Welcome to the Jack and Stench Show!

10 Year, well, technically over ten years, that's how long we've been sharing our lives with Los Angeles, Denver, Bakersfield, Portland and where ever else the internet allowed you access to radio. Well, in 2007, the idea was for that to end... The radio company we worked for canceled our highly rated Jamie, Jack and Stench Show, but we surprised them!

JS Show 1935

1:00:27 minutes (34.59 MB)

Happy Thursday, Stench is old and stupid. More stupid than normal. Jack only lets adults ride in the front seat.

JS Show 1934 Pt2

52:36 minutes (30.1 MB)

back on Track, Jack and Stench welcome Alina.

JS Show 1934 Pt1

10:10 minutes (5.82 MB)

Quick Pt 1 before we get a Glitch, Stench talks about his solo movie night.

JS Show 1933

1:00:43 minutes (34.75 MB)

Happy Tuesday, I could write a bunch of stuff we talked about on todays show! But I can't remember anything.

JS Show 1932

1:04:32 minutes (36.93 MB)

Happy Monday!!!

JS Show 1931

1:01:22 minutes (35.12 MB)

Happy Fa Fa Friday!

JS Show 1930

1:04:26 minutes (36.88 MB)

Happy Thursday, Pod Peeps Come thru. Stench meets real racist. Bing is getting ready for his acting debut!

JS Show 1929

1:01:55 minutes (35.44 MB)

HUMP DAY! Good Bye Choo Choo. Stench has a new pod mission. Jack is a Fed Xing Dad. Acupuncture Dog update !

JS Show 1928

1:00:42 minutes (34.73 MB)

Happy Tuesday. Who to kill first? Stench gives you tips on hitting a crazy homeless person. Awesome Car Chase