JS Show 2589 Jack

21:38 minutes (9.91 MB)

Happy Monday!

JS Show 2588

1:00:49 minutes (34.8 MB)

Happy Monday. The Sex Assaulter List So Far. SNAKE!!!! Football Coma Weekend. Gold Digger vs Victim. Harry Potter Yes or No?

JS Show 2587

58:38 minutes (33.55 MB)


JS Show 2586

1:03:12 minutes (36.17 MB)

Happy Thursday. The Return of J&S Crazy News.

Js Show 2585 Stench Re Do

21:10 minutes (12.11 MB)

The Real Stench Solo Show for Humpday!

JS Show 2584

1:02:03 minutes (35.51 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Fake News and How the Rooskies are manipulating American News sources. When Fake News Blows up in your face.

Js Show 2583

1:01:30 minutes (35.19 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack does Bingo, Stench gets stuck on the roof. More Terrible News. Jack owns the Football Picks for the week. Doing Hoodrat Stuff. Da Man Love gets work....maybe

JS Show 2582

37:07 minutes (21.24 MB)

Happy Bad Connection Friday! High Speed Pursuit.

JS Show 2581

1:06:08 minutes (37.85 MB)

Happy Thursday. Halloween Recap. Dodgers Lose! Crazy stuff in the News. More Sexual Harassment Douches going down.


1:03:15 minutes (36.19 MB)

Happy Halloween!