JS Show 2539

1:00:29 minutes (34.61 MB)

Happy Tuesday.

JS Show 2538

1:01:25 minutes (35.14 MB)

Happy Monday. Jack and Stench are back and have recaps from Back to School Nights.

JS Show 2537

1:00:50 minutes (34.81 MB)

Happy Thursday- J&S are going 3 day weekend. Stench is home alone with child. Jack is an industry killer. New AM Show opportunity in LA. Dead Hobos. Wasted Food.

JS Show 2536

1:00:48 minutes (34.8 MB)

Happy Humper. Peanut Allergy Cure? What ever happened to .....Old Guys talk Telephones.

JS Show 2535

1:01:47 minutes (35.36 MB)

Happy Tuesday.

JS Show 2534

54:19 minutes (31.09 MB)

Unhappy Monday. RIP Fat Pug. Jack goes full international Poke.

JS Show 2533

57:45 minutes (33.05 MB)


JS Show 2532 Stench

26:17 minutes (15.05 MB)

Happy Thursday, Watch out for the deer. Jack hates Spinners but has to give them away.

JS Show 2531

1:06:26 minutes (38.01 MB)

Happy Humper. Stench looks like a molestor.

JS Show 2530

1:00:03 minutes (34.36 MB)

Happy Tuesday!