JS Show 2670

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Happy Tuesday,

JS Show 2669

54:58 minutes (31.46 MB)

Happy Monday, Busy Jack Weekend. Drunk Jack with Bradley. Stench gets crazy walks away from wanting to punch someone. Fallen Bridge Update. Volleyball weekend. When the Old Show comes back to bite Stench in the ass at his new line of work. Sucker Punching a 5 year old and then taunting him for being a wuss. Angry Stench Smash and ends todays Podcast!

JS Show 2668 by Jack and Stench

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JS Show 2667

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Happy Thursday, Stench Talks New Show, Who is the TripleBG.


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Happy Humper! Stench is running away with the smoothie girl. More bombs in the mail. Nice resignation Letter.

JSShow 2665

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Happy Tuesday Solo Stench has a bad day, but see some Good in some young people. IS Tiger Back? Why the F is it already Baseball season again.

JS Show 2664

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Happy Monday!!!!

JSShow 2663

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HAPPY FRIDAY! Six Hour Bridges suck. So does being Mrs. Donald Trump Jr. More stories on why people suck.

JS Show 2662

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Happy Thursday, Toys R US WTF? New Carl's Jr commercials still suck. Big news in the Stench House after talking to Dead Grand Ma.

JS Show 2661

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Happy Humper. President is in LA.Why is all his tuff in Burbank? He Also fired some more people today. Jack thinks Trump is worst President Ever. Stench still thinks its Obama. Time Traveler tells us who will be President in 2030. Stephen Hawking is dead.....and not on the list.