JS Show 2469 Jack

26:04 minutes (11.94 MB)

Happy Tuesday

JS Show 2468

1:02:44 minutes (35.9 MB)

Happy Monday, Mothers Day Recap. Winning! Fidget Spinners.

JS Show 2467 Jack

27:50 minutes (12.75 MB)

Happy Mother's Day

JS Show 2466 Stench and Alina

32:07 minutes (18.38 MB)

Happy Thursday, Alina is back from fancy vacation. Cliff Jumping with Giant Boobs. Strange French Stalker. drinking booze from a frozen Penis. Guess the fake condition.

JS Show 2466 Jack

25:42 minutes (11.77 MB)

Happy Thursday!

JS SHow 2465

1:02:06 minutes (35.54 MB)

Boom it's Hump Day.

JS Show 2464

1:09:24 minutes (39.71 MB)

J&S are back and doing a little Podcast O.T. More Pod Future updates. Clear Channel is dying and old friends are getting hacked along the way.

JS Show 2463 Stench

27:23 minutes (15.67 MB)

Happy Monday. Good News for the Pod, Bad News for Pod Troll! Busy Weekend, Reflection and Gratitude! Why Stench is abusing his old beat fat body!

JS Show 2463 Jack (and Bing)

28:22 minutes (12.99 MB)

Bing joins me on the Monday pod

JS Show 2462 Stench

23:50 minutes (13.65 MB)

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Stolen Pod! Is today the best it will ever be? Ghost kid in the woods Some where.