JS Show 2487

1:02:45 minutes (35.91 MB)

Happy Monday- Stench is going crazy 15 hour Graduation Day! Jack goes Gay Protest. Orphan Black is Back. Rev Jack going to Marry some more people.

JS Show 2486

1:05:09 minutes (37.28 MB)

FA FA FRIDAY! Comey Yes or No! Stench see security crack down at the airport. Jack the Liar, doesn't want a date. Stench wants a date.

JS Show 2485 Stench

24:21 minutes (13.94 MB)

We track down Alina and find Shocking NEWS!

JS Show 2484

1:02:05 minutes (35.52 MB)

Happy Hump Day.

JS Show 2483

1:02:12 minutes (35.59 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Stench is a Big Foot Expert now that he has his favorite Show Back. The Problems with any Healthcare. Trump Strategy? Workplace Crazies.

JS Show 2482

1:10:57 minutes (40.6 MB)

Happy Monday Jack and Stench are Back. Stench has a crazy B Day that is anything but about him.

JS Show 2481 Just Jack Today

30:36 minutes (14.01 MB)

National Doughnut Day

JS Show 2480 Stench

21:29 minutes (12.3 MB)

Sick Stench does Graduation phase 1. Kathy Griffin gets the Boot. Sick Stench will be dead Stench by the time his Day Off Rolls around again.

JS Show 2480 Jack

23:44 minutes (10.87 MB)

Happy Thursday

JS Show 2479

1:01:29 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Humper- Kathy Griffin ...Screwed or not screwed.