JS Show 2455

57:13 minutes (32.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday, working out and the passive aggressive people who don't. No Parking Office buildings. TurDuchen!

JS Show 2454

1:01:39 minutes (35.28 MB)

Happy Monday, Running for Real vs running on an elliptical.

JS Show 2453 Jack

30:34 minutes (14 MB)

Mock Podcast

JS Show 2452 Stench

17:45 minutes (10.16 MB)

Happy Thursday! Why the Homeless Motorhomes aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

JS Show 2452 Jack

30:06 minutes (13.78 MB)


JS Show 2451

1:03:40 minutes (36.43 MB)

Happy Humper! Dumb Dumb Dinner. Tracking down the Stench to bitch at him. Jack gets no work and a family day in court....in a good way! FB Killer Caught. Is Alina still hanging with Chelsea? Ghost story from the Tate Murder House.

JS Show 2450

1:00:59 minutes (34.9 MB)

Happy Tuesday Jack and Stench are back and People are Bad!

JS Show 2449 Stench Take 2

28:31 minutes (16.32 MB)

MF!!!!! Glitch, everybody drink ..3..2..1..take two!

JS Show 2449 Stench

2:49 minutes (1.61 MB)

Stench loses a kid but stops two bad guys. Guess What Shorty found in her Biscuit. New Job Prospect and the dream of working somewhere for ever. When to realize your job is not really that important in the scheme of things. Stench is the worst Catholic Ever and the Holiest day of the year.

JS Show 2449 Jack

26:34 minutes (12.17 MB)