JS Show 2711

1:00:04 minutes (34.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday! Perfect weekend in LA. Who is going Kayaking in the LA River? Summer Time for the Kids! Volleyball Weekend. Dead Pool 2. Muppet Porn!

JS Show 2710

59:05 minutes (33.82 MB)

Happy Friday. Jack and Stench are back. We try to talk Royal Wedding with Alia but Jack hates Royls, Brits and Everything about them. Alina and the out of towners. UH OH!!!! Guess who is coming to town.

JS Show 2709

24:26 minutes (13.98 MB)

Happy Humper Stench is solo and knows exactly why he does not want to celebrate his B Day. He also knows this goes against his life rule to celebrate every chance you get because you will get kicked in the nuts tomorrow. He also knows he is insane.

JS Show 2708

54:12 minutes (31.02 MB)

Happy Hump Day

JS Show 2707

57:50 minutes (33.1 MB)

Happy Tuesday, We are still here!

JS Show 2706

57:34 minutes (32.95 MB)

Happy Monday! The Boys Are Back in Town! Weekend recaps. Crazy Americans. Crazy Old People.

JS Show 2705

30:12 minutes (17.29 MB)

Happy Friday! Let there be GOALS!!! Stench lets the crazy out!!!

JS Show 2704

20:36 minutes (11.79 MB)

Happy Thursday, Solo Stench on a SST..Shit Show Thursday!

JS Show 2703

31:14 minutes (17.88 MB)

Happy Humper! Jacks in Philly. Stench is the Champion. Manufacture wins in your life. Setting Goals. Stench has been afraid to set one goal. Keep On Keeping On.

JS Show 2702

24:55 minutes (14.26 MB)

Happy Half Show Tuesday! After massive tech issue Jack and Stench lose half of a show, but pull out the second half. Jack is not flying Southwest, but he is going away today. Stench is Stench..