JS Show 2680

18:56 minutes (10.84 MB)

Happy Humper! Solo Stench asks the question why does Khloe continueto date athletes?
Look who I saw on PCH.

JS Show 2679

56:27 minutes (32.31 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Stench gets served on New Show. Bouncing around Burbank.

JS Show 2678

59:12 minutes (33.88 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench are back...kind of

js Show 2677

22:40 minutes (12.98 MB)

Solo Stench for the Thursday. Crazy Lady Shooter Update. How can something be both what's wrong and what's right with America at the same time. Stench can explain......kind of!

JS Show 2676

58:09 minutes (33.28 MB)

Happy Humper!

JS show 2675

1:02:33 minutes (35.79 MB)

Happy Tuesday!

JS Show 2674

1:03:42 minutes (36.46 MB)

Happy Monday.

JS Show 2673

31:52 minutes (18.24 MB)

Happy Friday! Solo Stench. New show is getting near, why would anyone subject themselves to the torture of doing a show again. Work Out App.Super Natural/ Scooby Doo Hybrid. Another UFO sighting with credible witnesses.

JS Show 2672

55:12 minutes (31.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Police Chase, School Shooting talk.

JS Show 2671

1:03:39 minutes (36.42 MB)

Happy Humper!!!!