Welcome to the Jack and Stench Show!

10 Year, well, technically over ten years, that's how long we've been sharing our lives with Los Angeles, Denver, Bakersfield, Portland and where ever else the internet allowed you access to radio. Well, in 2007, the idea was for that to end... The radio company we worked for canceled our highly rated Jamie, Jack and Stench Show, but we surprised them!

JS Show 2592 Stench

40:53 minutes (23.4 MB)

Happy Friday- Stench wraps up depressing week on an upbeat note.
Do what you you want while your doing what your supposed to be doing.

JS Show 2591 S

37:16 minutes (21.33 MB)

Happy Thursday- Congrats Shorty. Thank You to everyone! Using the FB community like it was meant to be used.

JS Show 2591 Jack

27:04 minutes (12.39 MB)

Solo Jack

JS Show 2590 Stench

43:33 minutes (24.92 MB)

Not Happy Hump Day. What exactly has Stench been doing for the last three and a half years..... Here it is and why today is such a bad day.

JS Show 2589 Stench

28:58 minutes (16.57 MB)

Tuesday and Stench goes on a solo rant about Stupid People at the DMV.

JS Show 2589 Jack

21:38 minutes (9.91 MB)

Happy Monday!

JS Show 2588

1:00:49 minutes (34.8 MB)

Happy Monday. The Sex Assaulter List So Far. SNAKE!!!! Football Coma Weekend. Gold Digger vs Victim. Harry Potter Yes or No?

JS Show 2587

58:38 minutes (33.55 MB)


JS Show 2586

1:03:12 minutes (36.17 MB)

Happy Thursday. The Return of J&S Crazy News.