

Happy Mother's Day

JS Show 2466 Stench and Alina

32:07 minutes (18.38 MB)

Happy Thursday, Alina is back from fancy vacation. Cliff Jumping with Giant Boobs. Strange French Stalker. drinking booze from a frozen Penis. Guess the fake condition.

JS Show 2466 Jack

25:42 minutes (11.77 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS SHow 2465

1:02:06 minutes (35.54 MB)

Boom it's Hump Day.

JS Show 2464

1:09:24 minutes (39.71 MB)

J&S are back and doing a little Podcast O.T. More Pod Future updates. Clear Channel is dying and old friends are getting hacked along the way.

JS Show 2463 Stench

27:23 minutes (15.67 MB)

Happy Monday. Good News for the Pod, Bad News for Pod Troll! Busy Weekend, Reflection and Gratitude! Why Stench is abusing his old beat fat body!