JS Show 2566

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Happy Monday. RIP Ralphie. Jack and Stench remember Ralphie May. Stench has Nightmares. Jack Ruins Danny's Ride. V Ball Drama.

JS Show 2566

1:05:18 minutes (37.37 MB)

Happy Friday, Jack and Stench are back with a Good Connection. Stupid people on line.

JS Show 2565

56:30 minutes (32.33 MB)

Much Better Thursday! 22 signs you are in love. Hot Halloween Costumes.

JS Show 2564

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JS Show 2563

1:01:07 minutes (34.97 MB)

Unhappy Tuesday. WTF ? Seriously WTF? Tom Petty and more.

JS Show 2562

53:15 minutes (30.48 MB)

Happy Monday. Helicopter Jumper, Weekend Recaps. Holy Crap when did these schools get all these nice new buildings?

JS Show 2561

59:44 minutes (34.18 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench does more marathon work. People who do really stupid stuff once they are retired. The Mayor of Home town Buffet. being the Pizza place local.

JS Show 2560

53:19 minutes (30.52 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench has been married a very long time. RIP Huge Heffner. Molestor Hot Teacher strikes again.

JS Show 2559

1:02:19 minutes (35.66 MB)

Happy Humper! V Ball Tuesday. Stupid people every where especially The Stench House!

JS Show 2558

1:02:34 minutes (35.8 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Three Things you don't see everyday. But last week I did see one of them already. Molestor priests, gay priests, married priest. Everyone is an A Hole especially Stench. President STFU! Damn Kid Lunches!