JS Show 2640

50:05 minutes (28.66 MB)

Happy Humper.

JS Show 2639

1:06:57 minutes (38.32 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Yep Philly is as dumb as previously thought.

JS Show 2638

1:01:27 minutes (35.17 MB)

Happy Monday, Superbowl and commercial recaps.

JS Show 2637

1:00:26 minutes (34.58 MB)

Happy Friday!!

JS Show 2636

56:13 minutes (32.17 MB)

Happy Thursday! J&S.. When 3 year olds call the wrong Daddy. Shorty gets an award, Stench is the biggest IDIOT Ever!

JS Show 2635

1:05:14 minutes (37.33 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Stench is angry with the DMV . and old people and the weather and everything. Big Kids equal the late game. Mr. Bacon cant stop Kricki. Stench's parents are old and falling apart.

JS Show 2634 Stench

29:08 minutes (16.67 MB)

Happy Monday, 75% off Candy is no longer 75% off and other reasons CVS sucks. The Shape of Water Movie Review. Sick Sick Sick and more.

JS Show 2633 Stench

26:21 minutes (15.08 MB)

Happy Friday- Bad Judge or Good Judge, North Korea Fluff stories, Ghost in the Car? Obama the racist.

JS Show 2632

58:36 minutes (33.54 MB)

Happy Thursday, Taco Bell has Fries? What the Hell is Pop Channel. Old McFarty

JS Show 2631

59:29 minutes (34.04 MB)

Happy Humper! When Old Guys have Machismo battles with young guys at the gym.