JS Show 2496 Jack

25:58 minutes (11.89 MB)

Happy Monday

JS Show 2495

1:02:13 minutes (35.6 MB)

Happy Friday, Jack and Stench are Back. Jack is an Uncle, Stench got hosed. Kid is sick vaca is on hold. Big Kids Little Kids. They grow up fast,

JS Show 2494

1:04:50 minutes (37.1 MB)

Happy Humper. Jack is on baby Watch ...and wait. Stench goes to High School with the little one and is sad. Hip Hop Death not on the list.

JS Show 2493

1:03:00 minutes (36.05 MB)

Happy Tuesday!!! Induced Babies.

JS Show 2492 Stench

26:25 minutes (15.12 MB)

Happy Monday- Solo Stench Fathers Day Weekend

JS Show 2491 Stench

24:27 minutes (14 MB)

Happy Friday. Wanting to hurt people that don't agree with you.... can you say ISIS? Awesome new Military Plane swarms.

JS Show 2491 Jack

30:58 minutes (14.18 MB)

Chase... Wait, I mean guy on a roof

JS Show 2490

1:00:20 minutes (34.52 MB)

Happy Thursday, Crazy Political Shooter, Kricki is Back. When Spiders attack. Inglewood for sports and concerts?

JS Show 2489

1:08:56 minutes (39.45 MB)

Happy Wed. Stench is back from Marathon Graduation. Pod Hates Kricki. Jack is a Gold Digger.

JS Show 2488 Jack

31:32 minutes (14.44 MB)

Just Jack