JS Show 2548 Stench

19:18 minutes (11.05 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Still Sick working Late, Winning at War. Remembering 9-11

JS Show 2548 Jack

27:28 minutes (12.58 MB)

Jack Pod

JS Show 2547

1:07:16 minutes (38.5 MB)

Happy Monday, The One Hour Homeless Commute Home. Jack takes the vagrant train to the beach. Best Bosses Ever. Jack and Stench invented Pod Casting. Lightning in circles. Hurricane talk, Football results week one. IT!

JS Show 2546 Stench Takes A Sick Day

32:04 minutes (14.68 MB)

Feel better Stench!!!!

JS Show 2545

58:17 minutes (33.35 MB)

Happy Thursday- Sick Stench, Car Talk, Broken Prius doors. You Tube Fix everything. Eco friendly Pet Caskets.

JS Show 2544

1:04:58 minutes (37.18 MB)

Happy Hump Day! Jack Does NFL Picks, Stench has nice things to say about a USC guy. Dr's are dumb. bad Neighbors.

JS Pod 2543

1:01:08 minutes (34.98 MB)

Sorry this is late

JS Show 2542

55:41 minutes (31.86 MB)

Happy Friday Three Day Weekend Kickoff.

JS Show 2541

1:04:21 minutes (36.83 MB)

Happy Thursday. Texas Update. Stench bathroom update. Cool new App

JS SHow 2540

57:58 minutes (33.17 MB)

Happy Humper- HOLY Balls it's Hot!