JS Show 2701

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Happy Monday Solo Stench. Horrible things that were done to Stench this weekend. Bears Never give up unlsee a screaming Mom yells at them.

JS Show 2700

22:06 minutes (12.65 MB)

2700 BITCHES!!!! Happy Friday

JS Show 2699

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Happy Thursday, Solo Stench. Such an A Hole you got kicked off a hit TV Show. Say Nope to Dope and Ugh to Drugs. A Star Music Dedication to all you fine people.

JS Show 2698

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Happy Humper!!!

JS Show 2697

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Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2696

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Happy Monday- J&S weekend recaps. If you cant trust the tabloids, who can you trust.BEWARE EVERYTHNG IN YOUR KITCHEN WILL KILL YOU, ESPECIALLY EXPLODING BLENDERS!

JS Show 2695

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FRIDAY! Solo Stench, Working hard for nothing? Taking the wins where you get them. Feeling sorry for yourself till somebody dies. Contacting out of touch friends.

JS Show 2694

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Happy Thursday. Kanye is not a Genius! Dr. Phil is over. Whats wrong with TMZ.

JS Show 2693

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Happy Humper, Hulk Hogan and banging other peoples wife for their enjoyment. Housing sucks, Stench Moving to another state. Jack moving to a cheaper city? Homeless Crazy people. LA to Bako Police chase.

JS Show 2692

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Happy Monday. Welcome Zombie Stench.