JS Show 2463 Jack (and Bing)

28:22 minutes (12.99 MB)

Bing joins me on the Monday pod

JS Show 2462 Stench

23:50 minutes (13.65 MB)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Stolen Pod! Is today the best it will ever be? Ghost kid in the woods Some where.

JS Show 2462 Jack

18:18 minutes (8.38 MB)

Happy Cinco De Mayo

JS Show 2461

1:00:49 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy Thursday. First J&S Thursday Show I a LOng time !!!

JS Show 2460

1:03:39 minutes (36.42 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Worst Jobs in America. Seacrest has ANOTHER Job!

Js Show 2459

1:01:06 minutes (34.96 MB)

Happy Monday, Return of J&S

JS Show 2458 Stench

19:12 minutes (10.99 MB)

Happy Boring Stench Friday

JS Show 2457 Stench

18:34 minutes (10.63 MB)

Graduation from Police School. Hanging with the Baka's. Bonding through Trauma?

JS Show 2457 Jack

28:06 minutes (12.87 MB)


JS Show 2456

1:02:02 minutes (35.5 MB)

Happy Hump Day. Plastic Badge Graduation. Jack and Stench are Old! United Airlines Kills a Bunny and some Golf Clubs. Corporate Kroger. Teens at Coachella Yes or No?