JS Show 2660

57:21 minutes (32.82 MB)

Jack and Stench Tuesday Ho Down in the rain.

JS Show 2659

1:02:22 minutes (35.69 MB)

Happy Friday, Uh OH Alina is Not Happy with us. Trump could be doomed, He also may sit down with Kim Jung UN. WTH are the Broncos doing? Tommy Lee and Pamela take 12. Stodden is divorcing Grand Pa again. No one should be allowed to be teachers.

JS Show 2658

1:01:15 minutes (35.05 MB)

Happy Thursday, Jack and Stench are back. Stench is still fake Vegan. President is coming to LA. Affordable housing in LA/OC? Dealing with the family addict. Blood Pressure Home remedies.

JS Show 2657

1:00:05 minutes (34.38 MB)

Happy Humper. Meat Free Week, Day 1 is not so Good. Jacks kid has the flu, now we wait to see if everyone gets it.

JS Show 2656

27:24 minutes (15.68 MB)

Happy Tuesday, The Stoner Burger Wars are heating up. Expensive Mandals. The Barry Pod Song. Seacrest Fallout.

JS Show 2655

1:00:14 minutes (34.47 MB)

Happy Monday, no oscar talk. Is Seacrest guilty of anything besides being a douche. one common thing all co workers defending Seacrest have in common.

JS Show 2654

44:03 minutes (25.21 MB)

Happy Friday, Stench and Alina catch up.

JS Show 2653

1:01:45 minutes (35.34 MB)

Happy Hump Day. PEOPLE SUCK. The Missing CDC Doctor. Should Seacrest Host the Oscar Red Carpet? Here comes automated cars.

JS Show 2652 Stench

24:52 minutes (14.24 MB)

Happy Humper Stench is Back talking Crazy White Serial Killer, How much Time Warner/Spectrum Sucks Balls, De Man Love Update.

JS Show 2651

13:10 minutes (7.54 MB)

Technical problems, everyone drink!