Js Show 2583

1:01:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack does Bingo, Stench gets stuck on the roof. More Terrible News. Jack owns the Football Picks for the week. Doing Hoodrat Stuff. Da Man Love gets work....maybe

JS Show 2582

37:07 minutes (21.24 MB)

Happy Bad Connection Friday! High Speed Pursuit.

JS Show 2581

1:06:08 minutes (37.85 MB)

Happy Thursday. Halloween Recap. Dodgers Lose! Crazy stuff in the News. More Sexual Harassment Douches going down.


1:03:15 minutes (36.19 MB)

Happy Halloween!

JS 2579

55:54 minutes (31.99 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench are back. Stench wants a family vacation. Jack is Halloween ready. Stench is a Bouncer. Vagina Beer. Chopping down the three foot schlong. Baseball racist. Stench says the Dodgers to lose game 5.....maybe.

JS Show 2578

1:05:00 minutes (37.19 MB)

Happy Friday. Finally Jack and Stench get their crap together. Stranger Things Release. More on the Stench Ghost.

JS Show 2577 Stench

24:33 minutes (14.05 MB)

Happy Thursday. Stench is back but solo. Dodgers Lose. The Fun of watching their less desirable fans lose. F The Weatherman and anyone who claims its cooled down. Stench Vaca. Stranger Things Marathon?

JS Show Wed Jack's super short pod

4:18 minutes (1.97 MB)


JS Show 2576

50:38 minutes (28.98 MB)

Happy Monday, More technical difficulties.

JS Show 2575

23:16 minutes (13.32 MB)

Spoiler Alert The Dodgers Won! So Did the Raiders, and the Lakers still suck and nobody knows who they are. Stench pushes fake news and likes it. Biggest Sports Day in LA in a very long time and Stench is at Girls Volleyball.