Welcome to the Jack and Stench Show!

10 Year, well, technically over ten years, that's how long we've been sharing our lives with Los Angeles, Denver, Bakersfield, Portland and where ever else the internet allowed you access to radio. Well, in 2007, the idea was for that to end... The radio company we worked for canceled our highly rated Jamie, Jack and Stench Show, but we surprised them!

JS Show 2317

57:14 minutes (32.75 MB)

Monday Blows and so does the Hot Wind. People Be Dying. Cheap Haircuts. Debate Trolls.

JS Show 2316

1:00:12 minutes (34.45 MB)

Jack and Stench FA FA FRIDAY! Pumpkin Flavored everything.

JS Show 2315 Stench

31:46 minutes (18.18 MB)

Stench is a Numb Nuts. Who is here with Alina and a Big Booby Song for her.

JS Show 2314

1:01:53 minutes (35.41 MB)

Happy Humper!!!

JS Show 2313

57:31 minutes (32.92 MB)

Happy Tuesday jack and Stench are back and everthing is functional. Hot Chicks at trader Joes. OOOPS somebody accidentally let some terrorists in to America.

JS Show 2312

55:07 minutes (31.54 MB)


JS Show 2311

57:52 minutes (33.11 MB)

Happy FRIDAY! Jack gets Jury Duty! Stench gets stress. Lunar Eclipse that None of us can see. Horoscopes. Death Row. Meeting a serial killer?

JS Show 2310

1:04:33 minutes (36.94 MB)

Happy Thursday. Crabby Old Lady gets robbed. Jury Duty.

JS Show 2309

1:03:34 minutes (36.37 MB)

Happy Tuesday, Dirty Missed Connections. Insurance Sucks, Getting Old Sucks. Jack needs a dino Charger.