JS Show 2574

50:55 minutes (29.14 MB)

Happy Humper, Unhealthy Stench, Short Show, Jack gets a glitch late in the show. Halloween Parties.

JS Show 2573

1:00:45 minutes (34.76 MB)

Happy Tuesday, What the hell is wrong with kids. Snack Dad

JS Show 2572

1:00:24 minutes (34.57 MB)

Jack and Stench Mondaypalooza

JS Show 2570 Stench

36:11 minutes (20.71 MB)

Happy Friday V Ball day and injured at work. The Harvey Weinstein Black Hole of doom is sucking up a lot of people.

JS Show 2569

1:03:48 minutes (36.51 MB)

Happy Almost Friday! Jack and Stench together, talking more about sexual harassment as the Weinstein Story continues to unravel.. Stench needs a day off.

JS Show 2568

20:42 minutes (11.85 MB)

Happy Humper. Solo Stench has to take down a post from semi psychic Stench.

JS Show 2568 Jack

30:20 minutes (13.89 MB)


JS Show 2567 Stench

24:45 minutes (14.16 MB)

Getting Stuck in Fashion, Music, and Film. Shocking Plastic Surgery Lady. Harve Weinstein the perv. How many Bimbo's do you think he actually had sex with.

JS Show 2567 Jack

20:22 minutes (9.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2566

1:06:09 minutes (37.86 MB)

Happy Monday. RIP Ralphie. Jack and Stench remember Ralphie May. Stench has Nightmares. Jack Ruins Danny's Ride. V Ball Drama.